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Brain Goals

Brainy Goals – “Advanced Strategy to Achieve Your Goals with Less Motivation”

We’ve been listening for years of how we need to have a lot of willpower and rivers of motivation to be able to accomplish anything in life.

This course is all about setting and achieving your goals.

If you want to work smarter and not harder.

If you’re willing to start from the premise that you can change your mind towards success, proving that you have all the elements to do so, and I promise you will, this course is for you. 

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How to Become Assertive

How to Become Assertive in 9 Easy Steps

Do you struggle with making yourself heard?

Do you feel like giving up on your wants and need because you don’t know how to present your point of view in an assertive way?

In this course you will discover:

  • how to be an assertive person
  • when to be assertive
  • what are your rights when communicating with people… and much more

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