Best Work Anniversary Gifts for Employees (20+ Ideas)

With everything going on, it can be tempting to put anniversary celebrations on hold.

However, celebrating work anniversaries isn’t just a nice gesture for your employees or coworkers – it shows that they are cared for and appreciated.

Here are the best work anniversary gifts that your employees will love.

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Jagoda Wieczorek

Jagoda Wieczorek

HR Manager, ResumeLab

There are several ways to pleasantly surprise the employee for their work anniversary, but it comes down to being thoughtful and truly caring. No one likes the “I got it for you cause I was supposed to” gift as it comes off phony and insincere.

On the other hand, even a symbolic gift of lesser monetary value can be more memorable and mean the world if it’s personalized and given with genuine affection. The maxim “quality beats quantity” is very much applicable here.

So, how does one go about selecting a unique gift that can achieve all this?

Start with their interests and hobbies

If you know they’re an adrenaline junkie perhaps a gift card for a bungee jump or a race track experience is exactly what they would love.

Are they into collecting things? Get them that missing item for the collection or at least get them closer to their goal.

Is the person into sports or arts? Get them tickets to the next event or a backstage pass.

The point is to keep the gift aligned with who the person is and what they’re into. At the same time, the budget might be limited, they’re not the most popular individual or this is only their first anniversary.

A commemorative mug is always a hit. But again, make sure it encapsulates who the person is. Inside jokes, nicknames and clever play on words are perenially popular and a guarantee for a content recipient.

Avinash Chandra

avinash chandra

Mentor | Advisor | Consultant | Business Strategist

Celebrating your employees’ work anniversary is a way of appreciating their valuable contributions. Here are some gift ideas that you can consider:

Pamper your employees with e-gift cards

You can send out E-gift cards to your employees. They can use gift cards against things like online shopping or travelling.

Recognize your employees’ loyalty with a letter of appreciation

A letter of appreciation can be a great way of appreciating your employees’ work and thanking them for all their endeavours. This gift has a personal touch attached to it. It will make them feel special.

Grant them promotional opportunities

Announcement of promotions is one of the best ways to make work anniversaries special. Your employees will gain motivation to work harder. It will make them visualise the growth that they have achieved with you.

Make them feel special with personalized gifts

Your employees will love this gesture of yours. You can consider gifting them stuff like a coffee mug or a photo frame with their best company memory engraved on them. Arranging such gifts will help you know your employees better and clear the way for a great employer-employee relationship.

Dana Case

Dana Case

Director of Operations,

Bouquet of flowers or succulents with a handwritten note

For work anniversaries, a great gift idea is to give employees a bouquet of flowers, or a small plant like a succulent, and include a handwritten note with the gift.

In many ways, the handwritten note is the most treasured part of the gift. Use it to share a message of congratulations on the amount of time the employee has been with the company. Jot down a few specific compliments about the hard work they have done in this role and express your gratitude for their dedication and growth.

You can wrap up the end of the note by sharing how you look forward to the future and the ways in which you will continue to work and collaborate together as a team.

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Joe Wilson

Joseph Wilson

Senior Career Advisor, Mint Resume

Include something a little more personal

Although it is fine to reward an employee for their service with something traditional like a plaque or fancy pen, it is always preferable to include something a little more personal.

It is worth speaking to the colleague’s team or line manager to find out about their hobbies or upcoming plans, that way youcan tailor the gift and make it a little more memorable.

For example, if a colleague has a favorite sports team you could order signed shirts or other rare memorabilia. If they are planning a trip overseas, you could give them some local currency, etc.

One thing I would always encourage is that upper management and as many staff as possible gather when presenting the gift, just to show thanks to this person from every area of the business for their contribution.

Michael S. Lewis, M.D.

Michael Lewis

Author | Photographer | Orthopedic Surgeon

An inspirational book

What better way to honor an employee’s accomplishments than with a book that will help them live life to the fullest and always be the best version of themselves!

Over the course of my medical career, I’ve had the honor of working with many world-class athletes and inspiring teachers who’ve taught me countless life lessons along the way.

This memoir, The Ball’s in Your Court, is a collection of the many inspiring stories and encouraging words I’ve gathered over the years from the likes of Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Bill Veeck, Sir John Charnley, Abraham Maslow, and others.

