15+ Best Email Templates to Reschedule a Job Interview

Rescheduling a job interview can be difficult and nerve-wracking. However, sometimes it’s inevitable. That is why sending the perfect email is crucial to ensure everything goes smoothly.

According to experts, these are the best email templates to reschedule a job interview and a few things to keep in mind.

Dipika Anand

Dipika Anand

Senior Consultant, Executive Search, The Big Search

Don’t feel obligated to provide a reason, but it might be helpful to explain slightly

Some useful tips to keep in mind:

  • Unless they’ve explicitly told you otherwise, address the interviewer by Mr./Ms.
  • Do not feel obligated to provide a reason, but it might be helpful to explain slightly as your interviewer(s) have blocked out time in their schedule to talk to you. After all, we are all human, and things happen.
  • You might want to provide some times that you’re available first, but that may feel constricting to the interviewer. So you can also allow them to offer alternate slots for the interview. And don’t forget to thank them once they do.
  • Provide as much notice to the interviewer as possible, and stay enthusiastic.

Here are some generalized interview rescheduling templates:

Template 1:

Dear (Name of Interviewer),

I’m really looking forward to interviewing for (role) at (institution). Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I’ll need to reschedule our interview (originally scheduled at date/time). I regret the inconvenience caused and hope we can find another slot in your diary.

Please let me know when is the next best time to schedule our interaction. I am also available this week at the following alternate timeslots:

  • Date, Time
  • Date, Time
  • Date, Time

Thank you for your understanding and consideration. I look forward to meeting you!

(Your Name)

Template 2:

Dear (Name of Interviewer),

I apologize for the late notice, but due to (reason), I will not be able to attend our interview (this morning/afternoon/tomorrow morning/afternoon). I am still very interested in the position. Is it possible to reschedule? If so, please let me know when the next available time slot will be.

Thank you for your understanding, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

(Your Name)

Template 3:

Dear (Name of Interviewer),

I’m sorry to reach out on such short notice regarding our interview (today/tomorrow), but I’m afraid we have to postpone. Namely, I just had a (state reason), and unfortunately am unable to join the meeting. Therefore, in appreciation of your time, I thought of informing you immediately.

I am positively keen on the position and hope we can reschedule. Please accept my sincere apologies, and I appreciate your understanding.

(Your Name

All said and done, ideally you shouldn’t be rescheduling an interview at all. It can slim your chances of bagging that dream-come-true role! But if life throws a curveball, these templates will come to your rescue.

Tina Hawk

Tina Hawk

SVP Human Resources, GoodHire

Be respectful, considerate, and clear in your communication

When rescheduling a job interview via email, make sure you remain brief, clear, and professional.

Interview rescheduling happens all the time, especially for candidates who are considering multiple possibilities at once. On top of that, accidents and emergencies can pop up, and most hiring managers will understand that’s simply life.

A candidate shouldn’t feel as though they’re asking too much, or overstepping a boundary, in asking to reschedule an interview – so there’s no need to be overly apologetic.

Having said that, it is important to be respectful, considerate, and clear in your communication.

Brevity is also key: if at all possible, you should try to give the reason behind the need to reschedule, but keep it to one sentence, two absolute maximum.

In the example below, I’ve cited a family emergency, but you can replace this as appropriate to your situation.

“Dear (Name),

I’m really looking forward to speaking with you about the role of X at (Company). I appreciate being offered such a fantastic opportunity.

Unfortunately, I’m currently dealing with a family emergency. As a result, I wanted to ask you if it is possible to reschedule our interview?

I’m so sorry to have to ask you this, and I hope it won’t inconvenience you. I’m very excited for our interview, and I hope that we can connect very soon.


(Your Name).”

Daniel Cook

Daniel Cook

Director HR, Mullen and Mullen

Candidates might wonder what to email when they want to reschedule a job interview. On the other hand, there might be situations when the employer has to reschedule the job interview.

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I have shared some tips to take into account when emailing to reschedule the job interview.

Portray that you’re apologetic for requesting to reschedule

For candidates:

  • It’s important for you to portray that you are apologetic for requesting to reschedule your interview.
  • Simply state the reason why you would like to reschedule the interview but try to be honest if possible.
  • Suggest some dates and times when you will be available for an interview and give the interviewer flexibility as well to schedule an interview.

Refer to the candidate by their name rather than ‘Dear Applicant’

For employers:

  • You need to refer to the candidate by their name rather than ‘Dear Applicant/Candidate.’
  • You need to show that it’s unfortunate that you have to reschedule the interview and follow up with a reason as well. This will make the candidate feel important as well.
  • Suggest a time when you believe the candidate will be free as well.

