How to Improve Yourself Everyday (7 Ways Infographic)

In this article, you’ll discover how to improve yourself everyday so that you can lead the life you desire.

7 Ways to Improve Yourself Every Day

Your life is like a tree: starts from a seed then grows roots, then raises above the ground. With each season, the tree grows taller and taller, bearing fruits and then stagnates for a while only to pick things up again in spring.

Personal growth and self-improvement are the natural progression of things because those who refuse change get stuck in a perpetual winter.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain

Life doesn’t wait for you to start moving, it happens even when you stay still.

Thus, start moving. Learn how to improve yourself and create the life of your dreams by allowing yourself to live, enjoy, and appreciate all the seasons you go through.

Here you have 7 steps on how to improve yourself everyday and grow as a person:

1. Accept yourself as you are

If you dream to fly, start from the ground level.

Free your wings and prepare your ground level; which means knowing who you are, accepting and loving yourself as you are. That is the point where you should start because (you see?), how you are and who you are today is enough to create your brilliant tomorrow.

Accept and love yourself as you are: body, soul, and mind. You are the center of a universe, your universe. Can you imagine planet Saturn saying: “Oh, I’m too brown-yellowish, stern and no one wants to live with me. My rings are frozen, and my moons are too many to have all names; not to mention that I’m full of gas”!?

If Saturn had consciousness, I bet, it would describe itself as a wonderful and majestic planet. Do the same! You count, you are valuable, you deserve, you are unique and precious. Know that! And give yourself the best chance to lead the life of your dreams.

2. Never stop learning

As a child, adults prevented you from using your curiosity and learn the things you wanted. Today, as an adult, you are free again; you are as free as you’ve been the day you were born; free to learn, discover, master, and study.

Gain knowledge and understanding about those things you are passionate and love doing.

Learning doesn’t stop when you finish school but, actually starts there.

You don’t necessarily have to be original on how to improve yourself; get inspired from the top personal growth books and courses that others prepared for you. Struggle less, spend less time and energy, but have great results.

3. Improve your confidence

“Just believe in yourself!”

“Believe what? When? In what circumstances? How? What evidence do I have to believe? Who says so?” I guess you are a bit dizzy by now from all those questions, as dizzy as that statement can make you.

Confidence is a state of mind that comes and goes depending on all sort of factors and variables. However, let’s give meaning to “Just believe in yourself!” to elucidate the mystery and make it useful.

Yes, believe in yourself! Believe that, as you’ve done in the past, you can conquer, overcome, crossover, deal with and face whatever life throws at you. Believe that you can, and you always find your way.

The evidence is in your past. You have encountered hardship, disappointment, failure, sadness, loss, plus some; but you are still here! You made it; you came out of it victorious! That is your evidence that you can trust and believe in yourself.

Whatever you want to accomplish in life is not conditioned by how much or how little you believe in your skills, abilities, and knowledge. The only thing that can put boundaries on your dreams is your willingness to start moving towards what you want. When a baby starts walking, doesn’t have steady feet, perfect balance, nor the exact knowledge of how to do it. He/she crawls at first and then, stands up, falls back, then up again, one step, falls again, up again, two steps and so on.

That means to have confidence: start moving, and whatever you lack in at the beginning, you learn along the way.

4. Use your past experiences

The past is your best teacher. Is it not?

Your intuition is developed and improved by your experiences. Your unconscious mind stores, analyzes, gives a meaning and files every bit of information you ever receive. And when the time comes, in a split second, brings to your awareness the “file” you need.

An unfortunate event from the past is now an emergency file to use as an example of how to or not to move forward.

5. Build long-lasting relationships, stay connected

You don’t live in a vacuum or a bubble where nothing ever happens; you face all kind of situations and events, have some limitations and obstacles to cross over. But, hey, what a beautiful thing that is!

That is life. And life is comfortable, enjoyable, happy and fulfilled when you surround yourself with people that love, appreciate, value, care for you, and accept you as you are.

6. Follow your dreams and aspirations

Dreams are your greatest motivators. They show you a compelling picture of your future; a picture that pulls you into excitement and irresistible desire to prove yourself how amazing things you can achieve and create:

“I have a dream!”

Stay focused on your dreams and aspirations. Discover how easy can be to go beyond what you believe possible when you put your mind in the right place and state:

“I can do it!”

Dream small and dream big. Allow yourself to imagine your brilliant time to come; see yourself satisfied with your performance, feel the warmth and security your success gives you, hear the sounds of laughter and joy when you know:

“I’ve done it!”

7. Strive for meaningful change

Personal growth and self-improvement mean change; not to say that you are not good enough as you are. Yet, to take advantage of all the things you are and know how to do and strive to live the best version of your destiny.

Those who say that people don’t or can’t change, perhaps don’t have a mirror. As your body changes through time, your mind changes as well. Aren’t you different today compared to ten years ago? But let’s not go that far, just think how much you have progressed and grown since last year.

Life doesn’t cease to amaze us, how many things we can fit into it:

  • from accomplishment to joy,
  • from living our dreams to feeling fulfilled,
  • from success to peaceful moments of relaxation and laughter,
  • from connecting with other people to making a difference.

Don’t stagnate; you deserve to live a life filled with all of the above and more.

Make a meaningful change in your life.

Do it on purpose, not by the volition of chance.

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