141 Best Quotes and Sayings About Memories

Thomas Fuller said that memories are the treasure house of the mind. In there, monuments of our past and the events in our life are kept to be cherished and preserved. It is what makes us who we are.

Here are several of the best memories quotes and sayings that will remind you of its importance in our lives and human history.

1. “Memory is often less about the truth than about what we want it to be.” — David Halberstam

2. “Gratitude is not only the memory but the homage of the heart rendered to God for his goodness.” — Nathaniel Parker Willis

3. “A great memory does not make a mind, any more than a dictionary is a piece of literature.” — John Henry Newman

"A great memory does not make a mind, any more than a dictionary is a piece of literature." — John Henry Newman #memories #quotes #literature

4. “Your mind, while blessed with permanent memory, is cursed with lousy recall. Written goals provide clarity. By documenting your dreams, you must think about the process of achieving them.” — Gary Ryan Blair

5. “A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days of adulthood.” — Charlotte Davis Kasl

6. “There is not any memory with less satisfaction than the memory of some temptation we resisted.” — James Branch Cabell

7. “Memory is the treasure house of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved.” — Thomas Fuller

8. “Memory in youth is active and easily impressible in old age it is comparatively callous to new impressions, but still retains vividly those of earlier years.” — Charlotte Bronte

9. “To understand a man, you must know his memories. The same is true of a nation.” — Anthony Quayle

10. “Nothing is so admirable in politics as a short memory.” — John Kenneth Galbraith

11. “Memory is deceptive because it is colored by today’s events.”Albert Einstein

12. “No memory is ever alone it’s at the end of a trail of memories, a dozen trails that each have their own associations.” — Louis L’Amour

13. “History is a people’s memory, and without a memory, man is demoted to the lower animals.” — Malcom X

"History is a people's memory, and without a memory, man is demoted to the lower animals." — Malcom X #memories #quotes #history

14. “Love and memory last and will so endure till the game is called because of darkness.” — Gene Fowler

15. “Memory believes before knowing remembers. Believes longer than recollects, longer than knowing even wonders.” — William Faulkner

16. “It is fitting that a liar should be a man of good memory.” — Marcus Fabius Quintilian

17. “Memory is the personal journalism of the soul.” — Richard Schickel

18. “Every man’s memory is his private literature.”Aldous Huxley

19. “All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.” — Toni Morrison

20. “Time and memory are true artists; they remold reality nearer to the heart’s desire.” — John Dewey

21. “Happiness is good health and a bad memory.” — Ingrid Bergman

22. “A good memory is one trained to forget the trivial.” — Cliff Fadiman

23. “I think it is all a matter of love: the more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it is.” — Vladimir Nabokov

"I think it is all a matter of love: the more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it is." — Vladimir Nabokov #memories #quotes #love

24. “The true art of memory is the art of attention.”Samuel Johnson

25. “How strange are the tricks of memory, which, often hazy as a dream about the most important events of a man’s life, religiously preserve the merest trifles.” — Richard Burton

26. “No memory of having starred atones for later disregard, or keeps the end from being hard.”Robert Frost

27. “Our memories are card indexes consulted and then returned in disorder by authorities whom we do not control.” — Cyril Connolly

28. “Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” — Charles R. Swindoll

29. “Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going.” — Tennessee Williams

30. “Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.” — Saul Bellow

31. “The effectiveness of our memory banks is determined not by the total number of facts we take in, but the number we wish to reject.” — Jon Wynne-Tyson

32. “A strange thing is memory, and hope; one looks backward, and the other forward; one is of today, the other of tomorrow. Memory is history recorded in our brain, memory is a painter, it paints pictures of the past and of the day.” — Grandma Moses

33. “A great memory is never made synonymous with wisdom, any more than a dictionary would be called a treatise.” — John Henry Newman

"A great memory is never made synonymous with wisdom, any more than a dictionary would be called a treatise." — John Henry Newman #memories #quotes #history

34. “A whole stack of memories never equal one little hope.” — Charles M. Schulz

35. “There are so many things that poetry is about, one of which is memory.” — Peter Davison

36. “Time, which wears down and diminishes all things, augments and increases good deeds, because a good turn liberally offered to a reasonable man grows continually through noble thought and memory.” — Francois Rabelais

37. “The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten.” — Cesare Pavese

38. “A liar should have a good memory.” — Quintilian

39. “Our memories are independent of our wills. It is not so easy to forget.” — Richard Sheridan

40. “But the memory of war weighs undiminished upon the people’s minds. That is because deeper than material wounds, moral wounds are smarting, inflicted by the so- called peace treaties.” — Hjalmar Schacht

41. “Inspiration could be called inhaling the memory of an act never experienced.” — Ned Rorem

42. “An autobiography usually reveals nothing bad about its writer except his memory.” — Franklin P. Jones

43. “Memories are like mulligatawny soup in a cheap restaurant. It is best not to stir them.” — P. G. Wodehouse

"Memories are like mulligatawny soup in a cheap restaurant. It is best not to stir them." — P. G. Wodehouse #memories #quotes #soup

