42 Exciting B2B Startups to Watch out for in 2019

These startups and their passionate founders are trying to revolutionize existing B2B solutions.

Find out what they are working on.



Fiona Adler

Fiona Adler


As more and more teams are working remotely, the need for better team productivity systems is evident. Fiona Adler has worked with local and remote teams for the past 15 years, so after her last business was acquired, she set about systemizing a way for remote teams to work together.

The new productivity app – Actioned – is the result of studying productivity psychology and teamwork online.

It’s based on focusing everyone on a small number of actions each day and providing transparency (and therefore accountability) across the team.

Actioned is currently in Beta with a few hundred teams, but the response has been phenomenal. Teams are saying they are much more focused and less distracted.

They understand each other’s work more, and they can have more meaningful discussions about the work when they know exactly what’s going on.


Natalie J. Egan

Natalie J. Egan


Data shows that diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams by 35%.

The opportunity to leverage Diversity & Inclusion to improve company performance is at an all-time high. But attracting and retaining the best talent requires new ways of thinking.

At Translator, we help companies create a more inclusive workplace with Diversity & Inclusion software, ultimately enabling measurable, long-term change across organizations.

Our technology, UNITY, is a web-based, data-driven audience engagement system designed to gamify and amplify the Diversity & Inclusion training experience that’s traditionally facilitated in a classroom.

UNITY is fun, easy to use, and turns any training into a sustained, measurable change management initiative while de-risking a company’s corporate Diversity & Inclusion profile.

Headquartered in New York City, Translator’s clients already range the spectrum from multinational Fortune 500 enterprises to startups and academic institutions. Translator is a certified LGBT-owned Business Enterprise (NGLCC).

Jack and Ferdi

Anne-Fleur Andrle, Co founder and CEO

Anne-Fleur Andrle

CEO and Co-founder

Jack and Ferdi is the first bleisure (a trip combining business and leisure travel) app for modern business travelers looking for easy and reliable ways to experience what’s most quintessential about the cities they visit.

The app is currently in beta and launching in early December. Jack and Ferdi will provide business travelers the opportunity to seize the full potential of their trips by offering customized, geolocalized, AI-generated and curated suggestions for things to do during their extended or downtime on business trips.

Jack and Ferdi provides business travelers with customized, vetted suggestions on unique places to see, local foods to discover, and authentic souvenirs to bring back home from more than 60 different global destinations.

Travelers can also use Jack and Ferdi to find the best running routes, listen to locally inspired playlists, access a curated list of local charities to support, learn local business customs, and discover unique work and meeting spaces.

This well-rounded app will help business travelers combine business and leisure travel and adopt the growing trend of bleisure travel lifestyle.


Richard Pummell

Richard Pummell


  • 67% of employees are not engaged at work.
  • 94% of employees report being stressed.
  • 49% of employees are dissatisfied at work.

Companies spend a lot of time and energy trying to measure real-time customer satisfaction, but very little focus on real-time employee satisfaction. This leads to poor performance and high turnover.

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Workonnex will offer companies real-time insight into employee satisfaction, engagement, and well-being.

Employees interact with an easy-to-use app on their phone, responding to quick questions with a mere tap or one-word answer.

Questions are designed to identify measure employee attitudes and the presentation of data to management facilitates better conversation around work issues that truly matter.

Allure Security

Mark Jaffe

Mark Jaffe


Allure Security is a Boston-based cybersecurity startup that is helping large businesses fight back against data breaches using technology-powered trickery: fake documents that lure would-be cyber thieves and track their locations, enabling companies to identify hackers and leakers.

The innovative deception technology company was founded by Columbia University Professor Salvatore Stolfo with a $10M investment from DARPA. The goal of that research: Develop new ways to stop data leakage in the post-Snowden era.

Stolfo, now CTO of Allure, spent years researching sophisticated document tracking technology, securing more than 80 patents in the process.

This patented technology, known as a beacon, became the foundation of Allure Security. Think of it as GPS for sensitive documents.

The company received a $5M early-stage investment at the beginning of 2018 and has used this funding to further develop its Decoy Documents, highly convincing but fake documents that are embedded with beacons.

Decoy Documents detect any activity involving the documents and send alerts with geographic location to the company, letting them know that someone’s been snooping. The tech has been proven to be 98% effective and accurate.

Tote Taxi

Danielle Candela

Danielle Candela

CEO and Founder

In a world of on-demand service – convenience is the new luxury.

