35+ Qualities of a Good Wife

Whether you’re married, about to be married, or just dreaming of marriage someday, it’s important to know what traits make up a good wife.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this, there are general characteristics that make someone a great partner.

Here are common qualities of a good wife:

Susanne M. Alexander

Susanne M. Alexander

Relationship and Marriage Coach, Marriage Transformation | Co-Author, “Couple Vitality: Connecting with Character

A good wife doesn’t sacrifice herself for her husband but instead collaborates with him

The phrase “good wife” has many mixed or negative triggers for women who have struggled to redefine the role of a wife in an era of striving for equality with a husband. 

Societal expectations of a “good wife” have often been related to the degree to which she is willing to sacrifice her own identity, well-being, time, and energy for her husband (and family).

Ideally, a wife is striving every day to be a good person, which often can mean how she applies qualities of character to her relationship with her husband. 

Examples might include:

  • Friendliness – She interacts with her husband in ways that demonstrate he is her best friend. They laugh, socialize, talk and listen carefully, and support each other’s projects and efforts.
  • Purposefulness – She is conscious about fulfilling agreed domestic tasks and ensures she does not enable her husband to be helpless in the home. She encourages his full participation in responsibilities. She is also fully capable of working outside the home if she chooses.
  • Compassion is often a vital gift that a wife brings to the marriage. She often has a greater ability than her husband to see what is happening with him and them and to gently and lovingly raise it for reflection, consultation, and resolution.
  • Respect – This quality is vital to happen mutually in marriage. However, a woman striving to be a good wife is aware that her husband has an even greater need than her at times to feel his wife respects him deeply. It’s a key way that he knows she loves him and has confidence in him.
  • Positive spirit – The marriage flourishes when a woman can bring a spirit of positivity into the marriage and home and avoid a pattern of complaint and criticism.

In our book, we speak of the importance of character in this way:

“We are born with the capacity to develop many positive Character Qualities throughout our lives. As we develop these Qualities, they collectively become our character. 

These Qualities positively influence our thoughts, words, and actions. The resulting positive behaviors then improve our couple interactions and build our couple vitality.”

A wife is a full partner with her husband. This can mean being on his business “mastermind” team and consulting with him about his work goals and projects. 

It can mean collaborating with each other for maximum well-being, such as: 

  • encouraging exercise, 
  • good nutrition, 
  • and medical appointments. 

It can mean both of them initiating and participating in physical intimacy. It can mean her tuning into his needs and him turning into hers. A good wife doesn’t sacrifice herself for her husband but instead collaborates with him in their mutual commitment.

In our book, we mentioned: 

“As we strive to create an equal and respectful partnership that contributes to couple vitality, we ongoingly consult about our roles and responsibilities. These may be different for each of us, and yet still we are equal partners. 

We reflect and consult about our experiences to learn what tasks or roles are best for each of us and how we can assist each other. We pursue learning opportunities to expand what we can contribute. 

We assess the models we learned from growing up or that operate in our friends or families, and we are conscious about what we imitate or eliminate. 

We examine our expectations of what each other does and how actions are carried out to ensure we are not imposing unreasonable standards on each other. We consider fairness as we carry out activities of all types and as we create our home environment and manage household tasks.”

Perhaps the phrase “striving to be an excellent wife” just as her husband strives to be an “excellent husband” fits the stage of development that marriage is at in society at the present time.

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Tony Davis, Esq.

Tony Davis

Family Attorney | Relationship Coach and Co-Founder, Empower to Engage | Author, “Marriage Done Right Is Hard Work

She has a sense of her own purpose

When one thinks about being a good wife, it is natural to think about personal qualities as they relate to connecting with your husband. While that is certainly a noble intention, doing so is the equivalent of “putting the cart before the horse.” 

From my perspective, the first quality of a good wife is to be good to herself. She needs to have a sense of her own purpose and create an environment where she can be fulfilled with her husband. 

She needs to be healthy in her own spirit, ensure that she is holding her own mind and emotions, and establish a routine to ensure that she has a good diet and exercise regimen. 

