37 Exciting Healthcare Startups to Watch out for in 2019

These startups and their passionate founders are trying to revolutionize healthcare.

Find out what they are working on.


Freedom Healthworks

Freedom Healthworks-Chris Habig

Chris Habig

Based in Indianapolis and founded by three siblings whose primary care physician parents were at the brink of burnout, Freedom Healthworks is becoming a leader in the Direct Primary Care (DPC) space.

Freedom Healthworks has a multiple prong approach, all with the mission to help physicians and patients have the freedom to choose their healthcare. DPC, which allows patients to pay a flat, monthly price for unlimited care, is a growing option for both individual patients and for employers looking to offer their employees another healthcare benefit.

Physicians like the DPC model because it relieves them from burnout, and encourages them to keep patients as healthy as possible. Freedom Healthworks helps physicians start their own DPC office works with current DPC to secure better group benefits that offices would otherwise have as a hospital or larger practice and works with employers to offer the DPC benefit to their employees.

With Association Health Plans (AHPs) growing and the potential to use one’s HSA for DPC, Freedom Healthworks is one healthcare startup to watch.

Thrive WISE

Thrive WISE-Marissa Long

Dr. Marissa Long

In the era of online shopping, everything comes right to your door these days, and when you cannot attend regular therapy sessions, why shouldn’t your mental health support come right to your door too?

Boxed Wellness Bundles are the ultimate bridge between self-help, and in person therapy, providing hand-picked items from a Psychologist and a consulting team of providers and mental health advocates to guide each subscriber towards wellness.

Thrive Wise is a new subscription box company focused on mental health, wellness and self-care. Each Boxed Wellness Bundle is custom curated by a Psychologist based on a brief assessment subscriber may take on the Thrive Wise website.

The contents in the box focus on building the individuals mental health skills such as coping, identifying triggers, management of thoughts, and other skills to help them along their path. In addition, each bundle comes filled with self-care items and wellness aids related to these practices to help them get started and keep them on track with their goals.

Mental health affects a quarter of Americans, and 60% of those affected do not seek help. While some may have found themselves in a “self-help” isle at a popular bookstore, not knowing where to even begin, Boxed Wellness Bundles are an easier way to access solutions.

Psychologists hand pick self-help books, workbooks, and create worksheets for each individual to begin their journey towards wellness. Each person’s box will look different according to what they indicate in their assessments.

While some people’s boxes may focus more on relaxing, sleeping, and mindfulness, another person’s box may be focused on increasing energy, motivation, positive thinking, or coping mechanisms, all depending on the individual’s needs.

Thrive Wise is the prominent, forward-thinking, mental health and wellness company to watch in 2019.

Proov – The Progesterone Ovulation test

Proov-Amy Beckley

Amy Beckley PhD, MBA
Founder of MFB Fertility and inventor of Proov test

With over half the population being women, it is about time that healthcare took notice of the raising fempire. More and more woman-focused healthcare companies are empowering women to tack control of there health in ways never before possible.

MFB Fertility has invented Proov, the first in-home progesterone test that allows women more control of their fertility and pregnancies.

Direct-to-consumer products like ours let women control their healthcare and be their own fertility advocates, which is so important concerning current healthcare often doesn’t cover fertility treatments.


Supportiv-Pouria Mojabi

Pouria Mojabi

We are an emotional and mental well-being startup called Supportiv. We ask one question: “What’s your struggle?” and we use NLP to match the user to the right peer group with others going through a similar struggle. Each group has a human moderator, a psychology student, who is trained by us.

We also use NLP in peer groups to connect people with educational content and resources to help them improve their situation.

Drs. On Calls

Drs On Calls-Mary Gorder

Mary Gorder

Drs. On Calls is a telemedicine service that is designed to make healthcare more convenient and affordable for people. It is particularly useful for people who do not have adequate healthcare coverage, as using the service is cheaper than a visit to a hospital or clinic.

Non-emergency doctor consultations are done via video conferencing through the Drs. On Calls app or through the website. Users simply register, find a doctor they like, book an appointment and talk with the medical professional just like in a clinical setting. When the consultation is over, the user can rate the doctor.

Started by founder and CEO Mary Gorder, Drs. On Calls already has hundreds of doctors and thousands of patients using its services, which include virtual doctor visits, house calls, concierge medical care, prescription delivery, and mental health counseling.

Gorder says she started the healthcare company to help as many people as she can, especially in this tumultuous time in American healthcare.



Derek Giddon & Richard Giddon

74 Million Americans are living without dental insurance (that’s a quarter of the country and DOUBLE the amount of people without health insurance).