Tote Taxis’ goal is to provide first class service for your bags at an affordable price. Our vision is to lighten the load for those heading to the Hamptons from NYC and to promote the ability to travel in style.

At Tote Taxi we carry your things for you. We provide the solution for public transportation travelers and their belongings.

Tote Taxi is luxury same-day, door-to-door service for your luggage, golf clubs and bikes.

Why drag your things to LIRR or stuff your expensive bike in your car? Tote Taxi offers Hamptons bound travelers the ability to travel luggage free.

We’ve teamed up with Blade, the first Blade, the first digitally powered, short distance aviation company that provides fast flights to the most in-demand destinations.

The partnership—which has us transporting luggage while Blade transports people—eliminates the issue of weight restrictions on private aircrafts.

Tote Taxi allows passengers the option to bring full-size suitcases, golf clubs or whatever vacation essentials they need regardless of its weight.

We also found that there was a need for bag check. Just like coat-check but instead for your luggage. We partnered with Jayma Cardoso of Surf Lodge in Montauk.

Boutique style, extremely popular hotels don’t always have enough space for customers extra luggage. Day-trippers don’t want to carry their beach gear when they decide to sit down for dinner.

On Sundays, we parked our truck outside the hotel and offered bag check in our 2018 Mercedes Sprinter. For $5 – guests who had checked out of their hotel, but still wanted to catch one last Montauk sunset were able to do so, without their suitcases, beach gear, or other clunky personal items in tow.

Upper Hand

Kevin MacCauley

Kevin MacCauley

CEO and Founder

Upper Hands – the leader in cloud-based sports and fitness management software and business services – is dominating today’s $500 billion sports and fitness industry.

It provides sports businesses with a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that helps them manage their business and provide a better client experience by integrating noteworthy features into an easy-to-use platform.

Upper Hand’s clients have experienced amazing results. It has proven to reduce 85 percent of daily administrative tasks, saving an average of 14 hours a week.

Its marketing tool has an average open rate of 90 percent higher than the industry average and also saves customers $5,000 in annual software costs.

Over the past year alone, Upper Hand finalized an acquisition of Double Blue Sports and a Series A round of funding for $1.5 million. It also has broken out into the facility management marketplace with the launch of new software.

As a result, its grown by 125 percent and revenue is up 165 percent. And Upper Hand is expected to grow by 200 percent by the end of the year.


Jessica Califano

Jessica Califano

Head of Marketing and Communications

Temboo’s Internet of Things software platform is enabling organizations of all sizes to reap the benefits of connected sensor systems.

Typical IoT tools are designed for experienced engineers and software developers. Temboo’s machine-generated coding technology allows anyone to set up a connected sensor system easily and quickly so that they can start utilizing the data they need to help their systems run reliably and effectively.

Good Counsel Services, Inc.

Elizabeth David Dembrowsky

Elizabeth David Dembrowsky


Good Counsel Services, Inc. was founded in 2016 by Elizabeth David Dembrowsky. While attending night school to get her law degree from Brooklyn Law School, Elizabeth worked full-time as the Executive Director of a small non-profit with limited resources.

This job opened her eyes to the support that was lacking and desperately needed at smaller nonprofits and that there were over tens of thousands of organizations like hers that needed support and assistance with their legal, financial, marketing, and fundraising efforts.

Today, Good Counsel works to provide holistic advisory services to a broad number of clients comprised of social impact entrepreneurs and emerging non-profits in addition to a pro-bono immigration service line for newcomers seeking asylum.

Alongside one-on-one advisory, Good Counsel hosts educational workshops within various communities of New York throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.

Our mandate is that by providing comprehensive and affordable education to social and underserved sectors, we are equipping this community with resources to amplify their social impact, empowering our clients to reach their full economic, environmental, and social potential.

Text Request

David Martin

Recommended by David Martin

Co-founder, Heed PR

A B2B startup that is going to gearshift into hyperdrive in 2019 is Text Request, a business texting service that has bootstrapped its way to impressive milestones in 2018.

Text Request’s messaging platform can be used by countless industries for various communication needs, as evidenced by their impressive and diverse roster of clients that includes brands from Harley-Davidson and Ticketmaster to Ronald McDonald House and Scholastic.

Texting is an incredibly popular and effective form of communication, one that businesses are gravitating to in droves. And as they do, Text Request will continue to grow rapidly.

Gimme Vending

Evan Jarecki

Evan Jarecki


Gimme Vending makes unattended retail a reality.

