What Moms Like for Their Birthday?

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Katie Ziskind

Katie Ziskind

Experiential Family Therapist

Moms really like it when you give them a mom-free day

They love being moms, but need relaxation alone time.

For instance, get your mom a limo or drive her to get a pedicure. Drive her back home. Take her through the drive-through. Let her sit in the passenger seat. Give her the full effect of a day off.

Shannon Keith

Shannon Keith

CEO and Founder, Sudara

These pajamas are not only SUPER unique but they empower women and all come in a giftable bag that fit perfect and gift-ready! What do moms love better than gifts that empower other moms?!?

Melissa Drake

Melissa Drake

Founder, Brilliant Transformations

Handwritten cards, letters, and notes

While store-bought cards are great (and appreciated), the sentiment is not the same as one that’s hand made.

These typically include a heartfelt message and acknowledges specific traits, instances, and efforts my son recognizes about me. I save and treasure these.

Experiences and quality time

Some material gifts are treasured, many others (like flowers) have an expiration date.

Spending time together and enjoying an experience together creates memories that last a lifetime (and beyond). I always took my mom for a manicure and pedicure on her birthday and we made a day of it.

A break

Once, my son gave me a gift certificate for a massage. He also went the extra step to schedule it on my behalf. All I had to do was show up and get pampered. There’s nothing better than that.

Amanda J. Ponzar 

Amanda J. Ponzar

Chief Communications & Strategy Officer, Community Health Charities

Most moms want the gift of time or an experience

What I’d enjoy is time to go shopping without the kids (and maybe shopping with a friend), or have lunch with or visit a friend – an actual girl friend as it’s hard to find time for friends when you work full-time and have a family and volunteer.

Another good idea is a Starbucks gift card to treat myself to coffee.

Time to relax is also good; someone else taking the kids and leaving me home alone to relax and take a nap!

Besides time, I also appreciate heartfelt or meaningful gifts connected with special interests of mine such as musicals/Broadway shows, Jane Austen, art, etc.

My mom got me theater tickets to see Pride and Prejudice which was great; my sister-in-law got me a shirt and cup that with quotes from Pride & Prejudice. My husband bought me my favorite childhood movie.

Some other moms I know like to go to the spa for the day, or have an expensive dinner at a fancy restaurant, or stay overnight or go on a road trip with girlfriends, etc.

I don’t really need to go that far and not sure I’d even enjoy it, and I don’t need gifts of stuff, as I can buy stuff myself.

Handwritten note

Tell her how grateful you are for all she has done for you. Write down some of your special memories from childhood, or describe the qualities in her you most admire.

Write it out by hand – don’t worry if your handwriting isn’t the best.

What’s important is that you take the time to personally create the list. If you are lost for words and are looking for inspiration, add this list to a box that contains an Eternity Rose. She will never have received anything more valuable from you in her life.

Lia Manea

Lia Manea

Author, Find That Perfect Gift!

Whatever it is that a mom would really enjoy for her birthday, for sure it isn’t something that is clearly related to the fact that she is a mom or something that is actually for her child.

Do not offer a mom for her birthday a baby bottle sterilizer, parenting books or kitchen appliances unless she specifically asks for such a gift.

And even then you should add something that reminds her that she is a stylish or independent woman with hobbies and interests of her own.

A gift that a mom would surely appreciate would be an early dinner out to a nice restaurant with her husband, while somebody else took care of all the details of where will the kids be during that time.

Going to the movies, the theater or something similar is also a great idea, depending on her preferences.

If the kids are quite grown up, a mom would surely appreciate a photo album with a collection of family photos that stretch over the years. She could relive some of their best times together and enjoy a really thoughtful gift.

Any mom would also appreciate a fancy box of chocolates and some pretty flowers.

Zara Ikhlaq

Zara Ikhlaq

A pamper/spa voucher

All mums need that well deserved break away from the kids to relax and unwind! I recently received a spa voucher for a massage and was over the moon, looking after young children really takes a toll on your back, seriously!

This gift is more for mums who have younger children (speaking from experience – I have a 6 month old and a 2 year old. However all mums, I’m sure, would appreciate a day at the spa!

If your mum is a chocoholic like me then a chocolate hamper would be lovely!

This could be changed to fit whatever your mum likes best – sweet hamper, hamper of bath things, hamper of biscuits? Cheese hamper, wine hamper, the list is endless!

For mums that have children that are teenagers and older – personalised things are nice. 

The small touches – personalized cards with meaningful messages, personalized photo books, or alternatively, instead of (3) you may want to use the following Forever flowers – I recently brought my mum a box of forever roses – they were made of foam and silk and looked so real! Absolutely stunning.

