330 Questions to Ask About Stress

Stress sneaks into our lives from all directions—work, relationships, money, and even changes that should be exciting! Asking the right questions can be like opening a toolkit to fix what’s bothering you.

Whether you’re juggling time, wrestling with change, or trying to keep your cool in a relationship, knowing what to ask can be the first step to feeling better.

In the Workplace

  1. Do you often feel stressed at work?
  2. What are the main things that stress you out at work?
  3. How do you usually handle stress?
  4. Does your boss know you’re stressed?
  5. Does work stress affect your home life?
  6. Do you feel like you have too much work to do?
  7. Are there enough breaks in your workday?
  8. How do your coworkers handle stress?
  9. Do you feel supported by your team when you’re stressed?
  10. Do you have any resources or people to talk to about stress?
  11. Have you ever called in sick because of stress?
  12. Does the company offer any stress-relief activities or programs?
  13. How does stress affect your focus and work quality?
  14. Do you think stress affects how well the team works together?
  15. Are deadlines a big cause of your stress?
  16. How often do you feel anxious or overwhelmed at work?
  17. Do you have a good work-life balance?
  18. Are you able to leave work problems at work, or do they follow you home?
  19. Do you feel like you can talk to your manager about your stress?
  20. Is there a particular time of day or week when you feel most stressed?
  21. How does your body react when you’re stressed? (e.g., headaches, stomach aches)
  22. Are you able to sleep well when you’re stressed about work?
  23. Do you use any apps or techniques to manage stress?
  24. Would you like more training or guidance on how to manage stress?
  25. Do you ever feel stressed because you don’t have the tools or equipment you need?
  26. Do you feel pressured to work extra hours?
  27. How does your workplace celebrate successes or milestones?
  28. Would more flexible hours reduce your stress?
  29. Is there a clear way to move up or grow in your job?
  30. How would you feel if the company brought in a stress management coach?

In School

  1. Do you often feel stressed about school?
  2. What subjects or classes stress you out the most?
  3. How do exams and tests affect your stress levels?
  4. Do you feel pressure to get good grades?
  5. Have you ever skipped school because you were stressed?
  6. Does homework add a lot of stress for you?
  7. How supportive are your teachers when you’re feeling stressed?
  8. Do you feel like you can talk to your parents about school stress?
  9. Do your friends at school also talk about being stressed?
  10. Are there any school clubs or activities that help you relax?
  11. Do you have enough free time to chill out and unwind?
  12. How does stress affect your ability to focus in class?
  13. Do you eat well when you’re stressed about school?
  14. Do you find it hard to sleep before a big test?
  15. Have you ever talked to a school counselor about stress?
  16. Does your school offer any workshops on stress management?
  17. How do you handle group projects when they get stressful?
  18. Do you feel more stressed in the morning or afternoon?
  19. What’s the hardest part of your school day?
  20. Does social media make school stress better or worse for you?
  21. How do you deal with stress during long school breaks?
  22. Do you ever feel like giving up when school gets really stressful?
  23. Does competition with classmates add to your stress?
  24. How do you balance school with your personal life?
  25. Do you ever feel stressed about what you’ll do after school ends?
  26. Have you ever cheated on a test because of stress?
  27. Does your school give too many assignments?
  28. How does stress affect your relationships with friends at school?
  29. Do you have any fun school events that you look forward to?
  30. Would you want your school to teach a class on how to handle stress?

To Ask Teachers

  1. How often do you feel stressed during the school year?
  2. What part of teaching stresses you out the most?
  3. How do you cope with the stress of grading?
  4. Does dealing with parents add to your stress?
  5. How supportive is the school administration when you’re stressed?
  6. What’s the most challenging classroom situation you’ve had to handle?
  7. Do you feel like you have enough time to prepare your lessons?
  8. How does your stress level change throughout the school year?
  9. What’s your way to unwind after a stressful day at school?
  10. How do you balance teaching with your personal life?
  11. Does managing a classroom ever feel overwhelming?
  12. Have you ever thought about quitting teaching because of stress?
  13. Do you feel like you have enough resources to teach effectively?
  14. Does standardized testing stress you out?
  15. How does the school environment affect your stress level?
  16. Are there any school policies that make your job more stressful?
  17. Do you collaborate with other teachers to manage stress?
  18. How do you handle conflicts between students?
  19. How do you feel on Sunday nights?
  20. Does your school offer any wellness programs for teachers?
  21. Have you ever had to take a sick day due to stress?
  22. How do you recharge during school vacations?
  23. What’s the most rewarding part of teaching for you?
  24. Do you feel like you get enough emotional support at work?
  25. How do you handle criticism from students or parents?
  26. Does your workload get lighter as the school year goes on?
  27. Do you have any tips for new teachers to manage stress?
  28. What do you wish parents knew about teacher stress?
  29. How has teaching changed your views on stress management?
  30. Would you benefit from professional development focused on stress management?

