300 Questions to Ask About Anxiety

Anxiety can be confusing and overwhelming, but asking the right questions can be a game-changer.

Whether it’s about symptoms, triggers, or how anxiety affects your relationships and work, knowing what to ask can help you understand yourself better and find the best ways to cope.

In Therapy

  1. Can you describe what your anxiety feels like?
  2. How often do you experience anxiety?
  3. What situations or places seem to trigger your anxiety?
  4. Do you notice any physical symptoms when you’re anxious?
  5. What thoughts go through your mind when you feel anxious?
  6. Have you tried any treatments for your anxiety?
  7. How does your anxiety affect your daily life?
  8. Are there specific people or relationships that make your anxiety worse?
  9. How does your anxiety impact your work or school?
  10. Do you avoid certain situations because of your anxiety?
  11. Have you noticed any patterns in your anxiety?
  12. What coping strategies have you tried?
  13. Do you use any substances to cope with your anxiety?
  14. How does anxiety affect your sleep?
  15. Have you talked to your family and friends about your anxiety?
  16. Do you have any rituals or habits that you use to deal with anxiety?
  17. How does anxiety impact your concentration or focus?
  18. Are there activities that help reduce your anxiety?
  19. Do you experience panic attacks?
  20. How long have you been dealing with anxiety?
  21. Are there any foods or drinks that seem to make your anxiety worse?
  22. Have you ever considered medication for anxiety?
  23. Do you have any other mental health conditions alongside anxiety?
  24. How does anxiety affect your mood or emotions?
  25. Have you noticed a link between your anxiety and your physical health?
  26. Do you ever feel anxious about feeling anxious?
  27. What are your fears or worries about the future?
  28. Do you have moments where you feel detached or disconnected?
  29. Have you ever felt anxious for no apparent reason?
  30. What are your goals for managing your anxiety?
  31. How would you like your life to be different without anxiety?
  32. Do you feel like your anxiety has gotten worse over time?
  33. How do you handle stress?
  34. What was your most anxious moment, and how did you cope with it?
  35. How supportive is your social circle in helping you manage anxiety?
  36. Do you think there are underlying issues contributing to your anxiety?
  37. What kinds of self-care do you practice?
  38. Are there any upcoming events that you’re anxious about?
  39. How do you feel right now talking about your anxiety?
  40. What would be your first step in reducing your anxiety?

About Anxiety Symptoms

  1. Do you feel short of breath when anxious?
  2. Does your heart rate increase when you’re anxious?
  3. Do you get headaches during anxious moments?
  4. Do you sweat more than usual when anxious?
  5. Do your hands or feet tremble when you feel anxious?
  6. Do you get stomachaches or digestive issues when anxious?
  7. Does your chest feel tight when you’re anxious?
  8. Do you feel dizzy or lightheaded during bouts of anxiety?
  9. Do you get chills or hot flashes when you’re anxious?
  10. Do you feel a sense of impending doom?
  11. Is it hard to sit still when you’re feeling anxious?
  12. Do you feel like you’re choking when you’re anxious?
  13. Do you get muscle tension or muscle aches?
  14. Do you have a dry mouth during anxious episodes?
  15. Do you find it hard to swallow when you’re anxious?
  16. Do your ears ring when you’re feeling anxious?
  17. Do you get tired easily when you’re anxious?
  18. Do you find it hard to concentrate on tasks?
  19. Do you become irritable easily?
  20. Are you more sensitive to noise and lights?
  21. Do you become fixated on small tasks or details?
  22. Do you feel numb or tingling in any part of your body?
  23. Is it hard to make decisions when you’re anxious?
  24. Do you feel more impatient than usual?
  25. Do you feel disconnected from your surroundings?
  26. Do you feel overly alert or watchful?
  27. Are you restless or unable to relax?
  28. Do you feel a loss of control over your emotions?
  29. Do you find it difficult to enjoy yourself?
  30. Do you feel like you’re about to cry?
  31. Are you avoiding places or people due to anxiety symptoms?
  32. Do you find it hard to speak or communicate?
  33. Are you constantly checking things?
  34. Do you keep seeking reassurance from others?
  35. Do you keep repeating actions or thoughts?
  36. Are you preoccupied with worst-case scenarios?
  37. Do you find yourself apologizing excessively?
  38. Do you have trouble with memory or recall?
  39. Are you sensitive to criticism or feedback?
  40. Do you have mood swings connected to your anxiety symptoms?