Laurice Wardini

Laurice Wardini

Founder, Gift Mighty

Increased bonus or salary

If possible, a higher bonus or salary is a spectacular work anniversary gift. This truly shows you appreciate their time with the company and that they matter.

Training or courses

Most people want to advance in their careers, so many people will love a class or type of training that can enhance their skills. This could also be some type of mentorship!

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Mug warmer

If the employee regularly drinks hot drinks and doesn’t already have a mug warmer, it can be a great gift that they use for years to come! This is one of the more inexpensive options if you’re on a low budget (you can also pair it with a bag of high-quality coffee, a mug, a gift card, or other coffee or tea-related items).


A professional massage always makes a wonderful gift. You can pair it with a day off so they can really relax and enjoy their day!

Listen to your employees

This is an overall tip that can help you really find out what your employees want. For example, maybe someone has been asking for a more supportive chair or a better keyboard. Gifting something they’ve been asking for can be a great gift rather than some generic gift they probably won’t care about.

Dorota Lysienia

Dorota Lysienia

Community Manager, LiveCareer

A personalized magazine cover that reflects his or her personality

One of my colleagues is a content writer whose articles were featured in famous business magazines. For his 5-year work anniversary, we gave him a personalized magazine cover with his picture in a suit and a note “Man of the Year.” We also added some personalized headlines that reflected his personality and highlighted his contributions to our team.

It was a brilliant idea because this work anniversary gift was truly unique and resonated with our colleagues on a personal level. Besides that, we got really involved in creating it and coming up with creative ideas to surprise him. This gift not only made our colleague happy but also brought us closer as a team.

Now a frame with this epic front page stands on our colleague’s desk and reminds us of all the fun we had on that day.

CJ Xia

CJ Xia

VP of Marketing & Sales, Boster Biological Technology

Give an appreciation speech

A short appreciation speech is the best work anniversary gift that you can give to an employee. Most people prefer to give precious gifts like watches, rings, smartphones, etc. although no one denies their importance. However, I prefer to give a speech to acknowledge the employee’s contribution on the anniversary day.

Employers can gather all employees to let everyone know why the employee deserves to be a great anniversary. During a speech, you can highlight their specific achievements.

You can also mention the unique traits and qualities and some funny aspects of the employee. Overall, the speech should be joyous and focus on highlighting the strength of the employee.

Dan Nolan

Dan Nolan

Website Developer | Founder, Camping Console

Give gifts based on their lifestyle

There is no better feeling than being appreciated in the place where you spend most of your day. The best anniversary gift for employees should be on a personal level. Getting to know their interests and providing them gifts based on their lifestyle is a sure way to say how much we appreciate them more.

Certifications or training courses

Additionally, providing certifications such as Six-Sigma or other similar paid training courses will provide career and personal growth. Having this type of opportunity will make your employees feel empowered and reinforce their feeling of how much you invest and value their time in the company.

Giving out anniversary presents to employees is one of the best ways to show how we care and appreciate their time and effort in the company.

Mason Culligan

Mason Culligan

Founder and CEO, Mattress Battle, Inc.

Spending the first year at a company is a big deal for an employer and employee. It’s a milestone worth recognizing and celebrating.

Consider giving a team photo with a handwritten thank you note

It never goes out of style, and employees may appreciate it even more as you put effort into writing one for him. The best part is that it requires a little money and time. You can buy a quality card and get the team to sign and give their short messages as well. You can also include a team photo so they can see how the team grows each year they’re in the company.

Taking the time to craft a personalized message is a small gesture that makes the employee feel appreciated and recognized for their loyalty to your company.

Celebrating work anniversaries doesn’t always need to be a grand one. It can be a simple yet meaningful gift that can increase retention. Show people that you value them by taking the time to give them something that you made, which can be a memorable keepsake that will remind him how you appreciate his hard work.

Albert Lee

Albert Lee

Founder, Home Living Lab

One of the best work anniversary gifts for a long-serving employee would be a bonsai tree

A bonsai tree is a gift that is unique and distinctive. Bonsai can come in many different styles and varieties which allows one to really find a tree that really brings across your message to the receiver of the tree.

