345 Questions to Ask Your Inner Child

Diving deep into the memories and emotions of our younger selves can unlock powerful insights. By asking questions to our inner child, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing old wounds, and embracing the joys of yesteryears.

About Emotional Wounds

  1. What is the earliest memory where you felt unsafe or hurt?
  2. How did you feel in that moment?
  3. Who was there with you when you felt this way?
  4. Did you feel seen and heard as a child?
  5. Were there times when you felt lonely or isolated?
  6. What situations made you feel anxious or afraid?
  7. How did you cope with these feelings as a child?
  8. Were there moments you wished someone would stand up for you?
  9. What words or actions hurt you the most?
  10. Did you have a safe space or person you could turn to when upset?
  11. Were you ever told to suppress your feelings or told that they weren’t valid?
  12. What did you wish adults understood about you?
  13. Were your needs and boundaries respected?
  14. How did you seek comfort during distressing times?
  15. Did you ever feel like you had to grow up too fast?
  16. What dreams or desires did you give up on because of fear or doubt?
  17. Were there moments when you felt neglected or overlooked?
  18. Did you ever feel like you weren’t good enough?
  19. Were there things you hid from others because you were afraid of being judged?
  20. What activities or hobbies made you feel happiest and most like yourself?
  21. Were there situations where you felt out of control or powerless?
  22. How did you deal with anger or frustration?
  23. Did you have difficulty trusting others? Why?
  24. Were there times when you felt misunderstood?
  25. Did you feel pressure to fulfill certain roles or meet certain expectations?
  26. What do you wish someone had said to you during those tough times?
  27. Were you ever teased or bullied?
  28. How did your family dynamics affect your self-worth and self-image?
  29. Were there moments when you felt abandoned, even if people were around?
  30. Did you ever feel that your feelings were a burden to others?
  31. Were there times you felt unlovable or unworthy?
  32. How did you seek validation and affirmation?
  33. Were there moments where you felt shame or guilt that wasn’t yours to bear?
  34. Did you feel supported in expressing your emotions?
  35. How did your relationships with friends affect your sense of self?
  36. Were there things or people you clung to for a sense of safety?
  37. Did you ever feel that your body was a source of shame or discomfort?
  38. Were you allowed to voice your opinions and beliefs openly?
  39. How did you perceive love and affection as a child?
  40. What would you like to tell me now to help us heal and move forward?

About Fears and Insecurities

  1. What are you most afraid of?
  2. When did you first feel this fear?
  3. How do you imagine being protected or safe?
  4. Were there times when you felt exposed or vulnerable?
  5. What made you feel different from others?
  6. Did you ever compare yourself to friends or siblings? How did that make you feel?
  7. What scared you most about the unknown or unfamiliar?
  8. Did you ever fear that you wouldn’t be accepted for who you are?
  9. Were there things you were hesitant to try or explore because of fear?
  10. How did you react when things didn’t go as planned?
  11. Did you ever feel out of place? Where and why?
  12. Were there moments when you felt like you were always being watched or judged?
  13. What did you think was your biggest flaw or imperfection?
  14. Did you ever feel like you were falling behind or not keeping up?
  15. How did you feel when you made mistakes?
  16. Were there things you didn’t do because you were afraid of failing?
  17. Did you ever worry about disappointing those you loved?
  18. What made you feel most insecure about your talents or abilities?
  19. Were there times when you felt ignored or invisible?
  20. Did you ever worry about not fitting in?
  21. How did you feel when you thought you were different from others?
  22. Did you have anxieties about the future? What were they?
  23. Were there moments where you felt you couldn’t trust yourself?
  24. Did you ever doubt your own worth or value?
  25. How did you feel when you weren’t chosen or included?
  26. Did external appearances or material things ever feel like a source of insecurity for you?
  27. Were you ever afraid of expressing your true feelings or thoughts?
  28. Did you ever fear that your needs and desires were too much?
  29. How did you feel about asking for help or support?
  30. Were there dreams you didn’t pursue because you were afraid of what others would think?