Doing so will ensure that she functions as the best version of herself. Then, she can excel in all areas of her life, whether it be: 

  • a stay-at-home mom, 
  • business owner, 
  • daughter, 
  • sister, 
  • friend, 
  • and of course, wife. 

Ultimately, there is a lot of truth in the saying that you cannot effectively give to someone else what you do not possess. So, a good wife will ensure that she is giving herself what she wants to give to her husband.

She communicates with her husband the way she would like him to communicate with her

Most of us are familiar with some variation of the fact that communication is a vital element of any effective relationship. Yet, despite this familiarity, many of us struggle with implementing this knowledge. 

I believe that one reason is that we do not truly understand the true power of words. 

  • Words can bring life, and they can cause death. 
  • Words can cause injury, and they can heal. 
  • Words can uplift, and they can destroy. 

This holds true whether the words are spoken verbally with one’s mouth, communicated non-verbally via body language, or written forever to be memorialized.

Understanding this power, a good wife will make every effort to communicate with her husband the way she would like him to communicate with her. 

If couples do this, they reduce the possibility of feeling disrespected or marginalized. When communication is perceived as disrespectful, you increase the possibility of: 

  • backlash, 
  • a defensive response, 
  • or the regular complaint in marriages that your comments are being misinterpreted. 

Tone, body language, and hand gestures all play a part in your ability to connect.

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Your husband will not hear you and may not want to hear from you if the delivery is construed as disrespectful. Therefore, a good wife will remember that her husband wants to be communicated with in a certain way. 

Being respectful when you communicate does not mean that specific topics have to be off the table. The converse is true. You should feel comfortable discussing topics such as: 

  • financial security, 
  • romance, 
  • frequency of sex, 
  • domestic responsibilities, 
  • raising children, 
  • or whatever else you desire.

Just remember, it is not what you say but how you say it.

She takes time and effort to learn her husband

Learning your husband can be a tricky and daunting endeavor. Effectively doing so should probably yield you an advanced college degree. 

While there are certain generalities that we may associate with husbands, it is imperative that a wife not put her husband into some box that does not fit him. He is a unique individual with unique experiences, filters, and desires. 

Learning about your husband is a subset of the overall communication. Therefore, watching and listening are critical communication components, leading to learning. 

As wives learn about their husbands, they may discover that these complicated individuals have desires that are actually not complicated at all. The order of priority may just be different

One key is to allow yourself to enter the world that is important to him. Participate in the things they like. Engage in the topic of conversations that interest him. Those are the types of conversations that will help you learn more about him. 

Rejecting or avoiding those conversations may make him think that you are rejecting or disinterested in him. He may withdraw and not share in other areas where the wife would like a discussion. 

However, showing interest will make conversations with the wife enjoyable, just like with a friend. The result here is that he will want to share even more. 

Learning about him will certainly reduce those subsequent conversations where the sentence begins, “I have no idea why…” 

Christy Piper

Christy Piper

Coach and Speaker | Author, “Girl, You Deserve More

The qualities of a good wife can depend on what the individual is looking for. But some qualities are universal.

There is an endless list of qualities a good wife should have. Some are debatable, while others are just “wish list” items.

She is a great listener

A wife ideally listens to you when you need to talk. Not just sits there quietly while you speak. But truly takes in what you’re saying and responds with words of wisdom and actions that can improve your life.

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She is trustworthy

You want someone who tells you the truth. This isn’t just about not cheating on you. This is also about having integrity in general. 

It’s about being honest about her flaws and what she spends money on—knowing that you can trust her with your life and important decisions.

She makes your life easier

Does she make your life easier or complicate it? Is she thoughtful and picks up the slack when you are swamped? Or does she operate like an individual still?

You want a wife who acts like a true partner. A great wife automatically does things to make your life easier and better.

She cheers you up

Whether she is just light-hearted, has a positive attitude, or tells funny jokes, it all boils down to if she can make you smile.

  • Does she make you feel worse or better when you have a hard day?
  • When something stupid happens, can she laugh with you? Or will she just criticize you? 