If you are celebrating a long-serving employee well known for his integrity and righteousness, a bonsai tree of the formal upright style would be the perfect compliment to his character.

Or if an employee is recognized for his resourcefulness and tenacity, you can consider a bonsai tree of the cascading variation to showcase his strength and resolve in the face of challenges. The possibilities are limitless.

While gifts that are live usually require a lot of time, attention, and money to take care of, some beginner bonsai species require minimal care. The routine watering and pest management is all that they need from their owner.

Ultimately, the great thing about bonsai trees is that they are a truly personalized gift and the owners can express their own ideas and creativity through the bonsai tree.

A bonsai tree is truly personal in every sense of the word. No two trees are alike with every tree being a reflection of its owner.

Dave Hoch

Dave Hoch


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Dennis Bell

Dennis Bell

CEO, Byblos Coffee

Rendering a year to my company is worth recognizing and celebrating. It shows appreciation for my employee’s hard work over the years. It inspires and motivates him to continue doing his best for the company. Below is a simple work anniversary gift idea that can be useful and memorable for your loyal employee.

Consider giving a personalized coffee mug that has your company logo, employee’s name, and his/her accomplishments

It’s a thoughtful and practical gift to give as it’s useful for his everyday life. Your employee can use their personalized mug at home or in the office for coffee breaks. It’s something that he can be proud of and will be a reminder for him when he sees it to do his best and achieve more.

Personalized and company-branded items are a great way to cement an employee’s position for their first year at work. It might be simple, but it has a valuable place at his work desk. It will serve as a motivation to do more and grow together with the company to achieve success.

This simple gift is a great way to show how you value and appreciate your employee. Yes, it’s simple, but it will have a positive impact on your employee, and he’ll be more than happy to do his best to achieve more for your company’s success.

Marisa Lytle

Marisa Lytle

Gift-Giving Expert and VP of Consumer Engagement, DEMDACO

An employee’s first work anniversary is a big milestone, so it’s a wonderful opportunity for an employer to show their appreciation to new staff especially in this challenging Covid year.

Lean into their favorite things

First-year work anniversary gifts don’t need to be extravagant to get their message across. A small but well-thought-out gift is often better received than a generic cookie tray or company-branded gift bag.

This year gifts of encouragement and gifts that are useful, even when team members are working from home, are really appreciated, and that’s what DEMDACO specializes in.

It is always great when you can give something very personal even to a new team member to make them feel really welcome. Lean into their favorite things – a special photo frame for a pet lover…an herb garden set for the person with a green thumb, unique cooking accessories for the home chef, or great bar accessories for the wine enthusiast!

Since lots of people working at home for the first time and are looking to dress up their makeshift home office, what better gift can you get them than some uplifting gifts of wall décor or a great desktop ornament with an inspirational spin. Plus, who of us doesn’t love a new coffee mug with some great inspiration to get us through the day!

At DEMDACO, we make it a priority to be a destination for personal, thoughtful gifts that are perfectly suited to people’s unique situations, passions, and life milestones.

Matt Buckland

Matt Buckland

Manager, Giftwhale

Gift vouchers

In June this year, we put out a survey to our users asking various questions now that lots of people are working remotely. One of the questions more geared to our service to lighten the tone was “What is the most useful gift you’ve received from your employer”. We had a good response rate of 422 people.

For the specific question mentioned above, the most popular answer was a ‘gift/store voucher’. It’s a bit boring, but people seemed to like to choose what they wanted. These gifts did get creative through, from vouchers from a nursery (for trees – not child-related), to travel vouchers.

Zoë Scharf

Zoe Scharf

Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer, Greetabl

Focusing on individual people’s interests and adding a personalized touch will make the biggest impact

Now more than ever, it’s important to show your team that you care. One small way that you can recognize employees is by keeping track of specific milestones and celebrating those special moments – including work anniversaries!

Whether it’s 6 months or 6 years, taking the time out to send a small token of appreciation can not only demonstrate that the company wants to invest in their team, but also put a smile on the employees face.

At Greetabl, we celebrate team milestones by sending a Greetabl gift that’s been individually personalized to that employee for every work anniversary. It’s such a good feeling when you nail it.

