How to Stay Calm and Focused Under Pressure

Lockdown, life in general, a boss or instructor imploding all over you, all those things can leave us feeling pressured, forgetful, and miserable. Let’s look at some techniques for feeling calm despite the emotional storm, even if the tempest is yours and/or someone else’s.

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Feeling stressed? Put your focus on your self-worth, and tap into the information you know, the skills that you need to use in the stressful situation. If that doesn’t help, go spiritual. Refocus on God, The Source, your place within the universe, whatever you relate to as uplifting. Saintly people do that. The rest of us can, too.

Raise your higher self to rise above your limitations. Your sense of spiritual faith can help you to rise to the occasion.

Confidence in some sort of Higher Power (higher than the boss or anyone stressing you out) can be an energetic sense. If someone is screaming or somehow intimidating you, tap into that heavenly connection. Keep your focus on that godliness so that nothing can bother you, not even pain.

Focus and transform your thoughts into constant calm (emotional control)

Keep focusing and transforming your thoughts into constant calm aka emotional control. Essential transformation is about responding to inner or to outer pain by meeting pure consciousness. Get into a mood of being aligned with godliness and ask God for your specific needs.

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While you’re thinking all the above ideas, you can release a sense of fear and your desire to control the situation. Having trust allows goodness to unfold. It’s what “The Secret” is all about: trust.

Fear and controlling efforts block human potential and lock a person’s future into worst case scenarios. Stay clear-headed. Focus on facts not what-ifs.

Reality orientation

There’s a terrific technique used on people who need to come out of shock: reality orientation. It helps people in all kinds of stressful situations.

Breathe deeply, realizing all the while that you can. Then discern the smells in your vicinity.

  • Do you sense food, perfume, rain, autumn leaves, salty beach air, office building odors, or something else? Look around.
  • Do you see colors, dirt, patterns, beauty? Focus on all that.
  • What do you feel? Soft textures, hard surfaces, scrunchy packages, and other things can be felt with your hands, face, feet, anywhere that you have skin.
  • Listen for sounds. Can you hear nature or music, voices, or something else?
  • Taste a food, even if it’s leftover coffee in your mouth.
  • Think about your thoughts, too.

As you focus on your senses, your body and mind calm down, orienting themselves to time, location, and people.

Stop whatever you’re doing in a stressful moment to sense what’s around you and to appreciate it. Ponder what’s happening, what you can or cannot do about it, and that nobody knows all the solutions to every problem before them.

Forgiveness for yourself and for other people is also very calming. When you reach that level of tranquility, you can reconsider your priorities, update them, and choose to take actions that will minimize or prevent a sense of pressure in the future.

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