Maria A. McDowell

Maria McDowell

Founder, EasySearchPeople

Be specific in your reasons — if you have proof to back your claim, attach it to the email

An interview reschedule email is a notice of absence and plea for rescheduling from an applicant to a Hiring Manager.

An applicant can send an interview reschedule email for a number of reasons ranging from scheduling conflicts, emergencies, illness, etc. An interview reschedule email is essential because it notifies the Hiring Manager of the applicants’ absence and helps them plan properly towards a more convenient time for the interview.

How to draft an interview reschedule email

In composing an interview reschedule email, there are important elements to consider. Every step in drafting an interview reschedule email is crucial as it can help convince a Hiring Manager to put you on their calendar.

Crucial elements to contain in your email

  • Introduce yourself: Pretend that the Hiring Manager doesn’t know you and formally introduce yourself. Mention the stage in the hiring process and the date you were scheduled to attend the interview.
  • Explain why you can’t be at the interview: Clearly explain why you won’t be available for the interview as scheduled. Don’t be vague, be specific in your reasons. If you have some proof to back your claim, attach it to the email.
  • Suggest a new date: Suggest a date that you will be available and request to know if it is convenient for the hiring manager. Suggesting a new date shows that you are still interested in proceeding with the interview. If there are future dates that you won’t be available, ensure to spell them out in your email.
  • Apologize for the inconvenience: It is vital that you apologize for the inconveniences your absence may have caused the hiring manager. Recognize that you understand the efforts put into scheduling interviews and commit to making it the suggested rescheduled date.
  • Thank the Hiring Manager: Thank the Hiring Manager for their understanding in advance before closing the email.

Follow up actions you could take

Here are some follow-up tips when the Hiring Manager acknowledges your email and reschedules:

  • Thank them for being accommodating enough to reschedule the interview.
  • Immediately confirm your availability for the rescheduled date.
  • Attempt not to miss the rescheduled meeting.

Marilyn Gaskell

Marilyn Gaskell

Founder and Hiring Manager, TruePeopleSearch

As much as painstaking it might be, there are some days when you just have to reschedule an interview.

Before sharing my favorite email template, I’d like to share a few tips about rescheduling an interview to avoid the risk of burning bridges or completely destroying your chances of landing that role.

Clearly explain your reason

Make sure that your manager understands your situation and for not being able to attend the interview. Ensure that your reason is true because you don’t want your hiring manager to pick up on an untruthful answer, which would break his trust in you.

Of course, you don’t have to share every tiny detail, especially if it is very personal. Just keep in mind that giving a true and clear reason raises the chance that your contact will reschedule the interview.

Make sure your hiring manager gets your notice

It’s possible that your hiring manager is busy and might not see your email. So it’s always a good idea to follow up with a phone call. The last thing you want is for your contact not to get your email before the appointed time of the interview.

Give as much notice as possible

If you know that you can’t meet the scheduled appointment, waste no time in informing your recruiter.

They must have planned the day, their meetings, and schedule around your interview, so you don’t want to inform them as quickly as possible so they can re-plan their day. They will appreciate it.

Best email template to reschedule a job interview:

Hi [Name],

I’m really looking forward to speaking with you about [Role]. Unfortunately, I need to reschedule the interview [give the reason why]. I’m available [times and days that work for you]. Let me know if that works for you or if you would prefer any other time and date.

I am so sorry for the last-minute change. But, I’m still very excited about the opportunity, and I hope we can connect soon!

Thanks so much for understanding.
All the best,
[Your Name]

Maciej Kubiak

Maciek Kubiak

Head of People, PhotoAiD

Rescheduling a job interview isn’t a problem for recruiters as long as they receive the necessary information. As an HR professional, I’ve read countless poorly written reschedule emails. Due to the lack of basic information, I had to follow up, which made the process longer and more complex.

Therefore, here is an example and explanation of what a rescheduling email should include.

“Dear Mr.X,

I’m Maciej Kubiak, a candidate for the Head of People position at PhotoAiD. We scheduled a job interview for 23.04 at 10 a.m. However, I realized I have a doctor’s appointment that day, so I may be late.

Can we reschedule our meeting? I’m available during the same time in the following days.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Make sure the recruiters can identify you

First of all, the email begins with information about myself and our meeting date. Recruiters can identify you with this information.

Also, recruiters save time because they don’t have to search their database for this information based only on your email.