And for those who are fortunate enough to have dental insurance, there are excessive limitations and frequent uncovered services (i.e. Invisalign, implants). Nearly a quarter of Americans have no plans to see the dentist in the next 12 months with cost as the number one reason why. Concurrently, 40 percent of dentists are self-described as “not busy enough.

Smylen is aiming to provide a solution for both with a two-sided marketplace that allows patients to set the fee they want to pay for a dental treatment and instantly matches them with a dentist who accepts that fee. Think Priceline for dentistry.

Here’s how it works:

  • You need costly dental treatment.
  • You name the fee that you want to pay for that treatment.
  • You are matched with a local dentist who accepts your fee.
  • You make your appointment online.

R2 Medical Group

Dr. Reza Mirali | Mr. Reza Shahabadi

R2 Medical Group provides turnkey shared medical office suites that offer physicians in clinical practice access to state-of-the-art facilities in desirable locations for a fraction of the cost.

The company was founded by a practicing physician and a commercial real estate expert, who believed that flexible office spaces, complete with staffing and support, could help physicians alleviate the stresses of opening/expanding and operating a practice.

By enabling physicians and staff to customize their spaces and dictate when and how they want to use them, R2 Medical Group helps physicians achieve their unique visions while retaining their independence.

R2 Medical is dedicated to the ongoing enhancement of its spaces and services according to the needs of its physician partners, building a network of support that continuously streamlines workflows and administrative tasks, so physicians can focus on the business of patient care.

Greenlight Guru

Greenlight Guru

David DeRam
Co-founder and CEO

Greenlight Guru is a modern quality management software platform built exclusively for the unique needs of the medical device industry and is the only QMS of its type for medical device manufacturers.

As traditionally consumer-facing electronics manufacturers begin to incorporate medical devices in their product lines (like the Apple Watch Series 4 with ECG capabilities), medical devices will no longer be relegated to gray boxes plugged into the wall in a doctor’s office, but rather sitting right on top of our wrists.

Greenlight Guru works to help manufacturers develop safe, high-quality medical devices that make the lives of patients better.

Greenlight Guru manages FDA mandated design controls, document management, CAPA and risk management in one cloud-based platform, not hundreds of spreadsheets or print-outs locked away in file cabinets.



Ted Chan

Launched in 2016, CareDash is the web’s fastest growing healthcare provider directory and review site, with over 1M in-market healthcare searchers each month. CareDash uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure reviews come from real people. CareDash has over 100K overall reviews and total 700K review data points, all collected under registered logins.

CareDash’s mission is to help patients make informed and confident decisions about their health. In addition to useful provider information and transparent reviews, CareDash presents complicated health information and data in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner.

For instance, CareDash was the first healthcare directory to add the payments taken from specific pharmaceutical companies on each provider’s profile. In 2018, CareDash a major white paper on the impact of payments to doctors on prescribing patterns (featured on the front page of USA Today).

myLAB Box

myLAB Box

Lora Ivanova
Founder and CEO

The concept of myLAB Box, the first at-home STD testing service, began with a chat over a cup of coffee between two friends.

CEO Lora Ivanova and her co-founder, Ursula Hessenflow, were discussing the difficulties of dating and the stigma behind sexual health. The topic of sexually transmitted diseases is still widely considered taboo in the US, therefore much of the population avoids STD testing in the first place. Making the trip to a clinic for a test is often inconvenient and comes at a cost, and many experiences feeling ashamed or lack sex education.

Lora and Ursula took matters into their own hands and developed myLAB Box, an at-home STD test kit one can order online and have delivered to their door in discreet packaging. The kit takes five minutes to complete, and if results show positive, a complimentary physician consultation is included.

myLAB Box kits are designed to be hassle-free and the costs can easily be handled out-of-pocket. Multiple tests are available for at-home use, including HPV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trich, syphilis, herpes (HSV-2), hepatitis C, HIV 1/2, and mycoplasma genitalium, as well as extragenital tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea screening in the oral and rectal areas. For even greater ease, myLAB Box also offers various combination kits.

myLAB Box was founded to enable folks to take control of their sexual health and help lower the epidemic-level STD rates. The goal is to reduce stigma and encourage STD testing so infections are caught and treated as quickly and efficiently as possible.



Paula M. Muto, MD FACS
Founder and CEO

The most exciting startup in healthcare with the biggest potential to disrupt the status quo is also breaking the model for how a startup succeeds.

Founded by a woman, strike one, who is also in full-time practice, strike two, built a super elegant technology with the help of doctors, nurses, and people who actually work in healthcare so we get it, home run( or at least a stand up double).

UBERDOC is a direct patient-to-specialist web app. Patients skip the line, go from web md directly to an in-person visit with a surgeon or specialist that actually knows the answer using their health savings account or credit card. What makes it cool, we lowered the price.