The company builds award-winning mobility and tracking tools to manage unmanned retail locations, helping their customers increase both productivity and profitability.

Currently, the company builds software for vending companies. Gimme’s patented plug-and-play solution replaces legacy handhelds to deliver valuable data, like purchasing patterns and provide operators with better cash accountability, inventory tracking, and machine status data.

This translates into fewer stock-outs, faster service, and streamlined product planning. Gimme’s technology scores each machine in the network based on the suitability of inventory to consumers on location and helps track what’s happening in the field, where the cash and inventory are, all in real time, without end-of-day downloading, synchronizing, or hand-keying.

Gimme vending is the perfect example of a technology start-up that has successfully transformed and revolutionized what has been a very traditional industry, underserved by their legacy tech providers. This tool now helps businesses increase both productivity and profitability via mobile technology, providing valuable data.


Omar Quraishi

Omar Quraishi


HUB85 is transforming organisations that continue to rely on manual spreadsheet processes.

The AI-powered solution uses deep mining and algorithms to analyse every single spreadsheet, automatically, to provide a macro view of internal processes and to also understand where data and operational risks exist across an organisation.

The solution analyses internal workflows to identify and prioritise critical processes and provides a blueprint to help firms quickly and safely migrate away from time-consuming and often inherently risky manual processes.

The solution also brings efficiency to internal governance, risk and compliance initiatives via their automated platform.

Hub 85 won the Founders Award from London Business School in2017 and joined cohort 4 of the UK’s FCA Regulatory Sandbox in 2018.


Allan Dib

Allan Dib


Successwise is changing the way small businesses across the globe do marketing, which means we can change the number of startups whose doors, unfortunately, close.

By providing clarity and simple frameworks for marketing success, more and more people can live the dream of being a boss and working from anywhere, anytime.

It all starts with completing one piece of paper, Allan Dib’s 1PMP canvas.


Jakub Kliszczak

Jakub Kliszczak

Junior Marketing Specialist

CrazyCall is a cloud-based calling application. No matter if you are call center, customer support team or sales team it will come in handy.

CrazyCall will become an even better solution in the next year as we are planning on releasing Mobile App. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to perform quite complex tasks via the smartphone.

Also, CrazyCall comes with great solutions as for a great calling app. You’ll find there Click-To-Call widget which allows you to make and take calls directly from your browser no matter which website you are currently on.

CC also includes a power dialer, phone numbers from more than 75 countries, adjustable call scripts, call recording, live-listening and much, much more.

What is more, CrazyCall gives you additional features that you wouldn’t normally find on a calling app.

For example, you can use our Lead Generation tool to create personalized bubbles and pop-ups that can help you get more leads. Even big companies use our solution (e.g. Virgin Mobile).

CrazyCall is an app-and-going solution that gets bigger and better with every day. Lately, we’ve updated the pricing plans to better serve our clients. We’ve been even nominated as 2nd in the Capterra’s the Most Affordable Call Center Software ranking.

In 2019 we will release even better features that will separate CrazyCall even more from other calling apps!

AlwaysOn Digital

Kym Insana

Kym Insana

Founder and President

We launched our marketing services company AlwaysOn Digital last year, with a couple twists.

We are a woman-owned tech business whose employees are remote and are afforded flexible schedules to accommodate their busy lives as working parents.

Our founder Kym started the business after years of commuting four hours a day round trip from Long Island to New York City, which made it hard to juggle her role as mom to three (now four!) boys.

Because of the flexible schedules our team works, we are able to operate 24/7—hence the name “AlwaysOn”—meaning that there is always someone managing our clients’ marketing campaigns at all hours of the day—because we know business doesn’t just happen from 9-to-5.

We execute omnichannel media, curate custom private marketplaces and provide platform staffing services for self-serve agencies and advertisers worldwide.

We are expert programmatic traders who understand performance KPIs, and the optimization techniques and data needed to obtain those objectives. We have major retail and CPG clients on our books.


Philipp Wolf

Philipp Wolf

Founder and CEO

We know that online and software businesses mostly moved to a subscription-based model already, or at least are in the transition to do so – Adobe as an example, who had made the switch from selling their Creative Suite as a one time payment into a subscription (Creative Cloud), Office 360 from Microsoft, Spotify, Netflix, and many more – all moved to a “SaaS” (Software as a Service) approach by now.

But it doesn’t end with software companies – even traditional industries that one wouldn’t necessarily think of when speaking of a “subscription-based payment model” started to switch take the car industry and “Book by Cadillac”, as one example.