Erin Sagester

Erin Sagester

Director of Marketing, Drivers Choice Marketing


The mom in your life deserves to look stylish when she is running errands around town. Gift her a beautiful wrap to keep her comfortable and en vogue

Foldover Clutch

A mom also deserves a night on the town or a girls’ weekend. The faux hide folder clutch is fashionable (and she doesn’t have to keep snacks or diapers in it.

Throw Blanket

A beautiful accent piece for her living room – or for those rare quiet nights with wine on the couch as she catches up on her reality tv.

Molly Jeber

Molly Jebber

Author, Amish Historical Romances

I’m a Mom, and I like jewelry (can be costume), purses, sweaters, gift certificates to favorite stores, and books!

Also from children, something endearing written on mug or ornament (My daughter gave me a mug – “If you weren’t my Mom, I’d have wanted you for my best friend.

Angela Worley

Angela Worley

Businesswoman | Blogger

A day at the spa

Since I’m always running around with my one year old or I’m busy working and running an online business I won’t do this for myself unless someone gets me a gift certificate.

I think it’s because I feel guilty knowing they paid for it and it’ll be a waste of their money if I don’t use it.

Anything coffee

I think I’ve started drinking more coffee since becoming a mom a year ago. On one Christmas my mother in law got me a coffee club subscription and not only did I save on this necessity, but it was delivered to my door every month.

I’ve tried a couple since then and I’ve been really liking the coffee from Cafe Joe USA. There are hundreds of other coffee subscriptions that I’m sure everyone has a preference for.

Personally, I like the bolder coffee and they seem to do a pretty great job at making it.

A weekend getaway

It could even be a staycation. Just some time away from the normal day to day is so nice.

As a mom, it’s hard to take a break at home because there’s always something to do, wash, clean, cook, etc. So not having that around really forces you to take the break you need.

Luana Spinetti

Luana Spinetti



My children’s drawings are generally the type of gift I mostly love receiving. They put in the time and effort to make these beautiful pieces, so the value is not only in the artwork itself and in its message, but especially in the love and dedication my children have for me.


I’ve asked my children for special photos in the past: photos of them posing next to the toys I bought them and that I knew they loved so much, or photos of them wearing mama’s favorite clothing items.

There is something joyful and playful about this type of gift, they make good photos to frame and that the whole family can cherish for the years to come.


My children know mama loves reading!

So whether they find my favorite book at the used-books market or buy it new at the bookshop, it always makes such a wonderful gift and I’ll be found diving into it right away, curled up on the couch. Even better if my children write a dedication to me behind the cover.

Patti Stewart

Patti Stewart

CEO/ Self-Defense Instructor, Defense in Heels

Moms want something for themselves. They will never say it as they always put the kids or the family first.

Get them something like a massage, a spa day or even something like a bottle of wine, a book and you take the kids the kids for a few hours.

JoAnn Crohn

JoAnn Crohn

Founder, NoGuiltMom.com

Pampering of some kind

A massage or facial appointment already made with childcare arranged would make me so happy as a birthday present! Already scheduled is key!

Most moms put themselves last and between the hassle of getting someone to watch the kids and finding a time that works, gift certificates wouldn’t get used.

Samantha Lippiatt

Samantha Lippiatt

Co-founder, Health and Fitness Travel

Every mom deserves a break, especially on their birthday — but not just any kind of break… what they need is now being dubbed as a ‘mumcation’, typically a two-day to a week’s worth of holidays spent with friends or even better, other mums who understand the need for me time.

Psychologists are in on this too. They say that mums should be taking regular ‘mumcations’ to recharge from the daily grind of motherhood.

For moms, self-care is essential, not as an indulgence, but a necessity to remove external noise, reduce stress, and become the best version they can be, whatever role or roles they have in life.

Nikki Williams

Nikki Williams

Founder, Nikki Williams

We know that Moms love handbags for their birthdays. Its a gift that just keeps giving.

Handbags are a thoughtful and personal gift that is also practical (Mom’s love something that they can use every day).

Giving a handbag to your Mom is a daily reminder to her that you love and care for her. It is also something that will last for years.

Kimberly Friedmutter CHt

Kimberly Friedmutter CHt,

Author, Subconscious Power- Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted

Self-care is a casualty of motherhood, more often than not.

Mothers are givers, rarely receivers, and luckily the self-care industry ranges from ‘make a little basket of face masks, massage oil and nail care items’ to giving mom a gift card at the nearest hotel spa or fitness facility.

The gift of ‘self-care’ for your mom shows her ‘you’ care.

When looking after our mom’s, the personalizing of a gift ‘for her’ and ‘about her’ is the most thoughtful.

Even a self-help or hobby book let’s her know that her interests, interest you.

