38 Best Gifts for New Moms (to buy in 2023)

What are the Best Gifts for New Moms?

21 experts share their top recommendations.

Sharon Linder

Sharon Linder

Founder and CEO, Janes

If you have ever waited in an examination room to see your doctor while wearing an ill-fitting, thin, scratchy patient gown, you will want to read on.

After interviewing nurses, doctors, and patients, Sharon designed Janes! Based on her own experience, Sharin Linder has come up with a more dignified, warm, gown that fits.

Most women do not know that it is okay to bring your own examination/ hospital gown to a doctor’s appointment or mammogram.

Janes also make the perfect gift to yourself or those you care about who are in treatment, the hospital, or home recovering. Nursing mothers also like Janes!

Janes are made of soft waffle weave knit fabric, wrap open spa-like in the front. It comes in regular, as well as plus sizes. Their tagline “We’ve Got You Covered.”

Janes also make a difference; 2% of its profits help fund free mammograms for under-served women.

Crystal Carder

Crystal Carder

Lifestyle Writer and Blogger

Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

The top gift I recommend for any mom is a Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play. Not only are they stylish and portable, but babies love them!

My kids slept in them throughout the day and, sometimes, at night too. Plus, whenever I moved from room to room, I could easily carry the Rock n’ Play with me. I could rock it with just my foot, so it was easy for me to keep my kids from crying whenever I was too busy to hold them (folding clothes, work, etc..).

I also recommend Johnson and Johnson’s Bedtime Baby collection because they always calmed the baby down after bath and smelled amazing.

Jennifer Cura

Founder and Designer, The Patchwork Bear

We turn favorite clothes into a custom memory bear: baby’s first outfit, first holidays, first steps, etc.

The gift kit is designed to be simple: just give the gift and the recipient sends their clothes in the pre-addressed mailing bag to The Patchwork Bear studio. In 3-4 weeks, they will get a custom memory bear to bring back happy memories.

Shanice Bannis


Founder, City of Creative Dreams

Home Slippers

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09/21/2023 02:20 am GMT

New moms are going to be on their feet a lot so having comfortable footwear such as slippers are going to come in handy with late nights.

Not to mention all the days on which she is going to spend the daytime taking extra care of the little one.

There are plenty of moments where she will be getting up to pick up the baby or getting to change diapers. She will need slippers to slip on and off for any occasion.

This is a perfect gift and it is a lot better than having her feet on the cold floor.


With late nights come lack of sleep. Not every new mom is blessed with babies that sleep all night so getting a mug that can be the home of their new best friend- coffee (or tea) is fantastic.

What makes this gift stand out is when it says ‘Mom’ on it or a cute saying. By finding a gift like that is truly gives an ordinary mug an extra special touch.


I believe sticking to commonly used items such as PJ sets are great gifts for new moms because it doesn’t have an expiring date.

Pick a set that represents this new mom by colour or types of patterns you see her wearing. To be safe, stick to common colours, they are more likely to be the ones she won’t stop wearing.

Also, consider button-down styles easy to adjust for feeding times. The soft material is relaxing for both mom and baby.

Cheri Glick

Cheri Glick

Owner, Fairytale Baby Books

Fairytale Baby Books turns every delivery of a newborn prince or princess into a wonderful tale of how it all came to be and documents it for friends and family to last for centuries.

Each story is created by a fill-in-the-blank form online to share the unique details of how the fairytale first began and comes in versions of multiple shades of skin tones, single parents, and same-sex couples to debut in mid-October.

The creator and publisher Cheri Glick of Fairytale Baby Books first had the idea to write a story about the courtship of one of her good friend’s daughter and the couple loved it so much she did another version of the fairytale story when the couple had their first child. She and her husband realized this was something everyone can enjoy, and the company got started.

“My dream is for every child who hears the story of how he or she arrived into the world, to feel very special and to learn how excited everyone was when they were born,” said Glick. “Everyone dreams of being a prince or princess and now with a story of how it all happened, everyone can join in on the royal fun.”

One of the definitions of a fairytale is something marked by seemingly unreal beauty, perfection, luck, or happiness. Fairytale Baby Books are just that and are beautifully illustrated and detailed with information about cravings, doctor visits, reactions from Dukes, Duchesses, Knights and the Royal Grandparents.

Each 15-page manuscript is typeset in a beautiful Old English font surrounded by corresponding colorful artwork. Upon approval, the fairytale is printed onto antique parchment-like paper. The pages are bound in an 8” x 9” leather-look, hardcover book featuring ornately designed borders and embossed gold glitter titles—front and back. The end result is a treasured handcrafted keepsake to cherish forever.