Imagine you can fly direct for about the same price as going to a walk-in? Wouldn’t you rather go to an orthopedic for your knee pain or a dermatologist for that weird rash, than having to stop at go and have the system collect your $200 in “testing” the specialist never needed? Simple, user-friendly for both doctor and patient. $300 for an initial visit only $50 for Medicare and any subsequent care can be through insurance.

Millennials don’t have primaries, employers encourage voluntary health benefits, and specialists have capacity because of no-shows and insurance restrictions. Plus instant payment in a doctors office keeps the lights on.

Best of all, qualified doctors can join for free. UBERDOC takes transaction fees, $50 per completed visit.

We have great doctors all over Mass and more joining every day because there is no reason not to. Patients are beginning to take notice and when they use it they love it because it’s so much better than the nonsense of the current system.

So we are chugging along, bootstrapped and growing fast, hoping for the right dance partner, but prepared to go it alone because everyone deserves equal access to the best doctor when they need it.

Vivio Life Sciences

David Barbour

David Barbour

Vivio Life Sciences; a dietary supplement company that sells an anti-aging amino acids supplement, with a unique four in one formula.

Featuring three conditionally essential amino acids and one essential amino acid. The supplement utilizes fundamental biology to help target health, fitness, and wellness.

Vivio’s website is full of highly scientific writing, research, and visuals. The site also includes multiple interactive infographics, an interactive bottle, lively animations, and user experience.

Nori Health

Nori Health

Roeland Pater
Founder and CEO

Nori Health is an AI-powered chatbot coach for people that live with a chronic disease, starting with bowel diseases like Crohn’s, Colitis and IBS.

Through regular conversations with Nori, people can identify and change lifestyle behavior that is impacting their condition to decrease symptoms and have the best possible quality of life.


MedManage-Simon Greenberg

Simon Greenberg
Medidex, Inc., Operations Director
MedManage, Product Manager

Another app to look out for is MedManage aimed to help patients, nurses, and caregivers manage their medications and stay organized at home or at a care facility. The app comes with a medication list and directions so you never forget them, as well as a calendar and daily log to help keep track of doses.

MedManage isn’t just about organizing your medication schedule but having access to accurate and understandable information about your medications as well. You can use it to look up drug side effects and warnings, locations to dispose of unneeded medications, and compare prices of similar drugs.

The truly innovative aspect of MedManage is their push to include pharmacists as active participants in patients health through the use of telehealth and remote monitoring.

Pharmacists are greatly underutilized in today’s health system. Luckily laws and licensing requirements are changing because utilizing your pharmacists’ expertise in regular consultations can help reduce health complications and prescription drug costs.

While not available yet, be on the lookout for MedManage’s nationwide network of pharmacists ready to answer your medication questions and help you find drug price savings through videochat in 2019.

Bioquark Inc.

Bioquark Inc.

Ira Pastor

You don’t normally hear such audacious goals as “reversing aging” or “curing death” from a start-up company, but those are just some of the interests of Bioquark Inc. and it’s CEO Ira Pastor.

Bioquark’s strategy is to study all of the organisms, which from a health and wellness perspective are much further advanced than human beings (think about limb-regenerating salamanders, cancer-resistant worms, age reversing jellyfish, etc.) and figuring out how humans can “re-acquire” such skills with a novel set of biologic drugs and related health products.

Whether we are talking about the 100,000 people who die daily from age-related ailments (i.e. Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, etc.), or the 50,000 that die daily from acute traumas, it is well within the intellectual capacity of humans to solve these core problems of disease, degeneration, and death,” says Pastor. “Many of nature’s creatures have already discovered answers. It is now up to us humans to follow these clues.”

Doctors in Italy

Doctors in Italy

Nadia Neytcheva

With its 60 million foreign visitors per year, Italy is one of the favorite destinations for travelers who enjoy the beauty of cities like Rome, Venice, Florence, the tiny towns and stunning landscapes. Though it’s never part of the plan, it does happen to get sick, and finding a doctor who speaks English in Italy is not always easy.

Doctors in Italy helps you find and book an English-speaking doctor who can see you same-day. An online platform connects you to certified English-speaking doctors close to you, offering both house calls and office appointments.

The doctors use an app to stay connected to the platform and respond within minutes. You can pick a time, fee and place that suit you and book online.

We started in Rome, where service is always guaranteed, and we are working around the clock to cover all of Italy. With millions of travelers coming every year, we want to make sure everyone has access to qualified doctors, without language barriers.