If you really want to splurge, you can include her BFF for her day of beauty and relaxation so she can enjoy your gift with her friend.

Lunch out with a friend is another way to show you care about her needs of friendship.

Sally How

Sally How

Owner, How Fine Designs

Moms or Mums are all different, but the most important thing to consider is what are your Mother’s values?

Once your Mum has reached a certain stage in life she probably has had plenty of the usual scarves and bags, so I try to spoil my Mom with something I know she wouldn’t probably buy for herself.

Perhaps a lovely perfume or room fragrance that she would be reminded of something that I know would make her smile. A reminder of shared memory for example is priceless.

Another thing would be something I have made myself.

One year I went on a glass fusing workshop and made her a glass bowl, but I’ve also painted my Mum pictures or knitted her a handmade scarf.

Sometimes I’ve bought a pair of leather gloves in a bright colour; a beautiful gift for a winter birthday. Or taken her out to a spa. I’ve also given her one of my handmade silver heart necklaces, and given the same one to my sister as well, so whenever we wear them we feel connected, even though we are far apart geographically.

It’s really the thought behind a gift that matters most. It really doesn’t need to cost a lot to mean the world to your Mum, after all, you are one of the people who know her best, so perhaps try brainstorming a few of the things she really loves best.

Something that triggers a shared feeling or moment is always a great place to start. Think about how you want her to feel when you send your gift.

Packaging something small but beautiful is always going to make somebody feel special. Your Mum will know you’ve put in the effort to think of her. That’s a win already if you think about it!

Varda Meyers Epstein

Varda Meyers Epstein

Parenting Expert | Editor, Kars4Kids Smarter Parenting blog

As a mom of 12, I can tell you that I dream about spa treatments or even some nice toiletries.

A relative once treated me to a spa day after surviving breast cancer treatment in thanks for my support, and it was the best gift I ever received.

If my kids were to give me a similar gift it would be extremely meaningful to me. A way to pamper mom for all her hard work.

I gave my mom a massage package for her 91st birthday and she enjoyed it so much! It relieved her swollen ankles, too. It’s a wonderful way to say “I love you.”

Trisha Lake

Trisha Lake

Owner / CEO, TLC Cleaning LLC

I am a mom of 3 kids and I can tell you more than anything what I want.

Moms want someone to take the weight off their shoulders, even if only for a day. Moms want more time to snuggle with their kids and take a hot bath. Moms want the laundry to fold its self and the floors to always stay clean.

I truly think one of the most valuable gifts we can give moms is more time back in their life. And that’s why I think the best gift is a cleaning service.

Elena Ledoux

Elena Ledoux

Chief Mommy, MommyGo

What moms like for their birthday is to uninterrupted quality time: with their families and friends, their dreams, and themselves.

Heidi McBain, MA, LMFT, LPC, RPT

Heidi McBain

Texas Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

The gift of your time! Spending time together going to a local event or out to dinner or helping with a project around the house.

Karen Akpan

Karen Akpan

Digital Content Creator , TheMomTrotter

What Moms want for their birthday is similar to what they want for Mother’s day.

  • breakfast in bed or a treat to a nice breakfast
  • a full massage and spa day
  • absolutely no chores whatsoever

Most important thing is, Moms want their birthdays remembered. They are happy with anything that comes their way. Just don’t forget their birthday.

Diana Stelin

Diana Stelin

Professional Artist | Owner of The Plein-Air Art Academy

As a mother of 3, I think the best gifts for a mom are those that would give her some time to relax, offer some self-nourishing such as massages, a yoga retreat, a night out for dinner, or a fun hobby.

If she’s design savvy and loves to entertain, then anything from fun kitchen gadgets to antique vases and paintings would be perfect, something that would remind her of you and your time together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What experiences or activities can be planned for a mom’s birthday?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to planning experiences or activities for a mom’s birthday, and the best option will depend on her interests and preferences. Some ideas include a family picnic, a movie night with her favorite movies, a weekend getaway, or visiting a local attraction she’s always wanted to see.

If your mom likes to try new things, consider inviting her to a cooking class, dance lesson, or wine tasting. Choose an experience or activity that reflects her hobbies and passions, and she will have a memorable birthday.

How can I involve the whole family in celebrating my mom’s birthday?

Involving the whole family in your mom’s birthday celebrations can make the day even more special. First, discuss with all family members their ideas and preferences, considering everyone’s schedule and availability.

Then, you can delegate tasks such as preparing the food, decorating, or organizing the entertainment to ensure everyone feels included and contributes to the celebration.

During the celebration, ask family members to share their favorite memories or express their love for your mom through speeches, videos, or written messages. This creates an intimate and meaningful atmosphere and strengthens the bond between your mom and the entire family.