About Anxiety Medication

  1. What types of medication are available for treating anxiety?
  2. How long does it take for the medication to start working?
  3. Are there any side effects I should be aware of?
  4. Will this medication affect my appetite?
  5. Will I need a prescription for this medication?
  6. How will this medication interact with other meds I’m taking?
  7. Can I drink alcohol while taking this medication?
  8. Is it safe to drive while on this medication?
  9. What happens if I miss a dose?
  10. Do I need to take the medication with food?
  11. Will this medication affect my sleep?
  12. Are there any long-term effects of taking this medication?
  13. Can I stop taking the medication abruptly?
  14. How do I know if the medication is working?
  15. Is it okay to take this medication during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?
  16. Can children or teenagers take this medication?
  17. Will this medication interfere with the allergy medications I’m taking?
  18. Is it safe to take over-the-counter meds with this medication?
  19. Will I need regular check-ups or tests while on this medication?
  20. How should I store the medication?
  21. Are there any foods or drinks I should avoid?
  22. Will this medication make me gain weight?
  23. Can I take this medication if I have other health conditions?
  24. Are there any vitamins or supplements that interact with this medication?
  25. What’s the procedure for gradually reducing my dosage?
  26. Will I experience withdrawal symptoms?
  27. What should I do in case of an overdose?
  28. Are there any alternative medications if this one doesn’t work?
  29. How much does the medication cost?
  30. Is this medication covered by my insurance?
  31. Can I split or crush the medication?
  32. Can I exercise while taking this medication?
  33. Are there any activities I should avoid while on this medication?
  34. Will this medication affect my focus or concentration?
  35. Can I take this medication before surgery or medical procedures?
  36. Are there generic versions of this medication?
  37. Can I switch between brands of the same medication?
  38. How often will I need to refill my prescription?
  39. Are there programs or discounts available for this medication?
  40. What should I do if I experience severe side effects?

About Anxiety Triggers

  1. What events or situations usually set off your anxiety?
  2. Do certain people in your life trigger your anxiety?
  3. Are there specific places that make you feel anxious?
  4. Does social media or news trigger your anxiety?
  5. Do deadlines or time pressures make you anxious?
  6. Does public speaking or being the center of attention trigger anxiety for you?
  7. Do certain smells or sounds set off your anxiety?
  8. Are there specific times of the day when you feel more anxious?
  9. Does lack of sleep contribute to your anxiety?
  10. Does caffeine or sugar trigger your anxiety?
  11. Do you get anxious during certain weather conditions, like storms?
  12. Does being in a crowd make you anxious?
  13. Do financial worries trigger your anxiety?
  14. Do relationship issues set off your anxiety?
  15. Does travel or a change in environment make you anxious?
  16. Does exercise or lack of it affect your anxiety?
  17. Do you get anxious when you’re alone?
  18. Does family stress trigger your anxiety?
  19. Are you anxious during holidays or special events?
  20. Does work-related stress contribute to your anxiety?
  21. Do you get anxious when you’re sick or not feeling well?
  22. Does thinking about the past or future trigger your anxiety?
  23. Do academic pressures make you anxious?
  24. Are you anxious about your physical appearance?
  25. Does driving or commuting make you anxious?
  26. Does talking to strangers or authority figures trigger anxiety?
  27. Do you get anxious when you’re waiting for something important?
  28. Does watching certain types of movies or TV shows make you anxious?
  29. Does uncertainty or lack of control trigger your anxiety?
  30. Are you anxious about health or medical issues?
  31. Do conflicts or confrontations make you anxious?
  32. Does being indoors or outdoors affect your anxiety?
  33. Do you get anxious when plans change unexpectedly?
  34. Are you more anxious on weekdays or weekends?
  35. Does criticism or judgment trigger your anxiety?
  36. Do you feel anxious when you’re not productive?
  37. Does eating certain foods make you anxious?
  38. Are you anxious about making mistakes or failing?
  39. Does physical touch or proximity to others trigger your anxiety?
  40. Do you get anxious when you’re disconnected from technology?

