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Why Are People Selfish Cover

Why Are People Selfish?

Humans are naturally self-fulfilling, self-pleasure-seeking individuals – we want what is in our best interest. Selfishness is defined as seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others.

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How To Get Rid Of Social Anxiety Cover

How to Get Rid of Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety can be extremely stressful for those who suffer from this mental health issue. It tends to creep up in a lot of different situations: from the work environment to the social aspect of life, it is anywhere and always ready to attack.

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How To Express Your Emotions Cover

How to Express Your Emotions [the Ultimate Guide]

Long before we can even speak, we experience emotions; we cry, we laugh, we jump with surprise or gasp in fear. Emotions are meant to be experienced and not suppressed. Emotions tell us how we respond to something and they are very important to our psychological well-being.

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How To Improve Your Social Skills Cover

How to Improve Your Social Skills?

Human beings are sociable beings. Unfortunately, not everyone is good at socializing. To build social skills, people have to be willing to take chances and recognize that disappointment and failures are part of the process of building social skills.

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Why are Social Skills Important Cover

Why are Social Skills Important?

Social skills affect our everyday actions – from a simple hello to forging lasting relationships. Hence, we asked 7 experts “Why are social skills important?” See their top insights below! Margaret Arsenault Co-founder and Executive Director, Face2Face Youth Group Inc. Social skills are critical. Learning face-to-face social skills provides a number of benefits. Human beings

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How to Be Funny? (with Examples)

How to Be Funny? (with Examples)

In this article, you’ll discover how to be funny so that you win friends and loosen up enemies. I love my tumble dryer! I love it that much that I’m telling about it to everyone that wants to listen…or not. I’m telling you about it right now because you ought to know what a splendid

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Personal Famility Support System

How to Build a Personal and Family Support System

What is a personal support system and how to build it? The need for a support system is not only to have a soft place to fall or who to ask for help but also, being connected to other people is giving us the opportunity to be useful, to put our skills and knowledge to

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How to Be More Assertive

How to Be (more) Assertive. Assertiveness Skills Training

What is assertiveness? Assertiveness is putting your foot down; it is knowing to ask for what you want, desire and need while considering the wants, desires and needs of others at the same time. Assertiveness requires from you to be: Self-confident, Decisive, Self-assured, Forthright, Firm, And, also empathic. People who don’t know how to be

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Influence Skills

3 Secrets to Improve Your Influence Skills

The fourth core interpersonal skill: Influence Why is influence a significant interpersonal skill? Because we are influencing each other all the time. Most times, though we don’t even realize that we are doing it, and sometimes with devastating unintended consequences. Improve your interpersonal skills by learning the art of influencing people because if you want

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Interpersonal Communication Skills

Effective Communication: How to Improve Your Communication Skills

What is communication? Communication is the process of exchanging information, ideas, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. How are we communicating? Through speech, behavior, body language, writing, attitude and other signals. You know how effective or positive your communication is by the feedback and the response you are getting. I want to point out to you that

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Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills

Negotiation Strategies and Conflict Resolution Skills

Negotiation is placing the opinions, the desires and the needs of all the parties involved side by side not face to face because all the parties have to be visible, heard and considered. You are great in some areas and less great in others, therefore, start your negotiation by knowing what you’re dealing with and

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Interpersonal Skills

What are Interpersonal Skills & How to Improve Them

The human individual evolved from having around and interacting with, on average, 150 people – his/hers tribe (village), to interact and having around thousands of individuals. For this reason, the expression “survival of the fittest” has now a new meaning. The fittest is not any longer the person with the greatest physical strength or the

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