68 Best Business Books for Entrepreneurs (To Read in 2024)

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Whether you are already a successful entrepreneur or just getting started, this list is for you!

We’ve gathered 68 of the best business books for entrepreneurs worth your time. Learn amazing tips from building your business from the ground up to stay on top.

The most recommended business books for entrepreneurs are:

  1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  2. Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller
  3. Rework: Change The Way You Work Forever by Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson

Craig Murphy

Craig Murphy

Managing Director, ALT Agency

The ultimate business book focused on mindset.

With insight from hundreds of millionaires including giants like Andrew Carnegie, Think & Grow Rich is considered by many to be the greatest business book of all time. It helps massively with mindset, vision, focus, and belief – Helping and guiding you through those tough times.

A strategy book heavily influenced on the practises of the great CEO Jack Welch during his time at General Electric.

The book provides lots of insights on how to not only plan and promote but importantly on how to execute your ideas and create a culture within your business that gets things done.

Another strategy book that helps you through the different phases of your business growth.

Based on the author’s experience of growing many multi-million dollar companies, the book gets you focused on what’s needed at your particular stage whether that be sales, strategy, systems, or working out your optimal selling strategy.

Barb Stuhlemmer

Barb Stuhlemmer

Advisor | Professional Speaker | Business Strategist, BLITZ Business

This book is the third in a series of 4 books written by Michael E. Gerber on the topic of Entrepreneurial Myths.

This series talks about the essential components of starting and running a business.

I love this book specifically because it goes into the challenges of managing a business after it has been successfully launched and running for a while. Michael’s own story of his management failures and ultimate recovery is an important lesson to business owners as it saturates the entire book with the emotions of loss and restoration.

John C. Maxwell is, I believe, the ultimate expert on leadership. So much of what a business owner needs to understand to grow a business is directly linked to their ability to grow as a leader.

The lessons taught in this book are fundamental to any business with people in it and for any business owner wanting to improve their own leadership skills.

Books that focus on helping us change our habits are powerful support for us to make dramatic transformations in our lives.

For business owners that are stuck on ideas and process that is not working, this is critical learning to be able to ensure our businesses succeed. The teachings of the late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer are universal and can be applied to all areas of our lives.

Melitta Campbell

Melitta Campbell

Business Coach and Mentor for New Female Entrepreneurs

In this one book, there are so many amazing lessons – 64 to be precise! – each one potentially business-changing.

I love how Jack carefully and thoroughly explains each principle, along with real life examples, without wasting time on any unnecessary fluff. Much like a fairy tale, each time I read the book I take away a new level of learning and fresh inspiration.

These principles have not just helped me to become a better businesswoman and leader, but a stronger and happier person too.

A Surprise ‘Hit’ for me was How to Be Bawse by Lilly Singh. Despite being twice the age of her usual demographic, I really loved this book.

She offers so many great lessons in mindset, excellence, and confidence and delivers them in her unique that’s honest, funny, and captivating.

It has just as much content and depth as the usual business books I read but has a very refreshing style that I really enjoyed.

I’ve learned that the true secret to success is consistency.

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If you want to know why this is so important in business, why you need it and how to be consistent, you need to read my final choice The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.

I really love this book and its simple message – multiply your success one step at a time. Darren Hardy, the author, is also the founder of Success Magazine, so when he says he has the winning formula for success, then you can be sure he has!

In this book, Darren explains what it takes to be a super-achiever and how you can become one too.

Brandon Hindle

Brandon Hindle

Sales Representative | Team Leader, The Hindle Team

This one really set the stage for my social media and website presence.

With the amount of detail Chris provides in every chapter, you can build the entire foundation for any online business and start generating business online and through Facebook.

Grant is one of my favorite authors and speakers hands down. Along with highly motivating content, this book also gets your mind in the right place and teaches us that everything in life is a sale.

It gives you a great introduction to the world of Grant Cardone and makes you confident for client appointments and your product.

Another by Grant and highly motivational. In fact, I turn to this book when I’m having a rough day, feeling like things aren’t working, or not working as hard as I know I can.

