How to Cope With Friends Moving Away (60+ Ways & Examples)

Losing your friend to another city or country is never easy. Suddenly, all those coffee dates, movie nights, and unplanned adventures become treasured memories. But who said distance means the end of a friendship?

In today’s world of connectivity, keeping the friendship spark alive is just a click away! This guide is all about creative and easy ways to cope with friends moving away. It’s about turning miles into smiles, bridging gaps, and keeping that friendship bond strong and resilient.

Table of Contents

Communication and Regular Contact

1. Maintain Open Communication

You can keep your bond strong through regular contact. With modern technology, staying in touch is easier than ever. You can call, video chat, or even send quick messages to check on each other.

Here are some simple tips:

• Try to communicate at least once a week, even if it's just a quick hello.
• If your friend is in a different timezone, agree on a time that works for both of you.

And don’t forget, a simple text saying, “I miss you!” can mean the world to your friend.

2. Utilize Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for staying connected. You can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to keep each other updated on your lives.


• Tag each other in posts that remind you of shared experiences or inside jokes.
• Share photos or videos of your day-to-day life to help each other feel included in the small moments.

3. Send Letters or Emails

While digital communication is convenient, nothing beats the charm of a handwritten letter or a carefully crafted email. They can be deeply personal and express feelings more sincerely. Writing a letter can also be therapeutic, and receiving one can be incredibly heartwarming.

Tip: Include some photos or small mementos from your life.

4. Regularly Update Each Other

Consistency is key when maintaining a long-distance friendship. Having a regular schedule for phone or video calls can help keep the friendship strong.

  • You could have a weekly video chat or a monthly catch-up call.
  • Be flexible and understanding if your friend needs to reschedule.

Mutual Activities

5. Work on Mutual Goals

Working towards a common goal can keep your friendship engaging and exciting. It could be a wellness challenge, reading a book series, or even a virtual project. You can motivate each other to achieve your goals and celebrate together when you do.

Fun fact: Achieving goals together can strengthen your bond, and studies show that shared experiences can bring people closer.

6. Take Virtual Tours

Even though your friend has moved away, you can still explore places together. Virtual tours are an excellent way to travel together from the comfort of your own homes.

Tip: You could explore museums, landmarks, or even theme parks and discuss what you liked or learned during the tour.

7. Participate in Webinars

Webinars are an excellent way to learn something new together. You can find a webinar on a topic you both find interesting and attend it together.

Webinars can broaden your perspective and give you new topics to discuss, keeping the friendship fresh and exciting.

8. Learn Music Together

If you both have an interest in music, why not start learning a musical instrument together? You can motivate each other and practice together.


• Choose an instrument that both of you are interested in and start taking online lessons.
• Share your progress and have mini jam sessions over video calls.

9. Engage in Language Learning

If your friend has moved to a different country, learning their new language can be a fun and practical way to connect.

  • Use language learning apps or enroll in an online course together.
  • Practice speaking the new language during your calls or chats.

This could not only help you stay connected but also opens up a new cultural perspective for you.

10. Create a Bucket List

Having a joint bucket list can keep the excitement alive in your friendship. It’s a list of things you both want to do together in the future.

  • This could include places you want to visit, foods you want to try, or experiences you want to share.
  • You can check off items together, creating new shared memories.

11. Cook the Same Dish

You can bring the fun of cooking together into your long-distance friendship. Decide on a recipe, set a date, and start cooking together over a video call. This can be a fun way to learn new recipes and share a virtual meal. You can also discuss the taste and share your cooking experiences.

12. Swap Books

Books can take you on a journey of imagination, and sharing this journey with your friend can bring you closer. Choose a book from your collection that you think your friend will enjoy, and ask them to do the same.

Tip: Once you've both finished reading, plan a virtual book club session to discuss your thoughts. It not only keeps your friendship vibrant but also deepens your understanding of literature.

13. Do Charity Work or Community Services

Engaging in charity work or community services can be a rewarding way to maintain your friendship. This activity can help you bond over shared values and contribute to a greater cause.

For example: You and your friend can sign up for online volunteering opportunities. There are numerous organizations that provide such opportunities, ranging from tutoring children in need to supporting environmental projects.

14. Share Music Playlists

Create weekly playlists featuring your favorite tunes and share them with your friend. You could discover new music through each other’s playlists, and it’s a great conversation starter too.

