13 Best Metaphysical Books of All Time

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Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy which studies reality, transcending what is physical. A philosophical model to explain the unexplainable. Whether you are new to Metaphysics, a long time student, or practitioner, this list is for you.

As a spiritual counselor for over 30 years, I’m sharing this list of my best recommendations for Metaphysical books that will help you go inside and go deeper into a space of knowledge, wisdom and understanding, which has no words, there you must experience what Metaphysics can only point you to.

This book reveals quantum physics theories and how to apply them to your life in order to live in harmony with Universal Laws.

Those of us who’ve been on this journey will be familiar with the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, otherwise known as the Law of Attraction. In a nutshell, Reality Transurfing is the rules to the game and how to surf those rules to get what you want. It’s the Law of Attraction on steroids. 

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I should warn you, it is not an easy read. However, if you can understand the model being presented, you discover how you are your own cause and effect. The image and the projection. It’s not only freeing, you can control the game.

My top takeaways of the book are having a better understanding of the Law of Balance, and how not to trigger the pendulums or tip the scales and wake up balancing forces which can give the opposite of what I want. And I appreciated a more in depth understanding of the power of my focus, awareness and attention.

Most eye opening and possibly why the law of attraction might not work for some, was learning about the theory of “importance”. Anything I give my attention to with importance can send me down a path I don’t want by activating the balancing forces. Just this alone has changed everything!

If you haven’t heard of Reality Transurfing by now, you are in for a treat!

No credit is given to anyone person for the writing of this book. The Three Initiates intend to place in the hands of the reader a Master-Key with which he may open inner doors. Of course, there is no key, per se, and there are no doors.

There are seven principles and these have been a guiding light in my life.

The principles of MentalismCorrespondenceVibrationPolarityRhythmCause and Effect, and Gender, when understood and applied to your life, transform your life.

A must-have in any Metaphysical library to study regularly and apply to your own life. Each time I read this book, I get a deeper understanding and something more I didn’t catch in the reading before.

This beautiful book helped me during my darkest time. I carried it with me everywhere for a few years and read it whenever possible.

I found a used copy, it was a hard blue cover and printed in the 1950’s. Long before I was even born.

The book felt like it had been all over the world. Going on a journey with Yogananda connected me to yoga, meditation, my breath, and helped me heal through those difficult years. Experiencing how the breath is the bridge between the seen and the unseen. 

His words reminded me of faith and shined a light on the tarnished meaning I gave it. I feel Yogananda in my heart and he has led me to other gurus on my spiritual journey, like Maharishi Ramana. I include one of his books below.

I love it when Science and Metaphysics come together. I had the wonderful opportunity of attending a seminar with Dr. Brian Weiss and experienced a past life regression.

If you ever wondered about feelings of deja vu, the research done by Dr. Weiss shows it’s very possible you were there before.

We now know so much more is stored in our DNA on a subconscious level. His continued work has helped many on their spiritual journey.

These are agreements you make with yourself and are a code of conduct that can transform your life.

This quick but powerful read is based on ancient Toltec wisdom. Don Miguel Ruiz reveals the source of our self-limiting beliefs which keep us stuck in repeating cycles and robs us of joy.

Experience freedom, true happiness, and love by living these four agreements.

Dr. Joe bridges the gap between science and spirituality by demystifying the ancient understandings and giving us the vocabulary needed to drive us towards understanding the Mind and the Heart space, which science now calls coherence.

He combines the disciplines of quantum physics, neuroscience, biology, genetics and brain chemistry to help us experience what is truly possible.

You learn the knowledge required to change or improve any aspect of yourself and how the tools when applied, create measurable changes in all areas of your life.

It was during a time when my marriage hit a fork in the road that this book dropped into my experience.

At the time, I believed I needed to change my external world. I wanted my partner to change and I believed it would save our marriage.

This book helped me understand that I had it backwards. I had to start with me. If there was something I wanted to change within my partner, I changed, loved and accepted it within me first.

Next thing I know the issue is no longer an issue. Debbie Ford shows you that have the power and freedom to live authentically. 

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An idea is a seed for change. Eckhart Tolle goes deeper and expands on the ideas from his first book, The Power of Now.

We can transcend the ego-based unconscious state and how this is an essential step on our spiritual journey to experience freedom and joy.

When we start with ourselves, it spreads and makes possible a better way of life and towards building a better world. Humans Beings are on the verge of creating a new world through personal transformation. 

This book helped me understand what peace truly is and it woke up me. Move with simplicity and ease, and life just becomes infinitely more enjoyable. It starts with you.

This book will change how you think about thinking! This leading-edge research reveals stunning discoveries on the connection between your mind, body and how the nervous system sends and receives information.

We learn that our genes and DNA do not have the final say with our physical destiny. Discover how our thoughts create energetic messages.

Bruce explains Epigenetics in terms a closet geek like me can understand. There is a link between the mind and matter and once understood, has profound effects on our lives on the levels of the macro and microcosm.

We think we can control the forces we live by when in fact we are governed and manipulated by these unseen forces. The universe is conscious. Our choices create ripples through the universe.

Dr. Hawkins is an authority within the field of consciousness research. How do you teach someone discernment?

Once the technique he shares is learned, you’ll have access to your own personal navigation system for all of life’s choices.

If I were to narrow down just one of Neville’s books, it would be this one. However, this one is just the beginning.

The creative power of the imagination can change our world and change our future.

Neville Goddard has an abundance of books and talks which include bible knowledge presented in a non dogmatic way and how to apply this knowledge to our time today.

His work is timeless and has helped me develop gratitude and appreciation for my Christian indoctrination and embrace the spiritual work I do.

This book is a collection of conversations Sri Ramana had with various seekers who came to him in India for spiritual guidance.

In his loving, light-hearted way, he answered many of their questions regarding the road to enlightenment.

Through these connections with seekers, you can discover the essence of his teachings, and his attempt to instill the importance of self-realization that we all must pursue. Once we understand that, we understand our world.

It was during my training to become a licensed massage therapist I started this book. Eighteen months of diving into the wisdom, technique, and science of self-realization.

There were times when I would read just a few lines and have to take time to let it into my being. My mind fought it and my heart knew it to be true. It was a challenge and an opportunity to break free of the conditioned belief system that was limiting the unlimited part of me.

Thank you Osho. This book opened my understanding to Tantra and making my life a sacred ritual.

This list is by no means complete, it’s just a beginning. A few of these suggestions can take a bit of time to get through. No need to binge read through this selection. This is not a race to an intellectual experience.

Read a little, digest the material, and allow yourself to shift your perception and experience metaphysics.

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