To Ask Students

  1. Do you get stressed out during finals week?
  2. How does stress affect your friendships?
  3. Have you ever missed a deadline because of stress?
  4. Do you get stressed about college applications or job hunting?
  5. What’s the toughest thing you have to juggle with school?
  6. Do you ever stress about money or finances?
  7. Are you worried about life after graduation?
  8. How do you feel about group assignments?
  9. Do you ever feel lonely or isolated at school?
  10. How do you manage stress when you’re away from home?
  11. Do you ever stress-eat?
  12. How do your family’s expectations affect your stress?
  13. Do you use any apps to help you study or manage time?
  14. Does caffeine or energy drinks play a role in your study routine?
  15. How does social pressure affect you?
  16. Do you ever feel FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)?
  17. How do you prepare for big presentations?
  18. What’s your go-to comfort activity?
  19. Do you feel stressed when you compare yourself to others?
  20. How do you make time for self-care?
  21. Are you stressed about your grades or GPA?
  22. Do you feel prepared for your future career?
  23. How do you deal with disappointment or failure?
  24. Do you take part in extracurricular activities, and do they stress you out?
  25. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by news or current events?
  26. Are you stressed about your physical health?
  27. Do you feel pressure to look or act a certain way?
  28. How do you manage your time to fit in everything you need to do?
  29. Do you have a mentor or role model you talk to about stress?
  30. How do you cope when you feel burnt out?

Regarding Stress Management

  1. Do you have a go-to stress relief method?
  2. Have you ever tried deep-breathing exercises?
  3. What’s your favorite way to unwind after a stressful day?
  4. Have you tried any relaxation apps?
  5. Do you do any physical exercise to manage stress?
  6. Have you ever considered talking to a therapist about stress?
  7. Do you like to talk to friends and family when you’re stressed?
  8. How do you know when it’s time to take a break?
  9. Do you listen to music to help reduce stress?
  10. How important is sleep in your stress management routine?
  11. Have you ever tried meditation?
  12. Do you keep a journal to write down your thoughts when you’re stressed?
  13. How do you prioritize your tasks when feeling overwhelmed?
  14. Do you ever take short walks to manage stress?
  15. Have you tried any herbal teas or supplements for stress relief?
  16. Are there any specific foods you eat to help manage stress?
  17. Do you have any hobbies that help you relax?
  18. How do you set boundaries to avoid stress?
  19. Do you take time off work specifically to manage stress?
  20. What’s the most relaxing place you can go to when you’re stressed?
  21. Do you ever use scented candles or essential oils for relaxation?
  22. Have you ever taken a stress management course?
  23. Do you find certain times of the year more stressful than others?
  24. What books or articles have you read about managing stress?
  25. How do you avoid stress triggers?
  26. Have you ever tried yoga for stress relief?
  27. Do you have a daily routine that helps keep stress away?
  28. How important is eating well in your stress management plan?
  29. Do you feel like your family supports your efforts in managing stress?
  30. What’s one thing you wish you knew sooner about stress management?

Regarding Relationships

  1. Do you feel happy when you’re with your partner?
  2. Do you argue a lot?
  3. Are you stressed when you’re apart?
  4. Do you feel like you have to change for them?
  5. Are you afraid to say what you really think?
  6. Do you feel like your partner supports you?
  7. Is money a big worry between you two?
  8. Are you holding onto past mistakes?
  9. Do you trust each other?
  10. Are you both open about what stresses you out?
  11. Do you feel like you do all the work in the relationship?
  12. Do you feel pressured to do things you don’t want to do?
  13. Are your friends and family worried about your relationship?
  14. Do you avoid talking about serious stuff?
  15. How often do you laugh together?
  16. Do you spend quality time, just the two of you?
  17. Do you feel like you can be your real self around them?
  18. Is there jealousy in the relationship?
  19. How do you both handle stress separately?
  20. Do you share future goals and dreams?
  21. Do you feel like you’re on the same team?
  22. Is there a balance of power, or does one person make all the decisions?
  23. Are you still attracted to each other?
  24. How often do you feel angry with your partner?
  25. Do you ever feel trapped?
  26. Are you happy with how often you’re intimate?
  27. Do you feel heard and understood?
  28. How often do you thank each other?
  29. Are you open about your feelings, or do you keep things inside?
  30. Do you ever take breaks to clear your head?