Did you know? Music triggers the same feel-good chemicals in the brain as food and exercise — so sharing your favorite tracks could actually help lift each other's spirits. (source)

Physical Tokens and Surprise Gestures

15. Send Little Gifts

Sending thoughtful gifts can be a delightful way to show your friend that you care. The gifts don’t have to be expensive; it’s the thought that counts.

  • You could send a book, a handmade item, or even a postcard.
  • Don’t forget to add a personal note telling your friend how much they mean to you.

16. Simultaneously Shop Online

Online shopping can be a fun activity to do together. You can help each other pick out clothes, accessories, or anything else you need.


• You could set a budget and challenge each other to find the best items within that range.
• Share your screens and make it feel like a real shopping trip.

Not only can you both get some new things, but you’ll also get the experience of shopping together.

Personal and Mental Well-being

17. Acknowledge Your Feelings

It’s normal to feel sad when your friend moves away. Acknowledge these feelings and understand that they’re a part of the process. It’s also important to support each other during this transition period.

Fact: Studies show that acknowledging and accepting your feelings can promote emotional well-being.

18. Consider Counseling

It’s okay to seek help when a friend’s move away feels tough to handle. A counselor or therapist can offer tools and strategies to help you navigate through your feelings. This doesn’t mean you’re weak; it just means you’re human.

19. Understand You’re Both Adjusting to Change

When your friend moves away, it’s not just you who’s adjusting; your friend is too. Recognizing this can help create patience and empathy in your friendship. It’s a chance for both of you to grow and adapt together, even if you’re miles apart.

As the saying goes,

“The only constant in life is change.”

20. Work Towards Personal Goals Together

Just because you and your friend live far apart doesn’t mean you can’t share your goals. Maybe you both want to get fitter, learn a new language, or read more books. Sharing these goals and working on them together can make the journey more enjoyable.

Plus, it’s a wonderful way to stay connected and support each other along the way.

21. Take an Emotional Health Check-In

Keeping tabs on each other’s feelings is a great way to feel close when you’re far apart. Make it a habit to ask each other about how you’re feeling and what’s going on in your lives. This kind of check-in can help both of you feel understood and valued.

Did you know that regularly checking in on each other's emotional health can significantly improve the quality of your relationship? 

According to a study published in the "Journal of Social and Personal Relationships," conversations about emotions with friends can promote better understanding, empathy, and closeness.

Keeping the Old while Embracing the New

22. Visit Each Other Occasionally

Even though your friend has moved away, it doesn’t mean that you can’t visit each other. You can plan visits to create new memories and reconnect. Here are a few things to remember:


• Start by discussing when and where you'd like to meet up.
• Make plans that align with both of your schedules.
• Visit places that both of you will enjoy.

23. Be Involved in Their Life

Show interest in your friend’s new surroundings, friends, or activities. Regularly ask about their daily routine, work, or the city they’re living in. This will not only keep you connected but also show your friend that you genuinely care and are still there for them despite the distance.

Fact: According to a study, being genuinely interested in your friend's life after they move can actually strengthen your friendship. 

24. Experience Their Culture

Experiencing your friend’s new local culture can make them feel more connected to you. Participating in your friend’s culture not only strengthens your bond but also gives you a chance to learn about new cultures and traditions.

Here are a few ways to do that:

• Participate in their local festivals or traditions virtually.
• Try making their local cuisine at home.
• Learn about the local customs and etiquette.

25. Be a Pillar of Support

When your friend moves away, they’re stepping into a world of new experiences, which might be exciting but also a bit scary. Being a pillar of support means being there for them through this transition. Listen to their concerns, share your own, and encourage each other.

It’s like saying,

“We’re in this together, even if we’re miles apart.”

26. Respect Their Decision

Understand that their choice to relocate is likely tied to important life opportunities or personal needs. While it’s natural to feel sad, remember it’s not a personal slight.

Show support, and let them know you stand by their choices and will remain a friend despite the distance.

Creative Activities and Hobbies

27. Share a Digital Diary

Keep a shared digital diary that documents your thoughts and experiences and captures moments of your day-to-day life. This shared diary can become a unique record of your friendship and keep you connected despite the distance.

Here's how you can do it:

• Choose a digital platform that works for both of you.
• Update the diary regularly with your thoughts, experiences, and photos.
• Spend some time every week reading each other's entries.

