200 Questions to Ask Catering Clients

Creating an unforgettable dining experience is about more than just food. It’s about reflecting the essence of the event in every bite. Asking tailored questions can be the secret ingredient to making your catering venture a success.

About Menu Preferences

  1. What type of cuisine do you prefer?
  2. Are there any specific dishes you want to include?
  3. Do you have a theme for the event that the menu should match?
  4. Are there any foods you don’t like?
  5. How many courses would you like: starter, main, dessert?
  6. Are there dietary restrictions we should know about?
  7. Does anyone have food allergies?
  8. Do you prefer a buffet or plated meal?
  9. Would you like a vegetarian or vegan option?
  10. What type of meat is preferred: chicken, beef, fish, or others?
  11. How important are organic or locally sourced ingredients?
  12. Are there specific cultural dishes you want to feature?
  13. Would you like any salads? If so, which types?
  14. Are there favorite desserts you’d like us to prepare?
  15. Would you like a cheese or fruit platter?
  16. Do you want soups? Which kind?
  17. What side dishes do you like?
  18. Do you want beverages paired with meals, like wines or juices?
  19. Are there children attending? Should we prepare a kid-friendly menu?
  20. Would you like a tasting session before finalizing the menu?

About Beverage Options

  1. Would you like alcoholic beverages served?
  2. Do you prefer a cash bar or an open bar?
  3. What type of beer would you like: craft, domestic, imported?
  4. Are there specific brands of spirits you want: whiskey, vodka, gin, etc.?
  5. Would you like signature cocktails?
  6. Would you like a wine list? Red, white, or both?
  7. Are you interested in champagne or sparkling wine for toasting?
  8. How about non-alcoholic mocktails?
  9. Do you want a coffee and tea station?
  10. Are fruit juices and sodas on your list?
  11. Would you want water stations: still, sparkling, or flavored?
  12. How do you feel about smoothie or milkshake stations?
  13. Do you want any themed drinks to match the event?
  14. Should we consider energy drinks or sodas?
  15. Are there specific drink garnishes you like: lemon, lime, or herbs?
  16. Would you want a dedicated bartender or a self-serve station?
  17. Do you want drinks served in cans, bottles, or from a tap?
  18. Are there any local or craft beverages you’d like to feature?
  19. Do you need drinks suitable for kids?
  20. Would you like drink pairings for each course or dish?

About Budget Constraints

  1. What’s your overall budget for catering?
  2. Do you have a per-person spending limit?
  3. Are there areas where you’d like to save money most?
  4. Would you prefer premium options, budget-friendly choices, or a mix?
  5. Is there flexibility in the budget for unexpected costs?
  6. What’s more important: variety of dishes or quality of ingredients?
  7. Are there certain items you’d like that might cost more?
  8. Would you consider a simpler menu to fit the budget?
  9. Do you have a set amount for drinks and beverages?
  10. Are you okay with limiting drink options to fit the budget?
  11. Should we include service charges and tips in the budget breakdown?
  12. How do you feel about using seasonal and local ingredients to save costs?
  13. Are you open to suggestions on cost-saving menu alternatives?
  14. Do you have a budget for rentals like glasses, plates, and linens?
  15. Would you prefer disposable items if they’re cheaper?
  16. Are there any extras or add-ons you’d like, and do they fit the budget?
  17. Would you be open to a buffet to reduce service costs?
  18. How important are decorative elements, like fancy plating or garnishes?
  19. Are payment plans or deposits part of your budgeting strategy?
  20. Would you like a detailed breakdown of costs before finalizing?