Healthy Amplified

Healthy Amplified-Jenna Erickson

Recommended by: Jenna Erickson
Marketing Manager at Codal

Healthy Amplified is a web and mobile platform that allows parents, physicians, and coaches to manage youth athletes injury documentation & any other related medical information. This startups mission is to provide the best possible care for youth athletes and children.

With the mobile and web solution, the startup is trying to solve a major problem; disconnected medical data that is scattered across various databases and software. This disorganization leaves parents and coaches uninformed about the athlete’s recovery and makes it difficult to coordinate athletic treatment plans.

For Healthy Amplified, we were able to build a robust cloud-based HIPAA solution that aggregates medical history from multiple different caregivers. The new platform allows parents, coaches, and physicians to collaborate on treatment.

This unique healthcare startup now gives youth sports organizations the ability to improve their injury compliance, also allowing parents can be at ease knowing that their child’s treatment is successfully underway.

GRYT Health

GRYT Health

Dave Fuehrer

We are a mobile app-based community founded by cancer survivors and caregivers like myself who wanted to create a platform that could help connect and empower others going through similar experiences.

The GRYT app (formerly the “Stupid Cancer App”) is designed to anonymously connect people who have been affected by cancer (diagnosed, in-treatment, survivors, caregivers, friends, etc.) with each other and with resources and information.

In the past, healthcare organizations and providers have assumed the decision-making authority in cancer care. This is no longer acceptable. We are working to reverse that paradigm by putting the power back into the hands of people affected by cancer, so they can make healthcare choices that reflect their personal values and lifestyle. Through the GRYT app, we’ve created a way for people to connect to each other, share information, and collaborate with the healthcare industry.

GRYT launched in Oct. 2016 and earlier this year we were awarded best mobile app in its category by the distinguished annual 2018 Appy Awards.

With over 700,000 user interactions and an average session length of over ten minutes per user, our community is now the most engaged peer network and resource platform in oncology.

Soul Insole

Soul Insole

Laina Gossman

Soul Insole is a San Diego based startup focusing on foot health. They patented a new technology for orthotics to fit into sandals and slim fitting shoes. This exciting, advanced technology has already helped tens of thousands of people to heal from plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, heel pain, and flat feet.

Soul Insole originally launched on Kickstarter in June of 2016. Their success on this platform helped to boost brand awareness worldwide. Their initial product is the Shoe Bubble – micro-sized orthotics. At this point they have expanded into metatarsal pads, toe spacers and heel wedges for over supination and overpronation.

This company is known for using a specialized gel that helps to softly guide the foot into proper alignment while relieving pressure. Customers loves this gel because it is easy to wash and reusable. Keep an eye out for their products in your local comfort shoe stores.


Medisafe- Omri Shor

Omri Shor
Founder & CEO

Recommended by: Mickey Chesla
Director of Communications, Medisafe

If you take a lot of pills, you may already know Medisafe. With over 4.5 million registered users worldwide, Medisafe is a startup that is already the #1 pill reminder app in the market. Over 180,000 reviewers on the app stores give the app an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.

125,000 Americans die every year because they don’t take their prescribed medications as they should, so Medisafe is literally a life-saving app. In addition, the company launched a drug interaction checker, which alerts people if two meds they are on are causing a potentially dangerous interaction.

So far Medisafe has alerted its users to over 100,000 such interactions! Medisafe was also the first digital health app to integrate with Health Records on iPhone. Medisafe is headquartered in Boston, with an R&D center in Israel, and 50 employees.

BIOS Lighting

BIOS Lighting- Robert Soler

Robert Soler
VP Human Biological Technologies and Research

BIOS Lighting creates technology that mimics the sun’s light, in order to reset our circadian rhythms and mitigate social jet lag. By combining science and technology into lighting, BIOS aims to help people live, work, and sleep better, with fewer headaches, increased productivity, and overall improved mental/physical wellbeing.

BIOS’ main focus is providing these solutions in medical facilities, senior living facilities, schools, and corporate offices.

For background, BIOS’ technology behind its circadian lighting comes from Robert Soler, a former NASA scientist who helped design and build the first LED light for use on the International Space Station (ISS) to optimize astronaut sleeping patterns. Robert brought that lighting back to Earth to cofound BIOS as VP of Research.

Health Care Transformation

Health Care Transformation

Meghan Nechrebecki, MSPH
Founder and CEO

Health Care Transformation is the first company of its kind aimed at reducing healthcare costs and improving health outcomes across the spectrum of health.

As a boutique consulting firm, Health Care Transformation uses a wealth and depth of expertise to inject population health principles and performance improvement methodologies into the employer, payer, and provider space in order to achieve better health at a lower price.

Health Care Transformation focuses first and foremost on primary prevention in the workplace. This includes empowering leadership within small to mid-size employers to take a holistic population management approach to achieve their goals of talent retention, employee engagement, and customer success, in addition to a focus on healthcare cost reduction for self-insured employers.