44. “Memory is man’s greatest friend and worst enemy.” — Gilbert Parker

45. “Memories are like stones, time and distance erode them like acid.” — Ugo Betti

46. “The poetry of a people comes from the deep recesses of the unconscious, the irrational and the collective body of our ancestral memories.” — Margaret Walker

47. “Memory, in widow’s weeds, with naked feet stands on a tombstone.” Aubrey de Vere

48. “Fond memory brings the light of other days around me.” — Thomas More

49. “Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory.” — Franklin P. Adams

50. “There is nothing like an odor to stir memories.” — William McFee

51. “As memory may be a paradise from which we cannot be driven, it may also be a hell from which we cannot escape.” — John Lancaster Spalding

52. “Memory is very important, the memory of each photo taken, flowing at the same speed as the event. During the work, you have to be sure that you haven’t left any holes, that you’ve captured everything, because afterwards it will be too late.” — Henri Cartier-Bresson

53. “Literature becomes the living memory of a nation.” — Alexander Solzhenitsyn

"Literature becomes the living memory of a nation." — Alexander Solzhenitsyn #memories #quotes #literature

54. “Memory is not wisdom idiots can by rote repeat volumes. Yet what is wisdom without memory?” — Martin Farquhar Tupper

55. “You can’t recover memories of a missing event. That’s a fallacy.” — Betty Hill

56. “Alas! how little does the memory of these human inhabitants enhance the beauty of the landscape!”Henry David Thoreau

57. “You can close your eyes to reality but not to memories.” — Stanislaw Lec

58. “History takes time. History makes memory.” — Gertrude Stein

59. “Memory that yearns to join the centre, a limb remembering the body from which it has been severed, like those bamboo thighs of the god.” — Derek Walcott

60. “Memory is a magnet. It will pull to it and hold only material nature has designed it to attract.” — Jessamyn West

61. “Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.” — Albert Schweitzer

62. “The secret of food lies in memory – of thinking and then knowing what the taste of cinnamon or steak is.” — Jerry Saltz

63. “We are linked by blood, and blood is memory without language.” — Joyce Carol Oates

"We are linked by blood, and blood is memory without language." — Joyce Carol Oates #memories #quotes #language

64. “The repressed memory is like a noisy intruder being thrown out of the concert hall. You can throw him out, but he will bang on the door and continue to disturb the concert. The analyst opens the door and says, If you promise to behave yourself, you can come back in.” — Theodor Reik

65. “All vital truth contains the memory of all that for which it is not true.” — David Herbert Lawrence

66. “I’m always fascinated by the way memory diffuses fact.” — Diane Sawyer

67. “Life is possible only by the deficiencies of our imagination and memory.” — Emile M. Cioran

68. “It’s surprising how much memory is built around things unnoticed at the time.” — Barbara Kingsolver

69. “Human memory is a marvelous but fallacious instrument. The memories which lie within us are not carved in stone not only do they tend to become erased as the years go by, but often they change, or even increase by incorporating extraneous features.” — Primo Levi

70. “Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others.”Rosa Parks

71. “Memories are fallible and a timer can save a lot of hard work from going out of the window.” — Delia Smith

72. “Without memory, there is no culture. Without memory, there would be no civilization, no society, no future.” — Elie Wiesel

73. “Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.”Khalil Gibran

"Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream." — Khalil Gibran #memories #quotes #dream

74. “I have a writer’s memory which makes everything worse than maybe it actually was.” — Amy Tan

75. “The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero

76. “Nothing prevents happiness like the memory of happiness.” — Andre Gide

77. “What happens is that your wretched memory remembers the words and forgets what’s behind them”.— Augusto Roa Bastos

78. “Memory is quite central for me. Part of it is that I like the actual texture of writing through memory.” — Kazuo Ishiguro

79. “My memories are inside me – they’re not things or a place – I can take them anywhere.” — Olivia Newton-John

80. “Memory is the greatest of artists, and effaces from your mind what is unnecessary.” — Maurice Baring

81. “Memory, so complete and clear or so evasive, has to be ended, has to be put aside, as if one were leaving a chapel and bringing the prayer to an end in one’s head.” — Harold Brodkey

82. “Your body actually reminds you about your age and your injuries – the body has a stronger memory than your mind.” — Mikhail Baryshnikov

83. “History is a cyclic poem written by time upon the memories of man.” — Percy Bysshe Shelley

"History is a cyclic poem written by time upon the memories of man." — Percy Bysshe Shelley 2p #memories #quotes #history

84. “Memory always obeys the commands of the heart.” — Antoine Rivarol

85. “Observation is an old man’s memory.” — Jonathan Swift

86. “Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero

87. “One lives in the hope of becoming a memory.” — Antonio Porchia

88. “Memory is not an instrument for exploring the past but its theatre. It is the medium of past experience, as the ground is the medium in which dead cities lie interred.” — Walter Benjamin

89. “Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector’s passion borders on the chaos of memories.” — Walter Benjamin

90. “Home is one’s birthplace, ratified by memory.” — Henry Anatole Grunwald

91. “Time moves in one direction, memory in another.” — William Gibson

92. “A man of great memory without learning hath a rock and a spindle and no staff to spin.” — George Herbert

