50 Best Rom Com Books [to Read in 2024]

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Welcome to a world brimming with laughter, love, and all the delightful surprises in between—the world of Best Romantic Comedy Books!

These books are like cozy chats with a good friend, full of charming characters, hilarious mishaps, and those oh-so-sweet moments, perfect for lifting your spirits and filling your heart with joy.

From chance encounters that lead to hilarious misadventures to sweet love stories with a twist of comedy, these books are your ticket to a world where love always finds a way to make you smile.

Get ready to be charmed, amused, and utterly captivated as we embark on adventures where love always comes with a side of laughter.

Table of Contents

1. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

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03/08/2024 03:16 am GMT

Genres: Fiction, Contemporary, Mental Health, Adult Romance

Eleanor’s life is a structured routine of work, vodka, and phone calls with her mother. Despite her solitary existence, she’s convinced that her solitary life is absolutely fine, but is it really?

When Eleanor and her colleague, Raymond, save an elderly man who has fallen on the sidewalk, her life takes a dramatic turn. Eleanor’s carefully structured life begins to crack, revealing the dark shadows of her past and leading her to self-discovery and healing.

In a world brimming with romantic comedies, Eleanor’s story stands out as a testament to the power of love in all its forms—not just the romantic kind, but also the love found in friendships and the journey towards self-love—a read you shouldn’t miss.

Some people, weak people, fear solitude. What they fail to understand is that you don’t need anyone, you can take care of yourself.

What you might love:

  • The book, while addressing serious themes, infuses subtle humor, making it relatable and light.
  • The novel actively comments on modern life and today’s challenges in social interaction.
  • It conveys an inspiring message: kindness towards others and ourselves; small acts can significantly change lives.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The book’s subtle humor may not appeal to everyone.
  • Some cultural references in the book might not connect with all readers.
  • The story is told only from Eleanor’s point of view, not suiting fans of multiple perspectives.

2. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

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03/08/2024 03:16 am GMT

Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance, Adult, Chick Lit

Olive Smith, a third-year Ph.D. student, doesn’t buy into lasting love but wants to show her best friend she’s in a great relationship. Her plan? She pretends to date the first guy she meets, who is none other than the grumpy but famous professor, Dr. Adam Carlsen.

As Olive gets deeper into this fake romance, she starts feeling real emotions. The big question is, can love be as predictable as a science experiment?

This book is a fun ride with clever conversations, sweet moments, and the excitement of university life, all mixed into a growing romance. Its smart mix of science and love makes it a delightful and heartfelt story.

You kiss him and next thing you know he’s saving your ass and he’s buying you scones and calling you a smart-ass in a weirdly affectionate tone.

What you might love:

  • The witty banter makes character interactions fun and relatable.
  • The book explores relatable themes like love, career goals, and personal challenges.
  • The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) setting gives the book an interesting and educational feel.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Some readers might not enjoy the book’s use of common romantic clichés.
  • The detailed scientific and academic content might not appeal to all readers.
  • The story’s conflicts may feel minor and quickly solved, missing intense drama.

3. Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score — Knockemout #1

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03/08/2024 03:16 am GMT

Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit

Naomi is on the run from her past, and Knox, well, he’s just trying to keep his life together. But when Naomi’s twin leaves her with an unexpected niece, things take a turn for the unexpected.

As Naomi navigates this unexpected twist, she finds an unlikely ally in Knox. Despite his tough exterior, Knox becomes her steadfast protector. Together, they face her past and the quirky challenges of small-town life.

Knox and Naomi’s journey is a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with laugh-out-loud moments, heart-melting scenes, and the kind of witty banter that makes you wish you could jump into the book and join in.

It’s a tale of love, family, and life’s twists and turns. It’s a reminder that in life’s chaos, love can find a way to bring light and laughter.

You get to decide how you show up in this world. No one else gets to dictate to you who you are.

What you might love:

  • Many readers connect with the strong, independent female lead.
  • The humor throughout the novel adds lightness to its dramatic parts.
  • The book thoughtfully explores relatable themes: overcoming trauma, family dynamics, and self-discovery.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Its large cast of characters might be hard for some to follow.
  • The book’s small-town setting uses clichés that may not attract all readers.
  • The slow-developing romance may not suit those who like faster-paced love stories.

4. Book Lovers by Emily Henry

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03/08/2024 06:51 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Adult, Chick Lit

Nora Stephens is a hardworking literary agent who lives and breathes books. Nora’s life takes an unexpected turn when she and her sister, Libby, decide to take a summer trip to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina.

Here, she unexpectedly crosses paths with Charlie Lastra, a brooding editor Nora knows from the city. Their previous encounters were anything but romantic, yet their paths keep crossing in the most amusing ways in Sunshine Falls.

As the story unfolds, you’ll find yourself rooting for them, laughing at their witty banter, and swooning over their growing connection.

It’s a book that celebrates the quirks of being a book lover and the unexpected paths our stories can take. It’s a love letter to everything literary wrapped in a delightful romantic comedy package.

If I had to pick one person to be in my corner, it’d be you. Every time.

What you might love:

  • For book lovers, the numerous literary references throughout are a delightful touch.
  • The characters, including secondary ones, are well-developed and add richness to the story.
  • The book provides a satisfying and feel-good ending that leaves readers content and uplifted.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The book’s humor may not suit everyone’s taste.
  • Its idealized love story might not attract fans of more realistic romances.
  • The focus on the book industry could disinterest those not keen on publishing.

5. Beach Read by Emily Henry

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03/08/2024 07:00 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit

January, hoping for a new beginning and inspiration, stays at her late father’s beach house. Here’s where things get interesting: her neighbor is none other than Augustus Everett, an acclaimed author of literary fiction and, as it turns out, her college rival.

The twist? Both are suffering from severe writer’s block. In a moment of spontaneity, they strike a deal: January will write something out of her comfort zone—a serious novel, while Augustus will try his hand at a romance.

As they swap writing tips and challenge each other’s views on life and love, their rivalry turns into something much deeper and unexpectedly romantic.

The book reminds us that the best stories are sometimes found where we least expect them and that love can be found even in the most challenging circumstances.

I’ve never met someone who is so perfectly my favorite person.

What you might love:

  • The story delves into self-discovery and healing, which resonate with many readers.
  • The book’s dialogue, full of witty banter, makes character interactions enjoyable and relatable.
  • With the main characters as writers, it provides an insightful look into the writing process and authors’ lives.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The specific style of humor in the book might not align with everyone’s taste.
  • Its lighter emotional tone might not meet the needs of those seeking deeper reads.
  • The focus on personal growth over action-driven plots may not engage some readers.

6. Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

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03/08/2024 03:16 am GMT

Genres: Romance, LGBT, Contemporary, Fiction, Queer, Young Adult

You’ll meet Alex Claremont-Diaz, the charming and charismatic First Son of the United States. His world turns upside down when he crosses paths with Prince Henry, a British royal with a poised exterior that hides a complex interior.

Initially, their relationship is all sharp barbs and rivalry stemming from a public altercation that requires damage control. To smooth over international relations, they stage a fake friendship that soon reveals a surprising and sincere connection.

Their story unfolds through secret emails, late-night texts, and a hidden romance. Tackling issues of identity, expectation, and love with refreshing honesty shows how unexpected relationships can deeply transform individuals and have a global impact.

Take anything you want and know you deserve to have it.

What you might love:

  • The book features inspiring and significant LGBTQ+ representation.
  • It includes contemporary cultural references, enhancing its relevance and relatability.
  • The novel balances humor with deep emotional themes, making it fun and thought-provoking.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Explicit romantic scenes in the novel might not suit all readers.
  • The book’s modern slang and specific humor may not appeal to all ages or cultures.
  • Not everyone may be interested in the book’s political backdrop, preferring a simple romance.

7. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren — Unhoneymooners #1

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Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit

Olive Torres, constantly feeling unlucky compared to her perpetually fortunate twin sister, Ami, unexpectedly wins a free honeymoon trip to Hawaii. The twist? She must travel with Ethan, the best man, and her nemesis.

Their trip, intended to tolerate each other for a free holiday, turns into a series of funny and surprising events. Pretending to be newlyweds, Olive and Ethan find themselves in comical situations and surprisingly develop a real bond.

As they navigate this faux honeymoon, they discover that maybe they don’t hate each other as much as they thought.

This story mixes humor and romance, exploring the themes of challenging assumptions, embracing new opportunities, and life’s unexpected turns. It’s an irresistible and humorous read for rom-com lovers.

“An eight-hour flight, and there’s no movie,” 
“Maybe they’re hoping your life flashing in front of your eyes will be distraction enough.”

What you might love:

  • The story is set in a beautiful tropical location, providing a delightful and escapist backdrop.
  • The book has a feel-good quality that leaves readers with a sense of happiness and satisfaction.
  • Amidst the humor and romance, the novel has its share of heartwarming moments, adding depth to the story.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The first-person narration might not suit all readers’ preferences.
  • The plot can seem predictable to those used to the enemies-to-lovers trope.
  • The casual and straightforward writing style may not appeal to fans of complex or literary narratives.

8. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion — Don Tillman #1

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Genres: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Humor, Chick Lit, Adult

Don Tillman is a brilliant but socially awkward genetics professor who has never been on a second date. Convinced he needs a wife, Don embarks on the Wife Project—a scientifically valid survey to find the perfect partner.

Enter Rosie Jarman, who is everything Don thinks he doesn’t want: impulsive, fiery, and working as a barmaid while searching for her biological father. As Don assists Rosie in her quest to find her father, a journey of DNA tests and spontaneous adventures ensues.

What starts as an unlikely partnership evolves into something neither of them expected. Their interactions are filled with witty exchanges, moments of self-discovery, and insights into the complexities of human relationships.

The novel’s charm, humor, and heartfelt moments make it a must-read for anyone who enjoys a clever, feel-good romantic comedy.

And it dawned on me that I had not designed the questionnaire to find a woman I could accept, but to find someone who might accept me.

What you might love:

  • It explores relatable themes like love, acceptance, and authenticity.
  • The book presents a charming, unconventional love story filled with humor and warmth.
  • The novel balances light-heartedness with insightful commentary on social norms and relationships.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Some characterizations in the book might come across as stereotypical.
  • The humor, centered around the protagonist’s logical outlook, may not appeal to all tastes.
  • The novel’s light touch on serious themes may not fulfill those seeking deeper exploration.

9. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

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Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Chick Lit, Adult

Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman, two executive assistants, were thrown together after a merger of two publishing companies. They are opposites in every sense—Lucy is charming and friendly; Joshua is meticulous and stern.

Their daily battles in the office are legendary, filled with sharp wit and a tension you could cut with a knife. When a big promotion comes up, their rivalry reaches new heights, or should we say, heats?

But here’s the twist: beneath their barbs and pranks, there’s an undercurrent of something more. The story takes you on a roller coaster of emotions as Lucy and Joshua navigate their feelings amidst their ongoing war.

It’s a book that proves love can be found in the most unexpected places, even in the midst of a heated rivalry.

“What are you imagining? Your expression is filthy.”
“Strangling you. Bare hands.”

What you might love:

  • The book concludes with a satisfying resolution that leaves readers feeling content and uplifted.
  • The distinct personalities of the main characters make them memorable and endearing to readers.
  • The book is known for its witty, sharp dialogue that adds humor and depth to character interactions.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Readers favoring emotional connections might not like the focus on physical attraction.
  • The book’s light approach to serious themes may disappoint those wanting deeper exploration.
  • The office romance setting may not suit those seeking different backdrops in romance stories.

10. The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han — Summer #1

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Genres: Romance, Young Adult, Contemporary, Fiction, Chick Lit

Meet Isabel “Belly” Conklin, a teenager who has spent every summer at Cousins Beach with her family and the Fisher boys, Conrad and Jeremiah. This summer, everything is different.

Belly is no longer the tag-along kid she used to be; she’s blossomed, and suddenly, she finds herself at the center of the Fisher boys’ attention. It’s a summer of growing pains, family dynamics, and navigating the complex pathways of young love.

If you’re yearning for a book that takes you back to your first crush or the summers that seemed to stretch endlessly before you, this book is for you. “The Summer I Turned Pretty” is a heartwarming reminder of the bittersweetness of growing up.

For me, it was almost like winter didn’t count. Summer was what mattered. My whole life was measured in summers.

What you might love:

  • The beach town setting is vividly described, enhancing the story’s summer feel.
  • The characters undergo significant development, adding to the richness of the story.
  • The novel delves into complex, loving family relationships, offering more than just romance.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Some readers might find the love triangle in the story predictable or overused.
  • The thematic exploration might be shallow to those seeking deeper, more intricate storytelling.
  • The coming-of-age theme might not interest readers who prefer more mature or adult-focused narratives.

11. Happy Place by Emily Henry

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Genres: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary, Adult, Chick Lit

Harriet and Wyn, once a couple, are in an awkward predicament. Post-breakup, they must pretend to be together during a friend’s vacation in a memory-filled Maine cottage. This trip sparks self-reflection and change.

Harriet, a surgical resident, struggles with being open in relationships, while Wyn hides his insecurities with jokes. Despite their communication issues, they clearly still care for each other.

The story also explores the dynamics of their friend group, all in their thirties, showing the real challenges of keeping friendships alive as life changes. This authentic look at adult friendships makes it an enriching addition to any romantic comedy collection.

Love means constantly saying you’re sorry, and then doing better.

What you might love:

  • Characters are relatable with real struggles and growth, making the story genuine and heartwarming.
  • The book features a strong, independent female lead, inspiring and empowering, especially for women.
  • The novel authentically delves into emotions like love, happiness, and heartache, profoundly resonating with readers.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Its slower pace and emphasis on character over rapid plot twists might not suit all tastes.
  • Those who favor plot-driven stories may find their focus on character development less engaging.
  • The novel’s contemporary references may not resonate with readers from diverse backgrounds or ages.

12. Icebreaker by Hannah Grace — Maple Hills #1

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Genres: Romance, Sports, Contemporary, Hockey

Anastasia Allen is a determined figure skater with her eyes on the prize—Olympic gold. Her path takes an unexpected turn when she’s paired with Nate Hawkins, a talented hockey player with a bad-boy reputation.

Initially, their partnership is anything but smooth. Anastasia is disciplined and focused, while Nate is laid-back and seemingly carefree. As they train for the biggest competition of their lives, Anastasia and Nate’s fiery exchanges become a simmering attraction.

The story takes you through their journey of navigating the high stakes of competition and the complexities of their growing feelings for each other. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a story where love blossoms in the most competitive environments.

Looking at her makes me want to be the funniest guy in the room, so I can be the one to make her laugh.

What you might love:

  • Its dialogue is crisp and captivating, enhancing character and relationship depth.
  • The book skillfully builds suspense, keeping readers intrigued and excited throughout.
  • The novel deeply and sensitively delves into emotional themes, connecting well with readers.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The book’s mature themes may not suit young or sensitive readers.
  • Those who like quick-paced romance may find the slow romantic development less engaging.
  • Complex character relationships in the novel might confuse or deter readers who prefer simple interactions.

13. Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

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Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit

After Macy loses her mother to cancer, she forms a bond with Elliot, her neighbor. They share a love for reading, opening up to each other, their friendship blossoming into love. However, their journey is not smooth, with a falling out leading to an 11-year separation​.