What are ways to include distant family members or friends in the birthday celebration?

In today’s digital age, including distant family members or friends in your mom’s birthday celebration is easier than ever. One way is to organize a virtual party or video call where everyone can participate, exchange messages, and celebrate.

You can also ask these relatives to record video messages, which can then be compiled into a heartfelt montage and played during the celebration.

Alternatively, you can encourage distant friends and relatives to send cards, letters, or small gifts to remind them of their love and presence on your mom’s special day.

How can I ensure that the birthday celebration is a surprise for my mom?

When planning a surprise birthday party for your mom, keeping the details private is essential. First, ask for help from trusted family members or friends who can keep the surprise a secret.

When discussing plans or making arrangements, avoid doing so in your mother’s presence. Be careful about using shared devices or accounts, as she may accidentally find out about your plans.

Finally, plan a decoy event or activity to draw her out. Not only will this help maintain the element of surprise, but it’ll also create an even more memorable experience when the actual celebration occurs.

How can I find out my mom’s preferred way of celebrating her birthday without spoiling the surprise?

To find out how your mother prefers to celebrate her birthday without revealing your intentions, you can have casual conversations leading up to the event. Ask her about her favorite past celebrations or how she would like to spend a perfect day.

You can also observe her reactions to others’ birthdays or talk to close family members and friends who may know about her preferences. By gathering this information indirectly, you can plan a celebration that aligns with her wishes while maintaining the element of surprise.

What can I do to make my mom’s birthday special if I cannot be physically present?

If you can’t be physically present on your mom’s birthday, there are still ways to make her feel special from afar. You can organize a surprise delivery with her favorite food or dessert.

Organize a virtual meeting with friends and relatives to share their love and birthday wishes. Send her a sincere letter, email, or video message expressing your gratitude and affection.

You can also ask friends or family members in your area to help you organize a small celebration in your absence. The most important thing is to show your mom that you’re thinking of her and that her special day matters to you, even if you can’t be there in person.

How can I make sure the birthday celebration remains stress-free for my mom?

To make sure your mother’s birthday party is stress-free, take the time to plan and organize the event in advance. This includes taking care of the invitations, decorations, food, and entertainment, so she doesn’t have to worry about the details.

On the day of the party, encourage her to relax and enjoy the festivities while you and other family members or friends take care of any final preparations or problems that may arise.

Also, be mindful of your mom’s preferences and energy level. Adjust the pace of the celebration or the level of social interaction as needed to ensure her comfort and enjoyment.

How can I give my mother a memorable birthday experience on a tight budget?

Creating a memorable birthday party for your mom on a tight budget is entirely possible with creativity and thoughtfulness. Focus on activities and experiences that are meaningful and affordable.

Plan a day full of her favorite activities, whether a picnic at a local park, a movie marathon at home, or cooking her favorite meal together.

You can also make your own decorations and gifts or involve friends and family members in organizing a potluck-style celebration to reduce costs. The most important thing is your time and effort to make her day special, not how much you spend.

How can I incorporate my mom’s cultural background into her birthday celebration?

Incorporating your mom’s cultural background into her birthday celebration can make the event more meaningful and memorable. Start by researching traditional customs, foods, and music from her culture that can be incorporated into the celebration.

You can also incorporate decorations, colors, or patterns that represent her cultural heritage. If your mom is comfortable with it, consider inviting guests to wear traditional attire or show their cultural background in other ways.

Conversations about cultural traditions and family history can add depth and significance to the celebration, creating a more immersive experience for your mom and the guests.

How can I ensure the birthday celebration is appropriate for my mother’s introverted or extroverted nature?

To accommodate your mother’s introverted or extroverted nature, it’s essential to know her preferences in terms of social interaction and the overall atmosphere of the celebration.

For an introverted mom, plan a smaller, more intimate gathering with close friends and family or a quiet day with only the closest family members.

For an extroverted mom, you may want to organize a larger event or plan activities and games that encourage socializing and interaction among guests. The most important thing is to create an environment where she feels comfortable and can enjoy her special day to the fullest.

How can I make my mom feel special on her birthday if she has recently experienced a loss or is going through a difficult time?

Celebrating your mom’s birthday during a difficult time requires sensitivity and consideration for her emotional state. First, talk openly with her about her feelings and whether she wants to celebrate her birthday. If she’s open to a celebration, keep it low-key and focus on her needs and well-being.

Surround her with close friends and family members who can offer support and understanding. Encourage guests to share uplifting stories, memories, or messages of love and encouragement.

You can also include elements that acknowledge or recognize their recent loss or difficulties, such as a moment of silence or memorial service. The goal is to create a comforting, nurturing atmosphere where she feels loved and supported during this difficult time.

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