How to Have the Best Summer Ever

Summer can be a magical time. There is warmer weather, an abundance of new activities, and a sense of positivity that is seemingly contagious within communities.

It seems wasteful to not make use of such an optimistic and energy-filled time of the year. People in Northern states can especially relate; after many months of snow and cold weather, there is a heightened sense of urgency to make the most of an opportunity to enjoy the warmth and sunshine.

In whatever way you choose to enjoy your summer, make sure you live it to the fullest so you don’t look back with any regrets. Will it be your best summer ever? It just might be if you take advantage of some of these ideas.

1. Take a Trip

A change of scenery can be exactly what you need to start your summer off right or close it out with a great memory. Whether you choose to fly or drive, experiencing a new place or returning to one you love can add enjoyment to your season.

The great thing about driving on a road trip is that you can stay as near or go as far as you want. Your destination might be 20 miles away or 200 miles away. You have the flexibility to stay in your state or go to another, and you also have the flexibility to stop at various attractions along your route.

Taking your car on a trip can also save you money, as opposed to flying to a vacation destination. In fact, you may even be able to purchase car insurance for summer only. This can save you money, which can then be put toward more enjoyable activities.

Driving offers many benefits when planning a trip, but there’s certainly something to be said for flying. Your ideal vacation destination could be thousands of miles away, and flying gives you more time to enjoy your stay.

If your vacation includes a theme park, beach resort, or any place else that requires you to travel a great distance, flying is your best option to maximize your fun.

2. Try a New Hobby

There are countless activities that you can experience to their fullest during the summertime. Many times, these are outdoor interests that have to be put on hold because of the conditions in other seasons.

Your choice of hobby will depend on your normal genre of interests, but there are plenty to choose from. Summer is a great time for golf, tennis, fishing, or hiking. These are certainly not your only choices, but making a point to do something relevant to the season may help you to enjoy it more.

All of the above activities also allow you to enjoy the weather during warmer months. After winter periods that keep many of us indoors for the majority of the season, being able to breathe fresh air while having fun is a luxury.

The memories you create with your summer activities can help get you through the following winter months and then help you to appreciate the next summer even more than the last. Trying a new summer hobby may end up giving you something to look forward to every year.

3. Visit the Beach

Beach vacations are not just for Northerners looking to take a break from cold and snow. They can be for people who already live near the beach but want a change of scenery.

Someone who lives near an ocean can still enjoy a beach vacation by traveling north to experience a different form of beauty. Some of the prettiest landscapes are around Northern lakes, surrounded by woods and wildlife.

With that said, people from the North truly do want a break from the weather, and an ocean beach vacation might be just what the doctor ordered. Just be sure to keep your skin healthy by wearing sunscreen, applying it often, and drinking lots of water.

4. Expand Your Palate

Cold beer, cocktails, and cookouts are the signatures of several summer holidays, but why limit the enjoyment to only these special occasions? Summer is the perfect time to expand your culinary skills and try new recipes for both food and drink.

You can give your cooking a change of pace by taking your food to the grill. Experimenting with different marinades, smoking techniques, or recipes, in general, can give you a burst of summer flavor without a ton of extra work. You can also try grilling foods you would normally cook in other ways, such as corn on the cob, pizza, or potatoes.

All that delicious food needs to be washed down with something. Many would argue that few adult beverages beat a cold beer in the summer heat, but others would say a cool cocktail can be a rival.

Try experimenting with drinks that involve summer flavors like lemon, lime, or watermelon to give your drink a fun change of pace. Your new cocktail concoctions may impress even the toughest food critics.

5. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Even if you think that you’ve seen and done it all in the town you live in, you can still enjoy the best parts of the place you call home. If you look hard enough, you will likely find a place to go that you’ve never been or an activity to do that you’ve never done.

Summer is a great time for experiencing restaurants, wineries, breweries, parks, beaches, and many other things. You can even go to your local chamber of commerce and check out the things they suggest visitors go and see. You might surprise yourself with a new favorite place or activity.

Checking out some of the places your town has to offer also gives you the opportunity to meet other people who may turn into new friends. Now, you not only have a new activity to enjoy, but you have someone new to enjoy your summer activities with you.

6. Spend Time with Your Family

Summertime is just different for families. Kids are no longer in school, long weekends are more prevalent for adults, and there are opportunities to re-emphasize the importance of family.

The time you spend together doesn’t have to include any earth-shattering activities. It might be as simple as having a game night or roasting marshmallows over a campfire. The difference is that during the summer, work and school obligations are not always hanging over your activities, waiting to be completed.

Immediate family members are not the only ones you can make a point to spend time with over the summer. Whether you make a special trip to see your extended family or you invite them on a trip or a fun outing, everyone involved will enjoy the time spent together.

Your Best Summer Ever

Any season will be as good as you make it, but summer is a special time. Whether you are coming off a streak of cold or you are just looking to make the most of your summer, this is a period where you want to make every day count.

Maximizing your summer enjoyment comes down to dedicating time to your favorite activities while also leaving space to explore new interests. Doing both with your immediate and extended family can add to your enjoyment.

By taking the time to try new things and enjoy the things you love, you will not only make this your best summer ever, but every summer after will rival the last.

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