About Anxiety and Coping Strategies

  1. What relaxation techniques work best for you?
  2. Have you tried deep breathing exercises?
  3. Do you use mindfulness or meditation to cope with anxiety?
  4. How effective is exercise in reducing your anxiety?
  5. Do you have a go-to safe space to retreat when anxious?
  6. Have you tried journaling to manage your anxiety?
  7. What kind of music or sounds help you relax?
  8. Do you use visualization techniques?
  9. Have you tried any apps designed to help with anxiety?
  10. Does talking to someone help relieve your anxiety?
  11. What hobbies or activities help distract you?
  12. Do you find nature walks or spending time outdoors helpful?
  13. How do you prioritize tasks when you’re anxious?
  14. Do you use positive affirmations to manage your thoughts?
  15. Have you tried any herbal remedies or teas for anxiety?
  16. Do you use a weighted blanket or other comfort items?
  17. Do pets or animals help in reducing your anxiety?
  18. How do you break your day into manageable parts?
  19. Are there certain foods that help calm your nerves?
  20. Do you use aromatherapy or essential oils?
  21. Have you set boundaries to protect your mental space?
  22. How do you practice self-care?
  23. Do you schedule worry time into your day?
  24. How do you balance work and relaxation?
  25. Do you have a morning or evening routine that helps?
  26. Have you tried progressive muscle relaxation?
  27. Do you engage in any form of spiritual practice for relief?
  28. How do you handle negative thoughts?
  29. Do you avoid caffeine or other stimulants?
  30. How do you cope with anxiety when you’re at work or school?
  31. Have you tried cognitive restructuring techniques?
  32. Do you use art or creative outlets to cope?
  33. How do you prepare for situations that make you anxious?
  34. What’s your strategy for confronting your triggers?
  35. How do you practice self-compassion?
  36. Have you considered group therapy or support groups?
  37. How do you deal with setbacks or relapses?
  38. Do you have an emergency contact for acute anxiety episodes?
  39. How do you reward yourself for managing your anxiety well?
  40. Do you keep track of your progress and setbacks?

About Anxiety in Relationships

  1. How does your anxiety affect your friendships?
  2. Do you feel anxious about meeting new people?
  3. Does your anxiety impact your romantic relationships?
  4. How does anxiety affect your relationship with your family?
  5. Do you feel anxious about social events or gatherings?
  6. Is it hard for you to trust others because of your anxiety?
  7. Do you worry about how others perceive you?
  8. Are you anxious about saying no or setting boundaries?
  9. How do you handle disagreements or conflicts?
  10. Does your anxiety make you overthink in relationships?
  11. Do you feel the need to constantly check in with loved ones?
  12. Are you anxious about the stability of your relationships?
  13. How do you talk to your partner about your anxiety?
  14. Do you get anxious about being physically close or intimate?
  15. Are you afraid of being alone or abandoned?
  16. Does your anxiety make you more clingy or distant?
  17. Do you feel like you have to hide your anxiety from others?
  18. How do your loved ones react to your anxiety?
  19. Do you get anxious about making commitments?
  20. How does anxiety affect your ability to enjoy social activities?
  21. Do you struggle with jealousy or insecurity?
  22. Are you anxious about what people expect from you?
  23. Does your anxiety cause tension or arguments?
  24. How do you balance self-care with relationship needs?
  25. Are there specific topics you avoid talking about?
  26. Do you worry about burdening others with your anxiety?
  27. Are you anxious about change or milestones in relationships?
  28. How does your anxiety influence your parenting, if applicable?
  29. Do you get anxious about being a good friend, partner, or family member?
  30. Are you hesitant to make new connections because of anxiety?
  31. How does your anxiety affect your communication?
  32. Are you anxious about how others judge your relationship?
  33. Do you get anxious about holidays or anniversaries?
  34. How does your anxiety affect your work relationships?
  35. Are you anxious about the health and well-being of loved ones?
  36. Do you avoid relationships or social situations altogether?
  37. How do you feel when you’re not in control of a relationship?
  38. Do you get anxious when loved ones are unavailable or busy?
  39. Do you worry about the future of your relationships?
  40. Are you anxious about the emotional needs of others?