I also love to read it when others tell me I’m working too hard or too much. This book will help you get obsessed with yourself, your life, and your business and will keep you working hard for years to come.

Great authors and great speakers. This book really sets the stage for a social media presence in today’s society and gives some great tips and advice.

It helps us and business owners focus on the really important things in a digital world, Developing digital relationships with people, and not just spewing content. It also provides great examples of successes and failures in the digital world.

If you are planning on writing a blog, creating content, ranking first on google, or simply getting people’s attention. Content Machine will teach you how to write this compelling content, how to get people to pay attention to you, and how to optimize it for SEO.

If you’ve ever heard Gary Vee speak, you need to listen to him on audible. Along with being highly motivational. and funny, he provides a lot of great insights into what you need to do to succeed in a digital world, and where the digital world is headed. If you want a glimpse into the future, follow him on youtube.

I’m sure you will hear this one a lot, but this book by Dale Carnegie is a must for entrepreneurs and business owners, and people in general. It teaches some great skills and provides a lot of information for us to do better with our clients and customers.

Solomon Rosenbaum, PE, CEM, CPMP

Solomon Rosenbaum, PE, CEM, CPMP

Director, Green and Energy Services | Founder, The Engineering Mentor

Find yourself spread too thin because you say ‘Yes’ to an abundance of responsibilities?

This book deals with our unhealthy desire to never want to let people down and how adding on these additional responsibilities pulls us from our core work.

Essentialism gets us to focus strictly on things that are important in our core offerings and to put aside things that distract us from these goals.

In the ancient story, David was the underdog and had no business winning, right? Well, not really.

Gladwell discusses how David just took advantage of the unique skills that he had that matched up well against Goliath. He shares other stories and research where apparent underdogs came out ahead like in the story of David versus Goliath.

When you look at the details of each case, you find that they had to change their attack method to win, but that seemingly larger opponents have weaknesses. By using these non-conventional methods or by thinking outside the box, underdogs can come out victorious against the favorites.

This book has 100 mini-sections that help reframe your mindset to help prevent the little annoyances in life from taking over our day. Being an entrepreneur can be very stressful and having this mindset adjustment was very calming for me.

I have started a habit of reading one section each morning as soon as I sit down at my desk. It’s a great way to get my mind in gear to have an awesome day.

Chad Conley

Chad Conley

Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, Complete Roofing, Inc.

Everyone can tell you what they do. Most can tell you how they do it. Yet, very few can tell you why they do what they do.

Making money alone is not a good reason. Sinek does a phenomenal job helping entrepreneurs find alignment with their “Why”.

As he states in the book, “People do not buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it”. We never really could nail down our Core Values in a way that was meaningful until we read this book. Once our “Why” was solidified, the rest came easy.

We are inundated with thousands of marketing messages daily. With all this marketing clutter around us, the message that’s clear is the message that wins.

Miller illustrates this by tapping into the oldest storytelling formula in history, the hero’s journey, and applies it to modern-day marketing. If you want a story that sells your business, give this book a read.

Many entrepreneurs get caught in the trap of adding more. Why? Because more choice is better, right? More products for customers, more products for sales teams to pitch, more choice in 401k plans, more choice in healthcare plans, and so forth.

When asked, almost anyone will tell you more choice is better.

However, when you look at everyone’s actions, less proves to be more. This idea brings on a whole new meaning after reading The Paradox of Choice.

Schwartz brings together some staggering data from various studies to back up the idea that limiting choice actually sells better in the marketplace and improves overall mental health.

Todd Betzold

Todd Betzold

Blog Manager, TCK Publishing

A lot of entrepreneurs feel like they are overwhelmed and overworked. While you are trying to make your dreams come true with your business, you may be neglecting other things in your life.

This book teaches you to truly look at what is important in life and stop wasting time on things that aren’t taking you to where you want to be in life.

As entrepreneurs, we often feel so bogged down with everything on our plate. Have you truly sat down and looked at your schedule and how much work you actually do in a day or week?

This book not only shocks you with the Time Tracking Exercise it provides but then helps you be more productive with your time and make your life as an entrepreneur even easier.