Having a wife who lightens your load and grounds you is much nicer.

She gives you grace and forgiveness

When you screw up or do something foolish, how does she react? Does she bring it up five years later or not let you forget every mistake you’ve made?

Or does she genuinely forgive and forget? Does she take your apologies seriously and notice your improvements? Or will she hold it over your head forever?

It is difficult to live with anyone who reminds you of every mistake you’ve made while she acts like she walks on water. So make sure the life partner you choose gives you grace.

She challenges you

She should also challenge you to be your best self. If you make bad decisions, she should tell you. You don’t want someone who agrees with you because she has no backbone, brain, or fears of upsetting you.

If she gives you constructive criticism without snapping at you, this is the best. 

Most people in your life are afraid to hurt your feelings or question your decisions. But you must be able to trust your life partner 100% to do this for you.

Are you playing fair?

The catch: You should do the same for her. If you’re not willing to do that, ask yourself why.

If you don’t treat each other fairly, it won’t work. Even if one of you gets your way, the other person will be unhappy. That isn’t a win-win and will eventually destroy the marriage. 

Elliott Katz

Elliott Katz

Coach | Speaker | Author, “How to Get Your Man to Wear the Pants … So You Don’t Have To

She is his partner

When I was researching the relationship advice books I have written, I asked women: What is the most important thing a man wants from his wife?

The first response was usually “sex.” I then asked, “What is more important than sex?” The next response was often “respect” or “appreciation.

Interestingly, their responses were different than the response I received from men. When I asked men the same question, they said, “A partner.” 

The most important quality a man wants in a wife is a partner who will be with him through thick and thin—someone who will enjoy the good times with him and stand by him through difficult times.

I spoke to a couple whose husband had become very successful in business. Through an unfortunate series of events, his business went broke. They lost everything and had to move in with the wife’s mother. His wife stood by him through this difficult time. 

He later built another business, and they were able to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. The husband said his wife was his partner, and marrying her was the best thing he ever did.

She doesn’t undermine him

Many men have told me that when they try to take charge of a situation at home or in the family, they feel undermined. They gave up and withdrew from trying to take charge again.

A good wife encourages her husband to take the lead. She is supportive when he steps forward to handle a situation. If she disagrees with what he wants to do, she tells him privately in a way that helps him grow and learn. 

A good wife appreciates all that they have

She understands how financial stress can bring out or worsen problems in a marriage. She doesn’t tell her husband that she wants things that other people have that they don’t have. 

She sees that some people with great wealth, gigantic houses, and expensive cars get divorced.

I’ve coached men who worked very hard to pay for everything their wives wanted. One man’s wife wanted expensive renovations to their home. He agreed because he thought it would make her happy. Paying for the renovations nearly caused him to go bankrupt. It also meant he had to delay his retirement.

Did the beautiful renovations help their marriage? A few years later, they divorced, and the people who bought their home enjoyed the upgrades.

John F. Tholen, PhD

John F. Tholen

Retired Psychologist | Author, “Focused Positivity: The Path to Success and Peace of Mind

A good wife prioritizes the interests of the relationship

Although gender bias remains prevalent in our—and almost every—culture, the qualities of a good wife are the same as those of a good husband. The best marriages also tend to be the most balanced.

A scientific 2017 Pew Research Center survey found that Americans consider the most important qualities for a man to possess to be: 

  • honesty
  • morality
  • financial success
  • leadership

But continue to rate the most important attributes for a woman as: 

  • physical attractiveness
  • empathy
  • nurturance
  • kindness

Although women have made considerable strides toward civil equality, cultural stereotypes appear to have changed less.

