150 Questions to Ask Interns About Their Experience

Internships are like sneak peeks into a future career. But how do you know if your interns actually had a worthwhile time? Simple: you ask them. Questions about their daily tasks, team vibes, and even their future plans can reveal a lot. 

Whether you’re an employer, a curious co-worker, or someone considering an internship, these questions will help you get the real scoop on what an internship experience was like.

Learning Outcomes and Development

  1. What skills did you hope to gain from this internship, and did you achieve those goals?
  2. Can you share a significant learning moment you had during your internship?
  3. How has this internship contributed to your understanding of this industry?
  4. What projects during your internship pushed you to learn the most?
  5. Did the internship provide you with any insights about your field of study that you hadn’t considered before?
  6. What areas do you feel you’ve grown the most throughout your internship?
  7. How has your perspective on your career path evolved since starting the internship?
  8. Were there any tools or technologies you were exposed to during the internship that were new to you?
  9. How did you find the process of applying what you’ve learned academically to the workplace?
  10. What additional skills do you wish you could have learned during your internship?
  11. Did the internship adapt to your personal learning style? If not, what could have been improved?
  12. What task or project was particularly educational for you?
  13. How comfortable did you feel asking questions or for help when faced with challenges?
  14. Can you describe a situation during your internship where you had to adapt to a new way of doing things?
  15. Did the internship meet your expectations in terms of personal development?

Internship Program Evaluation

  1. How would you rate the orientation and onboarding process at the beginning of your internship?
  2. Were you provided with clear objectives and goals for your internship?
  3. How well did the actual internship align with the job description provided?
  4. What aspects of the internship program do you feel were most beneficial?
  5. Are there any parts of the internship program that you would suggest changing?
  6. Did you receive enough feedback on your performance during your internship?
  7. How would you describe the internship structure —was it too rigid, too flexible, or just right?
  8. Which specific elements of the internship would you highlight as the strongest?
  9. Was there an adequate amount of work to keep you engaged throughout your internship?
  10. How effectively did the company integrate educational components into your internship experience?
  11. Did the internship provide a good balance between observation and hands-on experience?
  12. How could the company improve its communication with interns?
  13. What was the most unexpected part of the internship program for you?
  14. How do you think the internship program has impacted your readiness for the professional world?
  15. Did you feel that the program had a well-defined agenda and purpose?

Workplace Integration and Support

  1. How welcomed did you feel on your first day and throughout your internship?
  2. Did you find it easy to integrate into the workplace culture?
  3. Were there initiatives in place to help you connect with other interns and employees?
  4. Could you tell us about the support you received from your supervisors and colleagues?
  5. How approachable were the staff members if you needed assistance or guidance?
  6. Did you have a mentor or a specific point of contact assigned to you during your internship?
  7. How did the organization support your acclimatization to new tools and methods?
  8. Were there team-building activities, and how effective were they in integrating you with the team?
  9. Did you feel included in meetings and discussions that were relevant to your projects?
  10. How was the communication process with your team?
  11. Did the company provide the necessary resources to perform your tasks effectively?
  12. How did the company foster a sense of belonging among the interns?
  13. What advice would you give to new interns for integrating into the workplace culture here?
  14. Were there any company policies that you found particularly helpful during your internship?
  15. How did your team handle workload distribution, especially regarding intern tasks?

Professional Growth and Opportunities

  1. Did you have the opportunity to work on a project that you felt passionate about?
  2. Can you describe any opportunities given to you that helped you expand your professional network?
  3. Were there opportunities for you to take on responsibility beyond your initial job description?
  4. How often were you given feedback that you could use to grow professionally?
  5. Did the internship provide a clear trajectory of growth opportunities within the organization?
  6. How did this internship challenge you professionally?
  7. Were there professional development workshops or training sessions offered to you?
  8. Did any opportunities arise from your internship that you hadn’t anticipated?
  9. How does this internship complement your long-term professional goals?
  10. Have you had a chance to apply theoretical knowledge from your studies in a practical setting?
  11. Has your perception of your chosen field or industry changed after this internship?
  12. What professional skills do you feel you still need to develop?
  13. Were you encouraged to take the initiative within your role?
  14. Did the internship introduce you to career paths you had not considered before?
  15. How did the company culture influence your professional behavior and ethics?

Feedback on Program Improvement

  1. If you could change one thing about the internship program, what would it be?
  2. How effective were the training and resources provided during your internship?
  3. Is there anything you wish had been included in the internship program?
  4. How could we make this internship more relevant to your academic or career goals?
  5. How could the company improve in supporting future interns’ learning and professional development?
  6. What would you suggest we keep the same in the internship program?
  7. How could we improve the mentoring aspect of the internship?
  8. Do you have any recommendations for improving the orientation or onboarding process for interns?
  9. Is there anything we could do to improve the level of engagement and involvement of interns?
  10. What type of feedback did you find most helpful, and how could we expand on it?
  11. Were there any policies or procedures that you found cumbersome or unnecessary?
  12. How could we improve the way interns are matched with projects or tasks?
  13. Would you recommend any changes to improve the daily work experience of interns?
  14. How can we better align the internship duties with the academic curricula of future interns?
  15. What aspect of the program would you like to see expanded or emphasized more?

