60+ Signs She Loves You Deeply

There are certain things that a woman does when she truly loves you. Although each individual is unique and will exhibit their own signs of affection, there are specific behaviors that could mean they’re madly in love with you.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not she loves you deeply, here are signs to look out for:

Nikki Nolet, LMFT

Nikki Nolet

Couples and Sex Therapist, and Owner, Relationships Redefined

She shows you affection by physical touch

Women often show affection by physical touch. Physical touch can be reaching for your hand, rubbing the top of your leg, hugging you often, or other such gestures. If you find that your female partner openly expresses those feelings, it’s usually a signal of affectionality.

“Affectionality” itself can be manifested with an expression of words, possibly encouraging you when you share that things are not going to plan for you or helping you brainstorm through your concerns. Sometimes, it can be that they are just listening.

If you find that your partner is listening intently to you, that is a definitive gesture of empathy and compassion, often a sign that your partner cares for you deeply.

She checks on you often

Often at times, women habitually examine situations. This may, in turn, have them thinking about the issue for extended amounts of time. Overexamination may lead to feeling or guessing about the cause of the situation and may feel as if they did something to cause discomfort in you.

Putting them at ease and explaining if the situation does not have to do with them but rather with your internal frustrations can be helpful to put their mind at ease.

Your partner may ask if you’re okay often. This may be because they are used to checking in with friends who are often openly sharing emotional content with them, which may be expected of you.

This is not intended as interrogation. Instead, a means to connect with you, as she is looking for a way to deepen your connection and show you how much they love you.

She demonstrates concern for you

Although it may feel foreign to you, sometimes females have difficulty expressing their concerns and emotions in fear that you might not receive them. Instead, their actions may be interpreted as nagging or criticism.

If you are experiencing this, it’s important to ask what they are concerned about and let them explain what they are trying to do before jumping to conclusions.

This is the most common place where women feel misunderstood, but they may not be aware of how they are demonstrating their concern and love for you.

Juan Santos M.S., CRC, LCMHC

Juan Santos

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor | Owner, Santos Counseling PLLC

She is willing to be vulnerable 

A sign of loving deeply is when a person is willing to be vulnerable. The act of vulnerability is powerful and highlights when a person genuinely makes themselves available to you. 

Their walls are down, and they are open to receiving positive or negative feedback. This gesture of generosity is powerful and highlights a person’s willingness to love deeply.

Consider your life. Think about your level of vulnerability: 

  • Who are you willing to be your authentic and genuine self with?
  • Who are you willing to let your walls down for? 

The answer will shed light on helping you see your willingness to love deeply.

To build strength in this area, give yourself tiny leaps. Each day creates a small objective that is focused on growing more vulnerable. Meeting the goals over time will lead you in the direction of loving deeply.

She accepts and receives the languages of love

The author Gary Chapman wrote a book called “The Five Love Languages.” The book highlights that there are five love languages, and each person tends to receive one or two to a stronger degree than the others.

People who love deeply are open to giving and receiving the five love languages instead of engaging in acts that withhold or restrict love.

The five love languages include physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time, and gifts. People tend to enjoy each of them to some degree. Loving deeply means that you are willing to give and receive with those around you. This includes yourself as well.

She reaches into your soul

People that love deeply have a set of tools that aid them in understanding how to connect with others emotionally. Reaching into a person’s soul can be done in several ways. Two include through:

1) Words. Loving can be done by connecting with yourself or those around you by using words. Take time to communicate using specific questions versus small talk.

An example of this is the following:

  • What does it feel like when you are seen?
  • What type of thoughts do you have when you are in a safe space?
  • How does your body feel when you are around your loved ones?

2) Time. The other practice that can be utilized to love deeply is your time together. An example of this is to engage in immersive experiences together.

For instance, going to a new city with your partner. Sharing the experience consciously and mindfully together directly supports loving deeply. 

Adina Mahalli (MCT)

Adina Mahalli

Certified Relationship Consultant, Maple Holistics

She tells you when you’re wrong

None of us are perfect, nor are we always right in everything we say or do. One obvious sign that she loves you is when she doesn’t keep quiet and agrees with you when she thinks you’re wrong.

We all have flaws, and we make mistakes, but when she loves you, she won’t let you always get away with believing that you are always right. Instead, she will help you see where you can improve and be someone who doesn’t always agree with you, motivating you to be a better person.

She is kind to you

When she loves you, she will let you know through acts of kindness. It could be fixing your favorite drink after a long day of work or simply kissing you on the cheek.