Irrespective of their partner’s gender, the qualities most important for a good wife or a good husband are the willingness and ability to:

  • Commit to respecting a partner’s wishes and feelings more important than anyone else’s—and only slightly less than their own.
  • Communicate their honest feelings and wishes through responsible self-assertionavoiding aggression, threat, or insult.
  • Tolerate and accept their partner’s innocent idiosyncrasies, normal human faults, and weaknesses, and sincerely regret mistakes.
  • Respect their partner’s interpersonal boundaries, such as the need for:
    • personal space
    • personal business,
    • relationships
    • individual responsibilities
  • Consistently negotiate in good faith to find compromises to resolve the conflicts that invariably arise.
  • Prioritize the interests of the relationship—the “team of two“—over their personal interests.
  • Remember that the relationship wins when conflict is resolved without either partner winning or losing.
  • Confirm that they understand their partner’s feelings and perspective before defending their own.
  • Pursue and support their partner’s pursuit of a wellness lifestyle dedicated to thriving:
    • physically
    • emotionally
    • intellectually
    • socially
    • spiritually or philosophically
    • occupationally
    • financially
    • creatively

Talia Bombola

talia bombola 1

Certified Psychodynamic LMFT | Licensed Psychotherapist | Confidence and Assertiveness Specialist

There are numerous qualities of a great wife that men have reported when asked. These may coincide with what women self-report; however, some of the qualities may come as a surprise, while others will serve as a necessary reminder

She’s confident

Self-confidence is one of the top reported traits men value and are attracted to in a wife. Self-confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. 

She’s passionate

Passionate, in this case, means being capable of, affected by, or expressing intense feelings. Done so tactfully, this is an incredibly attractive quality in women as it is directed to various areas of life, in and out of the bedroom. 

She is receptive to her husband’s ideas and opinions

Receptivity/openness means susceptible and open to being penetrated by the life force of masculine energy. Receptivity is a willingness to consider or accept new suggestions and ideas. 

Men are opinions based on how they care and will share an idea as a way to provide for and protect us. If we learn to be receptive to this, it strengthens our relationship.

She’s open to giving and receiving playfulness

Playfulness is the quality of being light-hearted or full of fun. This is an attractive trait because it keeps the relationship alive and dynamic. It puts our partner at ease that life doesn’t have to be serious all the time. 

Playfulness is an antidote to feeling too controlled or parented by your partner. Few things in life are so serious that we cannot be playful while doing so. 

Happier wives are those who are open to giving and receiving playfulness and not conflating it with immaturity or being condescending.

Intelligence/wit are also important to many men in a relationship. This relates to playfulness and receptivity. To be able to have conversations that make both partners feel stimulated mentally leads to a great quality relationship.

Having a sense of humor is likewise a key in marriage. Being able to have a laugh after healing from a serious talk is a sign of repair and a gateway to playfulness.

She has a nurturing spirit

Nurturing spirit means to give off the essence of and desire to care for and encourage the growth or development of others. This is one of the most innate feminine traits.

She is forgiving

No one is perfect. Understand that your partner may not have intended to hurt you. Be willing to hear their side of the story and forgive.

She’s loyal to her family

Being loyal means giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person. Men need to feel supported, admired, and respected for their contributions to the relationship and know their partner is by their side, even if they mess up. 

This one goes without saying loyalty not only to a partner but to a family is the pinnacle of what many families have as a core value. 

She is willing to try new things or perspective

Willingness is one of the essential traits either partner can possess. It is at the foundation of long-lasting relationships and marriage. It is the quality or state of being prepared to do something; there is an element of readiness. 

Willingness to try new things or a new perspective is what keeps marriage growing over the years. 

Even if what you ended up being willing to try or do wasn’t something you included in the long term, the fact remains that you were able to agree to try something that may have been one of the best things to happen to your marriage. 

Being willing makes a marriage last. Being willful does not

She is understanding

Understanding means being sympathetically aware of other people’s feelings; being tolerant and forgiving. To tolerate means to experience and still interact with the person with respect. 

It is often conflated with “putting up with” your partner, but they could not be more opposite. To be able to tolerate someone maintains the respect of the marriage and the partnership. 

Being understanding and sympathetic means that you’ll meet your partner with gentle kindness despite feeling disappointed or frustrated; that includes boundaries, and neither of you is always right. This relates to not being critical. 