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Do you own your business or is your business owning you? Entrepreneurs need to step back and start systemizing, automating and delegating their tasks or the business will own them for the rest of their lives.

Any business owner needs to read this book and get their life on the right track.

Ketan Kapoor

Ketan Kapoor

CEO and Co-founder, Mettl

This book not only mentions how to dream audaciously big but also shows you the ways in which you can achieve your dreams.

The book is a step-by-step guide and very practical about achieving your dreams one step and one day at a time. While the world lets you believe that success comes easy whether it be your entrepreneur journey or anything else like innovation or going out of the league to follow your passion, it isn’t as easy.

You’ve got to love the process every day, do it every day, and be ruthless and non-negotiable enough to know when you should stop giving your time and processes to people that are not working for you.

You can’t be a successful entrepreneur if you don’t or cease to measure your results.

You have to check continuously and in set processes about what’s working for you and what’s not. One important thing in your entrepreneur journey is to try a lot of things- a lot of ideas, products, and services and fail fats.

Because till you don’t fail, you wouldn’t know what things specify and define success for you. Failing fast leaves you enough room to improve sooner and be successful sooner.

The one book which greatly helped me during the time I was building Mettl is Stay Hungry Stay Foolish authored by Rashmi Bansal.

There are huge risks involved in the journey of entrepreneurship and your self-doubts take the better of you. Reading about others who were like you and have already covered the uncharted territories will make those distant territories look less frightening to you.

This book motivates you, fortifies your inspiration, passion, and patience, and instills a lot of faith in your capabilities.

Rithvik Musuku


President/CEO, Advancing Science Worldwide

Although the book is not a step-by-step model of the best business strategy, the book (which is very well-written and interesting to read) points out the factors that cause a business to go to the next level and not forever be stranded as a small startup.

I found the advice in this book really helpful when starting Advancing Science Worldwide and would recommend that others read it as well as it helps one understand how to set their business above the rest.

In this day and age, a startup without proper search engine optimization is almost doomed to fail.

This book describes everything an entrepreneur would need to know to maximize his or her business’s search engine optimization as well as the effectiveness of the business’s search engine advertising.

Before starting Advancing Science Worldwide, I knew very little about SEO but this book was extremely easy to understand. Thus, I believe this book will be particularly useful to entrepreneurs, even those with little search engine experience or knowledge.

This book talks about how to create a story such that it appeals to the public.

The advice Campbell gives can be used by almost all businesses as appealing to the public is one of the most important things any type of business can do.

Whether your business is a nonprofit organization looking to raise more donations, software company looking to obtain more users, a car dealership looking to sell more cars, or any other type of business, the advice in this book will be useful as you look to appeal to the public in order to grow your business.

Sharon Rich

Sharon Rich

CEO, Think Business Growth, Inc.

Mark Samuel brings a refreshing perspective for entrepreneurs navigating change in his new book, B State: A New Roadmap for Bold Leadership, Brave Culture, and Breakthrough Results.

Samuel provides everything the entrepreneur needs to know to create a true transformation that removes old mindsets and silos, while replacing inefficient behaviors with desired habits to quickly create the highest performing culture for groundbreaking business outcomes.

B State is full of inspiring stories and solutions infused with simplicity. It will help any entrepreneur bring a new level of commitment, confidence, satisfaction – and results – to their business culture.

Mark has been my personal mentor for about a decade and his elegant and genius work has changed both my personal and professional lives, as well as those of my clients.

Mark Samuel

Mark Samuel

Founder | CEO, IMPAQ

I’d like to recommend Sharon Rich’s latest book, Your Hidden Game: Ten Agreements that Can Make or Break Your Business.

Everything that happens in an entrepreneurial business is the result of agreements between team members, which are often made unconsciously.

How the team defines success; how they make and follow-through on decisions; how they coordinate with each other; and how they hold each other accountable for results, are all agreements.

Most entrepreneurs do not see these as agreements and this allows unconscious dysfunctional team habits to form and block the organization’s ability to deliver on its mission.