One thing all these companies realize soon is: the sales cycle doesn’t end with the first payment and the “close of the sale” as it used to.

It actually starts with it and is an ongoing process – your customers have to be “successful” with your product, otherwise, you lose them. They simply go next door and try another service.

We at Custify follow this trend and provide businesses a solution that puts their customers in the center of their focus – planning wise (which features should be developed), support wise (who might not get along well with the product) and revenue wise (which of my customers might be ready for an up-sell).

We believe that customer-centric companies will rule their markets in the future and proper customer success strategies are a must for that.


Talkative-Patsy Nearkhou

Patsy Nearkhou

Digital and Content Marketing Executive

Talkative is a vibrant B2B startup and definitely one to watch in 2019.

Based in Newport, South Wales, Talkative provides webRTC features like web chat, voice and video calling and cobrowsing to help companies create a better online customer experience.

Although Talkative is a tech company, at their core they are a company for humans. In a world filled with chatbots and automated voice systems, Talkative believes that tech is about enriching and enabling humans, not replacing them.

With constantly advancing technology coupled with increasing numbers of customers heading online to make purchases, the relationship between the customer and companies risk becoming distant.

To prevent this, Talkative works with companies to create virtual “in-store” experiences for customers. Company salespeople or support agents can communicate with customers as they browse online, offering them a tailored and unique experience and even physically guiding them through a website through cobrowsing, (a screen sharing tool which is often accompanied by a video or voice call).

Talkative is changing the way customers use websites, creating an experience which is both theatrical and efficient for the customer.

There are tonnes of great benefits for the company too- reducing call center wait times, increased upselling opportunities and back-end analytics which give companies detailed insights into their customer’s online journey.

And it’s catching on. The company is growing at a staggering rate, in the last 12 months Talkative’s company headcount has tripled and their client portfolio has over doubled. So, if you’re looking to boost your online customer experience, Talkative is definitely one to watch in 2019.


Ellen Cunningham

Ellen Cunningham

Marketing Manager

CardFellow is the easiest way for businesses to compare credit card processors to find the right solution.

With processing fees representing a major expense for businesses, it’s more important than ever to secure competitive pricing and avoid the pitfalls so common in the industry.

There are two distinct parts to CardFellow: a robust blog with up-to-date processing guides and news, and a marketplace where businesses can see real pricing from multiple companies for an easy apples-to-apples comparison.

Our quote marketplace allows one-click pricing requests from any processing company, while “certified” quotes that adhere to CardFellow’s requirements include protections not found in the open market, such as a lifetime rate lock, no cancellation fee, and free ongoing statement monitoring.

At CardFellow, we don’t steer businesses toward a particular solution. Instead, we help them understand their options so they can make an informed choice.


Dallin Preece

Dallin Preece

Growth Marketer

Neighbor is quickly becoming the #1 Self Storage Facility Management Software startup.

We don’t just provide leads or phone calls to managers, we get reservations and help storage facilities increase their revenue.

Neighbor is an online self-storage marketplace that allows facilities with empty units to post those on Neighbor.com for free. Demand for self-storage space has never been higher in the USA, but customers don’t know how to find qualified facilities to rent from.

Neighbor offers their world-class digital advertising team, SEO specialists, and website designers to storage facilities at no cost.

Neighbor handles all customer complaints, evictions, and payments. We save facilities from having to spend hours on the phone, dealing with frustrating eviction laws, and hunting down payment information from tenants.

Neighbor takes care of all the hassle involved and then deposits the monthly rent directly into your account.

After taking a new round of funding earlier in 2018, Neighbor is well equipped to disrupt the self-storage industry by bringing new management technology to all storage facilities, big or small.


Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy

Head of Communications

Youtap are transforming digital financial services in emerging markets around the world.

They are creating a cashless e-money processing backbone providing real-time interoperable settlement of all consumer e-money payments to merchants and suppliers.

The World Bank estimates that there are approximately 1.7 billion people worldwide who are unbanked. This means that they are without an account at a financial institution or a mobile money provider.

Being unbanked presents a number of challenges from being unable to build a credit history to even the basic function of keeping your money safe.

The reason Youtap’s cashless platform is truly innovative is because it opens the door to formal financial services delivered at scale in emerging markets.

With increasing rates of smartphone adoption combined with ever-improving network connectivity, people no longer need to make the trek to a formal institution.

