Best Desk and Office Exercise Equipment (That People Actually Use)

No matter how busy your work schedule may be, your health should still be a priority.

The truth is, living a sedentary life can put a severe strain on your body. Sitting for long periods of time reduces blood flow to your legs, which increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other diseases.

But you might think, “what am I supposed to do when my job requires me to sit on a chair and stare at a monitor for countless of hours?

Here’s an answer: You can do a lot!

Aside from walking around the office (even for five minutes) when taking a call or while drinking water (hydration is essential), there are certain types of equipment that can aid in your blood circulation while you hustle for the job.

Let’s find them out:

Andrew Mason

Fitness Expert, Tens Machine UK

Here are a few of my favorite desk and office exercise equipment which can help to stay healthy:


After a long day at work, many people suffer from lower back pain, cervical pain, arthritis, frozen shoulder as well as joint pain. So to get instant relief from all types of pain. This device uses electrical impulses to reduce the sensation of pain instantly. The impulses are low in voltage.

Stability Cushion

Stability Cushion is a sitting disc which activates core muscles. It is very comfortable sitting for hours. This cushion has small and continuous motions which help core muscles stimulated.


EMS means Electro Muscle Stimulator which is a new way to workout without spending hours of time in the gym. EMS is a small suite which helps to contract and strengthen the muscles, by low-frequency electric impulses.

Hand Exercise Balls

Hand exercise balls increase the strength in hands, arms and wrist. It also helps in preventing tension, alleviating joint pain and reducing stress. These balls are also great for arthritis as they increase the strength and reduce discomfort. Exercise balls also help to circulate the blood.

The majority of the day in the office, makes your fitness suffer. So, today the new innovation of desk exercise is a great option.

Paul Bromen



Right now, I am walking on LifeSpan TR800 treadmill and typing on the accompanying desk. I use it every day. I average 5 miles and burn more than 500 calories.

I bought it on a lark. In my former office job, I was sitting down all day at a desk and then coming home to play video games on my couch. 12 hours a day on my butt was giving me back issues and lowering my energy. The treadmill desk came and turned my lethargic vice into activity. During my first year of continual use, I lost 20 lbs of fat.

It’s lasted me 4 years now and is the best money I have ever spent. I highly recommend a walking desk treadmill to everyone who works at home or plays video games. I also think that every company should have one. Who wouldn’t want to burn 200 calories while responding to their emails?

About 6 months ago, I found a Tower 200 Body by Jake trainer in my storage unit that had never been opened. I brought it into our main office in Pensacola, Florida, and mounted it to a closet door at the back of our office near the printer. I started using it about 2 to 3 times a week and then noticed that others in our office started working out with it.

Since it has different levels of resistance bands, it can be adjusted for very light resistance all the way up to maximum resistance. Everyone loves it.

Our CEO (Mark Kilcawley) started using it and said “what a great health and wellness concept”. We started talking to our landlord and other businesses in the building and are trying to find a dedicated room to create an on-site gym for everyone.

Jonathan Sheinkop


Founder & CEO, Ergo Impact

LeanRite Elite

I am both the inventor and a daily user of a product called the LeanRite Elite. The LeanRite is an adjustable, standing desk chair that encourages proper posture and is designed for maximum movement throughout the day.

There is also a free App on both iOs and Android under (Ergo Impact) which highlights a wide range of unique stretches and basic exercises that can be performed by users of the LeanRite. I do the exercises frequently throughout the week and it focuses on building a stronger ‘core’, focusing on releasing tight hip flexors, gluteals, and lower back.

By using the LeanRite, people will be retraining the muscles to work properly and to provide good support for the spine. This will go a long way to reducing or hopefully eliminating pain from sedentary behavior and burning some calories every day.

Barry M. Schwartz

President, Schwartz Public Relations

VersaDesk “Power Pro”

Buy on Amazon
09/24/2023 03:20 am GMT

As a combined workaholic and exercise nut, I had long pondered how to best handle both, i. e. chained to my desk and wanting to exercise at the same time. Then, along came standing desks which happily gave me the option of standing while working.

After much research, I opted for the VersaDesk “Power Pro” because it easily adjusts to different heights with the push of a button, so (pardon the pun) I managed to handle my highs and lows that way. However, a restless soul that I am, I wanted something more, something that would allow me to move rather than just stand.

And again, after more research (which comes naturally to me as a long-time PR professional), I found the answer in the same company with a treadmill that fits perfectly under my standing desk. Even better, it has a LED display that tracks my time, steps, speed and calories too.

Just one problem now is that I’m spending less time at the gym and more at my work, but the results are worth it.

Katherine Kline



My Lifespan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk has pretty much saved my life!

I purchased it when my doctor told me I was gaining too much weight. Nothing I did help, and my weight continued to increase. Working from home, I used to sit a lot, and sitting is the new smoking, right? My average steps per day were between 2,000 and 3,000, but now with my treadmill desk, I consistently get my 10,000 steps in.

It was a bit pricey, but worth its weight in gold. (And it’s heavy!)