About Anxiety at Work

  1. Does your job make you feel anxious?
  2. Do you worry about job performance or evaluations?
  3. How does anxiety affect your productivity?
  4. Are you anxious about work deadlines?
  5. Do you feel stressed during meetings or presentations?
  6. Does interacting with coworkers or bosses make you anxious?
  7. How do you handle work-related stress?
  8. Are you anxious about job security or stability?
  9. Do you worry about balancing work and personal life?
  10. How do you manage workplace conflicts?
  11. Are you anxious about work-related travel?
  12. Does the thought of going to work make you anxious?
  13. Do you feel like you have to hide your anxiety at work?
  14. How do you take breaks to manage anxiety during work?
  15. Are you anxious about making mistakes or errors?
  16. Does your anxiety make you avoid taking on new tasks?
  17. Are you worried about work-related social events?
  18. Do you get anxious about networking or career growth?
  19. Does your anxiety impact your focus and concentration?
  20. How do you deal with criticism or feedback at work?
  21. Are you anxious about the physical work environment?
  22. Do you struggle with work-life boundaries?
  23. How do you cope with job interviews or evaluations?
  24. Does your anxiety affect your punctuality?
  25. Are you anxious about remote work or working from home?
  26. Do you get anxious during busy or slow work periods?
  27. Does your anxiety make you hesitant to ask for help?
  28. Do you worry about how your work affects your health?
  29. Are you anxious about managing multiple tasks or projects?
  30. Do you feel anxious about career changes or transitions?

About Anxiety and Self-Care

  1. What self-care activities help you feel better when you’re anxious?
  2. How do you make time for self-care despite a busy schedule?
  3. Do you have a self-care routine that you follow daily?
  4. Are there self-care practices that make your anxiety worse?
  5. How do you decide what self-care activities to prioritize?
  6. Do you feel guilty taking time for self-care?
  7. What self-care activities are most effective in the short term?
  8. What self-care activities have long-lasting benefits for you?
  9. How do you incorporate physical activity into your self-care routine?
  10. Do you use any self-care apps or resources?
  11. How do you manage screen time as part of self-care?
  12. Do you include mental exercises like mindfulness in your self-care?
  13. How does your diet play into your self-care routine?
  14. Do you ever take self-care days off work or school?
  15. What books, podcasts, or other resources help you with self-care?
  16. How do you remind yourself to take breaks for self-care?
  17. Do you find spending time in nature as part of your self-care?
  18. How do you deal with setbacks in your self-care routine?
  19. Do you involve loved ones in your self-care practices?
  20. How do you balance self-care with responsibilities?
  21. Do you have any go-to comfort foods or drinks for self-care?
  22. Are there specific places you go for a self-care escape?
  23. How do you include rest and sleep in your self-care routine?
  24. Do you set self-care goals or track your activities?
  25. How do you keep your self-care routine fresh and exciting?
  26. What self-care activities are easy to do but highly effective?
  27. Do you have a self-care budget, or do you invest in self-care products?
  28. How do you practice self-compassion as part of self-care?
  29. Do you have emergency self-care plans for high-anxiety moments?
  30. How has your self-care routine changed over time?

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