28. Schedule Virtual Workouts

Working out together, even virtually, can be a great way to stay connected with your friend. Schedule a time that suits both of you to work out over a video call. This not only helps you keep fit but also provides a chance to engage with each other in a fun and healthy way.

29. Start a Shared YouTube Channel

Why not use your shared hobby or interest as a basis for a YouTube channel? It can be a fantastic way for you two to collaborate on a fun project and stay connected.

For example: If you both love cooking, start a cooking channel where you share your unique recipes or cooking hacks.

30. Keep a Joint Online Journal or Blog

Joint journaling can be a therapeutic activity and a way to share your thoughts and experiences. This can also deepen your understanding of each other and strengthen your bond.

Tip: Platforms like WordPress or Blogger are excellent for starting your shared online journal.

31. Engage in Virtual Crafting

Crafting together can be a fun and creative way to spend time together. Plus, you’ll have a handmade keepsake to remember the session by. You can engage in a virtual crafting session while on a video call.


• Choose a craft project that both of you will enjoy.
• Gather your crafting supplies and start crafting while on a video call.
• Share your finished projects and appreciate each other's creativity.

32. Draw Each Other

Drawing each other can be a fun and creative activity. If you both enjoy doodling or drawing, try making sketches of each other. Drawing together can not only be a fun activity but also a way to appreciate each other’s creative skills.

Trivia: Drawing portraits of others can improve your observational skills.

33. Write a Story Together

Writing a story together can be a fun and creative project. You can build a story one sentence at a time or one paragraph at a time.

Fact: Collaborative storytelling can enhance creativity and improve writing skills.

34. Share Photos of Your Rooms

Share pictures of your rooms and suggest decor ideas for each other. It’s a fun way to get involved in each other’s lives, even from a distance.

For example: You can recommend a beautiful indoor plant or a wall color that might suit your friend's living room.

Fun and Leisure

35. Watch Sunrise/Sunset Together

Watching the sunrise or sunset together can be a serene and beautiful experience. If you’re in similar time zones, plan to be on a video call to watch it together. This can also provide a moment of calm in your day.

36. Follow a TV Series Together

Following a TV series together can be a fun way to spend time. Pick a series that both of you like and discuss the episodes afterward.

Fact: Netflix Party, now known as Teleparty, is a great tool that allows you to sync your show or movie with your friend and chat while watching.

37. Plan a Themed Day

Plan a day where you both do things in a specific theme. It can be a fun way to try new things together, even when you’re miles apart.

Practical Example: Have a "French Day" where you both cook a French meal, listen to French music, and maybe even try speaking some French!

38. Schedule Virtual Karaoke Nights

Music has a way of connecting people. Plan a virtual karaoke night where you both sing your hearts out and have fun.


• Choose your favorite songs and prepare your playlist.
• Schedule a time for your karaoke session.
• Sing and enjoy the music together.

39. Play Online

Playing online quizzes or trivia games can be a fun way to spend time together. This can also provide an opportunity to learn new facts and trivia.

  • Choose a quiz or game that both of you are interested in.
  • Schedule a time for your quiz session.
  • Play the game and enjoy the competition.
Fact: Trivia games can boost cognitive performance.

40. Laugh Together

Laughter is a great way to feel connected and lift your spirits. Watch funny videos or stand-up specials at the same time and have a joint laugh.

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

– Victor Borge

41. Try Virtual Escape Rooms

Participate in a virtual escape room challenge together. These games require teamwork, problem-solving skills, and communication, making them a fantastic way to bond.

Example: Many virtual escape rooms offer intricate storylines and clever puzzles that can keep you occupied for hours.

42. Virtual Pet Play Dates

If you both have pets, why not let them ‘meet‘ each other? Organize virtual play dates where your pets can see each other over video calls. It could be a fun and adorable experience, plus your pets will get some social interaction too!

Local Engagement

43. Stay Active

Staying engaged with local hobbies, work, or maintaining other friendships can be beneficial for you when a friend moves away. Keeping active locally can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and help you adapt to your friend’s absence.

Tip: Join local clubs or sports teams to make new friends and learn new skills. 

Remember, this doesn’t mean you’re replacing your friend; you’re just making room for more connections in your life.

44. Join Local Groups

Joining local groups and participating in activities can help you make new friends and keep yourself busy. It offers a chance to meet new people who share similar interests. Not only can this fill the void left by your friend’s departure, but it also gives you interesting experiences to share with them during your catch-ups.


