How to Stop Worrying about Everything

In this article, you’ll discover how to stop worrying about everything, feel more relaxed, and enjoy life.

Most children have a dream, the same one: to have a room of their own. And if you think about it, as adults we still want to have space, a cave in which to do whatever we please, be carefree, careless, happy-go-lucky.

You do have that space; it is your mind. Not to say that you can “afford” to become irresponsible, but you, surely can stop worrying, care less and less about certain things that are stopping you to live the life of your dreams.

Here you have how to stop worrying about everything (5 Things to Care less and less about and Improve Your Happiness):

1. Let go of worrying about what others think about you

Discover who you are and be the one that defines your image. In that way, you become immune to what others think of you.

Why do we worry so much about what others think of us?

We are 7 billion people on this planet, and with the rise of social media and television, it seems to us that we know all 7 billion.

You might feel unique and exactly the same as the rest of us…Both at the same time: unique but the same. So confusing!

However, regardless of how you feel, you are unique; no one else is the same as you. You just have many things in common with the rest of us. For starters, you want to feel important. Right?

Know that your desire to feel important doesn’t come out of vanity but out of self-preservation. Therefore, yes, instinctively you tend to worry about what others think of you because you want to:

  • Feel indispensable
  • Be perceived as a good person
  • Feel useful
  • Stay connected to the people around

Why? Because those are the main things that can ensure your survival, increase your feelings of belonging and safety.

Pay attention, though! that comes at a cost; and sometimes the price can be your sense of freedom – carrying too much about what others think, might stop you from becoming who you want to be or reveal your true self.

2. Don’t worry too much about people lying to you

How much does the truth matters to you?

Many people get obsessed, searching for the evidence that someone lied to them.

Every person sees things differently, from a different perspective. Thus, there isn’t one single truth but multiple versions of the truth. However, let’s assume that your truth is the “real” version. Are you willing to hinder great relationships, lose a lot of time and energy to impose on others what you believe?

Everybody lies. Some people lie and believe their own lies, others lie deliberately for all sort of reasons and hide away behind an illusion.

Now, why should you worry less if people lie to you? Because it’s time-consuming to debate and doubt what people are telling you. Plus, a lie doesn’t make your life harder but the person’s saying it; not only they need to remember the lie but also get stuck with unsolved issues and problems. An imaginary problem can’t have a positive outcome. Can it?

Yes, there are a number of things you guard and accept for them only the truth; that is fine as long as you don’t increase that number of things to the point of feeling overwhelmed and stop offering the benefit of the doubt to those that matter the most to you.

Give others the benefit of the doubt because that’s how you don’t let things bother you too much.

Are people lying to you? Is their loss!

3. Spotting manipulators

Another obsession of our modern times is to detect manipulators; with good reason, though, because you have a few individuals around that try to make you buy things you don’t need or do things that are against your interest.

Being wary and circumspect about all the people coming into your life can have disastrous consequences over your ability to relate to others and build long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

Listen, no one wants to be taken advantage of or treated like a fool. Consequently, it is understandable to be careful and cautious to whom you give your trust and love.

The best way to protect yourself is not to expect from people to be manipulative and be ready for it, but to ask everybody to have the same level of respect for you as you offer to them. Apply the same standards, have the same behaviors for everyone and accept nothing less.

Just because you love someone doesn’t make that person entitled to take advantage of you. Right? As you expect from a stranger to respect, for example, your personal space, expect the same from a loved one; as you expect from a loved one to take into consideration your wishes and needs, expect the same from a stranger.

4. Free yourself from worries about past success or failure

Success in life is not a one-time event. It has all sorts of ups and downs, achievements and errors. Success takes you on a ride of enjoyment and learning.

Unfortunately, success can become a one-time event if you get stuck in one past victory or failure.

I guess you know at least one person that says the same story every time you meet (about the same event), their 15 minutes of fame or a single disastrous day. From that moment on, time seems to stay still, and they haven’t done anything with their life ever since.

That could happen to you if you’re worrying too much about not being able to match that one success or overcome the failures.

Let go of, and care less about a past success or failure; move on, learn from your experiences and give yourself the best chance to enjoy life, be happy, progress and prosper.

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As you can see, not only failure that can stop your ascension but success as well. Weight things you hold dear or high up on your motivation list and don’t allow anything to hold you prisoner: not past success, nor failure.

5. Worrying that you’re not enough or perfect

Most people strive to be perfect because they don’t feel safe enough, loved enough, appreciated enough and have the fear that, if they are not perfect, the little love and attention they get will vanish completely.

Trying to satisfy other people and be perfect make you too self-conscious and the harder you work, the less you might achieve because not all of us thrive under pressure.

Relax and enjoy your life! People who are not satisfied and accept you as you are, will not behave any different towards you no matter what you do because it is not about you, but who they are, their subjective opinions and view, what they like and dislike.

Note that worrying makes you feel in control and that’s the reason why it’s not easy to stop. Yet, if you think about it, staying with your eyes glued to the bomb and expecting to blast any second, does not help you deal with it any easier. On the contrary, when the bomb explodes, you can feel much more frightened than you would if you don’t look at it and expect the blast.

Most things you worry about don’t have as the solution you worrying about them. Worrying does not help you in any way but adds to your problems and issues because it takes energy and clouds your judgment.

Plus, sometimes, worrying too much about the future can paralyze you and prevent you from moving into that future you desire. So, stop worrying about the future; instead, start moving forward. Know that no matter what happens in your life, you’ll find ways to deal with it. Your life so far is the proof that’s true. If you didn’t have the power to overcome no matter what stood in your way, you wouldn’t be here.

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