20 Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday

Are you running out of ideas on how to celebrate your upcoming birthday? Or maybe you’re planning on surprising your significant other?

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Let’s have a look at these ideas:

Eileen Roth


Your Organizing Tour Guide | Founder, Everything in its Place | Author, “Organizing For Dummies

Do something special

I have a big birthday coming up. We are having a girls’ afternoon tea – just my daughters and me – at a tea restaurant on Friday without the guys, fancy hats, country tea type restaurant décor.

On Friday night, we are having a steak dinner – my favorite food with my close friends and family to celebrate. Then by Saturday morning, we are doing yoga at a “farm” restaurant and then having lunch there – daughters/husbands, grandkids, and us. Lastly, by Saturday night, there is a “lantern festival” here in Phoenix AZ.

That’s my birthday weekend coming up in 3 weeks. You might also want to substitute goat yoga for regular yoga.

Past ideas

  • There was a year when we did a spa day just for mom and the daughters – massage, facial and swimming at a major hotel spa.
  • For another big birthday, I took the immediate family to Disneyworld – kids and grandkids.  I don’t recommend this for anyone under 5.
  • For my husband’s big birthday, we took a train ride with family, had lunch on the train, scenic trip – Grand Canyon Railway.

Other ideas

  • Japanese steak house where they cook on the tables right in front of you.  Cooks put on a fancy cooking show.
  • Weekend getaway to a fancy hotel.
  • A week-long trip to Hawaii or some exotic location.
  • Go to a water park or wave pool with kids and grandkids.
  • Do a weekend getaway at a hotel – preferably not in your hometown, but possible.
  • Spend for a luxurious hotel package.
  • Ski trip.
  • Beach trip – i.e. Florida.
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Allen Klein, MA, CSP


Author of “The Healing Power of Humor,” and, “Secrets Kids Know” | World’s only Jollytologist® | Speaker | TED Presenter

I believe in creating memories on my milestone birthdays

One year I asked friends to meet me at the front gate of Disneyland. I would pay their entry fee if they did. Not many of my friends took me up on the offer, but for those who did, we had a grand memorable time.

Another time, this one for my 75th birthday, I gave a disco party to celebrate the music of the seventies. I rented a nightclub that was complete with a mirror ball and a brass pole for pole-dancing. I also hired a DJ to spin lots of disco music.

But perhaps one the best birthdays of all was my 65th. I invited 65 people to attend a Mad Hatter Tea party at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco. The ballroom was lined with green hedges, one long table was decorated with pink flamingos, and a bunch of high school students dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland interacted with the guests.

Best of all, the hotel provided a huge ornate chair at the end of the table for me to oversee the high tea.

Jessica Armstrong

Jessica Armstrong

Partnerships and PR Manager at Glamping Hub

Be surrounded by the great outdoors

What better a way to spend your birthday than being surrounded by the great outdoors?

With over 100,000 glamping sites across the globe to choose from, it’s time to pick an outdoor adventure for your next birthday getaway. Whether you are looking for a beach-side fiesta with some of your closest friends in a bungalow or a romantic celebration for you and your special someone in a treehouse in the woods, there are over 27 different types of glamping sites to choose from, including tree houses, tipis, igloos, tents, yurts, and more.

If you are looking to add some fun and thrilling activities, or something a little more on the relaxing side, no problem, because glamping offers it all.

Start your special day with a mimosa and brunch from the comfort of a retreat with a gorgeous view, to then spend your day exploring nature by hiking, zip-lining, or biking, and call it a night with a massage under the stars. This sounds like a pretty epic day!

Whatever you are looking for in a one-of-a-kind birthday, spent with friends, family, a special someone, or even on a solo adventure, ring in your new year of life on a glamping getaway.

Caleb Backe

Caleb Backe

Health & Wellness Expert for Maple Holistics

Explore a new place

It’s common on your birthday to go to a favorite place, but you should try something different this year. Go somewhere you’ve never been and explore.

You can even pick a few random places around your city that are screaming to be explored. Bring along your best friends who will have just as much fun as you. Wear comfortable shoes because you don’t know where the day will take you.

Dessert Hopping

If your birthday comes and you have no plans, then get some friends together and go dessert hopping. Stop at every restaurant and order the best dessert on the menu.

Sure, you’ll probably feel sick by the end of the night, but everyone knows you don’t gain weight on your birthday. It will be a great way for you to find your new favorite dessert with your besties by your side.

Hana Nobel

Hana Nobel

Director of Marketing & Culinary Guide, Avital Tours

Host a unique birthday meal

Everyone loves a good birthday meal, but this idea adds a little extra without extra work. Ditch the awkward bill splitting, planning around everyone’s dietary needs, and same old, same old.

Host a unique birthday meal without the hassle of planning. Book a progressive culinary experience with a food tour company and you’ll get to learn, taste, and celebrate.