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She will go out of her way to do kind things for you, make you comfortable, and give you the world. This is a particular type of kindness that she reserves only for someone close to her heart.

You will feel it in the way she puts her head on your shoulder, hugs you, or puts a blanket on you after you’ve passed out on the couch.

She listens and hears what you have to say

You know she loves you when she sits, listens, and actually hears what you have to say, regardless of how mundane it is. What’s more, she interacts with you, asking follow-up questions, and suggesting solutions to the issues you’re facing.

You may feel surprised that she is actually listening to what you’re saying and, later on, that she remembers it. However, it all has to do with the love she is feeling for you and her way of letting you know that she believes in you and is here for you.

Sandra Myers

Sandra Myers

Matchmaker & President, Select Date Society

She challenges you in a “good way”

When she loves you deeply, she is not going to pretend to agree with everything you say or let you walk all over her. Instead, she will challenge your beliefs and stretch you to see things in a new way.

She won’t be afraid to disagree with you or tell you if she believes you are making a poor decision.

She inspires you to be the best version of yourself

When she loves you deeply, she will inspire you to be the best version of yourself. She will listen to your dreams and support your plans to accomplish them.

She cares about your well-being

She makes your health just as much of a priority as her own. She encourages you to make healthy choices because she wants you to live a long life with her.

She celebrates your successes and mourns your losses

She truly wants to see you succeed and loves to celebrate your wins! When things don’t go well for you, she feels the pain of loss with you. She sticks by your side through the good and the bad.

She listens to understand you

We all have the desire to be heard. When she loves you deeply, she will listen to understand you. She will want to know every part of you and to support you.

She builds a life with you

When she is deeply in love with you, she plans a future with you. She dreams big with you and takes action to build a life with you. 

You share a home, friendships, vacations, memories, and hopes for the future. She cannot imagine a future without you.

Ben and Chiddie Anyasodo

Ben and Chiddie Anyasodo

Founders, Chotayah

She wants to influence you or be influenced by you

From our experience, every woman will show that she loves a man in different ways, but there are fundamental things that she will do that show you that she loves you.

They include giving you her attention, care, wanting to spend more time with you. She will always have your best interests at heart. She wants to influence you or be influenced by you.

Take a look at what over 80 real women from our audience shared with us as the way they will show a guy that they love him deeply:

  1. She tries to talk about the future. She may paint a future picture of you together or ask: “Where is this going to?” or “what are we doing together?”
  2. She cares for you, gives you her time and attention; And also wants the same in return. She wants to be around you a lot of the time, if not most of the time. Expect random gifts for no reason. 
  3. She wants to listen to you all the time.
  4. She does not want to hear about other dates you may have.
  5. She is proud and excited to show you off and introduce you to people important to her. 
  6. She wants to refer and do things together as a couple and make you feel like a part of her. 
  7. She wants your opinion and support in her own decisions. She is also supportive of your goals and ambitions. She will offer unsolicited advice to help you. She would even try to see how she can help you achieve them. When a woman loves you, she will want the best for you and be your cheerleader.
  8. You will be her confidante. She will feel free and safe around you. Safe enough to tell you things about herself that she would probably tell no one. She would always want to share her wins and lows with you. 
  9. She lets you be yourself around her and judges you less. 
  10. She lights up whenever she sees you or talks to you. Your presence and affirmation give her joy.
  11. She may actually say, “I love you.”

Rori Sassoon

Rori Sassoon

Relationship Expert | Co-Owner, Platinum Poire

When your significant other loves you deeply, you won’t have to ask. However, women can be subtle in showing their love and affection.

She makes sure you’re taken care of

Through thick and thin, your partner wants to make sure you’re taken care of. Whether you’re going through a stressful time at work or feeling under the weather, she has an innate desire to dote on you. True love runs deep, and she seeks to keep a smile on your face through the good and bad times.

She goes out of her way to try new things for you

Maybe she’s not the biggest golfer, but she’s willing to go outside of her comfort zone for your sake. Compromise is necessary for any healthy, loving relationship, and she is open to expanding her horizons.

Love is a two-way street, and she is ready to meet you halfway—on or off the golf course!

She tells you she loves you

Not all women use words of affirmation as their primary love language. When your leading lady conveys her feelings to you face-to-face, she unabashedly loves you. She’s writing it down, preaching it to the world, and has an effervescent glow about her—all thanks to you.

Justin Larkin

Justin Larkin

Counselor and Adventure Lead, The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center 

How can you tell if she’s radiating love signs? Reading emotions is one of the hardest things in any interpersonal scenario. Fortunately, there are some telltale signs to look out for.