Within the payer and provider sphere, Health Care Transformation develops and implements strategic population health goals and operational care transformation team development in order to show proven results in cost reduction and quality improvement.

The central tenet of Health Care Transformation is to develop empowered, engaged leaders of health to build efficient, cost-effective systems that ultimately impact consumers to make the best decisions for their health and their wallet.

The company focuses on the primary prevention of disease in the community and in the workplace through physical and mental health improvement in addition to secondary and tertiary prevention in the healthcare provider space.

Health Care Transformation provides a unique blend of population health, analytics, well-being and engagement, change management, and performance improvement methodologies to take a very progressive approach towards health and well-being.

As we are dealing with rising healthcare costs and poor outcomes in the U.S., Health Care Transformation will be the leader in developing and driving results and positive impact for the clients they serve.

Health Care Transformation is led by Founder and CEO, Meghan Nechrebecki, MSPH. Meghan was a top graduate of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and, as a healthcare administration expert, has been solving complex systemic healthcare challenges for close to a decade with proven results.

Using the Health Care Transformation ‘Triple Aim +1’ philosophy, she is dedicated to using her vast experience and proven methodologies to drastically improve health care in the United States for millions of Americans.

Lancor Scientific

Lancor Scientific

Aamir Butt

How the tech works:

Lancor Scientific’s device detects the minute electromagnetic changes that occur in tissue as cancer emerges and develops.

It has been a known fact for decades that when tissue becomes cancerous, the magnetic profile of the cells changes. Healthy tissue demonstrates a diamagnetic profile, whereas malignant tissue demonstrates a paramagnetic profile. This works on a scale and has an infinite amount of states in between.

Magnetic force microscopes (MFM) and atomic force microscopes (AFM) can determine the magnetic profile of tissue and tell a physician how “at risk” a patient is of cancer-based off of a sample.

Although these machines are excellent tools, they cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and quite literally take up an entire room.

Instead of expensive and bulky MFM or AFM machines, Lancor Scientific is the first patented device that uses light to detect the change in electromagnetism.

Their technology is called OMIS (Opto-magnetic Imaging Spectroscopy) and is based on Maxwell’s equations in mathematics. It follows four years R&D and is the brainchild of Professor Djuro Koruga, a renowned expert and the company’s chief scientific officer.

It takes advantage of the photoelectric effect in quantum physics and when white light is shone onto a material, (human tissue, in this case) the magnetic component of the reflected light from the tissue can determine how malignant it is.

Lancor Scientific’s Tumor Trace OMIS device weighs around 5kg and is designed to screen for multiple cancers using the same screening model. The device is designed for ease-of-operation, and results are given on-screen in near real-time (two minutes).

It’s currently CE marked for cervical cancer and runs at 90% accuracy (current technology runs at 70% accuracy). What’s more, it lowers the cost of such a scan from £30 to £5-10, making it a feasible option for developing countries.

Lancor has conducted successful trials across laboratories, including the NHS at Southend Hospital. With the use of AI, the company is aiming to push the accuracy even further. 

The AI will do this by removing biological “noise” from samples. The “noise” is the extra material which can affect the accuracy of the sample such as mucus etc.

The end goal is for cancer screening to be available to everyone, everywhere,” said Aamir Butt, CEO of Lancor Scientific.

Out-of-pocket healthcare costs are skyrocketing each year, forcing people across America to make difficult decisions about their health and money. Once 5 percent of U.S. GDP, healthcare has skyrocketed to 17.9 percent in the last 60 years.

At $3.3 trillion, healthcare is now one of America’s biggest industries, growing at rates higher than the average annual income. As a way to combat rising costs, employers have increasingly turned to high deductible health plans (HDHP), as a way of “sharing” costs with employees. In fact, more than 9 in 10 employers expect to offer high deductible health plans in 2019.

Lively co-founders Shobin Uralil and Alex Cryiac know the personal impact of sacrificing physical health for financial health. After Shobin and his wife had their first child in 2015, they started to incur significant unexpected healthcare costs despite having quality insurance.

For Alex, his mom stopped taking one of her medications because the co-pays had increased by $100/month and she felt it was too expensive to afford – it turned out his parents were spending $150 here, $200 there, etc. even though they were on Medicare.

Shobin and Alex started researching and were shocked to discover that in retirement, the average couple will spend $275,000 in out-of-pocket medical expenses – on top of Medicare. They knew their parents weren’t prepared for that, and neither were they.

They started looking for a health product that offered flexibility and long-term dependability and found Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), which act as portable, investable retirement funds for anyone with a high deductible health plan.