Instead, services can now be delivered directly via their mobile phone. By building out a platform that is cashless and mobile-first, Youtap are able to leverage these trends and increase financial inclusion, reduce the traditional costs of banking, and most importantly knock down the barriers to entry for many merchants and consumers.


Randy Apuzzo

Randy Apuzzo


Zesty.io is an incredible SaaS platform that empowers brands to not only build bulletproof sites, but also take that content and send it wherever it needs to go from their fingertips – multiple websites, mobile apps, web apps, digital signage, IoT devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, smart TV applications such as Amazon Fire or Roku, and more.

Marketers can take control of their content and all of its destinations without filing a ticket with IT ever again.

The reason this is a startup to watch is because we’ve solved the content distribution problem in an elegant, simple way that legacy content management systems (CMS) have not and cannot.

Our SaaS platform needs up to 90% less of the IT resources other systems require, and our partners Google Cloud Platform and Fastly ensure enterprise-level amenities such as 99.999% uptime and elastic scalability out of the box.

Brands such as Sony, Astroglide, Rocket League, large financial brands, and more use Zesty.io to send content to millions of consumers across the globe every day.

Trusted by startups, enterprise, and everyone in between, Zesty.io truly is the marketer’s and technologists’ dream come true that will continue to rise in the ranks in 2019.

Maverick VR

grant steinhauer

Grant Steinhauer

General Manager

Maverick VR is a virtual reality entertainment services company, which works with businesses to curate customized virtual reality experiences for their private and corporate events.

Maverick VR’s brand activation packages include branded headsets and a Virtual Reality Logo Experience, which allows users to interact with companies’ logo in virtual reality.

While headquartered in New Orleans, Maverick VR operates nationwide and has a portfolio of clients, which includes Macy’s, the NFL and Red Bull.

Virtual reality provides an unforgettable experience, and businesses utilize Maverick VR’s services in order to make their events stand out from the pack.


Ishveen Anand

Ishveen Anand

CEO and Founder

OpenSponsorship is a platform that connects brands to athletes for sponsorship deals.

We are democratizing a decades-old industry full of headaches for brands trying to work with agents and lack of opportunity for athletes.

With OpenSponsorship, brands like Anheuser-Busch, CBS, Vita Coco, quip, and more are connecting with athletes big and small to meet their brand goals!

CEO and founder Ishveen Anand, herself a former sports agent, began her venture in 2014 after a decade in the unchanged sponsorship industry – one that has ballooned to an unbelievable $65B in the years since.

Seeking to capitalize on the growing industry, Anand founded OpenSponsorship in an effort to make sponsorship marketing easier, safer, and more affordable.

And she’s managed to do all three.

Easier: We provide the platform that connects brands and athletes.

More affordable: (1) brands can post anonymously and (2) athletes accept deals lower than their market rate on OpenSponsorship because they have a plethora of opportunities here.

Safer: We are experts in the industry and create automatic contracts, terms, and conditions, and hold the brand’s money in escrow – all measures that protect both the brands and athletes throughout the process.

BCS Solutions

Dee Bowden

Dee Bowden


I created BCS Solutions to offer revenue recovery consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses that struggle with collecting past due invoices over 60/90/120 days past due.

We are very concerned that small businesses can go under very quickly if their cash flow is crippled by unpaid invoices.

Everyone who starts a business plans to be successful and make money. Sales and Accounts Receivables are the 2 main ways companies stay solvent.

I worked for a small IT firm that gave me $8 Million Dollars in past due AR to collect. I successfully collected $6 Million in 60 days but it wasn’t enough to keep the company from going out of business and all of us losing our jobs 2 months before the holiday season.

The company was Amherst Technologies Nashua NH they no longer exist. We recently shared the message How Secure is Your Cash Flow @ Success Women’s Conference with Robin Roberts from Good Morning America and Lisa Nichols in September 2018.


Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones

Co-Founder and CEO

Swipeshö is a software-as-a-service that focuses on users who need to deliver and share visual content effectively over the short to medium term.

We focus on users that need to easily connect and present content without a software, mobile application, operating system or device requirement.

They can access content from any content repository such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc.or camera roll and automatically upload it to the Swipeshö platform.

In the age of the gig economy and mobile devices the primary form of communication, we make it easier for our users to connect quickly and easily temporarily with team members, sales prospects or business connections.


Ajeet Dhaliwal

Ajeet Dhaliwal


With almost every company either becoming a technology company or adopting technology as a component of their strategy now, software development practices around test automation, continuous delivery and DevOps are becoming increasingly necessary and seeing widespread growth.