You’re the first one to get “the news”

It doesn’t matter if the news is good, bad, boring or exciting! You’re the first one she calls when she gets the big work promotion. You’re also the one she reaches out to first after a fender bender ruins her morning.

One of the biggest signs that someone is in love with you is an “automatic” response of coming to you first with news of life’s ups and downs. This shows that she leans on you, trusts you, and thinks of you before anyone else pops into her head.

She’s always looking at you

Prolonged eye contact releases a chemical called phenylethylamine that’s responsible for attraction. It’s also believed that staring releases the love chemical known as oxytocin, associated with bonding and commitment.

She checks in throughout the day

When we love someone, we find reasons to talk to them. Those quick texts, silly memes, or “good morning” messages show that she looks forward to talking with you.

While the level of interaction our partners crave throughout the day can vary based on personality, love is likely in the air if she checks in regularly.

She’s interested in your family and friends

When someone is only in it for a superficial good time, they tend to keep things superficial.

“Deep love” is whole-person love that makes us want to know everything about “who” a person is outside of when we’re spending time alone with them. Eagerness to get to know your friends and family is a sign that she sees value in investing in those relationships because she sees a long-term future.

Chantay Bridges, CNE, SRES

Chantay Bridges

Realtor, Publisher, and Speaker | Founder, BPH Bridges Publishing House

She’s the only one who will come near you

Oh no, you escaped it for several months, but now Covid has hit your doorstep. All your friends, co-workers, and neighbors have gone running, but not “Miss I love you more than words can say”. 

Despite knowing she can be infected, become sick, or even take it back home, she still risks it all because of the love she has for you. When no one else is even willing to check on you, here she is with bags of groceries outside the doorstep — calling and checking in with you and your doctor, buying disinfectants, vitamins, and juices. 

No matter what challenge comes your way, she never leaves your side. She hangs in there with you through the trial. Why? She loves you deeply, not just with words her actions show.

Your quirks are her perks

You have so many quirks, and they literally drive everyone around you crazy. All of those pet peeves, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Despite all of your inner turmoils, she still hangs in there with you. She stays by your side because she loves you deeply and shows it day after day.

You can say and practically do whatever, and she still hangs in there with you. It doesn’t frighten or run her away. That’s a sign that she truly loves you deeply.

Her patience for you is like of “Job” 

You do this, and you say that, and no matter what, she has the patience of Job. Why? Her love for you goes deep. 

There are times when a person is very long-suffering with one person and short-tempered with another because they have more love for the other; they are willing to look past their faults and mess-ups. While for the other individual, everything they do, is explosive, a big thing, and there is little mercy. 

When she loves you, she will go to the moon and back for you. When she doesn’t, you are on your own. Yet because she does, she will wait all day for you to arrive, call, or text. She will give up an important event to help you with a small need. She will sacrifice herself to make sure the love of her life is all good.

Michelle Devani

Michelle Devani

Founder, lovedevani

As a relationship expert, there are many ways that she can tell you that she loves you deeply. However, not all men know these signs, and they miss them most of the time. Whenever you think if she genuinely loves you, you should be aware of the following signs:

She always encourages you

She wants you to be successful in everything you do. She doesn’t come in your way. She also encourages you whenever you feel afraid of something.

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She always makes future plans with you in it

She truly loves you when she imagines her future, and you are in it. You should be very careful about this sign because this is an indication that she really wants to achieve or do these plans with you. Try to remember them.

She pays attention to you

What you have to say or do is important to you; that’s why she pays attention. She may not talk too much, but she listens to every word you say. It is an obvious sign that she loves you but may be too timid to say the words first.

She will readily come to your defense

Women who are in love will stand up for their loved ones. They will stand by your side and support you in every way. They will not tolerate an attack against you and will readily come to your defense.

Alexander Burgemeester

Alexander Burgemeester

Neuro-Psychologist and Owner, The Narcissistic Life

She remembers even the little things that you tell her

If she loves you deeply, then what you have to say will be really important to her. She will pay attention to you when you’re talking and remember even the little things you tell her. She won’t interrupt you if you tell her something important, and she will follow up on things you have told her.

She wants to spend time alone with you

If she loves you, she will try to spend time alone with you without other people getting in the way. Spending time alone together will deepen your relationship and allow you to get to know each other on a more personal level, and this is what she is trying to achieve. This is a sign that she cares about you a lot.