Years later, Macy, a pediatric doctor, and Elliot working at a literacy nonprofit, meet again. Both have other commitments—Macy is engaged, and Elliot has a girlfriend—but they still have feelings for each other, making them question their present relationships.

The story’s climax reveals the cause of their separation: a misunderstanding and a tragic event that deeply affected Macy. As they confront their past, Macy and Elliot navigate their unresolved emotions, finding closure and healing.

“Love and Other Words” is a must-read for its authentic portrayal of love and grief. It beautifully captures the essence of first love, the pain of loss, and the power of forgiveness.

“I'm not prepared for this," I admit quietly.
"Do you have to prepare for me?"
"If there's anyone I have to prepare for, it's you.”

What you might love:

  • The witty and lively dialogue throughout the book adds an entertaining dimension to the story.
  • Its romance is genuine and charming, captivating readers with the main characters’ relationship.
  • The book features realistic, well-developed characters, allowing readers to easily connect with them.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Some might find the characters’ decisions in the book frustrating or unrealistic.
  • The book’s lengthy descriptions may be too much for those who prefer concise writing.
  • The dual timeline storytelling could confuse readers who like straightforward, chronological stories.

14. The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

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Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Chick Lit, Adult

Tiffy Moore needs a cheap flat, and Leon Twomey needs cash. The solution? They share a flat and a bed but never at the same time. Tiffy has the apartment in the evenings and weekends, while Leon occupies it during the day.

Amidst the unique living situation, Tiffy deals with the aftermath of a toxic relationship, and Leon is burdened with his brother’s unjust imprisonment. Their note-based communication evolves into a deep friendship and love despite challenges.

What sets “The Flatshare” apart is its fresh take on the classic rom-com setup. It’s about how two people help each other heal from their past traumas, reminding everyone that communication, even in the simplest forms like notes, can build a deep connection.

Being nice is a good thing. You can be strong and nice. You don’t have to be one or the other.

What you might love:

  • The dialogue is sharp, snappy, and often humorous, adding to the character’s charm.
  • The romance that develops is sweet and heartwarming, perfect for fans of feel-good love stories.
  • Despite its light-hearted surface, the novel explores deeper emotional themes, adding substance to the story.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Some readers may view the story’s conflict resolutions as overly simplistic or convenient.
  • Readers who like quick-paced romance may find the relationship’s slow growth less engaging.
  • Those looking for complex characters might find this novel’s character development insufficient.

15. Things We Hide from the Light by Lucy Score — Knockemout #2

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Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit

The novel centers around Nash Morgan, the town’s police chief grappling with PTSD from a near-fatal shooting, and Lina, an insurance investigator with her own traumatic past. Their lives collide when Lina moves next door to Nash.

Despite their immediate attraction, their relationship starts off complicated, with Nash yearning for stability and Lina seeing him as a temporary fling​. But as Lina investigates a stolen Porsche connected to Nash’s shooting, their relationship deepens.

Their journey is filled with witty banter, heartwarming moments, and the emotional depth that makes you root for them every step of the way. This book is a must-read for those who appreciate stories where love uplifts, heals, and transforms.

Sometimes you don’t have to weigh every single pro and con. Sometimes the answer is the one that just feels right.

What you might love:

  • It delves thoughtfully into themes like love, resilience, and self-discovery.
  • Its realistic and engaging dialogue vividly brings characters and relationships to life.
  • The novel stars a strong, independent female lead, inspiring fans of empowered women’s stories.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The characters’ depth and complexity might overwhelm some readers.
  • The story’s ending may not satisfy those who like unconventional endings.
  • The novel’s flashbacks could confuse readers who prefer a straight, linear story.

16. One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

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Genres: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary, Chick Lit, Adult

In “One True Loves,” Emma Blair marries her high school sweetheart, Jesse, and they embark on an adventure-filled life. Tragically, Jesse disappears on their first anniversary, believed dead in a helicopter crash.

Heartbroken, Emma gradually rebuilds her life, moves back to her hometown, and finds solace in a relationship with Sam, an old friend. Just as Emma starts to plan a future with Sam, the unbelievable occurs: Jesse is found alive.

This revelation upends Emma’s life, leaving her torn between Jesse, the husband she mourned, and Sam, who helped her heal. The story intimately explores Emma’s emotional struggle as she navigates this complex love triangle.

The book delves into love, identity, and the heart’s ability to love more than once. It’s a tale that speaks to anyone who has experienced deep love and the tough decisions that often accompany it.

Just because something isn’t meant to last a lifetime doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to be.

What you might love:

  • The book shares insightful lessons about love, loss, and moving on.
  • A strong female lead inspires, especially for fans of female empowerment stories.
  • Readers easily connect with the well-developed, relatable characters and their journeys.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The plot’s love triangle may not suit those who like simpler romances.
  • The protagonist’s choices could frustrate readers who disagree with them.
  • The book’s treatment of complex emotions may seem too simplistic to some.

17. The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang — The Kiss Quotient #1

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Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit

Stella Lane, a talented economist with Asperger’s, struggles with the social aspects of relationships. She then hires a charming escort, Michael Phan, to help her navigate romance. Michael, juggling his financial and family issues, agrees to assist her.

Their business arrangement soon transforms into a significant, life-changing experience. Stella’s analytical approach to understanding relationships evolves into real emotional connections with Michael, leading to a profound mutual understanding and love.

“The Kiss Quotient” is remarkable for portraying a neurodiverse protagonist, blending a unique insight into autism with a passionate love story. The novel also balances steamy romance with heartfelt emotional growth, making it a standout in its genre.

Yes, she was lonely. Yes, she had a broken heart. But at least she had herself.

What you might love:

  • The book’s steamy scenes are exciting and key to the story.
  • It shares positive messages about love, acceptance, and self-discovery.
  • The protagonist has Asperger’s syndrome, offering a rare perspective in romance novels.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The focus on personal growth over action might not interest all readers.
  • Readers may find the characters’ decisions frustrating or unsympathetic.
  • Modern dating and social scenes may not suit traditional or culturally different romance fans.

18. Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter — Better than the Movies #1

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Genres: Romance, Young Adult, Contemporary, Fiction

In “Better Than the Movies,” Liz Buxbaum, a high school senior and hopeless romantic, dreams of a love story like those in the rom-coms she watched with her mother.

When Liz’s childhood crush, Michael, returns to town, she sees a chance to turn her dream into reality. However, she must team up with Wes Bennett, her irritating neighbor and old rival, to get closer to Michael.

Liz and Wes’s unlikely partnership starts with playful arguments and grows into a surprising bond. Liz reevaluates her ideals about romance and questions the reality of her movie-inspired expectations.

This novel stands out in rom-com by mixing humor, heartfelt emotion, and a nod to classic romantic films. It shows that sometimes, real life can be even better than the movies, especially when it comes to love.

I fell in love with teasing you in the second grade, when I first discovered that I could turn you cheeks pink with just a word. Then I fell in love with you.

What you might love:

  • The book is a breezy read, perfect for those looking for an enjoyable escape.
  • The main character is relatable and endearing, making it easy for readers to connect with her.
  • The novel is filled with nostalgic references to classic movies, which movie buffs especially will appreciate.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The high school setting may not appeal to those who prefer stories with adult settings.
  • Readers unfamiliar with classic movies might not fully enjoy the many references.
  • The idealized portrayal of first love may not attract readers seeking diverse romantic stories.

19. Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez — Part of Your World #2

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Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit

Dr. Briana Ortiz is a trauma doctor dealing with a recent divorce and her brother’s need for a kidney transplant. Dr. Jacob Maddox, a new trauma doctor with social anxiety, enters her life and changes it in ways she didn’t expect.

Their relationship starts with letter exchanges, offering deep insights into each other’s lives. These letters lead to lunch dates, heartfelt talks, and shared laughter.