Regarding Money

  1. Do you have a budget?
  2. How often do you worry about bills?
  3. Are you saving for the future?
  4. Do you feel like you’re living paycheck to paycheck?
  5. Have you ever had to borrow money to make ends meet?
  6. How comfortable are you talking about money with family or friends?
  7. Do you have any debts that are stressing you out?
  8. Are you able to treat yourself without feeling guilty?
  9. Do you have a plan if there’s an emergency, like losing a job?
  10. Are you making enough money to cover your basic needs?
  11. Do you argue about money with people close to you?
  12. Do you feel secure in your current job?
  13. Have you ever skipped a meal or went without something important because of money?
  14. Are you satisfied with your current lifestyle?
  15. Do you feel like you have to keep up with your friends or neighbors?
  16. Have you had to put off medical care because it’s too expensive?
  17. Do you understand all your options for saving and investing?
  18. How often do you check your bank account?
  19. Do you feel like your income matches your skills and effort?
  20. Are you able to give to charity or help others financially?
  21. Do you have insurance for things like health, car, and home?
  22. Do you feel like you need to earn more to be happy?
  23. Are you prepared for retirement?
  24. Do you compare yourself to others based on income or possessions?
  25. How often do you feel overwhelmed by financial jargon or decisions?
  26. Are you worried about the economy and how it could affect you?
  27. Do you have a plan for paying off any loans or credit cards?
  28. Are you able to go on vacation without financial worry?
  29. Do you have financial goals that you’re working toward?
  30. Do you ever lose sleep thinking about money?

Regarding Emotional Well-being

  1. How often do you feel happy?
  2. Do you cry more often than you used to?
  3. Are you quick to get angry?
  4. Do you feel lonely even when you’re with people?
  5. How easy is it for you to relax?
  6. Do you have a hard time focusing on tasks?
  7. Are you feeling more tired than usual?
  8. Do you have someone to talk to about your feelings?
  9. How much time do you spend worrying?
  10. Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough?
  11. Have you lost interest in things you used to enjoy?
  12. Do you feel anxious in social settings?
  13. How’s your appetite? Eating more or less than usual?
  14. Are you sleeping well?
  15. Do you ever feel numb or like you don’t care about anything?
  16. How often do you feel overwhelmed?
  17. Do you ever feel out of control?
  18. Are you scared about the future?
  19. Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut?
  20. Do you feel disconnected from your body?
  21. Are you happy with your self-image?
  22. Do you ever feel like you have to hide your true self?
  23. How stressed are you on a daily basis?
  24. Do you think you’re too hard on yourself?
  25. Have you thought about getting professional help for your emotions?
  26. Do you use substances like alcohol to cope with emotions?
  27. Are you satisfied with your work-life balance?
  28. Do you feel like life is passing you by?
  29. Do you have a healthy way to express your emotions?
  30. Do you take time for self-care and relaxation?

Regarding Time Management

  1. Do you often feel rushed?
  2. Are you always late to appointments?
  3. Do you skip meals because you’re too busy?
  4. Do you have a to-do list that never seems to end?
  5. Can you find time for exercise?
  6. How often do you take breaks during the day?
  7. Do you work late hours often?
  8. Are you able to say no to extra tasks?
  9. Do you spend a lot of time on things that aren’t important?
  10. Is your workspace organized?
  11. Do you multitask, and does it help or hurt you?
  12. Are you able to unplug from work when you’re off the clock?
  13. Do you feel like your day is full but unproductive?
  14. How much time do you spend with family and friends?
  15. Do you have time for hobbies and fun stuff?
  16. How often do you check your email or social media?
  17. Do you feel like you never have time for yourself?
  18. Are you always tired because you’re too busy?
  19. Do you feel stressed on Sundays thinking about the workweek ahead?
  20. Do you set goals for what you want to get done each day?
  21. How often do you procrastinate?
  22. Do you have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time?
  23. Do you have trouble falling asleep because you’re thinking about what you have to do?
  24. Do you feel like you’re always in a hurry?
  25. Are you able to take vacations without worrying about work?
  26. Do you set time limits on tasks to make sure they get done?
  27. Do you spend more time reacting to problems than planning to avoid them?
  28. How much time do you spend in meetings that could be emails?
  29. Do you use any tools or apps to help you manage your time?
  30. Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day?