Stay honest in your explanation and don’t give false reasons

Then, you clarify your issue: you ask to change the data and tell the reason for the change. Stay honest in your explanation and don’t give false reasons. It’s human nature to forget about another appointment or have something come up at the last minute.

Also, don’t go into too much detail. It won’t interest your future employer to hear about every little thing going on in your private life.

Consider suggesting an alternative date

After that, consider suggesting an alternative date. Setting up a particular day isn’t necessary because recruiters’ schedules can be busy. But – recruiters can find a new date much faster if you let them know when you are available to meet.

Remember to express your gratitude

Finally, be polite. Finding a new date for meeting with you is an extra task for HR professionals. So remember to express your gratefulness.

A pitch like the one above is a complete template for job interview rescheduling. However, by following these tips, you can write your one successfully.

Eliana Levine

Eliana Levine

Co-founder, FindPeopleEasy

It is highly appreciated to drop a mail rather than letting people wait for you

Having a job interview to reschedule is not very impressive, but unfortunately, there might be difficulties in making sure to appear for the discussion on the given day and time. Therefore, it is always welcomed and highly appreciated to drop a mail rather than letting people wait for you during the interview session.

Let me help you with several tips to write the best kind of email to reschedule your job interview.

Things to consider while writing an email to reschedule the job interview:

  • Include your personal information like your Name and such in the mail.
  • Include the role that you’ve been chosen for interviewing by the company.
  • Ensure to mention the reason for not attending the interview at the given schedule.
  • Request to reschedule the job interview.
  • Be polite and convey your message.

These are the few things to keep in mind while drafting a mail to reschedule your job interview. Other than that, look into a possible template that I can provide to reschedule your job interview.

Template for a rescheduling job interview:

Hi (Name of the interviewer),

I am (Introduce yourself), looking forward to having the chance to discuss (Job role) with (Company name).

Unfortunately, I (Reason to reschedule the job interview). I would like to know if we can reschedule the job interview to a convenient date, and I am available (Mention the dates you want the interview to be rescheduled).

I am genuinely sorry to disappoint you at the last minute. Hopefully, we will connect in some time as I am excited about the opportunity given to me.

Thank you for your time and understanding, (Name of the interviewer).

(Your Name)

Kislay Chandra

Kislay Chandra

Vice President, Sprout PH

Do it in a polite, honest, and professional manner

It is your responsibility as a candidate to notify your recruiter in advance if you need to reschedule. There is nothing wrong with rescheduling, as long as you do it in a polite, honest, and professional manner.

Below are the sample email templates that you may use in rescheduling your interview:

Subject: Reschedule Interview With (Your Name)

“Hi (Insert name),

I’m excited to have the opportunity to speak with you about (your position) at (company name).

Unfortunately, I (the reason you need to reschedule the interview). As a result, may we possibly reschedule this interview for a later date? I’m available (list two or three possible times and dates that works for you).

I apologize for messing up your schedule at the last minute. But I’m quite interested in the chance and opportunity. I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Thank you for your understanding!

(Your Name)”

Or you can make it as direct and simple as this:

“Hi (Insert Name),

Thank you so much for being so accommodating with my scheduling adjustment. I know you intended to contact me to reschedule, and I figured it would be easier for you if you had my availability for this week.

(list the time and day of your availability)

Many thanks, and I look forward to the interview!

(Your Name)”

Do it in a way that won’t damage ties or close future opportunities

Rescheduling an interview denotes an unanticipated, inevitable event that arose in the middle of a crucial interview. It might be a rescheduling from the candidate’s perspective as well as the recruiter’s.

There must, however, be subtle ways to reschedule the interview through email.

You must do it so that you do not damage ties or close future opportunities with the hiring manager or prospect. You can follow this email template for your future reference:

“Greetings (Recipients Name),

Subject: Interview rescheduling / Request for interview rescheduling

This is to advise you that, owing to an unexpected situation with my family, I will be unable to make the job title (job title name) interview scheduled for today (date). Humbly accept my heartfelt apologies for any confusion this has given you.

I was looking forward to meeting with you for the interview and exploring the possibilities further. Please reschedule my interview for next week at your convenience. I would still welcome the opportunity to speak with you about employment availability.

Thank you for taking the time to review my request.


(Enter your name here).”

Stacey Kaye

Stacey Kaye

Job Search Skills Coach | Founder, Campus to Career

It needs to be sincere, short, and proactive

I believe an email requesting to reschedule a job interview needs to be sincere, short, and be proactive in setting up a new date and time. I also do not believe the job candidate needs to share details about the reason why s/he needs to reschedule.