As they grow closer, Jacob makes a generous offer to donate his kidney to Briana’s brother. They then pretend to be a couple at a wedding, a situation that quickly becomes emotionally complex.

The book explores love in various forms—not just the romantic kind, but also the love between siblings, friends, and even that we must find for ourselves.

Love shows up. That’s how you know when it’s real.

What you might love:

  • The book is humorously written, making the story light and fun.
  • It portrays relationships realistically, mirroring real-life complexity.
  • The book explores deep emotional themes, connecting with readers on multiple levels.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Some characters and scenarios might feel stereotypical to some readers.
  • Conflict resolutions in the story may seem too simple for fans of complex plots.
  • The book’s light, humorous tone might not suit those who prefer serious narratives.

20. The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren — DNADuo #1

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Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Chick Lit

Jess Davis, a single mom and statistician who doubts love’s existence, stumbles upon GeneticAlly, a dating app that matches people based on DNA. Skeptical but intrigued, Jess tries it and is stunned to find a 98% match with the app’s founder, Dr. River Peña.

Dr. Peña, a genius but distant, is an unexpected match for Jess. Their initial awkward interactions slowly evolve into a connection filled with witty banter and growing affection despite the odds.

This book uniquely combines romance with science, exploring the unexpected ways love can form. It’s a standout romantic comedy that promises to leave you smiling, pondering, and perhaps even hoping for your own DNA-based happily ever after.

Statistics can’t tell us what will happen, they can only tell us what might happen.

What you might love:

  • The book’s feel-good nature leaves readers happy and satisfied.
  • The main characters’ strong chemistry enhances their romantic journey.
  • The novel’s unique concept of finding a soulmate scientifically refreshes the romance genre.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Seasoned romance readers might find parts of the story formulaic.
  • The conflict resolutions could seem too simple for fans of complex plots.
  • Some readers may not prefer the novel’s first-person narrative, especially those who like multiple viewpoints.

21. Someone Else’s Shoes by Jojo Moyes

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Genres: Fiction, Romance, Chick Lit, Contemporary, Adult

“Someone Else’s Shoes” by Jojo Moyes tells the story of Nisha, whose life of luxury ends abruptly when her husband leaves, and Sam, who struggles after her husband’s death.

Their lives intersect after Nisha accidentally takes Sam’s gym bag with a pair of seemingly magical shoes. As Nisha steps into these shoes, literally, it leads her on an unexpected journey, bringing her and Sam together.

Despite their different backgrounds, they form a bond, navigating challenges and new beginnings. This novel highlights the power of minor incidents to bring significant changes and connect lives in surprising ways.

But if you cannot change your situation, then you have no choice. You can only change how you think about it.

What you might love:

  • It presents a unique twist, giving a new angle to familiar themes.
  • The novel teaches essential lessons about resilience, relationships, and finding oneself.
  • The book stars strong, independent female leads, attracting fans of empowering women’s stories.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The book’s emphasis on women’s issues may not interest all readers.
  • Its specific themes might not appeal to those seeking a wider variety of topics.
  • Some readers might find the story’s pacing too slow or fast, impacting their engagement.

22. The Switch by Beth O’Leary

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03/08/2024 03:50 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary, Chick Lit

In “The Switch,” Leena, a stressed consultant from London, trades places with Eileen, her adventurous 79-year-old grandmother. Leena settles into a peaceful village life while Eileen explores London’s vibrant dating scene.

This life swap makes Leena appreciate life’s slower rhythm and find unexpected romance in the village. Eileen, meanwhile, embraces new love and experiences in the city, challenging age stereotypes. Their journey is a mix of laughter and heartfelt discoveries.

“The Switch” is unique for its focus on the bond between a grandmother and granddaughter, offering a fresh perspective in romantic comedy. It skillfully combines humor with emotional depth, making it a relatable and heartwarming read for all ages.

If you want something done well, do it yourself.

What you might love:

  • The heartwarming plot provides a feel-good reading experience.
  • Its unique dual narrative from different generations adds depth to the story.
  • The book explores relatable themes of family, self-discovery, and taking chances.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The characters might seem shallow or simple to some readers.
  • Predictable plot elements may not attract those looking for originality.
  • The emphasis on family dynamics may not appeal to fans of adventure or mystery.

23. Riley Thorn and the Dead Guy Next Door by Lucy Score — Riley Thorn #1

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03/08/2024 03:41 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Mystery, Paranormal, Contemporary, Humor, Fiction

Meet Riley Thorn, a reluctant psychic living a relatively uneventful life until she discovers her neighbor, a dead guy, next door. Suddenly, her world turns upside down as she is entangled in a web of mystery and danger.

Enter Nick Santiago, a charming private investigator with a knack for getting under Riley’s skin. Together, they form an unlikely duo, combining Riley’s psychic abilities and Nick’s detective skills to solve the mystery.

As they delve deeper into the case, Riley and Nick’s relationship evolves amidst hilarious mishaps, witty banter, and a growing attraction. It’s a book that will make you laugh out loud one moment and bite your nails the next.

If you’re looking for a romantic comedy with a dash of thrill and a touch of the supernatural, this book is for you.

Life is an adventure to be lived, not a series of repetitive days to survive.

What you might love:

  • The novel is full of humor and clever dialogue, making it a funny and suspenseful read.
  • It explores relatable themes such as self-discovery, family dynamics, and finding one’s purpose.
  • The story ends satisfyingly, resolving key points and leaving room for imagination about the characters’ futures.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Readers who prefer realistic mysteries may not enjoy the psychic elements.
  • The plot’s many twists and layers might overwhelm those who like simpler stories.
  • The mix of mystery, romance, and psychic themes might seem mismatched to fans of traditional genres.

24. Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall — London Calling #1

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03/08/2024 03:50 am GMT

Genres: LGBT, Contemporary, Queer, Fiction, Romance, Adult

After being thrust into the tabloid for all the wrong reasons, Luc O’Donnell, the son of rock stars, needs a major image overhaul. Enter Oliver Blackwood, a barrister with a squeaky-clean image, who agrees to play the part.

As Luc and Oliver navigate this pretend relationship, they discover there’s more to each other than meets the eye. Their fake dates and public appearances slowly reveal genuine feelings, leading to heartfelt revelations and unexpected romance.

What truly sets “Boyfriend Material” apart is its delightful blend of humor and emotional depth. It captures the essence of a modern romantic comedy while exploring themes of identity, acceptance, and the courage to be vulnerable.

I knew how to make him angry and how to make him laugh, and I hoped I could make him happy.

What you might love:

  • Its positive and authentic LGBTQ+ representation appeals to many readers.
  • The story’s modern setting and references keep it feeling current and relevant.
  • The book explores deep emotional themes, adding substance and satisfaction to the humor and romance.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The protagonist’s flaws and insecurities could frustrate some readers.
  • Modern slang and cultural references may not appeal to fans of timeless stories.
  • The distinctly British setting and culture might not connect with international readers.

25. The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez — The Friend Zone #1

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03/08/2024 03:50 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Chick Lit, Adult

Meet Kristen Peterson, a strong-willed, independent woman with a secret that could change her life. She’s dealing with a medical condition that makes her future uncertain, especially when it comes to having children.

Enter Josh Copeland, the best man in her best friend’s wedding, who immediately clicks with Kristen. Their chemistry is undeniable, but Kristen’s secret keeps her from pursuing anything beyond friendship.

It’s a story that shows the power of love to overcome life’s hurdles. Their journey is a rollercoaster of emotions, testing the boundaries of friendship and the leap of faith required to turn it into something more.

Do you ever see yourself acting crazy, but you can’t stop because you’re not a quitter?