• Look for groups that share your interests.
• Attend meetups and participate in activities.
• Make new friends and enjoy your time with them.

45. Share Family Activities

Keep your friend in the loop about the activities you do with your family. It could be a fun day at the park or a family gathering. This helps to foster inclusivity and keep the bond alive.

Tips: Use photos, videos, or live calls to share these moments with your friend.

46. Gardening at the Same Time

If both of you have gardens, arrange to do some gardening at the same time while having a chat. It’s a beautiful way to feel connected while enjoying a shared hobby. You could both decide to plant the same type of flower or vegetable and compare your progress over time.

Fact: Gardening has been found to have many benefits for mental health, including reducing stress and promoting feelings of well-being.

(Clatworthy, Hinds, & Camic, 2013)

Mutual Interests and Hobbies

47. Do Charity Work

Engaging in charity work or community services is a fantastic way to bond over shared values. Even though you’re far apart, the knowledge that you’re both helping others can bring you closer together.

Tip: Choose a cause that you both care about and find out how you can contribute from your respective locations.

48. Stargazing at the Same Time

Stargazing at the same time can be a magical and bonding experience. You can share your observations and feel connected through the vastness of the universe.

Fact: The stars you see in the sky are not located at random. They belong to groups called constellations, which move across the sky throughout the year. (source). 

So, even when far apart, you and your friend may be looking at the same stars.

49. Share Daily or Weekly Astrology Updates

If both of you are into astrology, sharing daily or weekly astrology updates for each other’s horoscope can be a fun and engaging activity. You can both subscribe to a reputable astrology site or app and share your daily horoscope readings with each other.

Tech-Oriented Activities and Collaborations

50. Share a Virtual Closet

Using apps that allow you to share your wardrobe digitally can be a fun way to stay connected. You can create outfits for each other, share fashion tips, or even hold virtual fashion shows.

Apps like Stylebook and Cladwell can help you digitalize your wardrobe.

51. Coordinate a Community Service Day Virtually

Coordinating a community service day virtually can be a fulfilling and bonding experience. You can engage in community service in your own cities and then share your experiences.

Practical Example: You could both volunteer at a local food bank on the same day and share your experiences and insights afterward.

52. Sync Your Morning Routine

Synchronizing your morning routine can help you start the day together, even if you’re miles apart. You can use a shared online calendar to schedule activities like a workout, meditation, or breakfast.


• Decide on a morning routine and schedule it on a shared online calendar.
• Do the activities together, virtually.
• Enjoy starting the day together and sharing your morning thoughts.

53. Help Each Other with Work/Projects

Keeping each other involved in your work or projects is a great way to stay connected. You can bounce ideas off each other or ask for opinions. If you’re working on a presentation, you could share your screen and ask your friend for feedback.

Example: You could schedule a weekly 'project update' call where each of you discuss what you're currently working on, any roadblocks you're facing, and seek advice or brainstorm solutions.

Keeping Each Other Informed

54. Track Your Friend’s Time Zone

Even if your friend has moved to a different time zone, it doesn’t mean you can’t communicate effectively. Stay aware of their local time to schedule calls or messages that won’t interrupt their rest or work.

This not only shows your consideration but also ensures you get their best self when you connect.

Tip: You can set an additional clock on your phone or computer for your friend's time zone.

55. Share Recipe Trials

Cooking can be a therapeutic and creative outlet. Exchanging newly tried recipes and discussing how they turned out can be a fun way to keep connected. It may even become a friendly competition to see who can make the most delicious dish.

Example: Try having a themed week, such as "Street Food Week" or "Comfort Food Week". You both can choose a recipe that fits the theme, try making it at home, and then discuss your experiences and results. 

56. Monitor Their Weather

Tracking each other’s weather is a simple yet effective way to feel connected as you stay aware of the conditions they’re living in. It shows that you care about the small details in their life, reinforcing your bond.

Fact: The weather not only affects our day-to-day activities but also our mood and emotions. Researchers call this phenomenon "Seasonal Affective Disorder" (SAD), where people tend to feel gloomy during the winter months due to lack of sunlight.

By monitoring each other’s weather, you and your friend can be more mindful and supportive of each other’s emotional states, potentially helping to combat feelings of loneliness or homesickness.

