Best Men’s Shampoo for Thinning Hair to Buy in 2023, According to 7 Experts

For most people, dealing with thinning hair is not an easy process, which makes choosing the right products a challenge.

That is why we asked experts to recommend some of the best men’s shampoo for thinning hair.

Dr. Zain Husain, MD, FAAD

Zain Husain

Dermatologist | Founder, New Jersey Dermatology and Aesthetics Center

Isdin Lambdapil Shampoo

$44.00 ($6.57 / Fl Oz)
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01/25/2023 06:37 am GMT

This shampoo thickens hair, reduces breakage, and eliminates the sebum that accumulates around the hair follicle contributing to hair loss. It also balances the pH and prepares the skin of the scalp to receive the more active products, like the Lambdapil Lotion.

It contains numerous key active ingredients such as Anionic (foaming) and Amphoteric (enhances the cleaning effect of the Anionic) surfactants; Conditioning Agents: Hydrolyzed protein (helps to prevent breakage); Polyquaternium-10: moisturizer; Dimethicone: gives a silky smooth feel; Sawgrass Palmetto and trichogen– inhibits the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by blocking the enzyme type II alpha-reductase, which is a key driving force in androgenetic alopecia; Biotin, Zinc and B Vitamins – all strengthen hair & prevent hair loss.

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Nizoral Shampoo

$15.47 ($2.21 / Fl Oz)
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01/21/2023 07:01 pm GMT

This product is a powerful anti-dandruff shampoo. It combats seborrheic dermatitis, an inflammatory condition marked by scaly and itchy skin. It is commonly found on the scalp and is caused by yeast on the skin. Such inflammation creates an unhealthy environment for hair growth and may contribute to hair loss in patients with androgenetic alopecia.

Nizoral contains 1% ketoconazole, which is an anti-fungal and is able to treat the yeast on the skin responsible for inflammation and allow hair to grow more efficiently.

Revita Hair Stimulating Shampoo

$35.00 ($5.00 / Fl Oz)
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01/24/2023 11:06 am GMT

This shampoo is unique in its nanosome delivery system, which enhances the delivery of active ingredients to hair follicles.

It has a special proprietary blend of active ingredients that are effective in reducing inflammation and promote hair growth including ketoconazole, biotin, niacinamide, caffeine, taurine, apple polyphenols, cysteine, ornithine, and apply polyphenols.

John Blue

John Blue

Award-Winning Colorist | Owner, Chicago Salon – Boss Hair Group

Micro Stimulating Hair Bath by Oway

$32.96 ($4.12 / Ounce)
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01/25/2023 07:51 am GMT

This organic shampoo not only cleanses and revitalizes the scalp, but the key ingredient of mint essential oil stimulates blood flow which helps aid in thickening and densifying hair follicles for a fuller head of hair. Because it strengthens the hair bulb, it promotes new hair growth naturally by promoting circulation.

This shampoo not only smells amazing, but it’s also completely free of sulfates, parabens, GMOs, synthetic fragrance and phthalates.

Dr. Adarsh Vijay Mudgil, M.D.

Dr. Adarsh Vijay Mudgil

Dermatologist | Founder, Mudgil Dermatology

The best strategy is oral finasteride, topical minoxidil, and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections

This is a tough one, as shampoos don’t really help much with the underlying cause of male pattern hair loss. Patients with hair loss are a vulnerable demographic, and understandably, willing to purchase anything that could help!

The science for hair loss shampoos just isn’t there.

Dr. Gary Linkov

Gary Linkov

Facial Plastic Surgeon | Founder, City Facial Plastics

Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo

$9.99 ($0.42 / Fl Oz)
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01/20/2023 04:41 am GMT

For most men, Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo as its composition allows for great hydration. There is no research to support the effectiveness of one shampoo over another for routine use (most will work just fine).

For men with flaky, dandruff, I recommend Nizoral since it’s active ingredient Ketoconazole works as an anti-fungal to alleviate the cause of their condition.

Dr. Frank Battle

Frank Battle

Neurosurgeon | Owner & Creator, D’Allure Medspa

82S Hair Loss Shampoo by HairScience

$36.99 ($3.08 / Fl Oz)
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01/25/2023 04:47 am GMT

This is formulated specifically to strengthen hair fibers and provide soft texture. As someone who uses this myself, I love the ease of having my shampoo and conditioner in a single product.

What makes the shampoo so unique compared to most is the blend of prescription ingredients like Formula 82M. All the ingredients in HairScience are eco-friendly along with being natural.

Ingredients include:

  • Saw Palmetto: active hair loss prevention.
  • Amino acids, biotin, phytokeratine, and vitamin E aim to nourish the hair.
  • Coconut fatty acids and L-Glutamic amino acids act as gentle cleansers.
  • Babassu oil, provitamin 5, and seaweed extract are the conditioning and repairing agents.

Adina Mahalli


Hair and Skincare Expert, Maple Holistics

Among the chemical-heavy hair growth shampoos on offer, Morrocan Argan Oil stands out due to its plant-based formula. Nourish your strands to achieve not only thicker but also healthier hair.

It’s a gentle, hypoallergenic shampoo that moisturizes and revives dry, damaged, and thin hair. The presence of ingredients like botanical keratin, avocado oil, and camellia seed oil leaves your hair stronger and thicker without the harmful toxins. Natural antioxidants penetrate the hair shaft to encourage healthy hair growth.

The makers pride itself on providing its consumers with sulfate-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free products which means that you’re left with a formula that only contains what needs to be there.

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Nate Masterson

Nate Masterson

Natural Product Developer, Honeydew Products | CMO, Maple Holistics

Biotin Shampoo

$9.95 ($1.24 / Fl Oz)
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01/28/2023 12:17 am GMT

This Amazon’s Choice shampoo is a powerful solution for thinning hair. A natural-based, sulfate-free formula gently nourishes your scalp and strands to return the volume to lifeless hair.

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, combats DHT and improves your hair’s natural keratin levels to fortify your hair follicle. At the same time, a combination of nourishing oils like jojoba, argan, and tea tree work in synergy to revive and cleanse your scalp back to optimal health.

Wash away oil and dirt to leave your scalp invigorated and encourage healthy hair growth. Thinning hair will become noticeably fuller, thicker, and healthier.

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