Here is my template:

“Please accept my apologies as I need to request to reschedule my interview. I understand rescheduling may be frowned upon during the interview process. However, I’m hopeful this will not reflect poorly on me.

If I could keep our original date and time, believe me, I would. My interest in the position is genuine, and my level of enthusiasm is ardent.

Here are some dates and times that work for me this week. I hope one of them works for you.

  • Wednesday, March 23 – 10 am until 12 pm or after 4 pm
  • Thursday, March 24 – 8 am or between 1 pm and 3 pm
  • Friday, March 25 – between 8 am and 9 am or after 4 pm

If none of the above dates and times work for you, then please suggest another date and time, and I will do my very best to accommodate.

Email signature”

Ryan Yount

Ryan Yount

Founder, LuckLuckGo

You should consider the hiring timeline of the company that you are applying to

Your job interview reschedule email needs to show the reason why you are asking for the appointment to be set to a later date and how you plan to honor the reschedule.

Polite language is your best bet at this and will help you put your professionalism forward even as you ask for a recruiter to overhaul their schedule to fit you in.

It is advisable that when you are writing such an email, you consider the hiring timeline of the company that you are applying to. If you plan to reschedule the interview to a date that is past their hiring deadline, you will most likely miss out on a chance and portray a very unprofessional image of yourself.

Effective job interview reschedule email sample:

“Dear Recruiting Officer,

Due to unavoidable circumstances, I will not be able to honor the job interview date set earlier for the Communications Officer post.

I would like to ask for rescheduling and have the interview a day later than previously planned to allow me to address the arising issue.

I also want to affirm that this does not in any way reflect my lack of professionalism, and I ask that it only be viewed as an urgent yet hard-to-ignore need for rescheduling the interview.

Yours faithfully,

Applying Candidate”

Jared Stern

Jared Stern

Founder & CEO, Uplift Legal Funding

Employers and employees might need to reschedule a job interview for various reasons. The first template highlights a recruiter rescheduling an interview. The second template elaborates a candidate’s mail request.

For recruiters:

“Dear [candidate’s name],

Subject: Request to reschedule the interview.

I regret to inform you that we have to reschedule the interview dated [mention previously agreed date] at [mention time]. We have had to reschedule it to [mention the time of rescheduling – is it next week or a specific later date] as our HR is very ill [mention the reason – a scheduling conflict, emergency, unavailability of a recruiter].

Kindly let us know if this arrangement works for you.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Feel free to get in touch with us for any further queries. I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Best regards,
[Your name/ recruiting agency’s name]”

For candidates:

“Respected [hiring manager’s name / recruitment agency’s name],

Subject: Request to reschedule the interview

I am writing this email to inform you that I won’t be able to make it to the interview scheduled on [mention date and time]. Unfortunately, I have to attend to a family member admitted to the hospital [mention reason – illness, personal emergency, and the like.]

I want to reiterate that I am very enthusiastic about the opportunity! I’d like to discuss the role [name of position] at a later date. Kindly let me know which time works for you next week. I am available from Monday to Friday. [Mention days and time specifically]

I regret the inconvenience caused.

Thanks a lot for understanding. Hoping to hear from you!

Warm regards,
[Your name]”

Adam Garcia

Adam Garcia

Founder, The Stock Dork

Below are some sample templates you could use for re-scheduling a job interview:

Template 1:

“Respected (Recipients Name),

Subject: Interview rescheduling

This is to inform you that, due to an unexpected situation at my residence, I will be unable to attend the scheduled interview for the job title (job title name) (date). Kindly accept my heartfelt apologies for the inconvenience.

I was looking forward to meeting you and discussing the opportunity in depth with you at the interview. I respectfully request that you reschedule my interview for next week at your desired date and time. I would still welcome the opportunity to speak with you about employment availability.

I appreciate your consideration of my plea.

Your Name
Contact details”

Template 2:

“Respected (Interviewer’s Name),

While I am ecstatic at the prospect of discussing the position of (job title) with you, (explain your justification).

I respectfully ask that you consider rescheduling the interview to a later date, if feasible. I’ve cleared my schedule for (give at least three to four dates and time periods during the next month).

I apologize for the inconvenience and would really appreciate the change – this position excites me tremendously.

We appreciate your understanding in advance.
Your Name”

Template 3:

“Respected (Interviewer’s Name),

I’m writing to inform you that I will be unable to attend my interview for the post on (date).

I would be unable to attend the interview as a consequence of an automobile accident. Could you perhaps reschedule the interview for anytime next month, allowing me time to recover? I’d really like to investigate my possibilities of getting this position.