What you might love:

  • Its romance is realistic, appealing to those who like authentic love stories.
  • The characters are detailed and relatable, helping readers easily connect with them.
  • The book mixes romance with real-life challenges, mirroring the complexity of real life.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Modern slang and language may not suit fans of classic, timeless writing.
  • The focus on the female lead might not attract those seeking varied character perspectives.
  • The single-character perspective may not appeal to readers who prefer multiple viewpoints.

26. The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adam​

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03/08/2024 03:51 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Sports, Romance, Contemporary, Fiction

Bree Camden, a talented ballet dancer, and Nathan Donelson, a professional football have been inseparable since childhood, sharing everything except for Bree’s biggest secret—she’s been in love with Nathan for years.

When a series of comical misunderstandings lead to them pretending to date, Bree’s feelings become harder to hide. Their fake relationship, with hilarious antics and staged romantic dates, starts to feel all too real.

The story is filled with witty banter, heartwarming moments, and the sweet tension of unspoken love. It’s a relatable and engaging story that will make you laugh, sigh, and perhaps even reminisce about your own what-ifs—a perfect feel-good rom-com.

I think some things are worth waiting for, no matter how long it takes.

What you might love:

  • The book has an uplifting message that leaves readers feeling positive.
  • It portrays strong friendships, adding depth and a sense of community.
  • The story’s romance is sweet and captivating, ideal for fans of heartwarming love stories.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The book’s character diversity might not satisfy all readers.
  • The light-hearted tone might be too simple for those seeking a serious story.
  • The American football theme may not interest those who don’t like sports or don’t know the game.

27. Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren

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03/08/2024 03:51 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit

Meet Hazel Bradford, an eccentric, free-spirited teacher who embraces life with open arms and zero filters. Then there’s Josh Im, the calm, collected, and utterly charming guy who was Hazel’s college crush.

When their paths cross again years later, they create a unique friendship. Hazel and Josh begin setting each other up on disastrous double dates. Through each failed outing, their bond strengthens, and the lines between friendship and romance blur.

It’s a heartwarming, hilarious, and charming read that will leave you believing in the magic of love that comes from true friendship and genuine connection, reminding you that, sometimes, the most unexpected relationships are the most meaningful.

I learned a very important thing that day: my mom would never try to change for a man, and I wouldn’t, either.

What you might love:

  • Their unique non-dates offer a fresh, entertaining perspective on dating.
  • The book’s humorous and lighthearted moments make it fun and engaging.
  • The dating scenarios and relationships in the story are realistic and relatable.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The writing style could be seen as too simple or direct for some readers.
  • Hazel’s quirkiness may be overwhelming for fans of more subdued characters.
  • Modern slang and references may not appeal to those who like a timeless style.

28. The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren — DNADuo #2

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03/08/2024 04:01 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit

Fizzy, a successful romance novelist, believes in happy endings, but her love life tells a different story. This changes when she joins a reality dating show as the star. There, she meets Connor, the show’s producer, who’s skeptical about fairytale romances.

As the show unfolds, Fizzy and Connor unexpectedly grow closer amidst the show’s drama. They start questioning their views on love and the ideal partner as their staged dates spark real feelings.

Their story celebrates love’s unpredictability and the excitement of connecting with someone who challenges and complements you. It’s a must-read, offering a clever, heartwarming, and enchanting take on finding love in unexpected places.

I know what this is, even if I’ve never felt it before. I’m falling in love.

What you might love:

  • The book’s relatable scenarios make it resonate with many readers.
  • The novel delves into deep emotional themes, adding complexity to the story.
  • Its love experiment storyline provides a unique and intriguing twist on romance.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The book’s humor style might not suit everyone’s taste.
  • The romance develops quickly, which might feel rushed to some readers.
  • Some may find the book’s modern and lively writing style too casual or simple.

29. The Seven Year Slip by Ashley Poston

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03/08/2024 03:51 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Time Travel, Magical Realism

Clementine West, a Manhattan book publicist, inherits her aunt’s apartment, only to discover it’s a place where time behaves unusually. She wakes up to find Iwan, a young chef living there, but from seven years in the past.

Their story, filled with witty banter, delicious food, and heartfelt moments, challenges the notions of love and timing. Clementine, who used to revel in the impossible, finds herself questioning if love can truly transcend time constraints.

“The Seven-Year Slip” offers an emotionally rich and charmingly whimsical take on romance. It’s a tale that goes beyond the surface of a typical love story, delving into the depths of passion, grief, and the courage to embrace life’s unpredictable nature.

You only live once. And if you do it right, once is all you need.

What you might love:

  • It explores thought-provoking themes, encouraging reflection and depth.
  • The time-slip concept in the novel offers an intriguing and fresh storytelling twist.
  • The book balances humor and wit with serious elements, keeping the tone engaging.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Some readers may not relate to the character’s development in the story.
  • The time-slip aspect could confuse those who like straightforward storytelling.
  • Mixing multiple genres in one book might not suit fans of a single, distinct genre.

30. Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert — The Brown Sisters #3

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03/08/2024 04:00 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit

A vibrant yet aimless Eve Brown lands a chef job at a bed and breakfast after a twist of fate involving the B&B’s owner, Jacob Wayne. Their first encounter, where Eve accidentally hits Jacob with her car, unexpectedly results in her employment.

Working at the B&B, Eve and Jacob’s relationship transforms. From initial clashes, they grow to respect and understand each other, developing an undeniable romantic connection amidst a series of amusing and heartfelt experiences.

Their story highlights the beauty of embracing one’s true self and finding unexpected love. It’s a tale that speaks to anyone who’s ever felt lost, illustrating how stepping out of our comfort zones can lead to beautiful surprises.

I’m going to stay and I’m going to love you and I’m going to try. You taught me how much that matters.

What you might love:

  • The novel explores various relationships, giving a detailed look into Eve’s life and challenges.
  • The book concludes in a satisfying way, tying together the storylines in a rewarding way for the reader.
  • The story encourages readers to embrace independence, accept themselves, and follow their passions.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The romance in the story develops fast, which may feel unrealistic or rushed to some readers.
  • Conflicts in the book tend to resolve easily, possibly disappointing readers who seek more complex challenges.
  • The novel’s modern slang and casual language might not appeal to those who favor traditional or formal writing.

31. The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun — The Charm Offensive #1

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03/08/2024 04:01 am GMT

Genres: Romance, LGBT, Contemporary, Queer, Fiction, Adult

Charlie Winshaw, a tech mogul with mental health struggles, becomes the star of “Ever After,” a reality dating show, to improve his image. Unlike typical bachelors on TV, he’s uneasy in the spotlight and doubtful about finding true love on a show.

Dev Deshpande, the show’s producer and a believer in fairy-tale endings, helps Charlie navigate the artificial world of TV romance. Their professional relationship evolves into a deep, unexpected bond, revealing that love can appear in the most unlikely settings.

“The Charm Offensive” stands out for its authentic portrayal of mental health and LGBTQ+ relationships, offering more than just a love story.

It delves into self-acceptance and the power of love, making it a compelling read for those who appreciate a blend of humor, sincerity, and finding love on your own terms.

I don’t love you despite those things. I love you because of those things.

What you might love:

  • The witty and engaging dialogue throughout the book keeps the story lively and entertains readers.
  • It sensitively and realistically tackles mental health issues, providing an informative and empathetic narrative.
  • The book positively and upliftingly showcases LGBTQ+ characters, giving meaningful and significant representation.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Not everyone may enjoy the book’s emphasis on emotional journeys and personal growth.
  • Some readers might find the book’s use of common romantic comedy tropes predictable.
  • The story’s emotional and internal conflicts might disappoint those who enjoy dramatic or external challenges.

32. The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

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03/08/2024 04:01 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy

Florence Day, a ghostwriter with writer’s block and a broken heart, encounters an unexpected twist while attending her father’s funeral when she meets Benji Andor, her new editor, who is the ghost haunting her childhood home.

