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Best Self Hypnosis Books Cover

The 11 Best Self Hypnosis Books (to Read in 2018)

Do you believe you can hypnotize yourself? Discover in this article, 11 of the best books on self-hypnosis that can help you become the master of your thoughts and be yourself with confidence and pride. In my opinion, optimism is the highest form to hypnotize yourself; and the second one is to believe you can’t

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Best Books on Storytelling Cover

The 15 Best Books on Storytelling (to Read in 2018)

No matter what’s your profession, your job and interests, you cannot escape from telling stories. From the astute business owner to teachers and parents, from co-workers to siblings, we all need to know how to: Structure Craft Write/ tell Deliver And make interesting ours stories Discover in this article,15 of the best books on storytelling

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The 19 Best Positive Thinking Books (to Read in 2018)

Discover in this article, 19 of the best books on positive thinking so that you can change your mind and take more advantage of the splendors of life. Positive thinking is not a theoretical philosophy, but a way of life. It can sound a bit disheartening that we must learn how to think positive because

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Best Anger Management Books Cover

The 15 Best Anger Management Books (to Read in 2018)

There is anger, and there is rage. Anger eats you up; rage eats up you and everyone around. Discover in this article, 15 of the best books on anger management so that you can, either help a friend, either help yourself to enter the calm zone and feel happier. Many people come to me to

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Best Books on Self Discipline Cover

The 17 Best Books on Self Discipline (to Read in 2018)

Discover in this article, 17 best books on self-discipline and get inspired to reach your potential; put an end to your frustrations, self-doubts, reach higher and higher. If you ask people “What’s the one thing you’d like to change about yourself?” most of us say “I’d like to be more disciplined”. There is only a

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The 15 Best NLP Books cover

The 15 Best NLP Books to Read in 2018

The promises NLP makes can seem unreal. Do you believe you can change a lifetime belief that keeps you stuck in only one NLP session? Do you think it’s possible to achieve more in life by changing your thoughts instead of using a lot of time and energy improving abilities? Do you feel, like most

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Best Books on Communication Skills

The 25 Best Books on Communication Skills to Read in 2018

If you want to define the human in a simple way, the first thing that comes to mind could be “The human is a social creature” that evolved through its power to communicate:Using words – verbal communication, storytelling, and writing Body languageAttitudeKnowing how to communicate efficiently is (probably) the most important social skill because, willingly or

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Best Books on Social Skills

The 25 Best Books on Social Skills to Read in 2018

The human is a social creature. To thrive, we need to have people around: feel connected, share ideas and experiences, receive and offer love, compassion, empathy. Through centuries, we developed so many different ways to communicate, collaborate, and interact with each other. If you ever wonder what made possible (the most) to come to the advanced society

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Best Memory Improvement Books

The 23 Best Memory Improvement Books to Read in 2018

In this list, you’ll discover the best memory improvement books; but first, let’s talk for a few short minutes about memory in general so that you can choose easier what is the perfect fit (book) for your particular needs.Start with your reason for searching a book that can teach you how to improve your memory:Possible

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Best Confidence and Self-Esteem Books

The 30 Best Books on Confidence and Self-Esteem to Read in 2018

Did you know that low self-esteem and lack of confidence can make you feel unsafe and lonely? The same goes the other way around as well. Feeling lonely or unsafe can lower your self-esteem and confidence. These four things (self-esteem, confidence, feeling unsafe and lonely) are interconnected, decreasing or increasing one another. You see? Building (up) your

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The 10 Best Books on Body Language

The 10 Best Books on Body Language to Buy in 2018

Our society is more prosperous and richer by the day. The wealth we are creating (inadvertently) pushes us further and further away from living in small communities, villages where everybody knows everybody else. When humans were surrounded by 100 to 200 people, you could rely on your subconscious mind to read the body language of others with

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Best Books on Critical Thinking

The 14 Best Books on Critical Thinking to Read in 2018

The aim of improving your skill of critical thinking isn’t just to be able to reason and give logical arguments about a subject skillfully; your goal is to get to the right answer, to make the right decisions and choices for yourself and others. Critical thinking helps you: First, improve the quality of your decisions and judgments,

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Best Books on Mental Toughness

The 10 Best Books on Mental Toughness to Buy in 2018

There are stories for children in which the protagonists are insects and other creatures that in autumn, a time of abundance, prepare for the cold long winter days; stashing food and building shelters, strong nests, dens, burrows. Because any good story needs to have a lesson to be learned, our protagonists are faced with many obstacles

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The 100 Best Self Help Books

The 100 Best Self Help Books of All Time

Do you have moments in your life when you say to yourself: ”If I could just […]”?  If you have, you probably noticed that those moments are coming out of frustrations, envy, pain, and dissatisfaction, but also from deep desire, love, compassion, and willingness to make a difference. If you think of yours “if I could just”, do

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