Sameera Sullivan

Sameera Sullivan

Relationship Expert, Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers

Being a relationship expert and witnessing the different dynamics between couples, it’s hard to label someone a good spouse or a good wife. That said, a woman has a few traits or attributes that qualify her as a good wife. 

She is loving and respectful 

The first is loving your partner and respecting them. You can show that you love them by expressing to them, doing small things that your husband loves, and making it a part of your life, e.g.: 

  • cooking for him sometimes,
  • surprising him with small gifts, 
  • taking care of his little needs, 

and just being there for him in general.

She communicates openly with her husband

Good communication is the key to a long-lasting relationship. A good wife, I believe, communicates openly with her husband and gives him a sense of security and comfort around her. 

She reassures him there is no competition between them, and they will go through everything together. She is compassionate towards her husband and does her best to find a solution. 

A good wife stands with her husband through thick and thin and collaborates with him to tackle problems.

She always tries to maintain a tight relationship with her spouse

The best trait in a wife is the ability to listen intently to her spouse. She always tries to maintain a tight relationship with her spouse to be: 

  • stronger
  • more profound
  • faithful
  • pure

She shows romantic gestures and spends quality time with her husband, like planning cute dates to keep the spark alive, catching him unaware. 

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When a wife becomes a man’s best friend, he discovers a vast treasure in his life. He is never reluctant to express his emotions to his wife, and that builds a foundation for a stronger relationship.

Many women frequently wonder what makes a good wife and mistakenly associate it with being meek or obedient. But a decent wife doesn’t have to give up her joy or acquiesce to every demand. 

When a woman supports her husband in his aspirations and enhances his personality, she can be an excellent wife.

Cassandra Cordini

Cassandra Cordini

Author, “Happiest in Denial

She loves her husband unconditionally

My marriage lasted 32 years, and I was obviously a very good wife to have stayed married that long. I believe the most important qualities of being a good wife are love and respect for your husband, and when in turn this is reciprocated, this is what also makes a “good husband.” 

The love needs to be unconditional, and you need to respect, understand and be supportive of him. The “good wife” must also be: 

  • his best friend, 
  • a good listener, 
  • and a good communicator.

What do I mean by unconditional love? Basically, it’s a no strings attached love. For example, you still love him; even though: 

  • his dirty clothes always miss the laundry basket
  • if you’ve had a tough day at the office with the boss wanting you to meet ridiculous deadlines
  • if the kids won’t stop fighting and are driving you crazy
  • if you’re still angry about a disagreement you had the day before

None of it matters; love comes first.

If I reflect on the characteristics and qualities that made me a good wife, these include the following: 

  • being a homemaker
  • an excellent cook
  • intelligent
  • loving
  • kind
  • forgiving
  • house-proud
  • maternal
  • self-sacrificing
  • nurturing
  • sensual
  • funny
  • happy and eager to please

Chaye McIntosh

Chaye McIntosh

Clinical Director, ChoicePoint

She stands with her partner in thick and thin

Matrimony is a sacred bond between two people. When a person marries, they wish to spend the rest of their life with that person who makes them smile every day. 

The smile should not vanish from the faces after a few years of marriage. To keep the spark alive in marriage, it is the responsibility of both spouses to work in harmony. 

Talking about things to keep the spark alive in marriage, here are some qualities of a good wife:

  • A wife stands with her partner in thick and thin.
  • She gives honest opinions and doesn’t shy away from sharing some constructive criticism when needed. 
  • She makes sure that all the needs of her husband are met. 
  • A good wife does not necessarily mean just a good cook, but rather a good homemaker. 
  • She ensures that when her husband enters the home, he forgets all about the tiredness of the outside world. 
  • A good wife makes sure that her husband focuses on doing the best for them. 
  • She encourages small changes and tries to support her husband. 
  • She also ensures that she lends a helping hand in whatever needs to be done. 

Hiba U. Mukhtar, MSHR

Hiba Mukhtar

Human Resources Professional

A good wife manages relationships with in-laws and extended family members

Navigating the ocean of marriage is a journey for the long haul. When looking for role models, first-second generation couples with immigrant backgrounds may try Western models of spousal relationships. Or, they may wind up following the ways of their parents. 

