The 115 Best Books about The Brain and Mind

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Do you know the expression “to die for”? What does it mean for you?…if anything?

Meaningful things deserve “to live for”. One of those things (if we could call it a thing) it’s your brain.

Step away (more and more) from glamorous magazines, social media, and fashion/ trends so that you can allow yourself fell in love with your greatest asset – your mind. Love your brain above all else because it is the one thing you can’t live without; truly and literally, you can’t live without.

The greatest possessions you have in life are love, time and energy.

Love gives meaning to your life and helps you think with your heart;
Time is limited; therefore you must spend it wisely;
Energy is putting everything in motion.

Your three greatest possessions in life have behind them the same engine – your brain.

Discover in this article the best books about the brain and mind; get inspired so that you can understand your brain better, keep it young and healthy, improve its power, and take advantage of your mind’s full potential.

Brain Science Books (Neuroscience)

Do you have many difficult questions about the brain? How the brain functions?

The brain science/ neuroscience can give you the answers you’re searching.

The human brain is, perhaps, the most fascinating thing that exists. You see? Everything in your life starts with your brain and its function. You wouldn’t have difficult or easy to answer questions about the brain without having a brain.

You think, therefore you know you exist. 

For most of us, brain science/ neuroscience sounds intimidating. We sometimes feel that we could understand easier how to build a starship than understanding our own mind.

Make things easier for you by reading (one or more of) the following books on neuroscience. Discover how it is possible to learn, unlearn, relearn all the things you do (skills, concepts, give meaning to what you see, hear and feel).

How to Change Your Mind

Would you like to change your life? That’s not possible without changing your mind. Is it?

The desire to change our life is most time, matched in size by our fear to change. It takes self-discipline, motivation, and courage.

Change is not easy for almost anyone because:

  • You like who you are (if you don’t already, you should; love and accept yourself as you are so you can grow and become the best version of you)
  • Consistency is one of the most critical elements of being reliable, true to your word, and dependable
  • Those around you have a hard time accepting your change and progress alongside you
  • Your unconscious mind resist your change because it sees it as an effort with no guaranteed yield
  • You might feel comfortable dealing with the status quo (even if it’s not a pleasant one) because that’s what you know and the unknown it’s scary

Would you like to change your life? Change your mind, and everything will fall nicely into completing what you want to be.

Healing Your Brain

Most of the illnesses we suffer from are caused by our way of thinking and the environment. Thus, isn’t it only logical to start your healing process by healing your brain and mind?

There is a close correlation between what you think and how you feel. The body is reacting to your thoughts, and the way you carry your body is affecting the quality of your thoughts.

Healing your brain (or/and the way you think) it’s the first step in overcoming whatever stays in your way. Positive thinking is the shortest way to improve your well-being and happiness.

Keep Your Brain Young

Medicine has made tremendous progress for the past 50 years. We live longer than ever before. Yet, what means living longer if your brain gets old before its years?

“Do you want to be young again?” “Yes, but only if I can have the knowledge I have today.”
“Do you want to live forever?” “Probably not; it counts more if my brain is in top shape for as long as I live.”

Getting older it’s inevitable. However, what is avoidable is getting to your senior years with half of your mind.

Food for the Brain

Your brain is a smooth running machine and this machine, like any other, needs attention, love, and care.

Nourishing your body and mind (appropriately) is one of the highest form of self-respect. Plus, what you eat is determining if your brain can function correctly or not.

You can’t stay focused and concentrate on what you’re doing by eating junk. You can’t come up with brilliant ideas by eating mainly brown food (UFOs – unidentified fried objects – lead to substandard ideas.)

Be less concerned about the way you look and think more about what can make your brain look marvelous.

Help Your Child Stand Up Tall (Brain Stimulation Books for Young Minds)

A child’s mind is like a sponge. Unfortunately, these days, you (as a parent) are not the only one pouring information into your child’s brain. Social media is more and more present in our lives (young or old). It feels you we have no escape from it.

Get inspired by the following books on how to have the most significant influence on your child’s mental development.

There are in this section three books that could seem out of place. We are talking about the brain, and these books are about physics (mechanics).

Children are adventurous and now, more than ever, we have to help them understand how most things work.

If you give a simple search on YouTube “funny fails” (or any other social media) you notice how many children get injured because they don’t know to anticipate the consequences of their movement (not enough or too much speed, for example).

Don’t stop your children from being adventurous; help them be adventurous in a safe way.

No child (of any age) should get out of the house alone without having developed some neurons for mechanics.

Protect Yourself from Brainwashing and Mind Control

Brainwashing and mind control are not things that happen only to others. We are all susceptible to be taken advantage of and manipulated.

If you look at a battered wife, you might think “That could never happen to me!”

Learn from the following books:

  • How to protect yourself
  • See the early signs of those who are grooming you to abuse you
  • Listen to your deeper self and intuition (If your gut tells you “run”… do you listen each time?)

Your brain is a powerful machine; teach it how to work for you, not for other.

How Your Mind Works

“What the hell was I thinking?!”

That is a question we must ask ourselves way too often. Unfortunately, we ask that question when things already turned bad…

The following books provide for you an insight into your mind:

  • Why you do the things you do?
  • How come, sometimes, your impulse tramps over your critical thinking?
  • Who was the driver of your brilliant machine (your brain) when it happens to do things seemingly out of your character?
  • Why seems self-discipline so hard to maintain?

These books can give you not only why you do things as you do, but also, can teach you how to use your mind and be better at everything.

Train Your Brain for Success

Wouldn’t you be surprised to find out that most people who fear failure also fear success? And that, most people that fear success don’t even know it? They just suffer the consequences.

Discover from the following books how to train your brain for success. You see? You cannot become successful without being prepared to accept it when you get there.

Would you like to be more successful in life?

Train your mind for success!

Train Your Mind on How to Be Happier

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to be happy. Do you? Considering how much we desire happiness is somewhat surprising how little we know about it.

Happiness is a choice and lives in your mind not in your pocket.

I heard many times this idea (that happiness is a choice), but I never really understood what that means until I studied NLP. That opened my mind to many things, and one of them is the fact that we should explore more how we want to become. If you’re not sad doesn’t mean you’re happy (for example).

One general rule of life is that most times you discover what you’re searching. Your mind works like Google. If you search for happiness, you find countless articles and information about it. If you search how to overcome sadness, sadness you find and almost nothing about happiness.

Think of the brain as being like a public park. If you see it from above, you notice how people choose to cross it because there is no more grass and there are new pathways.

What you think about the most and most often, makes shortcuts in your thinking. So, after a while, your mind always walk on the usual path, almost to obsession.

Choose to have happy thoughts and happy you become.

The Link Between Your Brain, the Use of Your Conscious Mind and Consciousness

From the beginning of humankind these questions come up again and again:

“What is consciousness?”

“How we develop it?”

“How to be more conscious about being alive?”

Your brain is a wonderful machine. However, this machine has certain limitations. One of those limitations is that you can’t pay attention to more than one thing in each split second.

Are you aware of yourself all the time? Most probably not. That will take a lot of attention and energy.

We live most of the day in trance-like states. Self-hypnosis is a good skill to master because that can help you limit the time you spend in trances that you’re not aware of and you can’t predict their outcome.

Do you have questions about consciousness? Read the following books and discover the answers you’re searching for.

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