In her book, Your Hidden Game: Ten Agreements that Can Make or Break Your Business, Sharon Rich lays out how by creating clear agreements about how the team works together, entrepreneurs can regain control over both the culture of the business and the results it produces.

Adam Pascarella

Adam Pascarella

Host, The Power Of Bold

While we entrepreneurs put on a proud, brave face, there are moments where we are confronted with some of our deepest fears.

The author is Brandon Webb, a Navy SEAL-turned-entrepreneur. Whether you are a first-time or seasoned entrepreneur, Mastering Fear can help you adopt a new perspective on fear during your entrepreneurial journey.

Ultimately, it can help you get into the right mindset as you encounter some obstacles and roadblocks when building your business.

Caleb Backe

Caleb Backe

Health & Wellness Expert, Maple Holistics

Daymond John is the ultimate business-savvy shark. And together with Daniel Paisner, they’ve written a book which all entrepreneurs can learn and benefit from.

John started with just $40, and his creativity and perseverance ultimately created the multi-billion dollar business FUBU. According to John, being broke is actually an advantage, because it makes you think and work differently and more efficiently than you would if you had additional resources.

And the book brings in business starts from other companies as well so that entrepreneur readers can draw inspiration from a variety of sources.

This book by Ben Horowitz is pretty up-front and informative about the harsh realities of starting a business.

Horowitz comes from a background of starting, investing in, managing tech companies, and more, and he also runs a blog that millions read to help them with their own businesses.

The book covers a variety of issues such as the question of poaching, firing employees who are also friends, and how to go about selling your company. It’s a crash-course in everything that an entrepreneur should know.

Cyrus Webb

Cyrus Webb

President, Conversations Media Group

No matter what profession you are in the book The Top 10 Rules for Success by Youtube star and Entrepreneur Evan Carmichael is a must-read.

The thing that has helped me through the book is that it shows that even the most successful individuals had a plan, was able to overcome challenges and setback and why that has been instrumental in their success.

Every individual profile includes their Top 10 that has enabled them in their journey, and Evan gives us room in the book to see how we can apply their strategies in our own life. A valuable resource year-round.

Stephen Hockman

Stephen Hockman

Trusty Joe

This book is good for entrepreneurs because it teaches you how to launch a successful online business by becoming the go-to source for top information in your industry.

If you focus on delivering high quality, amazing content for free instead of charging for it, you can become a trusted authority in your niche. Then, when it comes to selling your products and services it will be much easier because people have already come to trust your brand.

The book gives several simple ways to establish yourself as the authority in your niche by producing case studies, whitepapers, expert interviews, surveys, etc. All things that anyone can do through simple outreach or data collection.

Georgi Todorov

Georgi Todorov

SEO and Digital Marketing Expert, Digital Novas

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill It’s a great book because it will make you to use your brain more effectively and teaches you how to think correctly in order to get rich.

There are 13 principles in the book such as having burning desire, use auto suggestion, create your master mind, specialized knowledge and persistence.

Each one is explained in details with examples in how to apply immediately in your life to reach your goals.

This book adds great value to your life as everything in it can be learned.

It tells the author Brain Tacy example as how he got successful even with all the barriers he had. It shows you that you are the only one responsible to improve the quality of our life and helps you to be the best version of yourself.

There are very clear tools such as eliminating excuses, the power of self discipline, invest 3% of your income on things that helps you improve, save some part of your income and Invest the first hour of the day on yourself.

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This book is a call to reinvent yourself and change your habits in order to achieve your goals.

There are exercises that you can keep following while reading the book. It will teach you how to achieve more than you have been doing and shows that you have the power on you.

Focus on one thing, raise your standards, change your limiting beliefs that are holding you back, change your strategy, commit to achieve a result, are just examples of the principles that you will find in this book.

Tracy Lamourie

Tracy Lamourie

Founder and CEO, Lamourie Public Relations

I recommend this absolutely fantastic book not only to entrepreneurs, but to anyone who has a dream of becoming one.

This truly inspiring book lays out real-life examples of people who accomplished every dream even though they didn’t initially think that they had the tools to do so. It also gives actionable ways of changing your thinking and mindset, teaching readers how to act in accord with the things that they are learning.