South Asian couples often come with large, extended families where filial piety and service towards in-laws are valued above all else. 

In fact, this concept is even voiced during intra-cultural marriages where it’s announced, aside from the bride and groom, this is a marriage between two families bonding them forever. 

Despite Western shifts away from this phenomenon, the ideology prevails in small and large ways. As an American-born, South Asian woman, becoming a better wife to my husband has, like most, been thoroughly challenged with child-rearing and full-time parenting. 

Regardless, there are still three aces in the bag I try to play. Managing relationships with in-laws and extended family members is paramount to the mental health and qualities of a good wife. 

Before readers protest, I like to paint the picture with simple communication. If they call your husband, reach over and talk to them, drop a hello and inquire briefly. This is especially suitable during special times of the year, i.e., holidays, travel time, milestones, or health inquiries. 

I know the coined term is “happy wife, happy life.” But if you’re from the South Asian diaspora, you’ll join me in saying, happy in-laws, happy life.” 

Resisting this powerful force will lead to much more harm than well-being. 

She is encouraging and exudes positivity

A good wife is encouraging of their husband’s dreams and ambitions and tries to listen to and help him explore ways to make them a reality. Although it may be easier to poke holes and call it constructive criticism, this is not what support looks like. 

Instead, focus on the positives, the practical, and the stretch with your husband. Try avoiding the pitfalls, at least in the first conversation. 

Husbands appreciate surprises; therefore, a good wife tries to spice things up with a special treat (gourmet or homemade), a spontaneous date (even if kids tag along), or a gift despite no occasion. This little gesture goes a long way and melts the heart. 

Lastly, exude positivity and match your words to it. Husbands don’t need a chatterbox of pessimism after work or all the gossip about the next-door neighbor. 

They do need to hear that: 

  • you care about them, 
  • you appreciate their hard work, 
  • and how they try to keep the household running (even if you contribute the same, more or less). 

In action, this looks like asking how their day went: 

  • if they had any wins, 
  • if they had particular struggles, 
  • or if future family plans will be altered as a result. 

Body language matters, and I suggest speaking directly with eye contact and mellow tones. Minor adjustments make for much warmth in a couple and add to the excellent qualities of a good wife. 

AJ Silberman-Moffitt

AJ Silberman-Moffitt

Senior Editor, Tandem

A good wife is a good person

As a woman who has been married just shy of 15 years, I would like to think I am a good wife. But what makes a good wife? It might be safe to say that a good wife is a good person. 

Below are a few things that are seen as qualities of a good wife:

She listens

Listening well entails more than hearing with your ears. It’s:

  • paying attention,
  • absorbing what is said,
  • and finding a way to assist, if possible.

Sometimes just the act of listening can be a huge help.

She is altruistic

A good wife knows that, as the saying goes, “it takes a village,” meaning she doesn’t need to get credit for everything she does. Instead, she tries to do things together for the betterment of her family.

She is compassionate

Most good wives are available as a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to. They understand it can’t all be just about them. A good wife knows this and takes time to be there for her husband when he needs someone to talk to or empathize with.

She does the little things

Not everything needs to be grandiose to be good. Doing little things to let your spouse know you care makes the difference between being a spouse and being a good spouse.

She tries

Just making an effort can go a long way. Trying to help others is a great way to be a great wife. Even if you don’t have all the answers or can’t make things right doesn’t mean you can’t try.

She is there to lend an ear or a hand

A good wife is willing and able to be there for her husband in times of need. This can be:

  • something minor like handing him a tool when he is fixing the sink,
  • or something significant, like being the shoulder to cry on when her husband loses someone close to him.

Whatever the husband wants to lean on his partner for, a good wife is there to be that support.

She is open and honest

Sometimes, the truth can hurt, but there is a reason that honesty is the best policy. A good wife doesn’t try to hide things from her husband. She is open with him about as much as possible. This can be what she did that day or how she feels.

