The 4 Best Matt Haig Books (That Made an Impact on My Life)

Matt Haig, born 1975 is an award-winning British author and writes thought-provoking novels in the fiction and non-fiction genres. Matt also crosses the divide between children’s fiction and adult contemporary literature.

In this list, I introduce you to the books that touched my heart and made an impact on my life. Some moments I remember vividly are the hilarious opening scene in The Humans, when the alien is running naked down the street away from the police whilst contemplating the impracticality of the male genitalia. And of course, the deepest reminiscences of his personal ordeal in the deepest swathes of depression in Reasons to Stay Alive.

Haig is a great writer who is gaining international appeal and probes the reasoning behind the human race, I hope you enjoy my recommendations.

Many books claim to be humorous yet fail. The Humans is not only funny, but it is also uplifting, insightful and allows the reader to see mankind in a very different light.

Set in Cambridge, England, an alien is sent to earth to stop a math’s professor discovering the ultimate equation which unlocks immortality and fixes all of mankind’s problems.

The reason? Humans cannot be trusted with such power. The problem is, the alien starts to like humans, a lot. A joyous and thought-provoking masterpiece.

Set in a sleepy British suburban town, the Radleys are a normal family living in a normal house. The is one difference though, they are abstaining non-practicing vampires.

Don’t be repelled by the vampire tag, this is a book full of dark humor, and exciting twists and turns.

A completely original novel, which will entertain fans and non-fans of the genre. Fresh, weird, funny and a joy to read, whilst poking fun at modern family dynamics.

Imagine the chapter in the Hitch Hikers Guidebook called humans. This is that chapter. A very humorous dictionary which explains human words and what they really mean.

For example: Appearance – The thing you will be judged on. Anxiety – An inevitable result of thinking.

This is the perfect book for visiting aliens or people that generally have trouble relating to most humans around them, it also doubles as a book of great one-liners.

In contrast to the other recommendations in the list, Reasons to Stay Alive is the author’s memoir of his dark struggle with depression.

If you suffer from or have anyone in your life with depression this is a must-read book.

It gives the reader so much insight into a subject that most people dare not discuss. It shares the bleak emptiness and provides glimmers of hope and humor in his darkest hours. 

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