Mentorship and Training

  1. How would you describe the quality of mentorship provided during your internship?
  2. What did the mentorship program bring to your intern experience that you found particularly valuable?
  3. Were your mentors accessible and responsive to your questions and needs?
  4. How tailored was the training and mentorship to your specific interests and career goals?
  5. Did you receive constructive feedback throughout your internship to help you improve?
  6. Can you share a memorable piece of advice you received from a mentor or supervisor?
  7. How did the mentorship influence your perspective on the industry?
  8. Were there opportunities for shadowing professionals or receiving hands-on guidance?
  9. How consistent was the mentorship throughout your internship—did it meet your expectations?
  10. Was there a structured mentorship plan in place, and how well did it work for you?
  11. How could the mentorship component of the internship be improved for future interns?
  12. Did your mentors help you understand the company culture and navigate the workplace?
  13. How would you compare the mentorship here with any past experiences you might have had?
  14. What do you think the role of a mentor should be in the context of an internship?
  15. Discuss how mentorship helped you with networking within the company.

Networking and Relationship Building

  1. How were you encouraged to network with professionals during your internship?
  2. Did you feel you had ample opportunities to build relationships with the full-time staff?
  3. How did the company facilitate networking events or opportunities for interns?
  4. Was joining professional or team meetings a part of your intern experience?
  5. Can you describe how networking within the company has benefited your career prospects?
  6. Were there any particular challenges you faced when attempting to network, and how did you overcome them?
  7. How supportive was the company in helping you establish a professional network?
  8. Can you describe a connection you made during your internship that you feel will be helpful in the future?
  9. Did the company provide training on effective networking strategies?
  10. In what ways did your supervisor encourage you to build relationships within the company?
  11. Was there a platform or system in place to keep in touch with connections you made after your internship?
  12. Based on what you encountered, how integral is networking to the intern experience?
  13. Can you describe a project or task that led you to build a new professional relationship?
  14. What advice would you give to future interns about networking during their internship?
  15. How did your relationships during the internship impact your view of the workplace?

Personal Insights and Self-Reflection

  1. What are the top three personal insights you’ve gained during your internship?
  2. How has this internship influenced your perception of your own strengths and weaknesses?
  3. In what ways did the internship challenge your problem-solving skills?
  4. Did you discover any unexpected interests or passions during your internship?
  5. How did the internship contribute to your confidence in a professional setting?
  6. Can you identify any personal qualities that you were able to improve upon during the internship?
  7. How has the internship impacted your approach to collaboration and teamwork?
  8. Reflecting on your experience, what individual contribution are you most proud of?
  9. Did the internship help clarify your career goals? If yes, how so?
  10. How did responsibility and autonomy during your internship affect your self-perception?
  11. What personal achievement surprised you the most during your internship?
  12. How did you balance the demands of the internship with your personal life?
  13. What strategies did you use to adapt to the pace and culture of the workplace?
  14. Can you discuss a time you had to be self-reliant during your internship?
  15. What personal habits have you developed during the internship that you plan to maintain?

Challenges and Overcoming Obstacles

  1. What was your biggest challenge during your internship, and how did you overcome it?
  2. Were there any tasks or projects that initially seemed daunting, and how did you address them?
  3. How did you handle moments of failure or mistakes during your internship?
  4. Can you describe a situation where you had to work outside your comfort zone?
  5. What support did you receive when dealing with challenging situations?
  6. How did the experience of overcoming obstacles during your internship prepare you for your future career?
  7. Did you ever have to advocate for yourself or speak up in a difficult situation, and how was this received?
  8. How did you manage your time effectively to meet deadlines when faced with multiple tasks or projects?
  9. Can you share how you approached problem-solving in a professional environment?
  10. What tools or resources were most helpful when you encountered a difficult problem?
  11. Were there support systems for interns facing personal challenges during their internship?
  12. How did you maintain motivation in the face of challenging work assignments?
  13. What did overcoming these challenges teach you about yourself?
  14. During your internship, how did feedback play a role in overcoming obstacles?
  15. Can you discuss how you collaborated with others to overcome a significant challenge?

Future Aspirations and Organizational Fit

  1. How has this internship influenced your future career aspirations?
  2. Can you see yourself working for this company in the future, and why or why not?
  3. What qualities of the organization do you find most align with your career goals?
  4. How did the company support your career development and aspirations?
  5. Do you feel the values of the organization resonate with your personal values? In what way?
  6. After completing your internship, do you feel more confident about entering the professional world?
  7. Have your experiences here helped you define the kind of work environment in which you thrive?
  8. How has the internship shaped your thoughts on your desired work-life balance?
  9. What did you learn about the industry that might influence your job search in the future?
  10. Do you believe the work done during your internship has made a meaningful contribution to your portfolio or resume?
  11. Did the internship guide you in any decisions regarding further education or certifications in your field?
  12. What steps will you take next based on what you’ve learned and experienced during your internship?
  13. Based on your experience, how do you plan to evaluate future job opportunities?
  14. In terms of your future career, how valuable was networking with professionals during the internship?
  15. After your internship experience, what is your approach to long-term career planning?

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I approach the conversation with the intern?

Be open and make the intern feel comfortable. Here are some tips:

Be genuine: Show that you care about their opinion.
– Listen actively: Make eye contact and nod to show you’re engaged.
– Be non-judgmental: Keep an open mind to all feedback.

Can these questions be asked in a group setting?

While individual feedback is most effective, you can also ask these questions in a group setting. This can be useful to see if multiple interns had similar experiences. However, be aware that some interns might not feel comfortable sharing in a group.

How can the feedback be used to improve the internship program?

Immediate changes: Some feedback might lead to quick fixes, like improving communication channels.

Long-term changes: More complex issues, like training programs, may need more time to address.

Feedback loop: Share summarized feedback (keeping it anonymous) with teams involved in the internship program to make informed decisions.


Whether you’re an intern sharing your own story, or someone interested in the behind-the-scenes of starting out in the working world, these questions offer a 360-degree view. Happy asking and happy learning!

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