Yet the existing HSA providers had clunky, outdated, or expensive products. In fact, certain providers make it difficult to get money out when a patient needs it most, and nickel and dime their customers with hidden fees.

All of this came together to ultimately create Lively, a modern HSA provider that puts consumers first. Lively was born from Alex and Shobin’s very real, very human experiences, with the hope of providing better saving opportunities to individuals and families all over the U.S.

HSAs have been around for a long time, but Lively has built a contemporary, intuitive product around the consumer and their spending, saving, and investing needs.

Lively not only automates the manual and tedious tasks for employers but is also the only no-fee HSA on the market. Lively cuts out the nickel and diming of more established firms put the individual in charge of their healthcare costs and allows more Americans with high deductible health plans to harness the financial opportunity offered by HSAs now and into their retirement.

Five Microns

Conrad Kimball-Conrad Kimball

Conrad Kimball
Director of Sales & Marketing at Five Microns

For someone who can’t hold a cup of coffee without spilling due to hand tremor, Five Microns’ wearable anti-tremor device is a life-changer.

Five Microns is an assistive device company out of Central California that uses energy absorption technology— normally used to stabilize bridges and tall buildings — to reduce the shaking in hands. User trials of the patent-pending device show tremor reduction up to 85%.

The device doesn’t require electricity and simply straps onto the wearer’s forearm like a wrist brace. This non-invasive technology could be especially crucial for a large number of people with Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor who don’t get good results from medication or qualify for surgical treatment.

Founder Leo Nguyen worked on vibration control for hybrid vehicles and the design of leg prosthetics before founding Five Microns in 2017. He is currently a mechanical engineering professor at California State University, Fresno. The anti-tremor device is scheduled to hit the market in 2019.


STDAware-Michael Dubendris

Michael Dubendris

First American Service Group, Inc., the umbrella corporation for STDAware, has designed a digital health platform that puts the individual in control of how and when sexual health concerns are addressed.

I saw that there was a real opportunity to serve a large population of individuals who could not or would not be able to address their sexual health needs for a variety of reasons,” said Michael Dubendris, founder and CEO of STDAware.

With the recent changes in overall healthcare as well as the title-x restrictions, STDAware addresses a real and growing need for a “no-hassle” solution for sexual health screening services.

The STDAware digital health platform is a self-service healthcare model and allows individuals to decide when and how they are tested for STDs. The ability to control the “how” and “when” of STD testing addresses the main prohibiting factors for a huge populous, such as those who have multiple jobs and cannot, otherwise, afford to take time off.

The benefit of the self-service health care model also extends to a large majority of individuals who do not feel comfortable visiting a doctor’s office for sexual health care, including disabled people, trans people, and sex workers.

Additionally, young people who may be insured under a parental policy but do not want their medical information to appear on their parents’ billing have the ability to defend their sexual health and maintain their independence and privacy under this type of service.

With over half of the STD infections occurring in people between the ages of 15-24, the self-service health care model is a significant opportunity to fight the spread of disease.

STDAWare will not be the last digital health platform of its kind to enter the industry, but it is clear that First American Health, Inc., has an eye and an edge on the changing medical, economic, and political changes.

With clear plans to stay ahead of the market need and revolutionizing the self-service healthcare model that empowers individuals to dictate the terms of their health services, First American Health, Inc.., will stay at the front lines of ensuring America’s growing medical concerns are met with premium services.


Medvice-Breanna McDonald

Breanna McDonald
CCO, Medvice

Medvice is a digital health platform that offers innovative triage and teleconsultation services to patients, clinics and physicians with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI or Machine Learning) and decentralized data management technology.

Using interactive and intuitive software, clients in the waiting room can complete their complaints while waiting to see a doctor, with the aim of further improving patient flow in emergency rooms and GP stations.

In addition, Medvice offers a smart device application for users to get personalized medical advice from healthcare professionals from home or on the go, using text and audio-visual communication.

The medical data produced during each consultation is stored in a decentralized Personal Medical Record (a type of Electronic Health Record) that can only be opened by the client and can only be viewed by third parties when permission is granted.

With the use of decentralized technology, EHR data storage is kept safer than through conventional storage methods. If granted permission, medical data wiped of personal identifiers is then used to train the AI to conduct more accurate triaging and better serve Medvice users.

Medvice is currently based out of the Netherlands, where it is being incubated by the Rockstart Artificial Intelligence Accelerator Program. After meeting stringent medical and legal standards, the company has plans to expand globally.


Intake - Brian Bender

Brian Bender, PhD
Co-founder of Intake

Intake is developing a wireless biosensor system capable of analyzing urine samples right from your home toilet. Intake’s first consumer wellness product quantifies metabolites that correlate to what you’ve been eating, so you can easily and instantly track your nutritional intake for guiding personalized dietary recommendations.

