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What is Self Improvement?

Self-improvement is a journey. A pleasant, exciting and rewarding journey; and it’s taking you from the acorn to the oak tree, from the brook to the river, from a blank canvas to a masterpiece: the best YOU. What is self improvement? Because you are here, I guess, you already started your self-improvement journey, or you have a strong desire to do so. Either way, you have made the first step, and that counts the most because this first step is the moment when you realize how amazing you can be, how beautiful and fulfilled your life can be, how great, rewarding and inspiring can be your contribution to a better world.

Why is self-improvement important to you?

When your boss, your friends or whoever else is changing around you, your life is pretty much the same. When you are changing, then, your life is changing. You grow and become extraordinary in life by accomplishing the most ordinary things. Be like a river that starts its journey from a shallow brook and ends it into the deep ocean, or an acorn that becomes a majestic oak tree.

“How can I improve myself every day?” you may ask.

Allow yourself to become whoever you want to become. If there is destiny, know that it has more than one version, and it is up to you which version of your destiny you get to live. Your desire to improve yourself is setting the course and the pathway of your destiny. Your life belongs to you. Are you living up to your potential? Are you living the best version of your destiny? Are you putting forward the best you? Life is a gift. A gift that only a small minority of seeds receive. Self-improvement is about honoring that gift; making the most out of it, building a happy, prosperous life and contributing to the well-being of others along the way.

Personal development is your shortest way to success

We are living amazing times; your personal growth can make a change not only in your life but also can be powerful motivation for others. Join us, so you don’t have to walk alone in your journey. On UpJourney you can find in-depth information and self improvement tips. For example, we’ll talk about:
  • How to improve your self-esteem. Liking and appreciating yourself is a right you have; you’re born with it. Therefore, low self-esteem is unnatural; it’s a state of mind imposed on you by someone else, or past experiences and circumstances. Take this fundamental right back and give yourself the chance to live the life you desire.
  • The 100 best self-help books of all time to get inspired and motivated. Read and then write (with your happiness) the most beautiful story of your life. After all, a beautiful story is told through actions and fewer words.
  • Secrets of self discipline. You are born to like yourself, but you’re not born disciplined. Self-discipline is a skill that you must learn because it doesn’t come with the preinstalled programme. Plus, self-discipline is a secret in itself; the secret of success and living with a peaceful mind. It’s that self-improvement tip that changes your life is so many ways that, after you master it, you’ll have just one question: “why didn’t I learn it sooner?”
  • How to Feel Enough. Listen, to change your life; it’s less about changing yourself and more about changing your MIND about YOURSELF.
  • Practical tips to find your passion. A life without passion is like a meal prepared with no spices, salt, and pepper; looking good but tasting bland.
  • Take a short journey from being too self-conscious to peace of mind and self-acceptance. Being too self-conscious keeps you imprisoned. It’s like being locked into a room of one thousand mirrors, all of which showing only what you don’t like about yourself. Braking these mirrors don’t bring you seven years of bad luck, but a lifetime of self-contentment.
  • How to improve your communication skills. Many people say their relationships fail because of “lack of communication.” However, did you know that “lack of communication” is actually ineffective communication? You’re communicating something all the time; your silence says a thousand words; an angry face talks volumes; the tone of your voice speaks more for you than the words you’re using.
Allow us to walk with you on your journey to self-improvement, success and become the best version of yourself.