10 Best Books for Building a Successful Mindset and a Professional Network

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Challenges, mistakes, discouragement… all of these and more are guaranteed to occur at some point during the challenging adventures toward our goals.

Most end up quitting then either regretting the decision or living in denial of if the successful life was ever meant for them in the first place. But not you.

You understand that it takes more than just an effort to get things done. That’s why you clicked on this article. And I’m here to say that I’m already proud of you for taking that initiative to educate yourself! 

The list below is a goldmine of knowledge to help prepare you to have a successful mindset for your journey as well as to help identify where and how to make key connections to guide you along the way.

No matter how much technology is intertwined into our lives, we as humans shall always remain social creatures.

However, despite our constant need for interaction, it’s not commonly taught in school how to effectively deal with people.

Dale Carnegie provides an entertaining collection of stories that guide us through various obstacles on how to deal with difficult communication situations such as tough negotiations, rude customers, pretentious managers, stubborn coworkers, and so much more!

No matter what industry you decide to pursue, having amazing people skills will be useful for any field! 

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Even in the form of a self-help book, comedian Steve Harvey provides a hilarious presentation of his struggles in discovering how to make a living from doing what he loves: making people laugh!

Although we all might not have a passion to become comedians, we all have something that we love to do, and chances are high that there are opportunities out there that would pay us to do what we love! First, we have to think like a success instead of letting all the haters out there think for us!

Tiny actions can lead to huge changes. Many people grow discouraged from pursuing their goals because it seems too far-fetched.

In reality, the end goal is just a compilation of small steps placed together, but we have to set up the habits and the triggers to remain focused on these tasks. Just about anything is achievable if broken down into miniature steps.

Want to complete a book but have short patience with reading? Start by setting up a habit to just read one page a night before going to sleep by placing the book on your pillow. The book is in your hand as you move it from the pillow, so might as well just knock out that one little task, right?

More extremely helpful tips and tricks like these can be found in Atomic Habits! 

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How often have you gotten excited about an idea, just to toss it away as soon as you realized that it’s been done before?

Go grab that idea and hang on to it! Why? Because most of the “genius” ideas that we see today are actually common ideas with a trending twist to it!

The Creative Curve” provides an inside look as to how top brands stay on top and why stubbornness to the way things are done is a sure-fire way to get left behind.

Take hold of this book if you desire to turn your pile of ideas into the next trending topic!

Regardless of if the situation involves money, weight loss, health improvements, skill development, or even relationship building, the theory is that small actions today will lead to big results later as the gradual process and self-improvements compound onto itself.

The Compound Effect” instructs us on how to track our decisions in order to guide our habits toward more productive methods.

It’s common for us to grow discouraged whenever it seems like we’re not making any headway, so the methods found in this book will guide us on how to witness firsthand the small compounding effects of our determined tactics.

We hear a lot about the importance of developing good habits, but have you ever been curious about how much power a habit can truly have on us, either positively or negatively?

To fully get motivated to develop the habits to help us succeed, it helps to have an understanding of the psychological impact that unconscious actions can have over time!

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” goes in-depth into how the cycle of cue-routine-reward can trigger our brains to react without consciously being aware of it and how altering just the routine can help us overwrite bad habits into good ones. 

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We are in the Digital Age, and business is constantly evolving. It’s no longer about having the most brick and mortar companies in an area (RIP Blockbuster).

We have to have some type of online presence and the successful mindset to know what we want and to go through the challenges to earn it!

Robert T. Kiyosaki shares the struggles that he and his wife had to overcome, including homelessness, in order to push through the naysayers in their lives.

The business game is changing. Retirement isn’t guaranteed if it’s following the systems of the previous centuries. If you want to stay ahead, this book will be your guide to achieving success in the 21st century.

It is no secret that social media is a huge part of many of our lives! Many might be our preferred form of communication while others are our direct source for entertainment.

However, not everyone realizes that conquering various social platforms is a major key to optimizing one’s brand, creating crucial connections with the right individuals, and reaching the perfect audience for your business!

This book is small with shorthand tips to provide you a quick flip-through for rocking your online presence!

Businesses are constantly seeking out effective ways to advertise their products, and Influencer Marketing has become a popular method.

Have you ever tried a product, loved it, then shared your experience with a friend? Did they turn around and try it for themselves thanks to your recommendation? Guess what? That’s what Influencers do!

This book is filled with professional tips on the do’s and don’ts for getting paid to rave about the products you already love!

Even better, these partnerships will help strengthen your network and allow you to make invaluable connections with companies within your niche!

You are the only fabulous you that will ever walk this Earth, so how are you going to make your one life worth it?

We all have different aspirations. We cannot burden ourselves with what other people think we should be doing or how far someone has succeeded (or how quickly they failed).

Take a moment to truly answer this question: “What is it that you want to do with your life that will make you happy?” I did not ask what will pay the bills.

Many of us stay in a miserable rut for years, but why? Maybe it’s because it’s considered safe and leaving might cause us to fall into hardship. Maybe we fear to disappoint our loved ones because we’re finally doing something with our lives that make them proud. Maybe we don’t know how to do anything else…or so we tell ourselves.

Before you pursue something, please pick up this book and truly take in the message within the pages. The biggest obstacle that stands in the way of our happiness is our own mindset. What we believe becomes our reality…what’s yours?

Now you are ready!

Thank you so much for reading through this article! Regardless of if you go out to collect the whole list or just start with one or two, I can confidently say that your mind will be better equipped to make successful decisions as well as to build inestimable connections with like-minded achievers such as yourself!

Remember that challenges are going to arise no matter what and mistakes will be made, but don’t quit!

Those obstacles and missteps will become important learning opportunities for you, and it will all be worth it with the right connections in sync with your successful mindset.

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