These sensors analyze real biological samples, so the accuracy of dietary intake tracking surpasses that of dietary recalls, food frequency surveys, and even digital food journals.

And because you don’t need to collect samples and one quick dip of the sensor provides an entire day’s worth of dietary intake data, the process is faster and easier than logging food records, snapping photos, or scanning barcodes.

As a major contributing risk factor for most of the chronic diseases plaguing healthcare today, our diets have become the single greatest disease risk factor we in the U.S. face in our lives.

Preventative healthcare solutions must improve. For those of you looking to be one of the first to try Intake’s new technology, you can head over to their website to join their pre-order notification mailing list today.


IncludeHealth-Ryan Eder

Ryan Eder

IncludeHealth is the brainchild of Ryan Eder who noticed a man in a wheelchair at the gym trying to work out and knew there was a better way.

Based in Cincinnati and recognized by more than two dozen innovation and health awards, IncludeHealth is implementing its equipment and cloud platform at hospitals and health-related organizations across the Country, to deliver exercise as medicine.

The Include Platform pairs HIPAA compliant cloud software with its strength building equipment to offer outcomes-based data collection, digital connectivity and outcomes related to orthopedics, neuroscience, pediatrics, senior care, and other wellness areas.

IncludeHealth is currently working with Mercy Health, the VA of Ohio, Dayton Children’s Hospital, Health Partners Neuroscience Center, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, and Christian Village.


MedPilot-Matt Buder Shapiro

Matt Buder Shapiro
Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

MedPilot set out to disrupt the patient billing experience. Why? Because everyone hates paying their medical bills, and healthcare providers need those bills to be paid in order to run their businesses. We founded MedPilot to help individuals better understand and resolve their medical bills, and have already assisted over 350,000 patients.

So how does it work? Our engagement platform personalizes outreach depending on who the patient is and then uses machine learning to optimize based on the person’s interactions. Medical bills are confusing, so we make sure to track who needs additional support, so patients get the help they need faster.

MedPilot currently manages over $2 billion of patient balances from our customers and is backed by TechStars, Cedars-Sinai and Hudson River Capital.



Laura D. Jackson

I wanted to recommend iFALLCEPT, a new, comprehensive home fall prevention iOS app designed for seniors, their families, caregivers, and healthcare organizations.

Launched in the summer of 2018, the app helps users determine an individual’s fall risk classification and analyzes his/her home using a 500-point safety checklist to determine areas that have a high fall risk. This analysis also provides recommendations (that are easy to download) to make these areas safer..

The app was founded by a mother and daughter team and prior to this the mother, Laura D. Jackson, created and managed a thriving home health agency for nearly 20 years.

As a mature adult herself now, Laura took her experience in the senior care industry and applied it to the app, along with what she had learned anecdotally through friends, family, and such who have had similar issues with falls or knew people who had. Upon further research, she found that these stats from the CDC only confirmed what she suspected about this issue nationally:

In 2015, insurance covered 50 BILLION dollars due to Senior falls (most being Medicare)

  • 80% of falls happen in the home
  • 50% have been identified as extrinsic (which means not a physical impairment, but actually the home itself)
  • One senior dies every 20 minutes, a stat that is actually on the rise
  • If you are a woman between the ages of 60 and 69 and fall and break your hip, you are 5x more likely to DIE within a year than your peers (as women are more likely to be fall victims than men)


GoBe2-Artem Shypitsin

Atrem Shypitsin

Recommended by: Andrew Mind
PR manager | Healbe Corp.

GoBe2 is not a general-purpose fitness tracker. At Healbe we believe that how you eat, sleep and feel makes you who you are.

GoBe2 can give you deeper insight into the quality, quantity, frequency, and duration of your nutrition, rest, stress and more.

GoBe2 helps you understand what is going on in your body and mind. It is the only wearable device in the world that tracks calorie intake, hydration, sleep, and stress 24/7.

Atom Compression Wear

Submitted by: Donna Roberts
Marketing Team, Atom Compression Wear

Unfortunately, compression wear usage as a preventative health and wellness choice for everyday living is not as commonplace as it should be, most likely due to compression wear being seen as not stylish or comfortable, most often made from irritating synthetic materials.

Atom Compression Wear spent two years consulting with medical professionals and medical hosiery manufacturers testing innovative knitting techniques along with technological fibers and natural fibers which culminated in the global first patent-pending range of compression socks and calf sleeves made from Lanati Milk Yarn (yes, milk!).

By providing comfort focused, stylish and eco-friendly products Atom Compression Wear aims to rectify the shortcomings of compression clothing. Most importantly every product is medical grade compression, designed to help your body heal while increasing everyday performance.