At Avital Tours, you’ll experience four courses at four different restaurants. Your food tour guide will take you and your birthday crew around New York City, Los Angeles, or San Francisco on an eating adventure.

Decide on your group size, from 8 to 30 guests, and your guide will take care of the rest. After that, your job is to show up, eat, drink, and enjoy while meeting some of the chefs and owners the best restaurants in each city. If you’re interested in booze more than food, a cocktail tour is a great start to a big night out.

Antonia Timpany

Antonia Timpany

Owner, Timpanys

Try “The Crystal Maze”

The most fun birthday I had was getting a group of friends together to do The Crystal Maze!

Phones have to be left in lockers which is key as everyone is ‘in the moment’. There’s something for the sporty people (physical and agility tasks) and the geeks (mental & skill). You can create teams of 8 people (if there was a big group you could get a few teams together!). Everyone runs around like kids for a couple of hours – just good old fashioned fun!

Meghan Stevenson

Road Runners Club of America Certified Running Coach | Founder, Your Best Run

Run your first marathon

On my 30th birthday (in 2011), I decided to run my first half-marathon. I was living in New York City at the time but signed up for a race in Wisconsin which is a few hours away from where I grew up and where my family still lives.

That race was my first half, and I ran way too fast at the start (a common mistake for many runners). I also was used to running NYRR races in the city which are huge (thousands) and this race was small (hundreds). But my friends and family came out and cheered me on with signs. They pointed out to all the other spectators and runners that it was my birthday and I got a ton of high-fives and congrats and support that I needed when I faded in the later miles. I did finish and felt hugely accomplished for having run so far.

Afterward, a friend from college and I drove back to my hometown where we went to a dive bar, blasted the jukebox and drank Moscow Mules. I’ve never forgotten that birthday.

Today, I’ve run four marathons, countless half-marathons and have become a run coach helping other people to enjoy their races the way I did. I’m an entrepreneur who lives in San Francisco.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enjoy my birthday?

Making your birthday enjoyable and memorable is all about doing things that bring you joy and make you feel special. Here are a few tips:

• Surround yourself with loved ones.
• Indulge in your favorite treats.
• Do something that challenges you and pushes you out of your comfort zone.
• Reflect on the past year and set goals for the year ahead.
• Create new traditions and memories that you’ll look back on fondly.

How can I celebrate my birthday without spending a lot of money?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a great birthday celebration. Here are a few budget-friendly ideas:

• Have a potluck dinner with friends.
• Take a scenic hike or picnic in the park.
• Have a game night with friends and family.
• Volunteer at a local organization or charity.
• Have a DIY spa day at home.

How can I celebrate my birthday alone?

Celebrating your birthday alone can be a chance to reflect and focus on self-care. Here are a few ideas for solo birthday celebrations:

• Treat yourself to a fancy dinner or your favorite food.
• Spend the day doing activities that bring you joy, like reading, painting, or hiking.
• Plan a self-care day with a spa treatment, bubble bath, or massage.
• Reflect on the past year and set intentions for the year ahead.
• Watch your favorite movies or binge-watch a new show.

What are some birthday gift ideas for someone who has everything?

If you’re stumped on what to get someone who has everything, consider these unique gift ideas:

• A donation to a charity in their name.
• A personalized cooking or cocktail class.
• An adventure experience, like a hot air balloon ride or skydiving.
• A custom piece of artwork or photography.
• A luxurious spa day or weekend getaway.

What are some fun birthday party ideas for kids?

Planning a birthday party for kids can be a fun and creative experience. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

• A themed party, like a superhero or princess party
• A backyard barbecue or pool party
• A craft or baking party
• A scavenger hunt or treasure hunt
• A sleepover party with friends

What are some ways to make a birthday special for someone else?

Making someone else’s birthday special can be a thoughtful way to show them how much they mean to you. Here are a few ideas:

• Plan a surprise party for them.
• Write a heartfelt letter or card.
• Cook them their favorite meal.
• Give them a thoughtful and unique gift.
• Take them on a special outing, like a concert or a trip to their favorite museum.

What are common birthday traditions?

What are common birthday traditions?
Birthdays are a time for celebration and marking the passage of another year in a person’s life. Here are some of the most common birthday traditions:

Blowing out candles on a birthday cake: Symbolizes making a wish, and blowing out the candles represents letting go of the past year and making a fresh start.

Gift giving: This is a way to show the birthday person they are loved and appreciated.

Birthday parties: A gathering of friends and family to celebrate the birthday person and have some fun.

Singing “Happy Birthday”: This tradition is a timeless classic and a staple at birthday parties.

Age-related traditions: These can vary depending on the culture and may include special celebrations for milestones like turning 16, 21, or 30.

Surprises: Many people love to plan surprises for their loved ones on their birthdays, such as a special outing or a scavenger hunt.

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