Regarding Major Life Changes

  1. Do you feel ready for this change?
  2. Have you talked to someone about what you’re going through?
  3. Are you worried about failing or making a mistake?
  4. Have you thought about the pros and cons?
  5. Are you hanging on to the past?
  6. Do you have a backup plan?
  7. How does this change fit into your life goals?
  8. Do you have the support you need to get through this?
  9. Are you staying positive, or are you mostly thinking about what could go wrong?
  10. Have you set a timeline for this major change?
  11. Are you keeping up with your usual routines?
  12. Do you feel like you’re losing your sense of self?
  13. Are you excited or happy about any part of this change?
  14. Are you taking care of yourself while going through this?
  15. Have you thought about seeking professional advice?
  16. Are you open to new experiences?
  17. How is this change affecting your close relationships?
  18. Are you making time to relax and de-stress?
  19. Are you prepared for unexpected challenges?
  20. Are you able to focus on other parts of your life, too?
  21. Do you feel like you’re rushing into this change?
  22. Have you thought about the financial impact?
  23. Are you taking things one step at a time?
  24. Are you setting realistic expectations for yourself?
  25. Do you feel like you have to do this, or do you want to do this?
  26. How are you handling the fear of the unknown?
  27. Are you letting other people’s opinions affect you too much?
  28. Do you feel isolated or like you’re going through this alone?
  29. Are you keeping track of your emotional ups and downs?
  30. Have you celebrated any small wins or milestones along the way?

Interview Questions to Ask

  1. How do you identify when you’re beginning to feel stressed?
  2. What’s the first thing you do when you realize you’re stressed?
  3. Can you share a time when you had to work under tight deadlines?
  4. Have you ever had to manage a crisis? How did you handle the stress?
  5. What role does communication play in managing stress for you?
  6. How do you maintain a positive attitude when situations get stressful?
  7. Can you describe a stressful situation at work and how you resolved it?
  8. How do you balance urgent tasks with important tasks?
  9. Do you think some amount of stress is beneficial? Why or why not?
  10. How do you keep from bringing work-related stress home?
  11. What role does multitasking play in your stress levels?
  12. Can you describe a time when you helped a coworker who was stressed?
  13. How do you manage stress in a team setting?
  14. What’s the most stressful job you’ve had and how did you cope with it?
  15. How do you manage expectations to minimize stress?
  16. Do you set personal boundaries to help manage stress?
  17. How do you handle negative feedback or criticism?
  18. Are there any organizational tools you use to keep stress at bay?
  19. How do you handle stress in a fast-paced work environment?
  20. Have you ever had to manage stress in a remote work setting?
  21. What part of your job do you find most relaxing?
  22. Do you have any rituals or habits to transition from work to home?
  23. How does physical activity play into your stress management plan?
  24. Do you think technology adds to or reduces your stress? Why?
  25. Can you share an example of how you’ve adapted to a stressful change at work?
  26. Do you have a mentor or professional network you rely on for stress management tips?
  27. How do you manage stress during long periods of uncertainty?
  28. How important is job flexibility in reducing your stress levels?
  29. How do you manage your energy levels throughout a stressful day?
  30. Can you describe a time when you successfully managed stress without sacrificing performance?

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I evaluate my stress levels?

Periodic self-checks can be beneficial in keeping your stress levels in check. For some people, a weekly review may be appropriate, while others might benefit from a monthly or even daily evaluation, depending on the level of stress and its causes.

Can I use these questions as a starting point for a journal?

Yes, journaling can be an excellent way to explore these questions in depth. It allows you space to elaborate on your thoughts, feelings, and potential solutions, serving as a record you can reflect back on.

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