Focusing on individual people’s interests and adding a personalized touch will make the biggest impact. Small gestures go far right now, and the personalized approach to gifting is one that will leave a lasting impression.

With a Greetabl gift, employers can easily upload photos and craft a special message for the customized box, so recipients can unfold and proudly display it at their work from home desks, and enjoy a surprise gift for them within.

One of my favorite Greetabl gifts to send to my team is the pair of ‘You Got This’ Socks. They are encouraging, comfy, and pure fun!

Sonal Malhotra

Sonal Malhotra

Founder, Silviano

In today’s day and age, employee appreciation is more important than ever. When you show your employees that you appreciate them, it can boost motivation, increase engagement, create loyalty, and increase productivity.

Research shows that “30% of workers said they would be more willing to work overtime or for longer when they are happy.”

By celebrating employees who have contributed to your business over the years with work anniversary gifts, you show them that you value their hard work and loyalty. However, choosing a work anniversary gift that is both useful and valued may not be very easy.

Silviano Sleeve

The Silviano Sleeve is not just a regular laptop sleeve but the smartest laptop sleeve in the world combining modern-day technology, functionality, and sustainability. We believe it is a great gift for an employee as it is a high-quality genuine leather product.

Leather is automatically linked with luxury, and gives the product a premium status, although the Silviano Sleeve is actually great value for money. Beautifully crafted with eco-friendly Italian waxes and handmade by legendary artisans trained over decades, the Silviano Sleeve is built to perfection and engineered to last a lifetime.

Apart from being a luxurious fashionable product it also comes with the world’s fastest wireless charging device that can be used to charge up to 3 devices at once and a crowd-GPS tracker so that you never lose your Sleeve again. These voice-activated, trackable Sleeves can also be personalized by engraving your employee’s name or a personal message from your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to celebrate work anniversaries?

Celebrating work anniversaries is important to employee engagement and recognition. They help create a positive work environment where employees feel valued and appreciated.

It also reinforces the company’s commitment to its employees and can help build a strong sense of loyalty and teamwork. Recognizing work anniversaries can also encourage employees to continue their good work and strive for excellence, knowing their efforts will be rewarded and acknowledged.

Can work anniversary gifts be given to all employees, regardless of their role or seniority?

Yes, work anniversary gifts can be given to all employees, regardless of their position or seniority. This is to express appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the company and to recognize their contribution, regardless of their position or length of service. Celebrating work anniversaries for all employees can help create a sense of unity and equality and show that each employee is valued and appreciated.

Should I consult the employee before choosing a work anniversary gift?

If you’re unsure what to get an employee for their work anniversary, it’s always a good idea to ask for their input. You can do this in a casual conversation or send out a survey or questionnaire to all employees. This way, you ensure that the employee is happy about the gift and appreciates it and shows that you care about their opinion and value their input.

Can work anniversary gifts be presented as a surprise, or should employees be informed beforehand?

It depends on the company culture and employee preferences. Some employees may appreciate the surprise factor and the excitement that comes with an unexpected gift. Others may prefer to know in advance to prepare and adjust to the celebration. It’s essential to communicate with employees and find out what they like to make the occasion enjoyable and memorable.

How can work anniversaries be more special and memorable for employees?

There are many ways to make work anniversaries more special and memorable for employees. You can organize a special celebration, such as a company-wide event, a team lunch, or a personal recognition ceremony.

You could also offer additional benefits or perks, such as extra time off, a bonus, or a special recognition certificate. Personalizing the gift or celebration to the person’s interests and preferences can make the occasion even more special and memorable.

When should I give an employee their work anniversary gift?

Work anniversary gifts can be given any time during the year but are best given around the actual anniversary date, if possible. This shows that you’re paying attention to important milestones and highlights the employee’s commitment to the company. If you aren’t sure when an employee’s work anniversary is, check with HR or their supervisor.

Can I give a work anniversary gift to a remote employee?

Absolutely! Although it may take a little more planning and effort, giving a remote employee a service anniversary gift is possible. You can mail the gift or arrange for a virtual gift card to be emailed to the employee. The important thing is that the gift is personalized and thoughtful and that the employee feels valued and appreciated despite not being physically present in the office.

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