I hope my plea is granted.

I’m hoping for a favorable reaction.

With sincere regards,
Your Name”

Template 4:

“Respected (Interviewer’s Name),

While I was preparing for the interview, I got word of a major family situation. As a consequence, I will be unable to attend my (date) interview for the post.

I’d love to have a chat and learn more about the possibility during a face-to-face interview. I respectfully urge that you reschedule the interview for later this month.

Please pardon me if I leave you in the dark at the eleventh hour.

I’m hoping to contact you soon.

I appreciate your understanding.

Best wishes,
Your Name”

Christa Reed

Christa Reed

Head of Job Market Research, JobSearcher

It’s always a good idea to have a few email templates on hand to use when you need to reschedule a job interview. Here’s a sample template you could use:

Subject: Rescheduling of interview / Request to reschedule the interview

“Dear (Recipients Name),

I hope you are having a great day. This is (Your Name), and I had an interview scheduled with you today at (time) for the job title of (position). Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the interview.

Below are some reasons:

  • (I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and would like to reschedule the interview for next week at the same time.)
  • (I feel terrible for having to reschedule, but is there any chance we could do it next week at the same time?)
  • (I know this is really last minute, but is there any chance we could do it next week at the same time?)

If this time does not work for you, please let me know, and we can work out a different time.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

(Your Name)”

Ricardo Luis Von Groll

Ricardo Luis Von Groll

Content Manager, Talentify

Accept your responsibility

Essential tips for rescheduling a job interview:

  • Anticipation is key
  • Keep professionalism and gratitude
  • Accept your responsibility
  • Be honest

Now, find below my suggestions for the email template:

Email Subject: Interview for (position)-Reschedule

Dear (Name of recruiter),

I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the interview for (job title) position at (company). However, due to an unforeseen event (here you can briefly mention what happened), I will not be able to attend the interview scheduled for (day and time). I am sorry about this and hope that you will understand the situation.

I am very interested in this position and believe it would be an excellent addition to the team. I would love to have another chance to talk at another time.

Would it be possible to reschedule for another day later this week? I am at your disposal to find the most suitable time for this meeting. I apologize again for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,
(Your name)
(Your phone number)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far in Advance Should I Reschedule a Job Interview?

It’s always best to try to reschedule an interview as soon as possible. If you know you won’t be able to make the scheduled interview, you should let the recruiter know as soon as possible.

This will give them time to adjust their schedule and find a new date that works for both of you.

As a general rule of thumb, you should give at least 24-48 hours notice if you need to reschedule an interview. However, if it’s an emergency or unexpected event, it’s understandable that you may not be able to give that much notice. In this case, you should do your best to reach the recruiter as soon as possible.

What Are the Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Rescheduling a Job Interview?

Rescheduling an interview can be nerve-wracking, but it’s important to avoid these common mistakes:

Not apologizing for the inconvenience: Remember to apologize for the inconvenience of rescheduling at the beginning of your email.

Not giving a reason for the rescheduled appointment: While you don’t necessarily have to go into detail, it’s helpful to provide the recruiter with a reason why you need to reschedule.

Being inflexible: When proposing new dates and times, be sure to offer several options that are flexible and accommodate the recruiter’s schedule.

Forgetting to confirm the new interview time: Once you’ve agreed on a new appointment time, you should confirm the details with the recruiter. Double-check the time, date, and location of the interview to ensure everything is clear.

Remember that the recruiter probably has many other duties and obligations. So if you’re polite, professional, and flexible, rescheduling the appointment can go as smoothly as possible.

Should I Use a Formal or Informal Tone When Rescheduling a Job Interview?

While it’s important to maintain a professional tone when rescheduling an interview, you can still be friendly and approachable. Express yourself politely and courteously but also warmly and sympathetically.

This way, you’ll convey that you’re genuinely interested in the job and respect the hiring manager’s time. Remember to use a formal tone in your email, but don’t be afraid to put a little personality into your message. This will help you stand out and leave a positive impression.

Can I Reschedule a Job Interview More Than Once?

Ideally, you should avoid rescheduling an interview more than once. This can disrupt the hiring process and make you appear unreliable or uninterested in the position. However, suppose you have a valid reason for rescheduling again.

In that case, it’s important to communicate this with the hiring manager as soon as possible. Be sure to apologize for the inconvenience and provide a clear explanation for why you need to reschedule again.

Also, offer a few specific dates when you’ll be available for the interview and be as flexible as possible to meet the hiring manager’s schedule.

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