I’ve lost a few pounds, but the main thing is that I feel better and my back doesn’t hurt as much. I use it almost every day, but admittedly I do have a regular desk as well, and I switch back and forth.

The best thing about this treadmill desk is that it’s very quiet so my clients don’t know even that I’m using it. I only go about 2.1 miles per hour, but it’s just enough to keep me moving and healthy. My doctor has been very pleased with the results and I was able to discontinue using cholesterol medication.

Next up, I want to start lifting weights!

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Andrew Rawson


Chief Learning Officer, Traliant

Small free weights

The first best desk and office exercise equipment are small free weights. They don’t take up much room, they are relatively inexpensive, and you can do a wide variety of exercises with them.

Another great piece of desk and office exercise equipment is an exercise ball. These are good for an office environment because you can switch your chair out with the ball whenever you want to exercise. Exercise balls are also very versatile and can be used for many types of exercises.

Ankle Weights

Finally, ankle weights are great for desk and office exercise. They can be used without anyone else in the office knowing and you can get some great leg workouts with them.

Michael Quinn

Michael Quinn

Owner and Director of Marketing, Life Insurance Blog

Stand-up desk and stability ball

I’m blogging and creating content for about 12 hours every day. Sitting down for even a few hours and my back is screaming. I had to make a change, so I opted for 2 pieces of equipment.

First, I got a stand-up desk. It’s a basic one that goes on top of my desk. I can raise it and lower it depending if I need to sit or stand. Second, I have a stability ball when I have to sit. Standing for long periods of time isn’t great either.

My back starts to get tight when standing for prolonged periods. The best formula for me is to rotate the two…and my back couldn’t be happier.

Matthew Ross



I use the FlexiSpot Exercise Bike at work. Essentially, it’s just like the exercise bike you would find at your gym except it has a desktop that extends upwards for your laptop. I don’t use it all day obviously but it’s definitely nice to get up from my normal desk and cycle a little bit during the day. It helps me relieve stress and clear my mind while still being somewhat productive.

Rachel Massey, SRA, AI-RRS, IFA

AQB Certified USPAP Instructor | Certified Residential Appraiser, Massey & Associates


I have been using treadmill desks for over 10-years now. My office has both a conventional desk and a treadmill with TrekDesk that sits over it. The TrekDesk is configured with two monitors, and the laptop goes in between, with a total of three monitors. I tend to walk about 3-4 hours a day depending on the day and sit at a regular conventional desk in between.

When I first started using a treadmill desk, I used it extensively, often over 6-hours a day. Was regularly clocking at least 8-10 miles per day, but unfortunately, that many miles can cause tendinitis, which I now have in both feet. Using the desk, I can walk comfortably at 1.5 miles per hour with a 1% incline. When I was younger, I was able to walk around 2.5 miles per hour.

Please be aware this is not a solution for weight loss as I have gained substantial weight over the years. What it is a solution for is backaches and fatigue and cold hands and feet from sitting. I couldn’t imagine going back to sitting full time and am happy with 1/3 of the day or a bit more on the treadmill. Early adopter, and very happy customer.

Cory Porteous


Director of Marketing & Inbound Business Development, Office Interiors

Humanscale Quickstand

While not an exercise equipment in the most direct sense, a sit to stand accessory can be retrofit onto almost any desk and will allow you to frequently alter between a seated and standing posture throughout the day.

Alternating between sitting and standing every 30 minutes has been shown to reduce the risk of circulatory problems, heart disease, and diabetes.

Standing also burns approximately 30 percent more calories than sitting, which may not seem like a lot at first glance, but when you consider how many hours you spend at a desk over the course of a year (close to 1700 hours!), it really can add up.

I personally use, and love, a Humanscale Quickstand but there are many manufacturers and models of sit-to-stand devices, all of which will do what is important… help you keep moving throughout the day.

Susanna Williams


Consultant, All Inclusive Health

Sitting at work all day can cause a long list of health concerns including obesity and high blood pressure. To maximize your health and take advantage of those 8 hours at your office, why not pack a few desk workout equipment pieces that can give you a powerful toning exercise without even having to leave your office? Here are some favorites:

If you’re looking to work out discreetly in the office, go for the ankle weights. I love these weights because not only can they be used in any of your Pilates workouts, but you can pack them in your bag to take to work and wear them while sitting at your desk. They’re easy to adjust and you won’t feel so bad sitting all day when you’re doing leg lifts and toning your quads.

Bring some resistance bands along for lightweight equipment with hardcore results. Resistance bands are an amazing piece of office exercise equipment because they’re so easy to pack up and take up little to no room at your desk.

Work your biceps and do some squats in your office or outside on your lunch break. Or if you’re surrounded by coworkers and want to be more discreet, wrapping the band above your knees and pulsing can work both your inner and outer thighs all while sitting at your desk.

Alastair Evans


Admin, OneSource Commercial Furniture

One of the toughest things to combat at the desk is poor posture, which can lead to long-lasting back pain that becomes incredibly hard to overcome. I’ve tried heaps of products, but most aren’t appropriate to bring to work. They’re either loud and obnoxious, take a lot of space, or require more time commitment than you have during the workday.