Even when it’s painful, it’s usually better to speak the truth.

Many things can make you a good wife, whether you were married this year or, like me, quite a few years ago. Be a good person, you’ll be a good wife, and hopefully, you’ll have a good life.

Alexa Justine Callada

Alexa Justine Callada

Marketing and Accounting Specialist, Dream Chasers

She is a “Godly” woman

If I become a man, the first quality I am looking for in a wife is “Godly.” When a woman is Godly, all the good qualities are already on her. 

She is a woman with faith and is: 

  • trustworthy
  • honest
  • reliable
  • industrious
  • creative
  • kind
  • thoughtful
  • caring for the household 
  • most of all, God-fearing

A good wife is more precious than gold. Physical qualities of a woman will never do good in your marriage life as husband and wife, but a Godly woman can lift you and give you strength when you are weak. 

Other women marry a man because they think love is just love, but love is more of sacrifice—real love knows to sacrifice and to love unconditionally, and a Godly woman can do both. She understands that this is the will of God, and she will benefit from it one day. 

A Godly woman is patient and always willing to listen rather than nag her husband; a good woman knows how to earn money rather than ask for it.

All the qualifications of a Godly woman are found in the Bible. It says a Godly woman is not afraid of what people think about her. 

  • She is not afraid to speak up when she sees something wrong
  • She does not gossip
  • She does not have a spirit of jealousy
  • She does not put others down for their faults 
  • She respects herself and those around her
  • She is confident in her identity and her worth
  • She knows her purpose, and she lives it out daily. 
  • She is not a victim but instead a victor. 

She can see the good in others, even when they can’t see it themselves. She has compassion for those who are hurting and wants nothing more than to serve them with love

She is able to speak truth into the lives of those around her without being harsh or condescending. She values honesty and integrity in all that she does. 

She looks for ways to bless others through words, actions, or deeds of service without expecting anything in return because she knows that blessings always come back multiplied tenfold.

All men must seek this kind of woman. Life is so much better with a Godly wife.

Mark Blakey

Mark Blakely

 CEO, Autism Parenting Magazine

She empowers the family

The idealist world says that the definition of a good wife is to respect and abide by her husband, listen to him and love him, and treat him like a king. Though all the things are true, being a wife means more than this. 

A wife should be much more than a submissive partner. Characteristics like love, care, respect, and honesty are obligatory from both ends. In today’s real world, the ultimate attributes of a wife should be:

  1. A cheerleader. Every man needs a backend support system to face the world and deal with problems. The wife should play a vital role in supporting her partner and helping with different situations. 
  2. She should work well and equally with her husband. As a wife, you should equally contribute to the functioning of the house. Whether money matters, property, or family, a wife should walk shoulder to shoulder with her husband and help him reduce the stress and burden.
  3. Have a personal-professional life balance. We all know that the weight of responsibilities is more for a woman than a man; so is her bearing power. So a wife must try to create a balance between her work life (boss and the employees) and her personal life. (husband and family).

A wife can empower the family and work front provided she gets valued by her husband. 

Pooja Malkani Sharma

Pooja Malkani Sharma

Founder, Colossalumbrella

She is a good companion

A good wife is a helpful and responsible partner who can be counted on in times of need. She is honest, respectful, willing to compromise, and works hard to meet her family’s needs. 

She is kind and thoughtful, respectful of others, and willing to put the needs of others before her own. A good wife is also: 

  • a good listener
  • compassionate and understanding
  • loyal and trustworthy
  • able to compromise when needed

Being happily married for so many years, I am sure my husband would have a lot of good things to say about me, but I think what makes me a good wife is that I have been a good companion to my husband. 

Like best friends, we have stayed together and learned from each other. Apart from this, I am quite loyal and honest, and a major plus about me is that I don’t like shopping. 

I had stood there with him in difficult times and supported him, especially when he needed me to. These include times when he would come home drunk, and I would have to drag his butt all the way to the bedroom. 