The chemistry between you is great

We have all heard the expression “the chemistry between us is great,” or something similar to that, and the word chemistry is the correct word to use only the word “hormonal” should be added to it.

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To put it simply, the meaning of soulmates is a positive emotional pancreas endocrine gland hormonal stimulation between two people.

If a woman loves you deeply, here are the signs she does:

  • She will express herself emotionally towards you.
  • She will want to hold hands, cuddle, and have innate warm physical contact.
  • She will try to please you.
  • She will offer moral support and try to help you solve your problems.
  • She will go out of her way to look the most romantic she can
  • She will stroke her hair with her hand and look you straight in the eye.

Angela Mary Vaz

Angela Mary Vaz

Illustrator, Blogger, and Owner, Mind Space Cafe

She communicates her concerns with you with respect and love

She will listen to whatever you have to say without criticism or interruptions, and even if she disagrees with your views, she will communicate her concerns with you with respect and love. She will listen to your ideas and opinions calmly, and she will never speak to you harshly. 

She will always be ready to communicate with you logically and reasonably. She will never admonish what you have to say. And no matter what, she will always stand by your side and support you. 

She sees you as a trustworthy confidante

Because she loves you deeply, she will see you as a trustworthy confidante. Which means she will discuss everything with you. 

She will tell you about her day and discuss her plans with you. She will want you to be a massive part of her life, and her emotional connection with you will be solid. 

She accepts you for who you are

A true sign of love is when she will accept you for who you are. She will not want to change you or modify you. She will not control you and allow you to pursue your dreams while supporting you throughout. 

She will always encourage you to be the person you want to be. And she will stand by your side forever. 

Clif Brown

Clif Brown

Owner and Founder, LoveCube

She admires in you what you admire in yourself

She both understands and appreciates what’s important to you, and she supports you in that. She may (or may not) share your priorities, but she shows pride in you having those priorities. 

If your career is important to you, your career is important to her too. If you’re athletic or participate in sports, she supports you in pursuing physical activities.

She doesn’t try to “fix” you

She accepts you (mostly) for who you are and does not try to change you into a partner she’d rather have. This isn’t saying she’s okay with anything you might do, but she won’t try to “mold” you into someone else. 

If she’s more into religion or family than you are, she won’t try to change that, although it is essential to her that you be supportive and appreciative of her interests.

She doesn’t speak negatively about you

She doesn’t gossip or speak negatively about you when you’re not present. She’ll defend you when you’re not around. If her friends or family criticize you, she’ll come to your defense. 

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If she’s able, she’ll actively compensate in your relationship for any of your weaknesses or shortcomings with skills of her own. For example, if you’re shy and she’s not, she’ll work to make sure you feel welcome in social situations.

She “gets” your sense of humor

She finds you funny when you’re trying to be. You can make her laugh easily.

She’s genuinely happy to be around you

She has her own interests and circle of friends but given a choice, she chooses to spend time with you. She expresses delight when she sees you after being apart. If you’re away longer than usual, she’ll say that she misses you.

Karim Jaffer

Karim Jaffer

Dehumidifier Specialist and Owner, Dehumidifier Depot

People say that it’s difficult to find true love and when you meet the person who makes an effort to be with you despite your challenging nature, stay with them.

Love is way too complicated, and so are the women. It’s not easy to understand their emotions and feelings. The following are some proven signs that she loves you deeply:

You are her “gravitational center”

She will prioritize you over other people if she is deeply in love with you. You’ll become her gravitational center. She’ll start looking for excuses to spend more time with you. Also, her preferences will be influenced by yours.

She always motivates you to improve yourself

We constantly need a spouse who understands us at times of frustration in life’s ups and downs. A woman who truly loves you will motivate you to improve yourself. She will be there for you through thick and thin, encouraging you in every stage of your journey.

She forgives and forgets

Many times, a woman who loves you forgives you for making a mistake. Her love is sincere, and she is willing to overlook your imperfections because she adores you. She often gives you a second opportunity, but that does not mean you may take her for granted.

She is possessive of you

True, a woman in love can be a deadly monster because she doesn’t like to share you with anyone, not even in her dreams. When you pay attention to other women, she will display clear signals of jealousy.

She begins asking inquiries about that individual and can sometimes be irritated. Although jealousy is not a desirable trait, it can be hilarious when it occurs in love.

She will appreciate your presence and miss your absence

When she loves you, she will make you the center of her world. She wants to spend most of her time with you. She will appreciate your presence and miss your absence badly.