Florence soon finds herself in the peculiar situation of dealing with the ghost of a man she’s never met but feels inexplicably drawn to. Their relationship evolves from eerie to intimate, leading Florence on a journey of self-discovery and renewed passion for writing.

“The Dead Romantics” uniquely combines romance with supernatural elements, offering a story about love, loss, and coming to terms with grief and the past. The story’s blend of humor, emotion, and the supernatural makes it a story that shouldn’t be missed.

Everything that dies never really goes. In little ways, it all stays.

What you might love:

  • It provides insightful reflections on life and relationships, adding depth.
  • The story’s pace, balancing dialogue, action, and description, keeps readers engaged.
  • The book’s supernatural theme is balanced with humor, making for a light-hearted read.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Some might find it hard to relate to or accept a ghost as a love interest.
  • Switching between light-hearted and serious themes could feel inconsistent to some.
  • Older readers might find the book less relatable, as it primarily appeals to a younger audience.

33. She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen

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03/08/2024 04:10 am GMT

Genres: Romance, LGBT, Young Adult, Lesbian, Queer, Fiction

Scottie Zajac, a high school basketball star, is reeling from a recent breakup and loss to her ex’s team. Unexpectedly, she teams up with Irene Abraham, the cheer captain from a rival school, in a fake dating plot to make Scottie’s ex jealous and boost Irene’s popularity.

As they carry out their plan, Scottie and Irene’s fake relationship evolves into real feelings, leading them on an unforeseen path of genuine connection and discovery.

“She Drives Me Crazy” is a journey of snappy dialogues, humorous situations, and tender moments that capture the excitement of young love and the importance of authenticity.

It’s a standout novel that combines humor, romance, and the relatable angst of teenage life, making it a must-read for fans of heartfelt and humorous love stories.

People break our hearts, but they create more room in them first, and that room makes it possible for us to become more ourselves.

What you might love:

  • Basketball adds an exciting sports twist, appealing to sports fans.
  • The novel promotes an uplifting message of love, acceptance, and authenticity.
  • The story features an enemies-to-lovers theme, creating a dynamic and engaging romance.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The basketball theme may not interest readers who are not into sports.
  • Those who prefer more mature or diverse settings might not enjoy the high school setting.
  • Older readers may not find the focus on teenage struggles and relationships engaging.

34. Lovelight Farms by B.K. Borison — Lovelight #1

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03/08/2024 04:10 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Christmas, Holiday, Contemporary, Fiction

In “Lovelight Farms,” Stella Bloom runs a Christmas tree farm facing troubles, including a raccoon-infested Santa barn. To save her farm, she joins a contest with influencer Evelyn St. James, aiming to restore the farm to its former glory.

Enter Luka Peters, Stella’s best friend, who visits for hot chocolate and unexpectedly becomes entangled in Stella’s efforts to save her farm. The twist? Stella and Luka end up fake dating as part of her plan to win the contest and rescue the farm.

“Lovelight Farms” blends holiday charm with a sweet romance, set in a quaint town famous for its hazelnut lattes. This romantic comedy is perfect for those seeking a feel-good, holiday-themed story with a unique twist.

I guess I thought owning a Christmas tree farm would be romantic.

What you might love:

  • Its characters are relatable and well-crafted, allowing readers to connect easily.
  • The book embodies the holiday spirit and is great for those looking for festive cheer.
  • The book is light and enjoyable, ideal for readers needing a break from serious content.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Some readers may want more complex and flawed characters to make it realistic.
  • The book’s idealistic and optimistic tone may not appeal to those who prefer grittier stories.
  • Readers who favor urban settings or diverse backdrops might not enjoy the small-town setting.

35. The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang — The Kiss Quotient #3

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03/08/2024 04:10 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit

Anna Sun is a violinist experiencing a career high but a personal low. Struggling with the pressures of success and professional setbacks, Anna faces another challenge in her personal life when her long-term boyfriend suggests they have an open relationship.

This proposal leads Anna to Quan Diep, a man whose tough exterior masks a sensitive and understanding soul, dealing with his own vulnerabilities and past traumas.

Their relationship, starting as a casual encounter, gradually deepens, leading Anna and Quan on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

“The Heart Principle” is a must-read because of its sincere and respectful representation of characters dealing with autism and health challenges.

Just because something isn’t perfect doesn’t mean we need to throw it away.

What you might love:

  • The book balances humor well, lightening the more serious themes.
  • It addresses mental health issues thoughtfully, adding depth and understanding.
  • The book authentically represents autism, giving insights into neurodiverse experiences.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The cultural aspects of the story might not resonate with all readers.
  • Some readers might find the characters too complex or difficult to relate to.
  • The mix of humor with serious themes might not suit readers who prefer a consistent tone throughout the book.

36. Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips — Wynette, Texas #6

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03/08/2024 04:10 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit, Fiction, Adult, Humor

Meg Koranda, the free-spirited daughter of Hollywood legends, arrives in Wynette, Texas, for her best friend’s wedding to Ted Beaudine, the town’s beloved mayor.

However, things take a drastic turn when Meg, convinced the marriage is a mistake, ends up causing the wedding to be called off. Stranded in Wynette with no money and no friends, Meg is forced to face the wrath of the townspeople.

As Meg struggles to make amends and find her way out of the mess, her path keeps crossing with Ted’s. Their interactions are filled with witty banter, mutual irritation, and an undeniable attraction that neither wants to admit.

This story is a must-read as it beautifully illustrates how, sometimes, the biggest mistakes can lead to the greatest joys and revelations in life.

I want you to want me, not just to make me want you.

What you might love:

  • The novel’s witty and snappy dialogue keeps the story lively and entertaining.
  • The strong, independent female protagonist inspires and empowers many readers.
  • The story goes beyond romance, exploring deeper emotional themes for a well-rounded experience.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The story’s limited world-building might disappoint fans of detailed settings.
  • Simple and quickly resolved conflicts may not satisfy those seeking complexity.
  • Readers favoring urban settings might find the small-town backdrop unengaging.

37. Nine Rules To Break When Romancing A Rake by Sarah MacLean — Love By Numbers #1

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03/08/2024 04:11 am GMT

Genres: Historical, Romance, Fiction, Regency, Adult

Lady Calpurnia Hartwell, labeled a spinster in London’s high society, rebels against her dull life by listing nine scandalous rules to break. Her quest for adventure leads her to Gabriel St. John, the infamous Marquess of Ralston.

As Callie and Gabriel’s paths cross, their interactions brim with sharp wit, rising tension, and a mutual attraction that challenges societal norms. Together, they embark on a daring romance, defying the conventions of their era and discovering freedom and love.

This book offers a delightful escape with its spirited heroine, charming rogue, and a romance that dares to defy the rules. It’s a must-read for anyone who loves a story that combines humor, heart, and a heroine who boldly takes control of her destiny.

“Would you like to cross another item off this list today?"
"I should like that very much. Which do you propose?"

What you might love:

  • The book is filled with clever and humorous dialogue, making for an entertaining read.
  • The protagonist is a strong, independent woman, providing an empowering reading experience.
  • The novel explores themes of self-discovery and breaking societal norms, resonating with many readers.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The predictable ending may disappoint those who prefer surprise twists.
  • Its dramatic elements could seem excessive to fans of subtler storytelling.
  • As a historical romance, it may not attract fans of contemporary or other genres.

38. In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

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03/08/2024 04:11 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Christmas Holiday, Contemporary, Fiction, Chick Lit

Maelyn Jones is stuck in a loop, reliving her Christmas holiday at a Utah cabin—a trip that usually brings joy but now ends in disaster. Seeking happiness, she unexpectedly starts experiencing the same holiday repeatedly.