About Service Requirements

  1. Do you prefer a buffet or plated service?
  2. How many servers would you like for the event?
  3. Would you like a carving station or live cooking?
  4. Are family-style serving dishes something you’re interested in?
  5. Do you need bartenders for the drink stations?
  6. Would you like servers to circulate with hors d’oeuvres?
  7. Do you want staff for a welcome drink service?
  8. How do you feel about self-serve stations?
  9. Would you like a separate dessert station or table?
  10. Are there specific attire or uniforms you’d like the staff to wear?
  11. Should servers also handle table clearing and cleanup?
  12. Would you like a dedicated captain or manager on the day?
  13. How important is it for servers to describe dishes when serving?
  14. Are there certain etiquettes or customs servers should be aware of?
  15. Do you want servers to handle refilling drinks at tables?
  16. Would you like servers to stick to strict timing or go with the event’s flow?
  17. Are you considering any live stations, like sushi or pasta making?
  18. Would you like a setup for tea and coffee service after the meal?
  19. How do you feel about a late-night snack or takeaway service?
  20. Should the catering team assist with setting up tables and chairs?

About Event Specifics

  1. What’s the date and time of your event?
  2. Where is the event location or venue?
  3. How many guests are you expecting?
  4. Is the event indoor, outdoor, or a mix of both?
  5. Do you have a theme or style for the event?
  6. Is there a specific color scheme you’re following?
  7. What’s the main purpose or reason for the event?
  8. Is it a formal event, casual, or somewhere in between?
  9. Will there be children attending?
  10. How long is the event expected to last?
  11. Are there any key moments or highlights planned during the event?
  12. Will there be other activities, like dancing or presentations?
  13. Do you need space for a stage or a special setup?
  14. Will guests be seated at tables, standing, or a mix?
  15. Is there a set program or schedule for the event?
  16. Are there any known VIPs or special guests attending?
  17. Is there easy access for loading and unloading catering equipment?
  18. Is parking available for the catering team?
  19. Are there kitchen facilities at the venue?
  20. Is there anything unique about this event that we should know?

Cultural or Religious Considerations

  1. Are there specific cultural dishes you want to be served?
  2. Are there foods or ingredients that should be avoided?
  3. Does the menu need to adhere to religious dietary laws?
  4. Will you need halal or kosher meat options?
  5. Are there traditional dishes or drinks you’d like included?
  6. Should the food preparation follow any specific rituals?
  7. Do you need vegetarian or vegan dishes for religious reasons?
  8. Are there particular ways to serve or present the food?
  9. Are there cultural customs around dining we should be aware of?
  10. Do any parts of the event have religious significance that affect dining?
  11. Are there certain times for prayers or rituals to consider during the event?
  12. Do you have preferences for traditional table settings or arrangements?
  13. Are there specific blessings or prayers before meals?
  14. Are there traditional serving sequences or dish orders we should follow?
  15. Should we avoid certain colors in the presentation for cultural reasons?
  16. Are there cultural symbols or elements to incorporate in food presentation?
  17. Are there traditional utensils or serving ware to be used?
  18. Should alcohol be avoided or limited due to cultural or religious beliefs?
  19. Are there any cultural desserts or sweets that are significant?
  20. Do you need any specific spaces, like a prayer room or area, during the event?

About Setup and Cleanup

  1. What time can we start setting up?
  2. Is there a designated area for catering setup?
  3. Are tables, chairs, and linens provided, or should we bring our own?
  4. Do we have access to the venue’s kitchen facilities?
  5. Where can we unload and load our equipment?
  6. Are there electrical outlets for our use? How many?
  7. Will we have access to running water?
  8. Is there refrigeration or freezer space available?
  9. Do you require a specific layout or floor plan for setup?
  10. How much time will we have for cleanup after the event?
  11. Where should we dispose of waste or leftovers?
  12. Will there be other vendors we’ll need to coordinate with for setup?
  13. Are there venue rules or guidelines we should be aware of?
  14. What’s the backup plan for outdoor setups in case of bad weather?
  15. Do you have a preferred time for a walkthrough of the venue before the event?
  16. Will there be any setup assistance provided by the venue?
  17. Are there specific parking spots for our catering vehicles?
  18. Is there any audio or visual equipment we should consider in our setup?
  19. Do you want leftovers packed and saved?
  20. Are there any security or access protocols we should be aware of?

