7 Ways to Live a Mindful Life

In this article, you’ll discover how to live a mindful life so that you lead a fulfilled existence.

Being wrapped up in oneself doesn’t mean being absorbed into everything that you do, but in your thoughts about what you do.

You are not living the life in front of you, but filtering it through the lens of your thoughts. It’s like visiting the Grand Canyon and never see its beauty with your own eyes, but only through the small screen of your video camera which can make you feel like you have never been there.

Mindful life means to live in the present moment and be aware of your experiences and existence.

 Live a Mindful Life

Here you have Seven Ways on how to live a mindful life:

1. Observe, learn, practice

Wisdom comes from:

  • Observing what is going on around you, how other people act and behave in different situations.
  • Then, learn from your successes and failures, experiences and events, challenges and obstacles, followed by
  • Practicing what you’ve observed and learned.

Every person that comes into your life has something positive to offer you. Pay attention, notice, and acknowledge their gifts. Take them with an open mind and no judgment because, living a mindful life is based on freeing yourself from preconceived ideas, prejudice, and expectations.

2. Accept yourself (and others) as you are

Self-acceptance is the building block of your confidence and self-esteem. It helps you evaluate (objectively) who you are and then, improve and grow into the person you want to become.

If you don’t like yourself right now, you should know that you are born to love and appreciate yourself.

Don’t aspire to be someone else, excel at who you are!

3. Acknowledge your feelings

Your feelings and emotions are your guides through life. They are your mind and body’s instant feedback to what is happening in your life and are essential to:

  • Making decisions,
  • Self-preservation and protection,
  • Form long-lasting relationships,
  • Shape your intuition,
  • Building and structuring your memories.

Acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself to live them. Whatever emotion you have, it’s the signal for something you need to pay attention to or notice.

4. Pay attention to your thoughts – think positive, no judgment

Does it happen to you to eat that piece of cake you have sworn you’ll not touch and feel bad about it? Not remembering what made you do it? Or buying something you don’t need?

Your actions start with a thought. The distractions of life can prevent you to notice your thoughts and act on them without even realizing what you’ve been thinking and just suffer the consequences.

Multitasking is one of those things that distract you, making you a robot, doing things that you came to regret.

Discipline yourself to stay focused on what you’re doing and pay attention to your thoughts; daydreaming takes you on a path you can’t control.

5. Be aware of your limitations and strive to build on your strengths

Can you accept the fact that you have, like the rest of us, limitations?

You see? No one is perfect (luckily!), and that makes us a social creature – we need each other, we depend on each other, we value each other.

Imagine the human being perfect, what a boring and lonely existence that could be! Imagine not being useful to anyone or not having a use for anybody else. Boring and lonely!

You can conquer some of your limitations, but when/ if that’s not possible, then jump over or go around. Remind yourself that you are compensating with ten strengths every limitation you may have.

Be aware of your shortcomings and don’t give them power over you.

6. Recognize when you need a change

We resist changing for as long possible. We get used to pain, hardship, disappointment and much more. We know what to expect from these things and accept them (even when we are hurt) rather than change.

Life happens even when you stay still. Change happens even when you resist it, and the only thing that remains the same is your pain caused by denial.

7. Keep your loved ones in high regard (above strangers)

Did you notice how many people pay more attention to their behavior and actions toward strangers and less to those they love? Most folks would never allow themselves to talk to a stranger as harsh as they might do it to people close to them.

When we feel loved, we form the expectation that we should be forgiven, understood, be free to say whatever, wherever, however.

Don’t take your loved ones for granted.

The first person that has to be content with you, your behavior and actions, is yourself and then, are your loved ones. They are the people whose admiration you should seek. Strive to be “a good person” in their eyes, for your and their benefit first and only second, strangers.

How to live a mindful life? Remember these 7 ways:

  • First, be wise,
  • Second, accept yourself as you are,
  • Third, acknowledge and live your emotions,
  • Forth, pay attention to your thoughts,
  • Fifth, be aware of your limitations,
  • Sixth, recognize when you need a change,
  • Seventh, honor your loved ones.

Now, if you feel that you haven’t been living a mindful life until now, don’t blame yourself for it. It’s human nature to get distracted, to find it hard to stay in the present moment. As you discipline a child with patience, love, and understanding, discipline your mind, day by day, step by step, little by little.

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