During each loop, Mae confronts her emotions, particularly her feelings for Andrew, her childhood friend’s brother, and her long-standing crush.

This repeated cycle of the holiday leads Mae to new insights and encourages her to take bold steps she hadn’t considered before. “In a Holidaze” is a story about embracing second chances, navigating life’s surprises, and following your heart.

The only person whose expectations you have to live up to is yourself.

What you might love:

  • The romance is heartwarming and enjoyable, great for romance fans.
  • The relatable main character and her engaging journey make readers support her.
  • The story realistically and touchingly depicts family relationships, enriching the narrative.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The unique time loop plot could confuse or not appeal to some readers.
  • The novel’s nostalgia may not suit fans of contemporary or futuristic settings.
  • Its emphasis on holiday themes might not interest those who prefer different settings.

39. Assistant to the Villain by Hannah Nicole Maehrer — Assistant to the Villain #1

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03/06/2024 06:11 pm GMT

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Fiction, Adult, Magic

The story follows Evangeline “Evie” Sage, who, in a desperate attempt to support her family, takes a job with the notorious Villain of Rennedawn. Known for chaos and havoc, the Villain’s manor becomes Evie’s new, if unusual, workplace.

As Evie adjusts to her role, she discovers unexpected layers to the Villain’s character. Their relationship slowly turns from professional to romantic, showing a softer side of the Villain known only to Evie.

This book’s blend of fantasy and romance makes it stand out in an unusual work setting. It’s a must-read for those who love quirky love stories with a dash of adventure and mystery.

“You're not all bad, are you?"
He looked offended. "How dare you.”

What you might love:

  • The book’s clever humor and witty dialogue create an enjoyable reading experience.
  • The novel presents a fresh and unique perspective on villainy, redefining traditional antagonist roles.
  • The story challenges readers to reconsider typical good vs. evil narratives by exploring moral ambiguity.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Darker themes about villainy might unsettle some readers.
  • Focusing on the villain’s assistant may not suit fans of traditional hero-led stories.
  • The novel’s morally ambiguous themes could challenge those who prefer clear good vs. evil narratives.

40. You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle — You Deserve Each Other #1

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03/08/2024 04:30 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Adult, Fiction, Chick Lit

Meet Naomi Westfield and Nicholas Rose, a seemingly perfectly engaged couple who, in reality, can’t stand each other. As their wedding day gets closer, they start playing tricks to make the other cancel the wedding so they won’t have to pay the break-up fee.

But as they continue their schemes, Naomi and Nicholas unexpectedly start rediscovering the reasons they fell in love in the first place. Their funny and mischievous acts rekindle their relationship, turning their battles into a renewed connection.

This book is about a couple falling back in love in a funny and unconventional way. “You Deserve Each Other” is perfect for readers who enjoy romantic comedies with a unique, humorous twist on love and relationships.

Relearning you has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

What you might love:

  • Witty and engaging dialogue makes character interactions entertaining.
  • The story explores deep emotional themes, adding depth beyond its humor.
  • The book realistically portrays relationship highs and lows, making it relatable.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The conflict resolutions in the story may not satisfy everyone.
  • The characters’ conflicts might seem frustrating or too dramatic for some readers.
  • The focus on personal growth might not appeal to readers seeking more action or adventure.

41. The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams — Bromance Book Club #1

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03/08/2024 04:30 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit

The story follows Gavin Scott, a baseball player struggling to save his failing marriage. He finds help in a surprising place: a book club where men read romance novels to learn how to be better partners.

In this club, Gavin discovers more than just tips from steamy love stories. He learns the importance of empathy, communication, and true romance in rekindling his relationship with his wife, Thea.

This book is unique for its creative premise and the message that understanding and empathy can come from unexpected sources. “The Bromance Book Club” is perfect for those seeking a romantic comedy with depth, laughter, and a fresh take on love.

“You guys read romance novels?”
“We call them manuals.”

What you might love:

  • The story highlights the importance of communication and vulnerability in relationships.
  • The male perspective on relationships in the book adds a fresh depth to the romance genre.
  • The novel presents a modern view of romance, appealing to those who like contemporary love stories.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The character dynamics may seem too simple or unrealistic to some readers.
  • The book’s male perspective on relationships may not resonate with all readers.
  • The light-hearted treatment of serious relationship issues might not appeal to everyone.

42. Mrs. Nash’s Ashes by Sarah Adler

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03/08/2024 04:31 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary, Chick Lit, Road Trip

Meet Millicent Watts-Cohen, a young woman who inherits the ashes of Mrs. Nash, her elderly best friend. Armed with cryptic instructions and an urn, she sets off to complete Mrs. Nash’s final request: to be reunited with the woman she once fell in love with.

Her journey introduces her to eccentric characters and leads her to uncover Mrs. Nash’s past while learning about herself. Along the way, she encounters humor, surprises, and even a new romance she never saw coming.

The novel mixes adventure and personal growth, discovering love and understanding life’s complexities—a perfect read for those who enjoy a story filled with laughter, mystery, and heart.

Sometimes, if we’re lucky, beginnings and endings are choices we get to make.

What you might love:

  • The novel is filled with fun banter and snarky dialogue.
  • The story explores themes of love, grief, and friendship.
  • References to 80s music and popular culture add a nostalgic charm.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Specific cultural references might not be relatable for all.
  • The structure of the story might be confusing or unconventional.
  • Some readers might find the novel’s unique narrative approach unconventional.

43. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman — The Bookish Life of Nina Hill #1

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03/07/2024 05:35 pm GMT

Genres: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary, Chick Lit, Books About Books, Adult

A bookish introvert, Nina Hill leads a peaceful life filled with books and trivia nights. Her world is upended when she inherits a large, eccentric family from a father she never knew.

Amidst this new family chaos, Nina meets Tom, a trivia rival whose outgoing personality challenges her reserved lifestyle. Through their budding relationship, she learns to step out of her comfort zone and embrace the unpredictability of life.

“The Bookish Life of Nina Hill” is a charming and witty story, perfect for those who find solace in books. This novel is a must-read for a joyous message that sometimes the best stories of our lives begin with a surprise chapter.

Tomorrow would be better. At the very least, tomorrow would be different.

What you might love:

  • Avid readers will appreciate numerous references to literature and popular culture.
  • Nina’s journey of self-discovery and personal growth is both inspiring and relatable.
  • The novel celebrates the joy of reading, making it a perfect read for fellow bibliophiles.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Nina’s bookish, introverted character may not appeal to everyone.
  • It’s packed with cultural references, possibly overwhelming for some.
  • The story focuses heavily on Nina’s thoughts, which might bore action-seeking readers.

44. Hello Stranger by Katherine Center

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03/08/2024 04:31 am GMT

Genres: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary, Chick Lit, Adult

“Hello Stranger” introduces us to Sadie Montgomery, a portrait artist who experiences a life-altering twist. After achieving a milestone in her career, Sadie faces an unforeseen challenge: she is diagnosed with face blindness.

In this new reality, Sadie navigates complex relationships: a budding friendship with her neighbor Joe and an intriguing connection with veterinarian Dr. Addison. Alongside these relationships, Sadie contends with family issues, adding depth to her journey.

The book’s unique exploration of face blindness offers an insightful and emotional look into Sadie’s challenges and triumphs. It’s a must-read for its original storyline, compelling characters, and inspiring message of resilience and finding unexpected joy.

The more good things you look for, the more you find.

What you might love:

  • The characters are charming and relatable, drawing readers into their world.
  • The book showcases Sadie’s inspirational strength as she adapts to her condition.
  • It explores acceptance, health impacts, and complex relationships, offering deep insights.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The novel’s emphasis on prosopagnosia may not fit everyone’s taste for romance.
  • Some readers might find Sadie, the main character, annoying, but opinions often shift by the end.
  • Sadie’s decisions around her surgery and father might frustrate those expecting more assertiveness.

45. Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

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Genres: Romance, Young Adult, Contemporary, Fiction

Pepper, a high-achieving student, runs the social media for her family’s fast-food chain, while Jack, the class clown, helps out at his family’s deli. Their worlds collide in a viral Twitter war over a grilled cheese recipe, sparking an online feud.

Amidst this public online war, they also connect anonymously on a chat app, unaware of each other’s true identities. Their online exchanges, filled with humor and growing affection, contrast sharply with their public Twitter feud.

“Tweet Cute” stands out for its clever blend of social media dynamics with a classic enemies-to-lovers storyline. It’s a must-read for its witty dialogue, charming romance, and modern take on young love in the age of the internet.

You know, for someone named Pepper, you’re pretty salty about losing.

What you might love:

  • The novel centers on a Twitter battle over a grilled cheese recipe, giving the story a modern and unique flavor.
  • “Tweet Cute” alternates between Pepper’s and Jack’s perspectives, revealing their personal lives and thoughts.
  • It portrays social media management realistically, highlighting the skills and planning needed for effective campaigns.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Some readers may find the Twitter war overly emphasized, disrupting the story’s flow.
  • Extensive use of social media references could alienate those who prefer traditional storytelling.
  • Frequent, detailed food descriptions may overwhelm readers who are not interested in culinary themes.​

46. The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory — The Wedding Date #1

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Genres: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary, Chick Lit, Adult

Alexa Monroe, a dedicated chief of staff, and Drew Nichols, a charismatic pediatric surgeon, meet by chance in a stuck elevator. Drew, in need of a date for his ex’s wedding, impulsively asks Alexa to join him.

What begins as a pretend date quickly turns into a real connection. Living in different cities, their relationship is a refreshing mix of witty exchanges, romantic moments, and the hurdles of long-distance love.

“The Wedding Date” is a must-read for its charming blend of humor and heartfelt emotion. The book also has vibrant characters and focuses on an interracial relationship, offering a contemporary and relatable take on romance.

Just because their standards are low does not mean that we should lower ours.

What you might love:

  • The book addresses themes like racial dynamics and relationship privilege.
  • It offers a modern take on romance by depicting an interracial relationship.
  • The story mixes playful and emotional moments, enhancing its engaging and warm narrative.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The characters’ inability to communicate effectively leads to avoidable conflicts.
  • The book’s treatment of interracial relationships and racial issues may seem shallow to some readers.
  • Alexa and Drew, despite being adults with high-powered careers, often show immaturity in their communication.

47. Thank You for Listening by Julia Whelan

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Genres: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary, Chick Lit, Adult

Sewanee Chester is a former actress turned successful audiobook narrator. Her life, primarily revolving around her career and caring for her grandmother, takes a dramatic turn at a Vegas audiobook convention.

There, she has a chance encounter with a mysterious man, leading to an unforgettable night. But Sewanee’s life gets even more complicated when she’s offered a chance to narrate a romance novel written by a bestselling but reclusive author, Brock McNight.

“Thank You for Listening” is a novel that resonates with anyone who has ever faced the uncertainties of love and life. It’s a story of romance, career ambitions, and life’s unexpected turns, offering a heartwarming and entertaining experience.

Spoiler alert: life is regret, life is failure. But like that ghost, you learn to live with it. Because failure makes success matter.

What you might love:

  • The novel motivates readers to keep chasing their dreams despite tough times.
  • It explores self-discovery, love, acceptance, and finding joy in life’s simple pleasures.
  • The story focuses on self-discovery and adapting to life’s changes, resonating with many readers.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Character development may seem insufficient for some.
  • The specialized audiobook industry setting might not appeal to all.
  • The novel’s focus on emotional growth could disappoint action-seeking readers.

48. Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn

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Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Chick Lit, Adult

Meg is a talented artist known for her stunning hand-lettering skills. She’s got a secret, though—her latest work contains hidden messages predicting the fate of a relationship.

Enter Reid, a client who discovers Meg’s hidden message in his wedding program that hints at his then-impending disastrous engagement. Intrigued and a bit baffled, Reid seeks out Meg, sparking an unusual connection between them.

“Love Lettering” is a heartfelt and whimsical tale that reminds us of the unexpected ways love can enter our lives and how the answers we seek are sometimes hidden in plain sight. If you’re up for a romantic comedy that’s creative and heartwarming, this is for you.

Sometimes fighting isn’t about leaving, it’s about staying.

What you might love:

  • The well-rounded secondary characters add significant depth to the story.
  • The strong, independent lead character is a highlight in contemporary fiction.
  • The novel focuses on self-discovery and personal growth, appealing to many readers.

What might not be for everyone:

  • New York City as a setting may not appeal to all.
  • Subtle humor might not attract fans of bold comedy.
  • The calligraphy and lettering theme might not interest everyone.

49. The Great Escape from Woodlands Nursing Home by Joanna Nell

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Genres: Fiction, Contemporary, Humor, Comedy, Adult, Chick Lit

Hattie Bloom, a bird-loving recluse, and Walter Clements, a high-spirited former actor, find themselves cooped up in the Woodlands Nursing Home. The place seems to mark the end of their stories, but they’re not ready to give up on living just yet.

Their mission? To escape the confines of Woodlands and experience one last grand adventure. This isn’t just a physical escape but a journey of the heart, a rebellion against the notion that life dims with age.

As the story unfolds, we’re treated to a series of humorous and heartwarming escapades. The narrative blends comedy and emotion, painting a picture of life full of possibility reminding us that friendship and love know no age limit.

Everyone expects so little of us, expects us to be completely incapable. That’s our secret weapon.

What you might love:

  • The book is a feel-good read, ideal for lifting spirits.
  • The book challenges stereotypes about aging and the elderly with insightful views.
  • Older readers might particularly relate to and find inspiration in the characters and their stories.

What might not be for everyone:

  • Mild humor may not suit fans of edgier comedy.
  • The theme of aging might not interest readers looking for youthful themes.
  • The nursing home setting may not appeal to those seeking varied backdrops.

50. Well Met by Jen DeLuca — Well Met #1

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit

Meet Emily Parker, who moves to a small town to help her sister recover from an accident. Here, she stumbles upon the local Renaissance Faire, where she volunteers, only to find out that participation requires more than she anticipated.

A strict high school English teacher, Simon Graham runs the Faire and is all about rules. However, at the Faire, he transforms into a charming pirate, showing a surprising side to Emily.

As they immerse themselves in their roles, the line between performance and reality begins to blur, leading to a delightful and unexpected romance.

“Well Met” is a heartwarming romantic comedy blending humor, engaging characters, and a unique Renaissance Faire setting. This combination creates a standout story of love, laughter, and the joy of unexpected connections.

And someday, I wanted someone who would love me. Not for what I could do for them, but for who I was to them.

What you might love:

  • The book’s overall tone is light and uplifting, making it a great feel-good read.
  • The novel features a strong and relatable female lead, adding depth to the story.
  • It explores themes of self-discovery and personal growth, resonating with many readers.

What might not be for everyone:

  • The book’s humor may not suit all tastes.
  • The Renaissance Faire setting might not resonate with fans of more modern settings.
  • Its conventional romance dynamics might not appeal to those seeking unique relationships.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our journey through the Best Romantic Comedy Books, remember that these stories are like friends who bring a smile to your face on a cloudy day.

These books are like the best kind of first date: fun, unpredictable, and leaving you with a goofy grin. So, whenever life hands you lemons, remember you have a secret sugar and spice stash in these pages.

Until next time, keep your bookmarks handy and your sense of humor ready—you never know when you’ll need a good rom-com rescue!

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