About Dreams and Aspirations

  1. What did you dream of becoming when you grew up?
  2. What activities made your heart soar with happiness?
  3. Did you have a favorite place you imagined traveling to?
  4. Were there stories or characters that inspired your dreams?
  5. What skills or talents did you wish you could possess?
  6. Who were your role models or heroes as a child?
  7. When did you feel most alive and passionate?
  8. What activities or hobbies did you lose yourself in for hours?
  9. Did you have a secret wish or dream you were afraid to share?
  10. What did you imagine your adult life would look like?
  11. Were there animals or magical creatures you dreamt of befriending or becoming?
  12. How did you envision your “perfect” day?
  13. Were there books or movies that ignited your imagination and aspirations?
  14. Did you have dream destinations or fantasy worlds you wanted to explore?
  15. What did you want to learn or master?
  16. How did you imagine love and relationships in your future?
  17. Were there mysteries or challenges you dreamt of solving or overcoming?
  18. What sort of impact did you hope to make in the world?
  19. Did you have specific adventures or experiences on your bucket list?
  20. How did you want people to see or remember you?
  21. Were there specific colors, sounds, or elements that held special meaning in your dreams?
  22. What kind of home did you dream of living in?
  23. Did you ever dream of inventing something or creating a masterpiece?
  24. Were there careers or roles you wanted to explore?
  25. How did you wish your family would be like in the future?
  26. Were there particular celebrations or milestones you eagerly anticipated?
  27. Did you ever dream about other worlds or galaxies?
  28. What values or beliefs were integral to your dream life?
  29. Were there rituals or traditions you hoped to establish?
  30. How did you want to grow or evolve?
  31. What did happiness and success look like in your dreams?
  32. Were there songs or music that inspired your future visions?
  33. Did you imagine having pets or magical companions?
  34. How did nature or the environment factor into your aspirations?
  35. What freedoms and adventures did you crave the most?
  36. Were there challenges or trials you imagined facing victoriously?
  37. Did you dream of making a particular discovery or innovation?
  38. How did your favorite games or toys inspire your bigger dreams?
  39. Were there mentors or guides you hoped would accompany you on your journey?
  40. What legacy did you hope to leave behind?

About Moments of Joy and Happiness

  1. When did you feel the most joyful or free?
  2. Can you recall a time when you laughed so hard you couldn’t stop?
  3. What were your favorite games or activities that made you feel happiest?
  4. Were there special occasions or holidays you eagerly awaited?
  5. Who were the people that made you light up the most?
  6. Can you remember a gift or surprise that filled you with immense happiness?
  7. Did you have a favorite place where you felt completely at peace?
  8. Were there simple pleasures that always brightened your day?
  9. How did you celebrate your little victories or achievements?
  10. Can you recall an unexpected moment of joy or a pleasant surprise?
  11. Were there scents or sounds that instantly made you feel happy?
  12. Did you have a favorite treat or meal that you looked forward to?
  13. Who was your favorite playmate or friend that brought out your happiest self?
  14. Were there certain times of the day or seasons when you felt particularly joyful?
  15. Did you have a cherished toy or object that always comforted you?
  16. Can you remember a favorite story or song that made your heart sing?
  17. How did it feel when you were recognized or appreciated for something you did?
  18. Were there animals or pets that brought immense joy to your life?
  19. Can you recall a time when you felt completely in the moment without any worries?
  20. Did you ever create something – a drawing, a craft, a story – that made you proud and happy?
  21. Were there outdoor activities or adventures that made you feel exhilarated?
  22. How did you express your happiness? Through dance, song, or something else?
  23. Were there family traditions or rituals that you always looked forward to?
  24. Did you ever experience moments of pure wonder or awe?
  25. How did you feel when you discovered something new or learned a new skill?
  26. Can you think of a day when everything just went right, and you felt on top of the world?
  27. Were there books or tales that transported you to happy places?
  28. How did it feel when you helped someone or made a new friend?
  29. Do you remember moments of contentment, just watching the clouds or lying in the grass?
  30. Were there symbols or tokens you associated with good luck or happiness?