She will cook for you

It is said that “good food is a way to a man’s heart”. So your girl always wants a special place in your heart and mind. With that, she will cook delicious meals of your choice. It means she cares about you and your preferences. This is an expression of love and closeness.

She tries to impress you

When a girl is in love, she will try her best to impress and get appreciation from the other person. She will do makeup, dressing, etc., to gain your attention. So, always appreciate her little efforts because it is difficult to find true love.

She remembers little details about you

It is a clear sign of love when she notices little details about you. She will notice the way you talk, walk and eat, the way you dress and up. You should appreciate and adore her love for you if you have these signs. You are a lucky man that finally you have found your true love.

Pay attention to all of these signals, and if you notice any of them in a lady, never let her go because she is the one who crazily loves you.

Nikita Dedhia

Nikita Dedhia

Founder, MIT City Farm

She looks into your eyes intently

Eye contact is one of the most evident signals of love. Even if you’re in a long-distance love relationship, if your girlfriend shows unusual indicators like staring at you intently and making eye contact, it suggests she trusts you.

Deep love indicates nervousness. It is natural for everybody who falls in love to experience intense nervousness. And this shift in conduct is frequently visible. So, if your girlfriend shows signs of anxiousness, it signifies you’re going to win her over eventually. Lips that shiver in love are a sign of love.

She shrivels or shakes when speaking with you

Body language can reveal a lot about how strongly you feel about someone. If you notice her lips shivering or her hair being played with, you’ve discovered the ultimate indications of a lady in love.

She touches you differently and sensually

Touch has a lot of power. If your girlfriend touches you differently, sensually, this is how she expresses her love for you. If she gives you lots of embraces or tries to be in touch with you all the time, these indicators are likely to reveal her deepest feelings of love.

She is constantly trying to make you happy and smile

When a woman is truly in love with a man, she will go to great lengths to ensure that he is happy. She might even have a fantastic sense of humor and go out of her way to make sure you’re constantly happy.

She is always willing to listen to you

Always being attentive to your partner’s words is one of the most evident symptoms of being in love. When you have genuine feelings for someone, you listen to them intently. These are the indicators that a man must look for to recognize true love.

You have more value than others

Have you ever noticed her prioritizing you over others? When a woman prefers your company to others, these are her ways of expressing her love.

It might be anything from sharing food, talking about difficulties, or even asking for your opinion, but if you are the first person she wants to talk to, these are signals she is genuinely in love with you.

She spends more time with you

Time is precious in today’s world. People do not have enough time to interact with others and listen to what they have to say. So, if your girlfriend doesn’t mind spending extra time with you, these are her ways of expressing her love for you.

Will Cannon

Will Cannon

Founder, Signaturely

She enjoys being with you all the time

A woman who loves you deeply is a rare and true gem. One of the signs that she loves you deeply is that she enjoys being with you all the time. She wants to spend every moment of her day and night with you.

She is there for you when you need her

There are many ways that a woman can show her love for her man, but one of the most important ways is by being there for you when you need her.

She could be a nurturing presence in your life, helping you with some of your everyday tasks and ensuring that you’re doing okay throughout the day. Or she could provide an honest and sincere compliment when she sees that something has gone right for you.

If this is what she’s doing in your relationship, then it’s not hard to tell if she loves you deeply—you’ll be able to see it on her face, hear it in her voice, and feel it whenever she touches you.

Valerie Barnett

Valerie Barnett

Beauty Expert and founder, PleasingCare

She appreciates the little things you do

You know she is deeply and madly in love with you when she appreciates the little things you do for her, such as holding her hand, kissing her forehead, and cooking her breakfast. That’s the true test of feelings.

In a world full of worldly desires, having someone who sees the beauty in the little things you do and experiencing the gratitude when you give her company indicates that she truly loves you.

She doesn’t need to be satisfied with material things because your presence is more than enough to complete her day. If you see this very often, then it’s a sign she’s in love with every inch of you.

Tommy Mello

Tommy Mello

CEO, A1 Garage Door Service

She allows you to grow even if it means you’ll grow apart

A person who genuinely loves you always wants the best for you, even if she won’t be a part of it. She will allow you to explore and experience the world without hesitations and limitations. She will respect the path you want to take even if it means you won’t walk on the same road again.

She will support you even if ​it’s from afar because even if you wander around without her, as long as it makes you happy and allows you to achieve your goals, she will always root for you and be happy because she will always know she has been a part of it.

Although both of you weren’t meant to be, she will always be one of the reasons why it’s great to look back from where you came from. That’s how you’ll know if a person’s love is genuine and not selfish.

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