Recently I got a little Chirp back roller, and it’s been a great way to take a quick back stretch break. And it’s small enough to sit under or on my desk. It’s called the Plexus Wheel+, and I’m using the 6″ version, which is the smallest roller and also the one that’s intended for deep tissue massage.

A few minutes a day, whenever I get the chance, gives me quick back relief while also working towards the goal of stretching the back and shoulder muscles back into a better posture position.

When you put your entire body weight onto a roller, you’re able to push deeply into the painful parts of your back with a lot of pressure. It’s like a masseuse pushing into your back with all their power. Having that kind of relief at the office, sitting nearby and always ready to help, is a nice perk to a pretty affordable little wheel.

Robin Dela Cruz

Robin dela Cruz

Influencer Marketer, AnthroDesk: a standing desk in Canada

Wireless Vertical Mouse, Ergonomic Design With Side Controls

  • Studies show that a vertical mouse causes less strain on your wrist and arm.
  • The natural, ergonomic design ensures you will be working in a much healthier position for your body.
  • It will help you avoid long term damage from the constant twisting of your arm tendons and wrist.
  • It has an auto-sleep feature that ensures a long battery life.
  • Integrated 2.4 GHz wireless technology is compatible with your tablet, PC, iPad.

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AnthroDesk Sit to Stand Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk

With a sit-stand/standing desk you can:

  • Reduce back and neck pain.
  • Reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease (supported by several scientific studies including the American Cancer Society).
  • Increase your energy and productivity.
  • Improve circulation and oxygen flow.
  • Increase neurotransmitter levels.
  • Burn more calories

Wobble Chair Ergonomic Active Sitting Stool

  • The Wobble Chair is a fun, active chair that is ideal for use with your standing desk.
  • It engages your core muscles stimulates metabolic increases. Without even knowing it, you will be burning calories and strengthening your core.
  • A wide range of height adjustments accommodates a range of people, and allows for the ‘half-standing’ pose when you want to take a break from standing, but don’t want to sit.
Buy on Amazon
09/24/2023 04:40 am GMT

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any precautions that should be taken when doing desk exercises?

Some precautions should be followed when doing desk exercises to ensure safety and reduce the risk of injury. Some necessary precautions to keep in mind include the following:

Use proper form and technique: It’s important to use proper form and technique when doing desk exercises to avoid injury and ensure that you get the most benefit from your workout. If you’re unsure how to exercise properly, consult a qualified fitness professional or health care provider.

Start at a low intensity and gradually increase: It’s important to start with low-intensity exercises and progressively increase the intensity and duration as your fitness level improves. This way, you can reduce the risk of injury and ensure that you’re making progress toward your fitness goals.

Listen to your body: It’s important to listen to your body and avoid any exercises that cause pain or discomfort. If you experience pain or discomfort while doing desk exercises, stop immediately and consult your healthcare provider or a qualified fitness professional.

Avoid overexertion: It’s important not to overexert yourself and to give your body time to rest and recover between workouts. If you feel exhausted or tired, you should take a break and rest before exercising.

Taking these precautions and using good judgment can ensure safety and reduce the risk of injury during desk exercises.

If you have concerns or questions about desk exercises, it’s important to seek advice from a qualified healthcare provider or fitness professional.

Are there any risks or downsides to doing desk exercises?

In general, desk exercises are a safe and effective way to stay active during the workday. However, you should keep a few things in mind to ensure that you’re doing them safely:

• check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program, especially if you have any existing health conditions • ensure you’re doing the exercises properly to avoid injury
• be aware that overdoing desk exercises can lead to fatigue or burnout

That’s why listening to your body and taking breaks when needed is important. As long as you approach desk exercises with caution and common sense, they can greatly improve your health and well-being at work.

Are there desk exercises you can do to reduce eye strain?

Yes, you can do some desk exercises to reduce eye strain, which is a common problem for people who spend long hours in front of a computer screen. Some good exercises to reduce eye strain are:

Eye rolling: Roll your eyes in a circular motion, both clockwise and counterclockwise, to relieve eye strain and improve the flexibility of the eye muscles.

Palming: Place your palms over your eyes, overlapping your fingers in the center of your forehead. Relax for a few minutes and allow your eyes to rest and rejuvenate.

Focusing: Hold a pencil or other small object at arm’s length and focus on it for a few seconds, then switch to an object in the distance and focus on it for a few seconds. Repeat this exercise several times to improve the flexibility of the eye muscles and reduce eye strain.

Blinking: Blink your eyes rapidly for a few seconds to help lubricate the eyes and reduce dryness and discomfort.

Incorporating these exercises into your daily routine can help reduce eye strain and improve overall eye health. It’s also important to take regular breaks and adjust your workspace to reduce eye strain, such as adjusting the brightness and contrast of your screen or using an anti-glare screen.

You should consult a qualified healthcare provider or eye doctor if you have concerns or questions about eye strain or eye health.

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