23 Best Christian Fiction Books of All Time

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Whether you are a new believer or gave your heart to Christ many years ago, Christian fiction will help bolster your faith and open your eyes to God’s love in new ways.

As an avid reader and, myself, a Christian author, I am sharing my all-time favorite Christian fiction books with you.

I have broken it down into contemporary Christian fiction and Historical/Sci-Fi Christian fiction. There is something for everyone on this list.

Historical Fiction

I simply had to include both of the books in this series, as they are both riveting fictional accounts of biblical history. Book 3 is due out in July of 2019.

Chronicling a little known practice in biblical times, in A Light on the Hill (Cities of Refuge book one) takes us on a journey of a woman kidnapped, branded with the mark of the Canaanite temple gods and then, eventually, accused of murder.

Moriyah is provided refuge in Kedesh, a haven for those accused of the death of another without intent. Betrothed to another, she falls in love with a family member of those she is accused of murdering.

Connilyn Cossette does a beautiful job of illustrating life in biblical times. We hurt for Moriyah and rejoice in her triumphs. A Light on the Hill is an inspiring read for anyone who feels they have lost hope.

In book two, Shelter of the Most High, we are introduced to Sofea and Prezi after they are captured and then escape pirates. Rescued by Eitan, the adopted son of Moriyah, they are accepted and settle into life within the walls of a city of refuge. These strong, yet fearful women learn of Elohim and grow in faith while adapting to a life like none they could have imagined.

While book two overlaps with book one, I read book two first. I was enthralled by the stories and simply had to understand the beginning of this amazing story. While I recommend reading them in order, each is captivating, in their own ways. I’m anxiously awaiting book three.

One of my all-time favorite books, Redeeming Love was originally published in 1991. This edition was updated in 2009.

Based on the Book of Hosea from the Bible, in which Hosea is told by God to “marry a prostitute and have children with her.”

In Redeeming Love, we meet Michael Hosea, a farmer who listens to God’s prompting to marry Angel, a local prostitute during the 1850s gold rush of California.

Angel, broken from years of abuse and injustice is relentless in her stubbornness to accept Michael’s love.

Often considered an allegory for how God loves us and His unrelenting pursuit of our hearts, it is a story of forgiveness, love, and hope.

Set in the 1800’s, Treasured Grace is about three sisters who journey west to Oregon territory. During their journey, they winter at a mission that is between two tribes of Native Americans: the Cayuse and the Nez Perce.

Hostility rises between the tribes and the sisters are put in increasing jeopardy.

Tracie Peterson does a great job with character development and setting depiction throughout the book. Vividly portrayed, I found my own heart rate increasing as the sisters encounter danger, drama, and friendship.

If you enjoy American historical fiction, this is a must-read.

The Hiding Place is the biographical account of a “spinster watchmaker” and her sister, living in a tiny apartment over their father’s shop in German-occupied Holland during and after World War II.

Corrie, a Christian, sacrificed her own life, as well as her family’s to fight against the injustice and hate the Jews faced.

During and after the war, Corrie was in several concentration camps. Despite the horrific circumstances, she praised God for everything she experienced including the fleas biting her skin and the guards who beat her mercilessly.

Corrie and her family exhibited incredible bravery, which saved the lives of many while putting themselves through horror.

Corrie had a deep relationship with God and her faith was marked with courage, few of us will ever be in a position to face.

A remarkable and beautiful blend of biblical history and prophecy, this book chronicles the story of King Hezekiah. The story, told through the eyes of Ishma, his fictional wife, illustrates life in 732 BC.

We learn of the daily routines and traditions of the Israelites as well as the worship of false gods and the human sacrifices made to these pagan gods.

During this dark and dangerous time, God sends prophets to guide His people and return to Him.

From childhood until the time of his death, Hezekiah, served the Lord and ruled with a servant’s heart despite much opposition.

Rich with backstories about the merchant shipping industry as well as medicine, law and high society in the late 19th century London, Ms. Delamere weaves Christian principles and romance into a beautiful story.

Although admittedly, it took me a few chapters to settle into the book, once I was settled in, I could not put it down.

This richly told story takes us on the journey of Marianne Neumann as she accompanies a group of ragtag orphans to the mid-west to find their forever homes.

Woven with romance, suspense and humor, we learn the daunting issues that orphans (and their guardians) faced in the mid-1800s.

Artfully written and meticulously researched, this book has changed me.

While I have always had a heart for motherless and fatherless children and single mothers, this book caused me to reflect on how I am serving orphans today.

In this compilation of the five books in the Lineage of Grace series, Francine Rivers, brings us close to five women in the lineage of Jesus Christ: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary. Each woman experienced incredible and sometimes shocking obstacles.

Their stories, though fiction, are based on their stories in the Bible and enable the reader to get a glimpse of what each woman might have felt and endured.

A must-read biblical historical fiction selection.

Futuristic / Science Fiction

Few book series have all included books on the bestseller list, much less all sixteen! In this iconic series, Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, show us what End Times might look like from a Christian theological standpoint.

The characters are relatable and well developed as they face the Global Community and leader Nicholas Carpathia (as the antichrist).

With high drama and suspense, sprinkled with romance and theology, this series is a classic and nearly required reading for Christian readers.

Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan was written in 1678, while imprisoned for violating the English law of holding of religious services outside the authority of the established Church of England.

Considered one of the most significant works of religious English literature, it has been translated into over 200 languages. It has also been only one of a handful of novels that has been continuously in print since first publication date.

