Subliminal360 Software Review (2022)

subliminal360 messages softwareFunny story. I made a subliminal video for one of my 1 to 1 clients for weight loss. Because he had some trust issues, I asked his wife to watch the video on low speed to verify that everything is in order.

One month later I asked him how the video worked for him. He started laughing. “Not only that I lost weight, but my wife fall in love with it and she lost some weight too even though she didn’t try. It just happened.”

Subliminal messages work for you even if they were not intended for you directly.

Subliminal 360 doesn’t give you headaches about trust because you can make your own messages, tailor-made for your needs.

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You receive many subliminal messages every day.

Did it happen to you to be on the street and suddenly to feel the desire to buy something you don’t need?

Without realizing you’ve been tricked by an advert that you saw for a fraction of a second or with the corner for you eye.

For some reason, we can’t resist reading a text that’s in our visual range. So every message that you see, most probably, read.

It’s not always a conscious process, but your unconscious mind records and store every piece of information.

If you find yourself in a sports shop buying a box of ping pong balls even though you don’t play table tennis, know you’ve been “summoned” there by some image or text (you don’t even remember).

Others try to manipulate you to do all sorts of things; but what if you manipulate yourself into becoming more successful? Achieve your goals faster and easier? Growing into the person you want to be?

You can program your mind to act and react the way you always wanted.

We learn by repetition. We form our beliefs by repetition. We behave accordingly to what we repeat to ourselves.

Subliminal 360 Software Learning

Your unconscious mind doesn’t allow you to be a liar. So, what you say about and to yourself, it makes true.

Your internal dialogue determines the most how happy, content and successful you feel in life.

We tend to think that hypnosis is a mysterious thing that happens only in a controlled environment. However, hasn’t happened to you to find on your desk half-eaten bars of chocolate and you don’t know how they got there? And when did you ate?

That can happen to you when you hypnotize yourself and happens more often than you might think.

Subliminal 360 allows you to hypnotise yourself to do automatically the things you want and stop doing what you don’t want.

Our brain’s pre-install program is a bit faulty. Many of us tend to think somewhat negatively out of self-preservation and pessimism.

It was useful hundreds of years ago, but now, can make you lose great opportunities, waste your talents, skills and potential.

Your brain’s programming doesn’t change into positive by itself. You’ve got to give it a helping hand.

Subliminal 360 Software Thinking

Subliminal 360 can be your helping hand because it’s a software that empowers you with affirmations displayed on your screen in the background. You can choose what type of content to appear: text, picture, audio, or combinations between them.

Define what you want to change, improve or remove from your life. Tell that to the software and the program generates for you what you need to see or hear to rewire your mind towards what you want. It’s that simple!

The software has three versions to choose from:

  • Amazing
  • Everything (the most popular)
  • Awesome

What do you get and gain using the most popular version of Subliminal 360:

The software – for Windows or Mac

Affirmations – a library of over 4000 affirmations and 350 subliminal sessions

The editor – a tool to customize your subliminal sessions (with text and picture support)

Brainwaves- over 25 audios (value $350+)

Audio – at a push of a button you can create your own subliminal MP3’s (windows/emulator only)

Training videos

Lifetime support

1-year- money-back guarantee

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