Recommended by: Peter White
HCPC accredited biomedical scientist & healthcare designer writing on behalf of Qured

Qured is a service that effectively acts a traveling private clinic, allowing anybody to get seen by a Doctor or Physiotherapist in the comfort of their own home. Available online or through an app, all a person needs to do is enter their address and they’ll be seen within two hours.

Most of the Doctors employed by Qured are NHS hospital doctors who use Qured as a platform to carry out work outside of their shifts, allowing them the flexibility to work when they want. Qured can also provide Doctors to workplaces and hotels, addressing the unfortunate reality that many people are simply too busy to see a doctor in the working week.

It already covers greater London and there are plans to expand in the future. There are monthly plans and one-off appointment options, all of which are affordable to most people (£90 for a one-off Doctors appointment).

The fact that patients can now bring the Doctors to them, undercutting lengthly appointment queues, is a huge change in the healthcare market as is the ability to get seen out of hours almost instantly.

They’ve found that parents with babies and young children are particularly quick to jump on board as they want the reassurance of a real doctor without the risk and stress of traveling to a clinic or hospital. It’s already been compared as ‘the deliveroo of healthcare’ – watch this space.

Brett Innovation™

Founder: Ellen Brett

Recommended by: Chrissy Bernal
Author | Speaker | Trainer | Consultant

I highly suggest Brett Innovation. Their new website isn’t up yet, but here is some info about them from their About page.

Brett Innovation™ equips health care providers with the launch strategies, branding consistencies and operational efficiencies to position the company as a leader in this evolving, value-driven and patient-centered market.

As a strategic, operational, communications and marketing pioneer in the ever-changing healthcare landscape, Brett Innovation™ brings you an outside perspective that is free from inherent organizational biases and is rooted in decades of skills, experience and results employing patient-centered, value-based methodologies.

It combines its deep understanding of external marketplace shifts with its broad expertise in driving breakthrough results within complex organizations (real-world practitioners) to deliver the necessary alignment of both internal and external operations, knowledge and goals, and will simplify your frameworks, tools, and methodologies.

With hands-on knowledge of the external marketplace, as well as comprehensive immersion in the internal operations, execution and application of systems and processes required to interconnect multiple units and divisions within a company, Brett Innovation™ pushes past a basic “best practices” approach and offers forward-thinking methods that truly set your organization up for success in the most efficient way.

Working with Brett Innovation™ affords you the ability to use the insights and talents of a custom-assembled team of experts that best suits your company’s specific needs, goals, and vision.


RJ Pole

The average hearing aid battery lasts just a few days, and many hearing aid users don’t have the means to drive out to the store when they run out. Imagine you’re sitting in your nursing home, and all of a sudden your last hearing aid battery runs out.

What do you do? Because senior living centers don’t replenish their residents’ batteries, you would have to call your family and try your best to communicate to them that they need to pick up more batteries for you. Unfortunately, sometimes this takes days or even weeks that you would have to live in silence.

This scenario is far too common in the over 50,000 senior living centers across the country. Our company, hearOclub, is putting an end to this problem. We are a subscription based hearing aid battery company (think Dollar Shave Club) and we offer our members a constant supply dropped at their door of high-quality DieHard hearing aid batteries.

We offer every type of hearing aid battery on the market at an affordable price. We also offer FREE SHIPPING to all of our members.

We know how quickly people burn through their batteries, and how it can turn into a burden on family members who always have to run out to the store to replenish their loved ones’ batteries.

More importantly, we know how scary it can be to run out of hearing aid batteries and have to sit in silence until someone can provide for you. We are making it our mission to solve this problem by offering our services to hearing-impaired people all over the country.


Actijoy-Jana Rosenfelder

Jana Rosenfelder
COO & Founder

Actijoy is the culmination of a group of dog-obsessed entrepreneurs getting together to create an amazing, unique health care system designed specifically to help take some of the stress out of dog ownership, as well as improve the general health of dogs.

The system includes an activity tracker, but it differs from other similar products in that this tracker also connects via Bluetooth to a pair of smart bowls that constantly monitor the amount of food and water consumed.

All this information is then sent to an easy-to-use smartphone app that lets you know whether your dog is getting enough exercise, or eating too much, or drinking too little.

According to this data, the system can spot if there’s something wrong with your dog and is even able to prevent a number of diseases before they actually occur, such as diabetes and obesity.

Because of the way the Actijoy system works, it can not only actually help dogs to live for up to two years longer, but can also cut down on the costs of going to a veterinarian. It truly is a unique system with one goal – to help dogs to live happier, healthier, longer lives.

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