Pilgrim’s Progress is allegory told as occurring in a dream and narrated by the protagonist, Christian. The story centers on his journey from his hometown, the “City of Destruction” (“this world”), to the “Celestial City” (“that which is to come”: Heaven) atop Mount Zion.

Christian bears a great burden—the knowledge of his sin—which he believed came from his reading a book (the Bible) that he came across while cleaning out the character “Faithful’s” home. This burden, which would cause him to sink into Hell, is so unbearable that he seeks deliverance.

Gripping, the book is dialogue-heavy and the reader should be mindful that it was written hundreds of years’ ago with language that may be described as cumbersome to the modern reader.

I had to read the book several times to pick up on some of the nuances, but truly enjoyed this parallel of sin and faith to God’s plan for redemption.


Leota’s Garden tells the story of a cranky, elderly grandmother, estranged from her family. Leota unknowingly becomes the case study of a university student, Corban.

She is a lonely old woman and deeply desires to be reconnected with her family when her granddaughter, Annie, arrives unexpectedly. As the book evolves, we learn more about Annie and Leota’s life, garden and faith.

Meanwhile, Corban comes face-to-face with his own belief system and examines it in light of Leota and Annie’s faith.

Leota’s Garden is a deep and colorful exploration of family, memories, and forgiveness.

Summed up best in the publishers’ narrative “It’s never too late for those willing to take a chance.” Ellie and her childhood best friend Nolan make a vow to return to an old oak tree eleven years after they go their own way.

Ellie’s life doesn’t turn out the way she hoped while Nolan makes his dreams come true as a star NBA player. Ellie strays from her faith during years of disappointment and turmoil while Nolan is driven deeper into faith through his.

Both facing loneliness and life’s unexpected turns, they reconnect years later through love, loss and a second chance.

It is a beautiful moving story about something we all wish for – a second chance.

The Masterpiece, told from the perspective of the two main characters, Roman, a troubled youth turned sought-after artist and Grace, a struggling single mother, with a turbulent past of her own.

By chance, Grace is hired as Roman’s assistant and there seems to be no end to their clashing, but in classic Francine Rivers form, God has a plan and you’ll find yourself crying with and rooting for both Grace and Roman.

We all have a story. A past that brings us to the place and the people that we are today, but when we open up to the possibilities that God has in store for us, masterful things will happen.

Known for her best-selling Bible studies, The Undoing of Saint Silvanus is Beth Moore’s first foray into the world of Christian fiction.

Part murder mystery, part family drama, The Undoing of Saint Silvanus tells the story of a mysterious church turned apartment house and a hodgepodge group of tenants including the family that owns it with their own complexities of faith and relationship struggles.

This book wraps addiction, mental illness, secrets, and every flavor of family drama into one neat and riveting package. 

While not a typical Amish novel, this one straddles the “English” world and the Amish world.

Amanda (Mandy) left her Amish family and community after what she considered a terrible betrayal by her sister.

After living far away with a new life, Mandy returns home upon her mother’s passing to run the family bed and breakfast.

Her mother intends for Mandy to inherit the B&B if she can meet two conditions: run it for one year and turn a profit.

Acclimating back to Amish life proves difficult for Mandy and forces her to examine life, faith, relationships and what’s really important.

This was the first novel that I read by author Lisa Wingate and would not be the last. A multi-award winning novel, The Prayer Box, made me a fan of Ms. Wingate.

Tandi Jo, chronic drug user, and her two children, flee from her abusive husband. She ends up in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A place filled with warm memories of her childhood.

With money running out, Tandi Jo agrees to clean out her elderly landlord, Iola’s home, (Tandi Jo and her children’s temporary home), in exchange for a few months of free rent.

When Tandi Jo, finds a box filled with written prayers from Iola to God, and learns Iola’s story, she is forced with taking a look at her own life.

Through Iola’s letters and lessons from her life, Tandi Jo finds her own purpose along the way. 

While you can read each of these books as a standalone, they are short and the humor will keep you turning the page for more.

Based in a small town in Colorado, an unlikely variety of women, from all ages and backgrounds meet once a week for a meal and prayer time.

Each member of this Potluck Club, (as they dub themselves) finds themselves in the midst of trouble of varying sorts and rely on each other, and their prayers, to get through.

Friendship in unlikely forms, the comedic writing and uniting faith in God (plus delicious food thrown in for good measure) is the recipe that keeps this book series on my favorite list.

The book also includes a recipe in each chapter, several of which I have tried and enjoyed.

Claire is just like most Christian women I know. She is quirky, real and messes up quite often. As a divorced mom, she faces overwhelm that most of us can relate to and seeks the advice of a life coach.

Through humor, (this book is hysterical, at times), she learns that maybe she doesn’t know best, after all, and that maybe, just maybe, God is in control.

I was initially drawn to this book for its setting: Missouri, where I call home but found that what really resonated with me was the book’s message “stop and smell the roses”.

Life is so busy.  With our to-do lists and booked calendars, the most important things in life are often relegated to lower on the priority list.

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When Kate finds herself faced with the task of convincing her grandmother that she can no longer live alone and care for the family farm that has been her home for decades, she learns that a big house and fancy car aren’t nearly as important as she thought.

Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Girl has a life-threatening illness. Boy vows to become a doctor to “fix” her.

When everything seems to be going according to plan, a series of tragedies occur and each character is forever changed.

The book is a poignant reminder that all relationships are beautiful and flawed at the same time and that the human heart is much more complex than we can imagine. 

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