Best Volumizing Shampoo, According to 5 Experts

Don’t you wish you have that lush, bouncy hair you always see in commercials?

Worry no more, because we’ve rounded up some of the most effective volumizing shampoos that can pump up your hair game.

Here are some of the best products to try, as recommended by experts.

Lindsay Loo

Lindsay Loo photo

Wella Master Certified Color Expert and Stylist, J.L. Byrd

When it comes to volume, I tend to remember the days of crunchy bumped roots that gave you a stiff fullness.

With technology these days, shampoos are volumizing from root to end.

Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash

$37.14 ($4.42 / Fl Oz)
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02/19/2024 10:25 pm GMT

With ingredients like Extracts of Ginger Root and Nettle, rice protein and amino, along with Acai Berry Extract; just to name a few nourishing ingredients while also being paraben, cruelty, and sulfate-free, this gives you an overall volumizing effect that lasts!

This is my absolute new favorite volumizing shampoo (more like volumizing range). Using rose as the main ingredient, this is more like a volumizing shampoo treatment.

The combination of Rasoul clay with the rose extract, not only plumps your hair but gives it a clean refreshing feeling to the scalp. Though this product is clay, when water is added and emulsified on your scalp in circular motions, the clay turns to a foam cleaner!

Krysia McDonald

Krysia McDonald

Licensed Cosmetologist | Hair Expert, Plaine Products

A volumizing shampoo can help make the hair appear fuller, bouncier and more full of body. The texture of the hair will be lighter and have movement.

Many shampoos leave behind a residue to optimize hydration, which can ultimately weigh down fine hair. Even some shampoos specifically geared toward volumizing or thickening the hair achieve this effect by coating each hair strand with protein or collagen.

While temporarily these products may lead to the desired effect, over time they can lead to building up, making the hair appear greasy or heavy. In this case, a clarifying shampoo is often needed.

I recommend sulfate-free shampoos to my clients

Sulfate-free shampoos help keep hair full of volume by maintaining the balance of natural oils in the scalp. Hair is cleaned without stripping the hair or the scalp of these beneficial oils, leaving hair with plenty of shine and volume. Aloe Vera in the shampoo acts as a conditioner, leaving the hair smooth, shiny, and bouncy.

It promotes hair growth, prevents itching, reduces dandruff, and conditions the hair without being heavy. The result is more hair movement and bounce. The shampoo texture is light and smooth and rinses clean with no residue. The result is healthy hair that is balanced, shiny, and more full of volume.

Lina Buk

Polina Bukovza

Beauty Expert | Founder, Nail Art Gear

It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Volumizing Shampoo

$19.32 ($1.93 / Fl Oz)
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02/20/2024 02:55 pm GMT

This sulfate-free shampoo will give your hair strands a boost of moisture and nutrients. Leaving your hair smooth, bouncy, and full of volume. Additionally, it removes buildup or residues from other shampoos and keeps your hair shiny and clean.

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Hiba Beydoun

Hiba Beydoun

Business Consultant | Founder, bey-Consulting

While I am no hair expert, I am the intended target audience. I have fine and flat hair, and from experience, I realized that it is not only what you use it’s how you use it. My best and go-to solutions are:

  • Never use conditioner on your scalp, it’ll just make your hair limper.
  • It’s all about how you dry your hair. When drying your hair be sure to point the nozzle of the hairdryer from under the brush so as to dry the hair upwards for a volume effect.
  • Dry Shampoo is your best friend to get that texture and body we need without using products that will give a stiff or greasy effect.

I personally tried TRESemme Dry Shampoo for Volume and it was great, it has a spray effect to it which helped with a great body.

Adina Mahalli


Hair and Skincare Expert, Maple Holistics

This Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo gives your hair natural volume and shines with the use of botanicals such as argan oil and peach kernel oil. Infused with nourishing plant-powered ingredients, this shampoo lifts hair from the root, keeping it smooth, soft, and full of life.

Additionally, the company prides itself on being a cruelty-free company and the formula itself is paraben-, sulfate-, and silicone-free for a truly restoring yet gentle experience.

This Argan shampoo will revive flat, lackluster locks with its antioxidant-enriched, strengthening formula suitable for all hair types including damaged or colored hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use a volumizing shampoo?

The frequency of using volumizing shampoo depends on your hair type and needs. For best results, using volumizing shampoo every time you wash your hair is recommended. Suppose you have very fine or sensitive hair. In that case, you may want to alternate between a volumizing shampoo and a gentler, conditioning shampoo to prevent your strands from drying out too much.

Are there any disadvantages to using volumizing shampoo?

While volumizing shampoo can be a great way to add volume and fullness to your hair, choosing the right formula for your hair type is important. Some volumizing shampoos can be drying, especially if they contain ingredients like sulfates or alcohol. It’s also important not to use volumizing shampoos too often. This is because it can cause product buildup, weighing your hair down and making it look greasy.

Can volumizing shampoo be used with other hair care products?

Absolutely! Using volumizing shampoo and other hair care products, such as a mousse or hair root lifting spray, can help you achieve even more volume and fullness. Make sure you choose products that complement each other and work well together, so your hair isn’t weighed down by product buildup.

Can I use volumizing shampoo for colored hair?

Yes, you can use volumizing shampoo for colored hair. However, you must choose a gentle and sulfate-free formula to avoid stripping your hair of its natural oils and color. Also, look for a volumizing shampoo that contains ingredients that protect and nourish your colored hair, such as keratin, Argan oil, and glycerin.

Can a volumizing shampoo be used for oily hair?

Yes, volumizing shampoos can be used for oily hair, but choosing a formula that doesn’t exacerbate oiliness is essential. Look for a volumizing shampoo designed for oily hair that contains ingredients that absorb excess oil. Also, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly after shampooing to remove any residue contributing to oily hair.

Is the volumizing shampoo suitable for damaged hair?

Yes, volumizing shampoos can be used on damaged hair, but it’s important to choose a gentle and conditioning formula. Look for a volumizing shampoo that contains ingredients that repair and protect damaged hair, such as keratin, argan oil, and glycerin. Also, follow up with a volumizing conditioner or treatment to detangle and moisturize your hair. If you have extremely damaged hair, you may want to consider using a gentle, nourishing shampoo instead of a volumizing shampoo to prevent further damage.

How can I tell if a volumizing shampoo suits my hair type?

The best way to determine if a volumizing shampoo suits your hair type is to read the product label and ingredient list carefully. Look for a formula designed for your hair type, whether fine, curly, oily, or dry, and contains ingredients that will add volume and thickness to your hair. Also, consider consulting with a hair care expert or stylist for personalized recommendations addressing your hair needs and concerns.

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