About Childhood Memories

  1. What is your earliest memory?
  2. Can you remember the scent or atmosphere of your childhood home?
  3. Who were your childhood best friends, and what adventures did you share?
  4. Were there places you used to hide when you wanted some alone time?
  5. Do you recall any family trips or vacations that stood out?
  6. What’s a day in your childhood that you’d love to relive?
  7. Were there traditions in your family or school that you looked forward to?
  8. Which seasons or weather patterns evoke the strongest memories?
  9. Do you remember any favorite clothing items or accessories you loved wearing?
  10. Were there special family recipes or meals that you particularly enjoyed?
  11. Can you recall any school projects or events you were especially proud of?
  12. Did you have a favorite teacher or mentor during your early years?
  13. How did your bedroom or personal space look and feel?
  14. Were there local spots, like a park or store, that you frequented?
  15. Do you remember any songs or music that instantly take you back to your childhood?
  16. Were there bedtime routines or nighttime rituals that comforted you?
  17. Can you recall the stories or books that were read to you?
  18. Were there family gatherings or holidays that left lasting memories?
  19. Do you remember any childhood injuries or illnesses that had an impact?
  20. Were there any significant changes or moves during your childhood?
  21. Did you have a cherished toy or blanket that meant a lot to you?
  22. What games or sports did you play during recess or in the neighborhood?
  23. Can you remember a particular gift you received that made a lasting impression?
  24. Were there any festivals, parades, or community events you attended?
  25. How did you typically celebrate your birthday?
  26. Were there shows or movies that you watched religiously?
  27. Do you recall any pets and the joy or challenges they brought?
  28. Were there wild animals or natural sights that fascinated you?
  29. Did you have a favorite subject or activity at school?
  30. Can you remember moments of mischief or times you got into trouble?
  31. Were there local legends, tales, or ghost stories that captured your imagination?
  32. How did you feel about the changing seasons and the festivities each brought?
  33. Were there any chores or tasks you had in your daily routine?
  34. Did you attend any clubs, groups, or extracurricular activities?
  35. Were there particular words or phrases that you or your friends often used?
  36. Do you recall any family or school photos that encapsulate a memory?
  37. Were there art projects, crafts, or DIY creations you enjoyed making?
  38. Did you have any childhood habits or quirks that stood out?
  39. Were there particular treats or candies you couldn’t get enough of?
  40. Can you remember a time when your sense of wonder and curiosity was piqued?

About Favorite Pastimes and Hobbies

  1. What activities could you spend hours doing without getting bored?
  2. Did you collect anything special during your childhood?
  3. What hobbies made you lose track of time?
  4. Were there craft projects you especially loved working on?
  5. Did you play any musical instruments or dream of playing one?
  6. Which board games or card games did you often play?
  7. Were you part of any clubs or teams that centered around a hobby?
  8. Did you enjoy any specific outdoor activities like kite flying, fishing, or gardening?
  9. Were there DIY projects or kits that you were particularly fond of?
  10. Did you have any creative outlets like painting, drawing, or writing stories?
  11. Was there a particular puzzle or brainteaser you loved to solve?
  12. Did you have a hobby linked to nature, like bird watching or stargazing?
  13. Were there magazines, comics, or newsletters you eagerly awaited each month?
  14. Did you enjoy cooking or baking anything special?
  15. Were there hobby stores or places you loved visiting to get supplies or inspiration?
  16. Did you have any hobbies related to technology or gadgets?
  17. Were there seasonal activities or hobbies you looked forward to every year?
  18. Did you enjoy building things, maybe using blocks, Legos, or model kits?
  19. Were there specific hobbies you shared with a family member or friend?
  20. Did you have a scrapbook, diary, or a personal project you worked on?
  21. Were you fascinated by certain cultures or languages and tried to learn more?
  22. Did you have a telescope, microscope, or another tool to explore your interests more deeply?
  23. Were there any hobbies or pastimes that others found unique or unusual?
  24. Did you enjoy any performance arts, like dancing, acting, or puppetry?
  25. Were there workshops, classes, or summer camps that catered to your favorite hobbies?