About Equipment and Rentals

  1. Do you need us to provide tables and chairs?
  2. What type of tableware do you prefer: glass, porcelain, or disposable?
  3. Are you looking for specific colors or styles in linens?
  4. Do you need special equipment like a dance floor or a stage?
  5. How many serving and buffet stations are required?
  6. Do we need to provide warming or cooling equipment for the food?
  7. Are specialty glasses, like wine or champagne flutes, needed?
  8. Do you prefer silverware, or are other materials acceptable?
  9. Will we need tents or canopies for an outdoor setting?
  10. Do you require specific decorations, like centerpieces or table runners?
  11. Should we provide drink dispensers or coolers?
  12. Are there any special lighting needs, like chandeliers or fairy lights?
  13. Will you need a portable bar setup?
  14. Are audio or PA systems required?
  15. Should we consider renting a backup generator?
  16. Will you need podiums or stages for speakers or presenters?
  17. Do you want candle holders or specific lighting for tables?
  18. Will you need a dedicated dessert or cake display?
  19. Do you have a preference for round, square, or rectangular tables?
  20. Are there specific requirements for buffet markers or menu cards?

About Event Timeline

  1. What time will the event officially begin?
  2. When do you expect the first guests to arrive?
  3. What time would you like appetizers or welcome drinks served?
  4. Is there a set time for the main course serving?
  5. When should desserts be presented?
  6. What time will the event conclude?
  7. Will there be scheduled breaks or intermissions?
  8. When will speeches or key presentations take place?
  9. Is there a planned time for dancing or entertainment?
  10. When would you prefer the bar or drink stations to open?
  11. Are there certain dishes to coincide with program highlights?
  12. When do you plan to cut the cake or have any special ceremonies?
  13. Is there a specific end time for alcohol service?
  14. Will there be a formal announcement for meal times or is it casual?
  15. When would you like the coffee or tea service to begin?
  16. Is there a preferred time for late-night snacks or food stations?
  17. Will there be scheduled periods of high activity or peak times?
  18. When will key people or VIPs be giving toasts or speeches?
  19. Should we be prepared for unexpected changes in the schedule?
  20. Is there a deadline for cleanup and exiting the venue?

About Feedback and References

  1. Have you worked with a catering service before?
  2. What did you like most about your previous catering experiences?
  3. Were there things you felt could have been done better last time?
  4. Are there specific dishes or services from past events you’d like to replicate?
  5. Would you be open to providing feedback after the event?
  6. Are there any dishes or services you’d advise us to avoid?
  7. Do you have references or reviews from other caterers you’ve hired?
  8. What’s the most memorable catering experience you’ve had?
  9. Is there something you’ve seen at another event you’d love to have?
  10. How do you prefer to give feedback: written, in person, or over a call?
  11. Were there any standout staff or servers from past events you remember?
  12. Are there any food trends or styles you’ve enjoyed recently?
  13. Did you have any challenges or issues with caterers in the past?
  14. Are there any dietary choices or menu items that were hits in previous events?
  15. Would you be willing to share feedback mid-event if something isn’t as expected?
  16. Were there any logistical or setup aspects from past events that worked really well?
  17. Are there caterers you’ve worked with before that you’d recommend for other aspects or services?
  18. Were there any specific dishes or drinks that were crowd favorites before?
  19. How do you feel about testimonials or reviews being shared publicly?
  20. If everything goes well, would you be open to referring us to friends or colleagues?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can caterers adapt if a client is unsure about their own event details?

Caterers should guide clients through the decision-making process with suggestions and examples from past experiences. Being proactive and prepared with a variety of options can help clients visualize their events better and make more informed decisions.

How often should caterers review and update their list of questions for clients?

It’s advisable for caterers to review and update their questionnaires annually or whenever they notice shifts in event trends or their own service offerings. Staying relevant and in tune with industry changes ensures that caterers continue to meet their clients’ evolving needs effectively.

Final Thoughts

Just remember, asking the right questions is also about creating stories, celebrating moments, and making sure your guests come back for seconds. So, keep your curiosity alive and try to explore every client’s needs. You’ll see how your events turn into unforgettable experiences.

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