What Are You Passionate About? [9 Practical Tips to Find Your Passion]

If you were a baby, opening your eyes today for the first time, you wouldn’t know that you can’t; you wouldn’t know there is such thing as failure; you wouldn’t know that you are supposed to be afraid. You would know because no one has already told you so.


Most of the things that are stopping you to live the life of your dreams are planted in your mind by others. Get them out!

Start over! It is never too late. Take back your innocence and imagination. Get Back your sense of safety, belonging and bravery.

Start over! Start like a baby making the first steps in this world. A child doesn’t know how hard is to walk and because of that, he never gives up. He tries, he stumbles, he falls and then gets up again.

How to find your passion in life

3 not so obvious questions to find out what are you passionate about:

1. If your passion would be a person, a best friend, how would that person be?

  • What do you love about it?7 question
  • What you tolerate for it?
  • What concessions do you make for it?
  • What doesn’t seem like an inconvenience to do for it?

When you love someone or something, you see no flaws, no shortcomings, no mistakes. When it happens to notice about them something that you don’t like, you have compassion, understanding and, even find excuses for your friend. Are you not?

Love makes you a solution orientated person; and something that you are, really passionate about, makes you no different.

2. What comes, naturally for you to do?

How easy can be to get up and start moving when you are fired up with anticipation and enthusiasm?

Not all the thi4-naturalngs that you know well how to do, things that you master are coming naturally to you. You can be skilled in some field that gives you no pleasure other than the satisfaction of being good at it. Right?

However, you have skills and knowledge in many other fields and the easiest way to discover what are the things that come naturally to you is:

  • You spend hours doing it, and it feels like you did it only for a few minutes
  • The exterior world disappears
  • You don’t care as much about the end result as you care to enjoy your time doing it
  • You feel compelled to share your knowledge and discoveries about it with everybody willing to listen
  • You leave it unfinished just to make sure it is an “ongoing process.”

3. What makes you feel useful?5-useful

Altruism as one of the most rewarding and positive human trait. We enjoy being useful, we enjoy sharing, we enjoy more offering gifts rather than receiving.

Because altruism is all about connection, you need to integrate your passions into life in a way that attracts more people to you, not less.


  • Who has to win?
  • Who has to lose?
  • Who is indifferent?

3 not so obvious traits of doable and worth pursuing passions

1. Emotional

Passions are like a wild horse that takes you on the ride of your life: from highs to lows, from fear to bravery, from sadness to happiness, from disappointment to satisfaction. Your passions are taking you on a journey filled with almost all the emotions you can feel in a lifetime gathered in short periods of time.

Therefore, if you don’t live your passions, perhaps you are scared of that multitude of emotions.

2. Logical

To jump with all your heart and soul into pursuing a passion you need reasons for it to exist in you in the first place:

  • Why does it exist?7-logical
  • Why this one and not others?
  • What pulls you like a magnet to it?
  • What makes it special and totally worth it?
  • How is making your life better, more complete?
  • What is its purpose in your life?

3. Timing

Did you know that many people start following their passions only after retiring but then don’t get to enjoy them as much because they don’t have the energy to do it?

Your job doesn’t have to be your passion. Your job can be the means to live it, though. Plus, a passion should not take over your life because then, you could lose the love for it; it becomes ordinary.

View your passions like the spices you spread on the broccoli to make it more sexy, more appealing and easy to chew.

Take your time, make the time and chose the right time for each one of your passions.

3 not so obvious habits of people who live life with passion

1. Celebrate life

Most people don’t care about living with passion because they don’t know, nor understand what a gift that is, how precious, how rare, how little chances they had to be here, to be alive. And to more exact, the odds of you being born were 1 in 400 trillion.

Be passionate about life. Woke up in the morning with a big smile on your face and celebrate life.

When you are doing something new, do it with care, love, and passion. Don’t get it right from the first time because that limits you. Every time you think you failed you, actually, opened up the door to new and exciting opportunities, possibilities and unexpected discoveries.

Celebrate life! Get on the wild horse and enjoy your freedom of expression and creativity.

2. Simplify things

Give yourself fewer things to decide daily because trivial daily decisions are taking too much energy and time.

One such thing, for example, is what to wear if that is not a requirement for what you are about to do.

Create more time for yourself and your passions by:

  • Rearrange your priority list
  • Get out from unhealthy relationships
  • Be open to change
  • Collaborate with other people
  • Learn how to communicate effectively and efficient
  • Change /stop negative addictive activities
  • Have a plan step by step to avoid procrastinating and feel overwhelmed

3. Take a bit of time to be the outsider

11-the-outsiderAdversity and prejudice from other people can rekindle the life in your passions. Fear not being different, fear not being excluded or left out, fear not making mistakes. Get courageous, get excited, get emotional.

Imagine what will be like if/when you feel every day as a blessing, a new opportunity to excel at being YOU, a new chance to prove to yourself and others how much more you can achieve.

Now, is there a difference between living life passionately and living your passions?6-emotional

Yes, there is, yet, they are not excluding each other.

Living life passionately means to love life and be grateful for this amazing gift you have received. It means to search and notice the good part of everything and everybody. It means to spend your love, time and energy on things and people that worth them and deserve a place in your life. It means to value life more than anything else.

Living your passions means to get involved in doing things that you love doing. It means to do something for no other reasons than your personal satisfaction and pleasure.

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