About Friends and Significant Relationships

  1. Who was your very first friend?
  2. Did you have a childhood best friend? What made your bond special?
  3. Were there friends you looked up to or admired?
  4. Can you recall a time when a friend stood up for you or comforted you?
  5. Did you have friendships that taught you a valuable lesson?
  6. Were there friends you lost touch with and missed?
  7. What qualities did you value most in a friend during your younger years?
  8. Did you have any secret pacts or promises with childhood friends?
  9. Were there shared adventures or misadventures that strengthened friendships?
  10. Can you remember a time when you felt let down or betrayed by a friend?
  11. How did you navigate conflicts or disagreements with friends?
  12. Were there friendships that changed as you both grew older?
  13. Did you have friends from different backgrounds or cultures that expanded your worldview?
  14. Were there any teachers or mentors you considered close friends?
  15. How did you and your friends communicate or stay in touch?
  16. Did you have any imaginary friends or companions?
  17. Were there friends you met during vacations or special events?
  18. How did you celebrate birthdays or milestones with friends?
  19. Did you have any friends who introduced you to new hobbies or interests?
  20. Were there any relationships that helped you discover more about yourself?
  21. Can you recall a time when you were the new kid or made a new friend feel welcome?
  22. Were there friendships influenced by books, movies, or shared fandoms?
  23. Did you ever write letters or create gifts for friends?
  24. Were there playdates, sleepovers, or outings that hold special memories?
  25. How did you and your friends support each other during challenging times?
  26. Were there friendships rooted in shared challenges or experiences?
  27. Did you have any crushes or early romantic relationships?
  28. Were there older kids or adults in the neighborhood you looked up to?
  29. How did you feel about friends moving away or changing schools?
  30. Were there friendships or bonds that helped shape your values or beliefs?

About Ways They’d Like to Be Comforted or Supported

  1. What words of reassurance would you like to hear when you’re feeling down?
  2. Is there a particular lullaby or song that would soothe you?
  3. What safe place can you envision to retreat to when overwhelmed?
  4. Which favorite toy or object would bring you comfort?
  5. Who in your past made you feel most supported and understood?
  6. Is there a specific memory that brings warmth and comfort?
  7. What physical gestures, like a hug or hand-holding, would help you feel safe?
  8. Would you prefer solitude or company when you’re feeling vulnerable?
  9. Are there books or stories that bring you comfort?
  10. Which activities or hobbies help distract and uplift you?
  11. Do you like to be outdoors or in nature as a way to find peace?
  12. Is there a scent or aroma that calms your spirit?
  13. Would you find comfort in creating art or expressing yourself?
  14. How do you feel about seeking comfort in pets or animals?
  15. What are some affirmations or mantras that would boost your spirit?
  16. Would you appreciate being listened to without judgment?
  17. Is there a favorite food or treat that brings a sense of nostalgia and comfort?
  18. What rituals or routines make you feel grounded?
  19. Would you benefit from meditation or focused breathing exercises?
  20. Are there colors or visuals that soothe and calm your mind?
  21. How can someone best show empathy and understanding toward you?
  22. Would you like reminders of your strengths and achievements?
  23. Do you find solace in spiritual or religious practices?
  24. Would you appreciate a handwritten note or message of support?
  25. How can one best respect and acknowledge your feelings and emotions?
  26. Are there comforting textures or fabrics you’d like to be wrapped in?
  27. Would you like to be held or rocked gently?
  28. Is there a particular place or environment where you feel most at ease?
  29. What kind of positive reinforcements or rewards lift your spirits?
  30. Would you appreciate engaging in imaginative or fantasy play?
  31. Do you have any movies or shows that help you escape and relax?
  32. How do you feel about seeking professional support or therapy?
  33. Would you like to have your achievements and efforts acknowledged?
  34. Is there a routine or bedtime ritual that helps you transition to rest?
  35. Would you benefit from setting boundaries or having personal space?
  36. How would you like others to approach you when you’re upset or triggered?
  37. Are there specific phrases or words you’d like to hear more often?
  38. Would you enjoy therapeutic activities like coloring or molding clay?
  39. How can someone best show you love and acceptance?
  40. Would you find comfort in revisiting positive memories or looking through old photos?

