How to Live a Balanced Life? What Does it Really Mean?

In this article, you’ll discover how to live a balanced life and increase the quality of your life; find easier the path to the life you desire and build the foundation for a beautiful future.

Finding your balance is all about being satisfied with your life and where it is going. Being balanced is about setting the boundaries of what you do with your time, love, and energy. When you don’t, others are doing it for you – your job, your boss, your friends, etc.

Why and how to live a balanced life?

How to Have a Balanced Life

Here you have six tips for a balanced life:

1. Treat yourself with respect

You have received a wonderful gift: your life! To live a balanced life and Honor that gift implies to respect yourself:

  • Be less self-conscious and more self-confident- you can conquer no matter what life puts in front of you;
  • Measure your words to self and others – be positive;
  • Give the right nutrition to your body and mind;
  • Value your time, love, and energy and spend them wisely;
  • Accept yourself as you are.

How to live a balanced life? Start by respecting yourself and others!

2. Divide your attention and time (fairly) between what you want and what you need, keeping in mind your future

For many people their job, what they do, it is their fun and enjoyment as well. Telling these people to spend less time working could be the equivalent of asking them to give up a limb.

If you are one of these folks, how can you take the universal advice: “balance your work-fun”? because the real question is: “where the work ends and the fun begins?” It seems almost impossible to put a time limit on it: “from now on I will work only six hours a day.”

Life is more than only work, only fun, or only fun work. However, if you got into that loop for years and years, you might not know what to do with yourself outside of it. And what is worse than doing a job that you hate? It’s being bored because boredom is one step from apathy and apathy is one step from death.

If you enjoy your job and spend most of your time at work, don’t feel guilty for it. Yet, remind yourself that success is a cold place if you have no one to share it. Remind yourself that building long-lasting relationships takes time and energy plus a lot of attention. Relationships are a two-way street. If you don’t walk your part, they die.

Remind yourself, Tomorrow You’ll Sit on Top of What You Build Today.

Love life and live with passion. You can do that no matter what is your job, how much you love or hate it.

How to live a balanced life? Offer your attention and energy to small things(hobbies, time with friends, meditating, enjoying nature) and big things (family, job, health, growth) as well. It doesn’t matter how much time you give to each area of your life as long as you don’t forget either.

3. Readjust, periodically, your priority list

Acknowledge that time is passing and what could seem important today, might not be that important in a few years time.

For example, if, in your twenties, your professional success and career is the most important thing, in your thirties your family could jump on the top of the list. Is it not?

Your priorities and beliefs have the biggest influence on your behavior. Thus, well design priorities, take you, step by step, to your success.

How to live a balanced life? Learn how not to let unimportant things bother you and suck up the life out of you. I guess you know people that work hard for a goal, but their mind is occupied all the time with trivial things. (No one cares how an “Einstein” looks like or how well a “Claudia Schiffer” cooks- priorities, priorities, priorities.)

4. Allow yourself to change your life’s purpose accordingly to your age and circumstances

Most people believe that the purpose in life is something fixed and unchangeable. However, as you grow and improve in life, your purpose grows with you.

Many people don’t know how to let go of the past and move on. They get stuck into outdated dreams, aspirations, and goals.

As one purpose doesn’t fit everybody, one purpose doesn’t fit all cycles of your life either.

5. Appreciate the power and importance of practicing compassion and self-compassion

What has the compassion to do with being in balance?

Compassion is teaching you how to weigh things and put them in perspective. It makes you flexible and easily adaptable to all sorts of situations, circumstances, and people.

Compassion gives you freedom!

  • It temperates your sense of entitlement;
  • It helps you relax and calm your mind;
  • It alleviates your dissatisfaction and anger towards others (which prevents you from losing your cool and reacting like the village idiot.)
  • It empowers you with self-love and appreciation.

How to live a balanced life? Practice compassion (and self-compassion) so that you start all your endeavors with a clear mind and a better understanding of yourself, others, and things.

6. Value the teachings from your failures as much as you value the peace that comes from your achievements

No one is perfect. Yes, you are making mistakes (like the rest of us!). Learn what you can learn from them and move on because almost nothing can throw you out of balance more than focusing your attention on negative things.

Give yourself peace of mind and reassurance. Feel good enoughknow that, for every failure, most probably, you have other ten successes that you miss to notice and acknowledge.

Step into your desired future thinking positively, living a balanced and mindful life. Be the most significant presence in your life.

Mr. Vella is a Maltese boat maker. One day a tourist approached him and complimented his work:

“You are making beautiful boats. With all that color they look so alive.”

Chatting a bit more, the tourist got the courage and asked about how much Mr. Vella is earning and how much time does he spends working.

“Not too much,” Mr. Vella replied. “About five to six hours a day.”

“And what do you do the rest of the day?”

“All sorts of things: meeting my friends, eating with my family, helping my children with homework, taking my wife to the pictures, enjoying the sunset and sunrise from the Dingli cliffs.”

“You know, Mr. Vella? if you work eight to ten hours a day, you could save money to move to Valletta (the capital) or even abroad.”

“I never thought of that,” said Mr. Vella and looked puzzled at the stranger.

“Yes, you could even be famous for making these beautiful boats.”

“I never thought of that either,” said Mr. Vella and looked even more puzzled at the stranger. And then continued: “You see, sir? I never thought of any of the things you’re talking about because I’m happy as I am. There is no other place I rather be, and there is nothing else I rather be doing.”

Now, do you want to live a balanced life? Remind yourself that most things are not created equal; thus, they don’t deserve equal amounts of your time, love, and energy. Plus, being in balance is subjective, and you should have your own personal interpretation of it. If you feel satisfied and content working eight hours a day and half an hour fun, who is to say that you’re not right?

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