Tesults is a B2B startup providing a modern web-based app for keeping on top of builds, automated test results and manually submitted test results.

By consolidating results, files, and output from across projects Tesults is intended to provide a boost in productivity to software development teams including project managers, program managers, software engineers, quality assurance, build engineers and release engineers.

“Teams that have integrated Tesults find that the consolidation of results data from disparate sources gives them a major efficiency boost and they are able to make decisions faster and ship high-quality iterations more quickly,” says Tesults founder Ajeet Dhaliwal.

Tesults has bagged customers ranging from small design studios to corporations with multi-billion dollar revenues and they are expecting to grow significantly in 2018/2019.


Alex Lorestani

Alex Lorestani

Co-founder and CEO

Geltor is a bio-design company creating high-value designer proteins, including collagen, for use across the beauty, nutraceutical, and food and beverage sectors.

Unlike other collagen products on the market, Geltor’s proteins can be optimized for qualities like strength, firmness, and flexibility, without the sustainability and ethical concerns associated with other methods of harvesting collagen.

The company’s technology combines biology, protein optimization, and fermentation to supply wellness-focused, forward-thinking manufacturers with ingredients which give them a strong competitive edge with consumers.

In 2018, Geltor launched its first product, N-Collage – a clinically tested collagen that delivers superior cell regeneration, protection, and derma-collagen synthesis.

It is the first ever vegan collagen technology engineered for unparalleled skincare performance, made using a sustainable fermentation process that converts renewable plant-based inputs into a pure, high-performance protein product. N-Collage won the prestigious 2018 CEW Beauty Award for Innovation of the Year, and is Certified Halal.

Museum Hack

Michael Alexis

Michael Alexis

Director of Marketing

Museum Hack is a B2B company that leads company team building activities at the world’s best museums.

In 2018, Museum Hack joined the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in America, was featured in the New York Times, and served hundreds of B2B clients including Google, Facebook, KPMG and others.

We are continuing to grow, with an emphasis on launching team building programs in new cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Boston.

GO Scavenger Hunts

Jill Hinton Wolfe

Jill Hinton Wolfe


GO Scavenger Hunts is a unique team building company that offers an attractive alternative to typical team building, fundraising and family celebrations.

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We use the powerful combination of a smartphone app with real-world interaction to build better teams.

After less than three years in business, we’re proud to call companies like Pfizer, John Deere, Mercedes Benz, and BDO our clients, and have held hunts across the country in places like Philadelphia, Times Square in New York City, St. Louis, MO, and Richmond, VA.

Our revenue has increased more than 300% in the last two years, but more importantly, we are using courage, compassion, and connection to create authentic, immersive experiences for all kinds of organizations.


Dave Lane

Dave Lane


Inventiv is tackling the problem of leadership development with a SaaS product that coaches leaders on how to support their team members.

The product, called Insight, identifies employees who are at risk of resigning, automates leadership development, and helps managers boost team productivity.

Insight includes an Employee Engagement Playbook, a catalog of step-by-step leadership guidance that shows managers how to support employees in various ways.

When you send an employee survey through Insight, it will automatically create an action plan from relevant playbook guides to help you better interact with each team member based on what they care about.

With U.S. unemployment rate reaching its lowest level in decades, building strong connections with employees is becoming more important to company sustainability.

There are over 6.8 million open jobs in the U.S., giving people plenty of options to find the best job for them. Insight helps you ensure the best job for your employees is the one they already have.


Sarah Patrick

Sarah Patrick

Marketing Manager

Clutch is an established and rapidly growing startup in the heart of Washington, DC.

We’re committed to helping small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses identify and connect with the service providers they need to achieve their goals.

We interview service providers’ clients to collect client feedback, analyze industry data, and compare competitors in a specific market to arm businesses with the information they need to connect with the right service providers.

We’re invested in creating a platform of in-depth client reviews, data-driven content, and vetted market leaders that businesses can access for free.

This year, we were honored to be featured in the annual Inc. 5000 as one of the top 500 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., as well as in LinkedIn’s Top 50 U.S. Startups.

We hope our foray into the business news and how-to guide world with our sister website, The Manifest, will continue to help us meet our goal of facilitating connections between businesses so they can grow and succeed together.

Vaetas, LLC

V. Michael Santoro

V. Michael Santoro


Vaetas, LLC specializes in video Call-to-Action technology, which means a video viewer can take the next step in the business relationship journey directly from the video itself.