93. “Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it.” — Michel de Montaigne

"Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it." — Michel de Montaigne (14s) #memories #quotes #wish

94. “Memory is the first casualty of middle age, if I remember correctly.” — Candice Bergen

95. “A retentive memory may be a good thing, but the ability to forget is the true token of greatness.” — Elbert Hubbard

96. “Man is the only creature whose emotions are entangled with his memory.” — Marjorie Holmes

97. “Memory is not pure. Memories told are not pure memories; memories told are stories. The storyteller will change them. I’ve always been interested in that.” — Alice McDermott

98. “Creditors have better memories than debtors.” — Benjamin Franklin

99. “I was trying to figure out what a memory feels like.” — Charlie Kaufman

100. “In memory everything seems to happen to music.” — Tennessee Williams

101. “The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant.” — Salvador Dali

102. “Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. A healed memory is not a deleted memory. Instead, forgiving what we cannot forget creates a new way to remember. We change the memory of our past into a hope for our future.” — Lewis B. Smedes

103. “There is no refuge from memory and remorse in this world. The spirits of our foolish deeds haunt us, with or without repentance.” — Gilbert Parker

"There is no refuge from memory and remorse in this world. The spirits of our foolish deeds haunt us, with or without repentance." — Gilbert Parker 3p #memories #quotes #spirit

104. “The memory is like a cat scratching my heart.” — Marina Oswald

105. “I believe the true function of age is memory. I’m recording as fast as I can.” — Rita Mae Brown

106. “Language is memory and metaphor.” — Storm Jameson

107. “Do not trust your memory; it is a net full of holes; the most beautiful prizes slip through it.” — Georges Duhamel

108. “Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind.” — Lionel Hampton

109. “Grief is only the memory of widowed affections.” — James Martineau

110. “You never know when you’re making a memory.” — Rickie Lee Jones

111. “Your memory is a monster; you forget – it doesn’t. It simply files things away. It keeps things for you, or hides things from you – and summons them to your recall with a will of its own. You think you have a memory; but it has you!” — John Irving

112. “Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.”Oscar Wilde

113. “Memory tempers prosperity, mitigates adversity, controls youth, and delights old age.” — Lactantius

"Memory tempers prosperity, mitigates adversity, controls youth, and delights old age." — Lactantius (15s) #memories #quotes #youth

114. “You never realize what a good memory you have until you try to forget something.” — Franklin P. Jones

115. “Some memories are realities, and are better than anything that can ever happen to one again.” — Willa Cather

116. “Hope has a good memory, gratitude a bad one.” — Baltasar Gracian

117. “Memory is more indelible than ink.” — Anita Loos

118. “Memory is a great artist. For every man and for every woman it makes the recollection of his or her life a work of art and an unfaithful record.” — Andre Maurois

119. “A man’s real possession is his memory. In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poor.” — Alexander Smith

120. “It’s been 25 years now, and truthfully, time sometimes blurs the memory.” — Bob Kane

121. “Man is the only creature we know, that, when the term of his natural life is ended, leaves the memory of himself behind him.” — William Godwin

122. “Memory is funny. Once you hit a vein the problem is not how to remember but how to control the flow.” — Tobias Wolff

123. “Memory is the mother of all wisdom.” — Aeschylus

"Memory is the mother of all wisdom." — Aeschylus 22p #memories #quotes #wisdom

124. “I hope that memory is valued – that we do not lose memory.” — Studs Terkel

125. “Everyone complains of his memory, and nobody complains of his judgment.” — Francois de La Rochefoucauld

126. “Memories, imagination, old sentiments, and associations are more readily reached through the sense of smell than through any other channel.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes

127. “You don’t have to hold on to the pain, to hold on to the memory.” — Janet Jackson

128. “A good memory is needed after one has lied.” — Pierre Corneille

129. “Actors are good liars; writers are good liars with good memories.” Daniel Keys Moran

130. “History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul.” — Lord Acton

131. “Memory is the way we keep telling ourselves our stories – and telling other people a somewhat different version of our stories.” — Alice Munro

132. “A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen.” — Edward de Bono

133. “A memory is a beautiful thing, it’s almost a desire that you miss.” — Gustave Flaubert

"A memory is a beautiful thing, it's almost a desire that you miss." — Gustave Flaubert (21s) #memories #quotes #beautiful

134. “Memory is a complicated thing, a relative to truth, but not its twin.” — Barbara Kingsolver

135. “There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory.” — Josh Billings

136. “Intelligence is the wife, imagination is the mistress, memory is the servant.”Victor Hugo

137. “Nothing stands out so conspicuously, or remains so firmly fixed in the memory, as something which you have blundered.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero

138. “Memory is a net: one that finds it full of fish when he takes it from the brook, but a dozen miles of water have run through it without sticking.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes

139. “Memories are doing funny things to us.” — Milos Forman

140. “Memory is the thing you forget with.” — Alexander Chase

141. “Memory depends very much on the perspicuity, regularity, and order of our thoughts. Many complain of the want of memory, when the defect is in the judgment; and others, by grasping at all, retain nothing.” — Thomas Fuller

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