How to Become a Food Critic

A career as a food critic may be an excellent choice for people who want to turn their love for food into a profession.

So, how does one become a food critic? Let’s find out:

Brenda Sickles

Brenda Sickles

Trader Joe’s Food Critic and Blogger, BecomeBetty

If someone is thinking about becoming a food critic, I would advise them to get started today

Like so many people, I had some time on my hands and I decided to start a blog. I grew Become Betty from a tiny blog to one that has been getting over 120,000+ page views monthly for the past year.

And yes, that means my site does generate between $1500-2000 income. This has grown from more than a hobby and into a part-time job. I’m not sponsored or affiliated with them so all opinions and thoughts remain my own.

When I started the blog in 2016, I was recovering from injuries on both ankles and my mobility was limited. Despite not being able to move around well or stand for very long I started writing about what I was eating. And what I was eating was oftentimes items that can be prepared in the microwave.

I started shopping at Trader Joe’s because it was only 5 aisles. So naturally, I started writing about that. It didn’t take long before I realized there was an audience who craved information.

Either they wanted consumer information in the form of buying recommendations from someone who actually tried it, allergy information, or to see if an item fits into a particular diet.

While having your own site is always best, if someone is inspired to become a food critic, get started, use what you have to make it work, and learn.

While social media isn’t going anywhere, the mediums have changed. Since 2016, we’ve seen the demise of Vine, StumbleUpon and the rise of stories on Instagram.

But also, we live in a world of Google where people who are successful at being a food critic can be found. Some do openly share the stories of their success. Often times, if you reach out to people you admire, they’ll share some insight and answer some questions you might have.

So start right away, but take the time to learn about all your options for getting out there.

Remember that you don’t own your social media profile and you’ll want a page to call your own. Figure out who your audience is, how it can help and serve others.

Since 2016, I’ve written more than 1000 individual product reviews. You genuinely have to love the niche you are working in to keep going week after week.

Luisa Ruocco

Luisa Ruocco

Social Media Food Influencer

Start with your own social media account

I didn’t become a food critic in a traditional route, but I think these days it’s becoming increasingly common to open a career path for yourself through social media.

If you are passionate about a topic, such as food, and you are eating out most nights and reviewing restaurants you visit on your social media page, you will start getting organic local followers who want to know where to eat.

I know for sure that Instagram is my first port of call when deciding where to eat out. And from that you can either decide to grow your page and do all your restaurant reviews on there (there are many examples of influencers who have done this) or do what I did and mix it up with reviews for a more traditional media outlet!

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