Rahul Vij

Rahul Vij

Managing Director and CEO, WebSpero Solutions

She is open and honest with her husband about her feelings

communicative woman is the finest one to settle down with: The ideal wife is, first and foremost, one who is open and honest with her husband about her feelings. 

Men are notoriously bad at understanding subtext. We won’t recognize something is amiss even if women practically flash red flags at us while giving us a frustrated expression. 

Let us know if you’re upset about something or something that has upset you. Please tell us if you’re excited about something or merely interested in it. 

If this is done, men will be more aware of what is happening, improving relationships. We won’t notice if you drop subtle clues, just like if you change the drapes in the house.

She honors her partner’s personal space

Now and then, men must withdraw into their “man cave,” sometimes known as the unused spare room. We’re not that deep; they want to kick back, hold a beer in their hand, and watch sports. 

Men want their ideal wives to be able to respect the space they seek since a guys’ night out is equally as vital as a ladies’ night out. Everyone needs alone time, whether taking a long, soothing bath or simply yelling at the TV while watching football. 

Even if you are married, it is wonderful to be autonomous. Since respecting limits and allowing you to be alone are crucial elements of a successful relationship, a lady who exhibits these traits would make an excellent wife. 

When guys say they’re leaning toward marrying an independent-minded girl, they mean this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my husband doesn’t appreciate the qualities of a good wife?

If your husband doesn’t appreciate the qualities of a good wife, it can be frustrating and discouraging. However, it’s important to remember that you can only control your actions and behavior. Here are some things you can do:

Communicate clearly: Communicate your feelings and needs with your husband clearly and directly.

Lead by example: Continue to be a good wife and show the qualities you believe in.

Seek help: Consider seeking professional help if your husband’s behavior is causing problems in your marriage.

Can a woman still be a good wife if she has flaws?

Absolutely! No one is perfect, and everyone has flaws. To be a good wife, you must make a commitment to your husband and do the best you can to support him and your marriage. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

Acknowledge your flaws: Acknowledge your flaws and work to improve them.

Ask for forgiveness: If you make a mistake, ask for forgiveness and make amends.

Continue to grow: Continue to learn and grow as a person and as a wife.

What should I do if my husband takes me for granted?

When your husband takes you for granted, it can be hurtful and frustrating. Here are some things you can do:

Set boundaries: Let your husband know what you expect from him and what you’ll not tolerate.

Communicate your feelings: Communicate your feelings in a calm, rational way.

Offer solutions: Offer solutions to the problem and also ask your husband for his opinion.

Focus on yourself: Focus on your own happiness and well-being, which may mean spending more time doing things that make you happy.

Should a wife always put her husband’s needs before her own?

While it’s important to consider your husband’s needs and wants, putting your own needs and wants first is equally important.

A healthy marriage is based on mutual respect and support. This means that both partners should be willing to compromise and make sacrifices for the good of the relationship.

Can a wife still be independent while also being a good wife?

Absolutely! Being a good wife doesn’t mean you have to give up your independence or sacrifice your own goals and desires. This means that both partners should be able to pursue their own interests and goals while supporting each other’s efforts.

Should a wife always be submissive to her husband?

No, a wife should never be submissive to her husband. A healthy marriage is based on mutual respect and support, which means that both partners should be equal partners in the marriage.

Compromise and negotiation are important in any relationship, but they should never be at the expense of a partner’s autonomy or self-respect.

What should I do if I feel like my husband is neglecting me?

If you feel that your husband is neglecting you, it’s important to communicate your feelings and needs in a calm and rational way. Here are some tips:

Communicate your feelings: Let your husband know how you feel and why.

Set boundaries: Let your husband know what you expect from him and what you’ll not tolerate.

Consider counseling: Consider counseling or therapy with your husband to work on your marriage.

What if I don’t have all the qualities of a good wife?

No one is perfect, and it’s unrealistic to expect you to always have all the qualities of a good wife. The most important thing is that you strive to be the best partner you can be and constantly work to improve yourself and your relationship.

If you feel that you lack certain qualities, focus on developing them through communication, practice, and self-reflection.

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