Best Gifts for Your Boss

If you’re having a hard time thinking what to give your boss, then this is for you.

We asked 12 experts “What are the best gifts for your boss?”

Discover amazing finds from their top recommendations below.

Lauren Milligan

Lauren Milligan

Career Advancement Coach, ResuMAYDAY

As a boss, I feel the need to point out that most bosses would rather NOT get a gift from their staff.

I personally do not want my staff to feel beholden to spend their money on me, and I also don’t want them spending their non-work time shopping for me, instead of living their own lives completely free of work.

I also wouldn’t want my staff to experience any stress on whether or not they’re getting the right gift or spending enough money. That’s not why I started my business 18 years ago!

Some companies prohibit the practice to eliminate the appearance of ‘buying’ a promotion or encouraging favoritism.

Staff shouldn’t feel obligated to purchase gifts for their bosses. If they work in an environment where this is encouraged or expected, that boss really needs to change their perspective.

McCall Robison

McCall Robison

Content Marketing Strategist, Best Company

I came across this mug when I was looking for a gift for my boss. Especially if your boss is a jokester, what better gift than something that will make him/her laugh?

This is also great if your boss is a regular coffee/tea/hot chocolate drinker. There are a few different designs and quotes as well if you’d like different choices!

This is a great gift if your boss is a woman. It’s a funny desk plate that says “Boss Lady.”

It’s something simple and lighthearted that shows your boss that you care.

This is a nicer gift but still affordable. It’s an all-metal round clock pen/pencil holder that looks great for an office. It comes in black or red. This is a great gift for a boss because it’s simple yet stylish.

Being a boss is stressful. A zen garden for their desk is a great gift to ease their stress and show you care. It comes with sand, a bamboo rake, and 2 types of stones.

Elizabeth Bradshaw

Owner, Canvas Art Boutique

Chocolate Gift Basket

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09/24/2022 12:08 am GMT

Most people like chocolate, so this is a no-brainer. Even if your boss doesn’t have that much of a sweet tooth or somehow isn’t a fan of chocolate, they surely have someone in their life who they can re-gift it to.

You really can’t go wrong with this gift. Most people have to use a pen at some point throughout their day, so why not use a fancy, customized pen?

It’s one of those things nobody would ever think of getting for themselves, so that’s why this is a prime gift idea for your boss.

Steven Millstein

Steven Millstein

Founder, CreditRepairExpert

Zen Garden Handmade Kit

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09/24/2022 12:10 am GMT

A Zen Garden is a great thoughtful and practical gift for any boss to help relieve stress and anxiety.


Wilds Wood Watches

Wooden watches right now are very popular, they are the must have gift idea for boss or as thank you gift!

Vivian Qin

Sales & Marketing Specialist, Triducna

I absolutely think the massager is a good gift for the boss. Because it means we care about their health.

A lot of them are stressful and very busy daytime on their works, and dont have enough time have a massage. Massagers can save their time, they can massage at home to get relaxed. If people can use massager often, they can benefit a lot from it.

Matt Dodgson

Matt Dodgson

Director, Company – Market Recruitment

This versatile organizer is a gift your boss can bring home or leave in the office.

Your boss won’t have to keep searching for his/her phone, and there is even the added bonus that it charges devices.

Echo Dot

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09/24/2022 12:31 am GMT

Alexa is not just amusing but is helpful in setting reminders, making calendar appointments, and answering random questions.

If your boss is a Microsoft user, Alexa also conveniently coordinates with the Microsoft VA Cortana. Plus, you can get a good discount on the Echo Dot if you purchase at the right time, like Cyber Monday.

Faisal Amjad

Faisal Amjad

Co-founder, Zencube


It’s the world’s first smart Himalayan salt lamp and is perfect for homes, offices, and just about any room really!

It’s a box full of improved sleep, brighter mood and fresher air.

Not only does it purify the air and help one to sleep better, but it also connects to your smartphone and changes the color to match your room or mood. And you can put essential oils in the top – so you can always be in zen!

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