Viewers can email or call back from the video; download important documents; be redirected to the business’s website, the sales representative’s online calendar, or any URL of your choosing.

The videos play full-screen in a browser window for increased viewer engagement. No web page is required.

Their product, Vaetas Connect, is a cloud-based system that allows users to record personalized videos or import videos from YouTube.

They can then make them interactive and deploy by email, text message or social media including LinkedIn chat and Facebook Messenger – all with point and click simplicity. Users are provided with both an easy-to-use web app and fully integrated mobile app.

Vaetas helps business professionals to get through the online noise and clutter and connect with prospects and customers from the first touch.

Vaetas helps its users to effectively communicate both their authenticity and expertise using call-to-action video. Video is the next best way to connect when you cannot meet in person.

We received a U.S. patent in May 2017 for real-time video calls-to-action.


Dan Strutt

Dan Strutt


Our company Sappsuma creates mobile apps for tens of thousands of SMB businesses globally.

2018 saw a huge number of customers ask if we can help them gather business feedback, and assist with their online reputation management.

We created features which prompt customers to leave honest business feedback at the point of experience. This is achieved using iBeacons, check in’s, Geo-fences, bookings and more.

It soon became apparent that a dedicated app would allow ANY business to benefit from this technology.

Starfish.ooo (the dedicated app) connects and empowers any business with real-time and ongoing customer feedback metrics – through a dedicated mobile app and SDK.

Anyone can use Starfish to send relevant, actionable feedback directly to businesses. Businesses can use Starfish to help manage their online reputations.

Enterprise clients can add the Starfish SDK to their existing apps to allow this functionality.


Michael Michelis

Michael Michelis

Co-Founder and COO

Intelistyle provides A.I. styling solutions to fashion retailers, helping them address the needs of customers looking for styling advice.

Our products allow retailers to increase revenue, scale their styling services and create distinctive online and in-store experiences.

Customers benefit from an A.I. stylist that can second-guess humans and provides a consistent and personal service across channels.

Our vision is to disrupt retail experiences worldwide and revolutionise the way people discover fashion through the use of AI.

We envisage a shopping experience where your personal AI stylist truly knows you, always acts in your best interest and is there to support you during and after your shopping experience.

We believe that customer service (i.e. styling) for your clothes can be a lifelong added value service that extends beyond the typical transactional basis that we see in the current retail world.

Our goal is to personalise the entire eCommerce experience by building the “Spotify of Fashion” – a service that seamlessly blends new styling trends with everyone’s unique personality, personal characteristics, and works for every occasion in their diary.

We will continue to explore how we can blur the boundary between the offline and online world and reduce the friction in customers’ styling and buying decisions.

Our customers will be able to take their “fashion profile” with them online or in store across different retailers and instantly receive a personalised experience on the shop floor or the fitting room, or even their own wardrobe at home, blending the online with the physical world seamlessly.

And on the other hand, augmented reality will be a key part of the experience that will reduce the friction of buying online. Being able to visualise an entire outfit on you is an exciting way to explore styles and become more daring.


SnoHub logo

James Albis


Albis is an entrepreneur disrupting the $8B snow removal industry and offering job creation as well.

SnoHub is the latest mobile app (the Uber of snow removal) and will provide over 1,000 part-time jobs to area veterans and others looking for supplemental income in 43 markets across the US and Canada.

SnoHub has eliminated the ambiguity and awkwardness related to snow removal with a seamless, simple booking process and secure mobile payment gateway. With SnoHub, both customers and snow clearing contractors have a dependable and efficient snow removal solution for winter months ahead.

(Its UBER for Snow Removal – there is nothing like this (believe it or not).

SnoHub app is an efficient mobile technology solution that customers and snow clearing contractors can depend on.

SnoHub has opened the door for people with reliable equipment to step into the market and earn extra income when they want.

There are thousands of people looking for additional ways to generate income to make ends meet, and the SnoHub app provides this opportunity.

SnoHub, available in 20 states and 43 markets including Canada, has created a scalable solution to address the problems of snow clearing that has been plagued with inefficiencies for decades.

SnoHub connects their customers with great people by leveraging innovative mobile technology coupled with the best customer experience.


Recommended by Lauren Petermeyer

Press Manager

SocialChimp is the one-stop, comprehensive automation tool for small businesses to automate their social media management.

Our powerful AI finds and schedules relevant, engaging content to be shared across Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for various small business owners.

