7 Daily Good Habits To Improve Your Life Forever

Good habits and daily rituals are improving the quality of your life in two ways:

  • First, the habit in itself has positive results in your life by doing it.
  • Second, you have more time and energy to spend on things you’re passionate about, things that bring joy and happiness to your life.

Nature is lazy and strives to save as much energy as possible. Every time you put more attention and energy into something, nature takes it from somewhere else, from other things you want to do.

If you look at a honeycomb, you might think that bees love the hexagonally shaped things, but they don’t. They don’t love it; instead, nature tells them that a hexagonally shaped honeycomb is the most economical and lazy way to use wax for maximum efficiency.

Developing productive and good habits is doing for you what a hexagonally shaped honeycomb does for bees. Habits allow you to spend the least amount of energy for certain things and have more time and vitality for other things. How? Habits are automatic. You don’t need to pay attention or learn something new in the process.

7 Good Daily Habits to Improve Your Life

The list of seven good habits to improve your life:

1. Check your to-do list first thing in the morning

Procrastination, lack of enthusiasm and motivation are coming, mostly out of being overwhelmed and paralyzed by feeling bewildered about what you have to do, what is the next step. Think of just one step at the time, the next step.

Organize yourself in such a way that you don’t leave room for confusion or feeling powerless.

2. Have ten minutes of introspection and evaluation

Your inner voice is a whisper that you need to listen and acknowledge because your deeper self is patient; rarely shouts at you, rarely punishes you, rarely forces you to pay attention. Your deeper self is like the well-behaved, well-mannered, and quiet child in a family of ten people.

3. Take a break – 30 minutes relaxation

We are moving so fast these days that we barely have the time to notice we are still alive. Is it not?

Life is meant to be enjoyed, loved, cherished and felt with your every breath.

However, do you have time and energy to do that?

Some people who suffered from a life-threatening illness (like cancer, for example) say that being sick saved their life. It was the moment when they started appreciating what they have, the moment when they wake up from being unaware that life is passing and stepped out the rat race, the first moment in years when they felt alive.

Take a break, build memories and never let a day go by unnoticed.

4. Stay active – 15 minutes physical activities

Physical activities are maintaining the health of your body and mind because when your legs or moving, your mind runs faster.

Find activities that you enjoy and do it for fun: dance around the house, take a walk with a friend, play with your pet.

5. Get in touch with a friend

Loneliness is the illness of this century. It affects so many people no matter where they live, financial situation or job.

Get in touch with friends and family; stay connected because loneliness can creep in uninvited and unnoticed. Not to mention the fact that it can lower your self-esteem and how safe you feel.

6. Plan the next day

Give yourself peace of mind and sleep peaceful, uninterrupted by thoughts and worries for the day to come. Order and structure can give you a sense of freedom like almost nothing else can.

7. Make a list of daily (ideally five) affirmations

Use your affirmations as reminders of the positive thing about you, your good habits, who you are and what you strive to achieve or complete.

To give more power to you daily affirmations, write down a few reasons why you believe your assertions to be true.

Now that you found out about these seven daily good habits that can increase the quality of your life put in practice what fits you best and add to the list things you want to have more in your life. This article is meant to inspire you, to push you (just a bit) to start taking advantage of the beautiful gift of being alive and create the life of your dreams.

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