57. Visit Each Other’s Hometown Virtually

Using digital tools like Google Maps Street View, you both can walk down memory lanes, show favorite local spots, and share stories about them. This way, you’ll both gain a better understanding of each other’s backgrounds and keep the connection strong, regardless of the distance.

58. Share Local News

Share updates about what’s happening in your respective cities. It could be anything from a local event, a funny incident, or a major news story. This way, you both can feel more connected and have a sense of what’s going on in each other’s lives.

Bond Over Shared Hobbies/Interests

59. Joint Study/Reading Sessions

Schedule focused study or reading sessions online. This not only allows you to spend time together but can also make studying more enjoyable.

Tip: To make the most of these sessions, set clear start and end times, and include short breaks to chat and discuss what you've read.

60. Shared Pinterest Boards

Pinterest can be a great platform for bonding over shared interests. Create shared boards to plan and envision everything from trips and meals to house decor. It’s like a virtual vision board for your friendship.

Example: You could create a board for a dream vacation, adding images of destinations, foods to try, and sights to see.

61. Engage in Photography Challenges

Engaging in photography challenges is a great way to keep your connection strong while also honing your creative skills. Choose a theme, be it nature, architecture, or even everyday objects, and both of you take photos around this theme in your respective locations.

Trivia: Did you know that photography challenges can also contribute to mental well-being? They not only foster creativity but can also serve as a form of mindfulness, helping to reduce stress.

62. Engage in Yoga Sessions Together

By scheduling regular virtual yoga sessions together, you’ll not only be maintaining your fitness but also creating a shared experience. You can guide each other through different poses, learn from each other, and even laugh at the occasional slip-ups.

Fact: It was found that consistent yoga practice improves depression and can lead to significant increases in serotonin levels coupled with decreases in the levels of monoamine oxidase and cortisol.

Celebrate Key Milestones Virtually

63. Celebrate Anniversaries/Birthdays Together

You can create an online celebration, share cake over a video call, play games, or simply reminisce about old memories. It shows that you value and honor the relationship you have, reinforcing your bond. In these shared moments, the miles between you can feel a bit smaller.

Tip: You could create a video montage of shared memories, or each friend could record a short message expressing their best wishes.

64. Celebrate Small Wins Together

If your friend aced a work presentation, finished a difficult book, or even managed to cook a complicated recipe, take time to cheer for them. You could send a congratulatory message, have a video call to toast the moment, or even send a small gift.

Personal Growth

65. Embrace Independence

Moving away from each other is an excellent opportunity for personal growth. Take this time to discover new interests, develop new skills, and then share your experiences with your friend.

Fact: According to psychologists, interdependence can lead to healthier relationships as it fosters personal growth, self-confidence, and resilience.

Future Planning

66. Plan Meet-ups

It’s always fun to plan your next meetup, even if the date isn’t fixed yet. Talk about the new places you’ll explore, the food you’ll try, and the endless chatter you’ll engage in.

Tip: Make a list of the things you both want to do when you reunite. Not only does this build anticipation, but it also keeps you emotionally connected.

67. Discuss Future Ventures

Planning shared future ventures, whether they’re business ideas, charity programs, or trips, is another way to stay connected. If you both share a dream of starting a unique cafe or collaborating on a social cause, use this time to brainstorm and refine your plans.

Tip: Use online tools such as mind mapping apps or shared notebooks to make your joint planning sessions more efficient and collaborative.

68. Discuss Your Career Plans

Discussing your future career plans and aspirations with each other can make your relationship stronger and more personal. This not only helps in keeping you both updated about each other’s life trajectories but also opens up opportunities for giving advice, sharing insights, and supporting each other’s professional growth.

As American business magnate, Bill Gates once said,

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it typically take to adjust to a close friend moving away?

There’s no set timeline for adjustment as it varies from person to person. It’s influenced by factors like the intensity of your friendship, your personality, and your coping mechanisms. It’s important to allow yourself time and not rush the process.

Is it possible that my friend and I will grow apart after they move?

Yes, it’s possible. As life changes, so do relationships. However, growing apart doesn’t mean the end of your friendship. Friendships evolve and it’s important to accept this possibility. Maintain regular communication and understand that each of you might develop new interests and friendships.


With today’s technology and a little bit of creativity, maintaining a close bond with your friend, who’s moved away, is more than possible. Remember, the key is in adapting, growing together, and making an effort to stay connected.

Keep your heart open, as this new chapter can bring unexpected, exciting experiences.

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