The Fairytale Baby Book retails at $59.95 and can be ordered online at www.fairytalebabybooks.com and the Etsy store online.

Night to Day Gown

Maternity Night to Day Gown

These maternity pajamas can be worn both during pregnancy and postpartum while still looking stylish and comfortable enough to transition into the day. And the best part? No one will ever know that you’re still in your pajamas!

Bubby Cover

Bubby Cover

It’s a small, lightweight burp cloth, feeding cover, and sweat rash barrier in one. Finally, something that attaches to your Bra to soak up the drips.

Body Oil

Body Oil

Whether you’re growing a lovely baby bump, or you’re a busy mum that’s always on-the-go, this superb organic massage oil will keep your skin smooth and supple all year round.

Shona Gates

Shona Gates

Founder, Sexy Selfish

Those first few days of motherhood can be a total blur. But one thing I remember distinctly was the moment of relief someone gifted me these little babies.

As a self-proclaimed recycling enthusiast and environmentalist, running to the store every few days to purchase disposable breast pads had me totally cringing every time I put them in my shopping trolly – *cue reusable breast pads*

These were a lifesaver. Use and then just pop in the wash and use again and again and again; mine lasted two kids before they have now become picnic rugs for my daughters’ dolls.

Also great for popping in the fridge with a bit of water and cooling aloe gel, when they are nice and cold, use instead of cabbage leaves for engorged breasts.

Meal Prep

When my daughter was born, she got showered in pink, presents covered every surface in our house, however, there’s only one I truly remember.

My friend Naomi turned up at my door with a family sized dish of homemade spaghetti and meatballs, plus a dessert. I could have cried… I think I actually did cry #hormones.

When you bring a meal or organize some meals to be delivered to a new mum you’re not just giving them a meal, you’re giving them a night off; you’re taking away the cooking, the dishes, the tidying up, the multitasking, and the stress. You’re giving them nourishment, love, and care. That is an incredible gift.

If you can’t hand deliver some home cooked goodness, why not try organizing a meal prep service for the new mum of your life, help take some stress off her shoulders. I mean she just popped a baby out her body, she has enough to deal with.

Lisa Alemi

Lisa Alemi

Founder, Move Mama Move

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is the best book to give mamas who are planning on breastfeeding.

This is an incredibly thorough resource to help mamas learn how to breastfeed. There are step by step guides, answers to all sorts of problems and questions that may arise, and ideas on what to expect through each stage of breastfeeding. Not everything in the book is about breastfeeding, which is a nice perk.

Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are key to making a new mama comfortable. Avoid excessive leakage and embarrassing moments, while still helping take care of the planet by using reusable pads like these washable and reusable bamboo pads.

Foam Roller

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09/22/2023 09:35 am GMT

A foam roller! After carrying a baby for 10 months and then sitting and nursing for hours, a foam roller was life-saving for my neck and back.

Lying parallel on the foam roller was important to stretch out the muscles in my back and chest. While it is not a common gift for new mamas, it is really important for mamas to feel good. When you have good posture you feel good, that’s why I recommend the foam roller.

Maryna Shkvorets

Mars & Stars Baby

For the new moms and dads who KNOW they’ll keep adventuring on hikes, travels, and even picnics by the waterfall; the Breezy Wrap by Mars and Stars baby is just the perfect gift.

It’s a baby carrier that keeps you sweat-free on your hikes and packs away super-tiny for travel. It’s also quick-dry and great around water!

Christopher Robbins


Feed the Baby Hummus

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09/21/2023 10:25 am GMT

These books are the perfect gifts for new moms who are looking to take care of themselves and their babies.

Tried-and-true methods can be adapted to fit their needs and preferences. These books will help new moms learn without feeling overwhelmed.

They’re written conversationally, but are well-researched, creating the perfectly balanced voice of text-based advisor, mentor, and fellow mom.

These books are staples to add to any new mom’s bookshelf!

Tangela Walker-Craft

Simply Necessary

The Kushies GoPillow is a hands-free, wearable breastfeeding pillow that is ideal for moms to use while at home or on-the-go!

This portable nursing pillow is worn on the arm to provide a cushion for a baby’s head and support for a mom while breastfeeding. It also has a built-in privacy cover-up that can be used for public breastfeeding, and double as a pillow and swaddling wrap for babies.

