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Why Done Is Better Than Perfect

Why Done Is Better Than Perfect?

It’s near impossible to ever do something perfectly, so it’s better to focus on getting something that is 80% right and then go for it. There is also a big advantage to putting something out that isn’t perfect – you get to improve it with the feedback from your clients.

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Why Is Self Discipline Important

Why Is Self Discipline Important?

Self-disciple is important because without it a person is set adrift against the vicissitudes of life. Self-discipline means control of oneself through actions and response to situations. Self-disciple is not easy. But nothing worthwhile ever is.

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Critical Thinking Examples

9 Critical Thinking Examples

Critical thinking skills allow one to make one’s choices more informed and more often than not correct. Reactive choice making without critical thinking allows us to be manipulated by the remitter of the message and/or to be at the mercy of our most base emotions.

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