About Family Relationships and Dynamics

  1. How did you feel in the presence of each family member?
  2. Who did you feel closest to in your family?
  3. Were there family traditions that you loved or didn’t enjoy?
  4. How did you cope with family conflicts or arguments?
  5. What’s your fondest memory with your family?
  6. Was there a family member you wished you had a closer bond with?
  7. How did you perceive the dynamics between your parents (or caregivers)?
  8. Were there family secrets or topics that were off-limits?
  9. Did you ever feel like the mediator or peacekeeper in the family?
  10. How did family celebrations or gatherings make you feel?
  11. Were you ever compared to siblings or other family members?
  12. Did any family member have habits or traits that confused or bothered you?
  13. How did you handle family pressures or expectations?
  14. Were there family outings or trips that stand out in memory?
  15. How did you feel about your role or position in the family?
  16. Did you have special one-on-one moments with certain family members?
  17. Were there family values or beliefs that you didn’t understand or agree with?
  18. How did you express love or affection within your family?
  19. Did you ever wish for changes in your family structure or dynamic?
  20. Were there any cultural or generational gaps that influenced family relations?
  21. How did family transitions, like moves or new members, affect you?
  22. Were there family stories or legacies that impacted your identity?
  23. Did you have responsibilities or roles in the family that felt burdensome?
  24. How did you navigate disagreements or differences in opinion with family?
  25. Were you ever protective of a family member, or did someone protect you?
  26. How did your family approach discipline or setting boundaries?
  27. Were there shared hobbies or activities that brought the family together?
  28. Did you ever feel overshadowed or invisible in your family?
  29. Were there family members you only saw occasionally but had a deep impact on you?
  30. How did your family support your dreams, interests, and aspirations?
  31. Were there any family rifts or estrangements that affected you?
  32. How did your family handle crises, grief, or challenges?
  33. Did you feel understood and accepted by your family?
  34. Were there rituals, like bedtime stories or meals, that held significance?
  35. How did your family express pride or disappointment?
  36. Did you ever feel the need to hide parts of yourself from your family?
  37. Were there teachings or lessons from family that still resonate today?
  38. Did your family have ways to reconnect or resolve conflicts?
  39. How did your family handle external pressures or societal judgments?
  40. Were there family members whose life choices or paths influenced your own?

About School and Learning Experiences

  1. What is your earliest memory of school?
  2. Did you have a favorite subject or topic you loved learning about?
  3. Were there subjects or classes you found particularly challenging?
  4. How did you feel about your teachers? Was there one who stood out positively or negatively?
  5. Did you enjoy group projects and collaborative learning?
  6. Were there moments in school when you felt particularly proud or accomplished?
  7. Did you ever experience anxiety or fear related to tests or exams?
  8. How did you handle homework and assignments?
  9. Were there special events, like field trips or school plays, that you looked forward to?
  10. Did you feel comfortable asking questions or expressing confusion in class?
  11. Were you involved in extracurricular activities or clubs?
  12. How did you handle feedback or criticism about your work?
  13. Did you have close friends at school? How did they impact your school experience?
  14. Were there moments of feeling excluded or bullied?
  15. How did you navigate the social dynamics and peer pressures of school?
  16. Did you ever face challenges or obstacles in your learning journey?
  17. Were there resources or tools that particularly helped you in your studies?
  18. Did you have a preferred learning style or method?
  19. Were there teachers or mentors who particularly inspired or motivated you?
  20. Did you ever feel misunderstood or overlooked in a classroom setting?
  21. How did you feel about report cards or parent-teacher conferences?
  22. Did you ever participate in competitions or contests at school?
  23. Were there subjects or activities you wished you had pursued more?
  24. How did you handle transitions, like moving from elementary to middle school?
  25. Did you have role models or seniors you looked up to in school?
  26. Were there projects or assignments that fueled your creativity and passion?
  27. How did you feel during school assemblies or larger gatherings?
  28. Were you ever recognized or rewarded for your efforts at school?
  29. Did you have experiences with tutors or additional learning outside of school?
  30. How did your school and learning experiences shape your views on education and personal growth?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is inner child work just for those who had a traumatic childhood?

No. While it’s beneficial for healing past traumas, inner child work is for everyone. Even those with seemingly happy childhoods can gain insights into the behaviors, patterns, and beliefs that shape their adult lives.

How do I handle resistance or fear when approaching my inner child?

Resistance or fear is natural. Start slowly. Take small steps, perhaps by focusing on neutral or positive memories first. Over time, as you build trust, you can delve deeper into more challenging areas.

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