The Kushies GoPillow is perfect on-the-go because it’s lightweight and small enough to transport easily. It even fits inside of most diaper bags.

The Kushies GoPillow is not just a breastfeeding aid; it also moonlights as a travel pillow for toddlers. The blanket is retractable; it can be tucked out of the way when not being used. The pillow also slides onto the armrests of airplanes to make toddlers more comfortable during flights.

There are three Kushies GoPillow styles:

  • Kushies GoPillow
  • Kushies Bamboo GoPillow
  • Kushies GoPillow Lite- without the attached blanket

These are available online from numerous retailers, including Amazon and Walmart, as well as select stores in the United States and Canada.

Reika Shetty


Multi-way Nursing Scarf

Multi way Nursing Scarf 1

A new mom will always be able to make use of a multi-way nursing scarf.

Sometimes you’re caught out in public and don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding, so it’s the perfect fashionable solution for when you want to be more discreet. It’s lightweight and breathable for baby, and the stretchy fabric makes it easy to work with for you.

Samantha Sleeper

Fashion Designer

Monica and Andy Cuddle Box

These organic cotton-based receiving boxes come with cute essentials such as a blanket, bodysuit, hat or swaddle. The prints are sweet, and the gentle fabrications are perfect for those yet to be diagnosed with sensitivities of new baby skin.

Rosebud Woman Soothe / Calming Cream

After having a baby, your body needs extra self-care, and this product is the most effective.

It’s 100% plant-based skincare product specially formulated for your intimate regions. With ArnicaAloeVitamin E and Chamomile it is perfect to reduce swelling, irritation, and general discomfort that so many women suffer in silence with for months post birth!

I really love this whole line for new moms, but this and their HONOR balm are the standouts.

Amy Haderer

Amy Haderer

Founder, [M]otherboard Birth

Baby Ktan

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09/22/2023 03:50 am GMT

This was my favorite baby sling ages 1-4 months. It’s soft, womb-like, secure, and since it goes over both shoulders, it didn’t give me a backache like a ring sling did.

It’s also much easier to put on than a wrap because of it’s double-ring design. No more cloth dragging on the floor or elaborate tying patterns!

Tula Baby Carrier

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09/22/2023 05:20 am GMT

For babies 4+ months, this is a great structured carrier. It sits on your hips like a good backpack and won’t cause your shoulders to ache.


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09/22/2023 12:55 pm GMT

For those leaky, sore, early days, Bamboobies are a great comfort for moms that want extra soft, absorbent bamboo nursing pads.

Melissa Sanabria

Melissa Sanabria

Founder, Sanabria & Co.

Boba Wrap Bamboo

The Boba Wrap can act as a lifesaver for new moms. Sometimes all that can settle a newborn is being held by their mama. But, moms need hands and the ability to move around too! The Boba Wrap is a simple way to appease both mom and baby!

Dry Bar Gift Card

Blowouts are an excellent option to gift to a new mom.

Washing one’s hair becomes a luxury and rare event with a newborn in the house. It’s not only relaxing to have someone else wash your hair, but a new mom will also look and feel great despite their lack of sleep.

If deciding to go with the gift card for a blowout, please know that this is not a stand-alone gift. This gift should be accompanied by the sincere offer to stay with the baby while the new mom in your life is getting pampered.

Even better if you can make the appointment for her. Otherwise, that gift card will sit unused for months or maybe even years.

A robe with pockets – POCKETS, folks – is critical. A new mom needs pockets so that all of your stuff is on hand at all times.

New mom pockets carry Advil / pain medication, phone, nipple cream, pacifiers, and chapstick. A new robe can be an easy way for a new mom to pull herself together to answer the door, even though underneath they are probably bra-less or even completely naked.

Jeff Moriarty

Jeff Moriarty

Marketing, Mothers Family Rings

Mothers Family Ring

Our family has been in the jewelry business for over 30 years and one thing we have seen grow each year, especially with younger men and women are mother’s rings. These rings hold the birthstones of the mother’s and child or just children, and are set in gold and platinum metals.

They’re available in natural and/or synthetic birthstones. They can also last a lifetime so they are really heirloom items, which younger parents love. To satisfy these younger new parents, designs now are more modern and contemporary than the mother’s rings of the past.

This change has done quite well, as 70% of our sales are to men/women in their 20’s.

Aurora Satler

Aurora Satler

Author | Food Stylist

The Ultimate New Mom’s Cookbook winner of a National parenting award and the only cookbook that covers pregnancy food, breastfeeding meals, foods to introduce solids to an infant and family meals (it’s three books for the price of one).