Whether we’re serving a real estate agent looking to gain more local clients, or a financial planner looking to help more people manage their finances, we can target the best audience for them.

The tool allows users to automatically schedule content across social media, enhancing and expanding social media presence.

Connecting with your audience is one of the most important things, and SocialChimp helps you do that without lifting a finger.

At SocialChimp, we’re passionate about helping small business owners elevate their presence online, and we do it without the high fees of an agency.

Our years of social media marketing experience have given us the tools to help businesses make an impact online.


Recommended by Carlota Feliu

Marketing Director

Datumize is a fast-growing tech startup helping companies to leverage dark data into decision making.

We put data to work and provides companies with new and actionable insights to fill their knowledge gap regarding business and operations efficiency.

We are a young tech company developing innovative products (Datumize Real Demand, Datumize Motion Intelligence, Datumize Machine Data…) and solutions that allow companies from several verticals (Travel, Industry 4.0, Warehousing, Hospitality, Oil&Gas…) to be one step ahead.

Located in a sunny village near to Barcelona, Datumize on of the startups of the area with more growth in terms of clients, employees, and funding.

Static Jobs

Gene Mal


Static Jobs is a job search site for IT professionals in the US, Canada, and the UK. Our goal is to be fast and simple in the spirit of Google.

Every competing website that we are aware of makes applying for jobs unnecessarily difficult. Many times we’ve found ourselves looking at job postings that we couldn’t easily apply to because those job postings required registration, wanted us to answer a million questions just to submit a resume or asked us to apply on various third-party websites. Needless to say, employers wasted and continue to waste money on such job postings too.

What those job sites don’t realize is that nobody’s going to apply if it’s difficult to apply. Therefore, we saw an opportunity to start our own company. We attract job seekers with a very easy to use website and having job seekers means having employers. We encourage everyone to apply for our sample job twice to see how we make job seekers more efficient and efficient job seekers mean more resumes for employers.

Our company name comes from the “static” keyword found in several programming languages such as C++, C# and Java.


Jay Narang

Jay Narang


As an ex-accountant, I noticed many of my clients struggled with high payroll costs and low employee productivity. Employee timesheets always looked “perfect” since many of them were using paper it was easy for employees to skim off 20-30 minutes of tardiness.

If you multiply 20-30 minutes by a medium-sized company of 30 employees – you’re overpaying roughly 10-15 hours of payroll a day.

I saw a need for a reliable and trustworthy method where employees could clock in and out confirming their location and identification.

This need led to the development of ClockInEasy; a mobile app that uses GPS and optional face recognition for employee timekeeping.

As employees arrive to the office, job site, or retail location, they can proceed to the app and clock in with a snap of a selfie.

ClockInEasy uses face recognition technology which automatically identifies employees to create instant, accurate and secure timesheets.

This software solution also helps with job costing and budgeting allowing employers to see how many hours were spent on a certain job and how much the total payroll cost was.

ClockInEasy has created a virtual manager that connects all the job sites to your backend office which creates transparency between the employees and the employers. Employers can view a map of their job sites/retail store/offices etc. to see who is clocked in at which location.

PPC Protect

Sam Carr

Marketing Manager

PPC Protect is a B2B startup that helps clients protect their paid ads from click fraud.

Currently, click fraud costs businesses over $16 billion a year and almost no one is immune from it. From competitors repeatedly clicking ads, to botnets, fraudsters, and publishers, every businesses ad budget is at risk.

PPC Protect was born after years of experiencing the same problems with our paid ad campaigns first hand. After months of planning and testing, we finally came up with a way to identify and block repetitive users from clicking our ads.

Today we help businesses from all over the world safeguard their paid ads and ensure their money is only being spent on legitimate users.

With advertising fraud continually rising year on year, we’re on a mission to help companies put an end to fraudulent losses and increase their ROI.


Cassie Gonzalez

Brand Manager

OnePitch is the B2B startup to watch out for in the coming year. Companies of all sizes are consistently fighting for attention in top-tier media outlets for the chance to increase brand visibility and gain validation from industry leaders and ultimately, it’s the lesser known companies that are left in the dust.

OnePitch is democratizing media relations for brands and give everyone a fair chance at connecting with their MOST ideal media contact.

There are over 1200+ users on OnePitch including media outlets such as Digital Trends, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal and many more focused on the tech sector. Journalists receive One email per day with pitches curated to fit their specific writing interests.

Within the email, they can respond directly to the brand manager to pursue a relationship or story.

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