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Chronic Illness Cover

Living with Chronic Illness? Make Your Life Easier

Years ago I was in the emergency room with a friend. The nurse making the triage was assessing an elderly lady. “Do you have any chronic illness?” “Chronic? No, I don’t.” “How did you break your arm? Did you fall?” “No. I barely moved, and it broke. I have osteoporosis.” “You said you don’t have

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Feel Good Enough Cover

How to Feel Good Enough (5 Easy Steps)

It’s your right to feel good enough. But do you? Because this right is one of those that others might violate most often and as soon as you come into this world. In this article, you’ll learn how to feel good enough in 5 easy steps. These five steps will help you rediscover your value,

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Build Self Esteem

How to Improve Your Self-Esteem – The Ultimate Guide

What is self-esteem? Self-esteem by definition is the value you’re giving to yourself. Depending on the way yhow to be happyou measure your value and worth you can be on the positive side of self-esteem or the negative side of it. We are now about 7 billion humans on planet Earth. And no matter how

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Overcome Inferiority Complex

How to Overcome the Inferiority Complex?

Jenny is serving Thanksgiving dinner to her family. Her husband asks: “Jenny, why are you roasting the turkey cut in half?” “That is how is supposed to be done” she replied, “My mother does it this way, my grandmother does it this way; it is the right way to do it.” “But why?” “I don’t

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Self conscious

How to Be Less Self-Conscious

Popo, the baby elephant, is born in captivity. To make sure Popo is not going to run away, Stevie, the elephant keeper ties a rope on his left front leg. For a few weeks, Popo, it’s trying to break free with no success; the rope is too strong for him. One day, Popo, decide to

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