All of the 80+ recipes are vetted by a dietician who specializes in prenatal nutrition. It is the ideal present for any foodie expecting his/her first child.

Massage Gift Card

After giving birth, a mom has been through a lot. A gift card to a spa for a well-deserved massage is an unexpected and highly welcome gift.

Shawn Bercuson

Founder, Finnbin

Finnbin Baby Box

Finnbin baby boxes are inspired by the Finnish government’s tradition of providing cardboard bassinets to all families of newborns to ensure they’d have a safe sleep environment for their infants.

The program started in the 1930s and is attributed to dramatically decreasing Finland’s infant mortality rate. Finnbin’s baby boxes are made with cardboard sourced in the U.S. and non-toxic inks.

The gender neutral boxes come with waterproof mattresses and a variety of options can be ordered online that come packed with high-quality baby products all new parents need. Brands include HuggiesKickee PantsChewbeadsApple Park, and more.

Essentially, the baby boxes double as starter kits for new parents, and make for a very handy gift for those expecting. Boxes can be ordered online at www.finnbin.com

Nicole Lawson

Founder, Supported Soul

Supported Soul Kids Yoga Mats

Supported Soul Practice + Play mats are the best gift for new moms! They are machine washable, non-toxic and will support little ones all the way through their yoga journey- starting at tummy time!

These combination mats have a soft, microfiber top + natural tree rubber base. They have no odor, are Eco-friendly, can be rolled up for easy storage, and are designed by local artists in Canada.

Elesha Nelson

Simple Wishes

New moms need all the help they can get!

Lack of sleep alone can make a mom feel like a hot mess – add raging hormones, a crying newborn, and, in many cases, the needs of her other children, and it takes some seriously super-human strength to stay on track.

Simple Wishes makes it easy for moms to switch from breastfeeding to pumping in one, easy-to-use bra designed to be sexy, stylish, comfortable, and convenient.

The Super Mom Bra offers patented nursing and pumping clips; soft, silky fabric; convertible straps for tank or racerback styles; an integrated pumping panel and optional pumping halter for additional support; hook and eye closures that allow for a 2” expansion during pregnancy; and a comfortable, seamless, t-shirt fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the gift suggestions suitable for first-time moms only, or can also be for moms with several children?

The gift ideas are suitable for both first-time mothers and mothers who already have children. While some gifts may be more focused on first-time moms, most suggestions are versatile and can be appreciated by any new mom, whether it’s her first child or not.

How do I know which gifts will be most appreciated by a new mom?

To choose the perfect gift for a new mom, consider her personal interests, preferences, and current situation. Think about her hobbies, favorite activities, and what she might need or appreciate most during this time.

For example, if she’s going to be a first-time mom, think about gifts that will provide comfort and relaxation or help her take better care of her baby.

If you don’t know her tastes well, you can also ask for suggestions from close family members or friends or choose from our versatile gift ideas in this article that cover a wide range of personalities and preferences.

Why is it important to choose the right gift for a new mom?

Choosing the right gift for a new mom is important because it shows your love, support, and appreciation for her during this significant life event.

A well-chosen gift can make the new mom feel valued and understood, strengthening the bond between the giver and the recipient. The right gift can provide emotional support, alleviate stress and help with the practical aspects of caring for a newborn.

When you choose an appropriate and thoughtful gift, you celebrate the arrival of a new baby and honor the incredible journey the new mom is embarking on.

How can I ensure the new mom receives the gift on time, especially if I can’t deliver it in person?

In today’s digital age, there are numerous ways to ensure your gift reaches the new mom on time. Many online retailers and boutiques offer direct shipping to the recipient’s address and options for gift wrapping and adding a personalized note.

If you can’t deliver the gift in person, consider using a reliable courier or postal service to ensure the package arrives safely and on time.

Also, it’s always a good idea to consult with the new mom or someone close to her to coordinate the best time for the gift’s arrival and avoid any inconvenience or surprises.

How can I be sure that the gift I choose will be useful to the new mom in the long run?

To ensure that the gift you choose for the new mom will be helpful in the long run, consider its practicality, durability, and relevance to her needs as a mother. Look for gifts that can grow with the child, adapt to the mother’s changing needs, or can be used multiple times.

Research the quality of materials and construction and customer reviews to get an idea of what the gift might look like over time. By carefully considering these factors, you can increase the likelihood of choosing a gift that will still be valuable and appreciated in years to come.

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