No one is “just an average joe” and everyone has talents that with hard work can lead to real success.

Lisa Goller, MBA

Lisa Goller

Content Marketing Entrepreneur

Business schools fail to mention a fundamental business lesson: our mindset affects our bank balance.

Fortunately, the luminous Year of Yes by TV executive Shonda Rhimes shares a candid account of how our business (and life) expand or contract according to our willingness to face our fears.

As an entrepreneur for five years, I highly recommend Year of Yes to startup owners because it resonates with truth and hilarity. Rhimes contrasts the anxious uncertainty of business ownership with the triumphant expansiveness of saying yes to opportunities, which conquers our limitations.

Empowering ourselves by saying yes is meaningful advice for business students and entrepreneurs alike.

Earl White

Earl White

Co-founder, House Heroes LLC

“Deep Work” drills down on how technology and social media are changing the keys to success.

The author supports his conclusions with a nuanced balance of business practice, science, and philosophy. According to Mr. Newport, basic tasks are being automated or outsourced to the lowest cost labor possible due to advancements in technology and electronic communication.

Even for advanced work, businesses can hire the “best of the best” anywhere in the world. Average doesn’t cut it. You need to dedicate intense periods of “deep work” to master a complex skill.

However, the interruptions of social media and network tools make focusing a rare talent. If you’re not setting aside time for deep thinking on progressing your business, this book explains why you need to and how to do it.

Jonathan Prichard

Jonathan Prichard

Founder and CEO, Mattress Insider

While many business books get you motivated to become an entrepreneur, the 4 Hour Work Week gives you concrete steps on how to make things happen.

You’ll learn how to rid yourself of the handcuffs of your 9-5 corporate job, how to create a business to fund your dream lifestyle, and how to have the freedom of a millionaire without needing to be one.

Tim has a process he uses called: Definition, Elimination, Automation, and Liberation (DEAL).

Here’s a break down:

Definition is replacing your assumptions which are self-defeating. For example, instead of retiring young, learning how to create lots of mini-retirements throughout your life on a regular basis.

Elimination is learning how to rid yourself of the unimportant and isn’t really about time management. Despite that, it’s currently ranked #4 in the Time Management category on Amazon. He goes into detail on the 80/20 rule of success and unhappiness. “What 20% of sources are causing 80% of my problems and unhappiness.

Automation is about learning to build systems to replace yourself. That’s usually through hiring a VA or using a VA company to delegate tasks that are time-consuming and well-defined.

Liberation is developing a system to escape your office. Learning how to build up your worth as an employee and increase your work output when you’re out of the office. The goal is to position remote working as a benefit to your employer so you can eventually work 100% remotely.

The book spent 7 days on the NY Times bestsellers list when it was first launched and it’s still one of the most popular business books of all time.

I’d recommend it for the recent high school graduate who is trying to decide if they should go to college or travel as well as the college graduate who is in the corporate world and wants to gain more freedom in their life.

Christoph Seitz

Christoph Seitz

Co-Owner, CFR Rinkens

I just finished reading #ASKGARYVEE by Gary Vaynerchuk. In the book, Gary definitely brings some current and practical advice to the table and there’s some value there for sure.

He’s out there grinding and some of his takes are making me rethink a few of my habits. Gary is an entrepreneur who had the foresight to go beyond traditional methods and use social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to reach an untapped audience that continues to grow.

The book showcases the most useful and interesting questions that he has addressed on his podcast show. It’s interesting and fun to read, with plenty of real-life scenarios that can be followed. His practical advice is both useful and possible to implement in my own business.

Chip Gregory

Chip gregory

Branding and Communications Strategist, Gregory-Fowler Media

This book is an outstanding resource for entrepreneurs because cash flow impacts almost every business at some point in their life cycle.

In fact, the author states that 82% of business failures are due to cash flow challenges. That illustrates how critical this topic is and, therefore, why this book is so important for all business owners.

The books outlines ~50 tips & strategies you can use to manage your cash flow more effectively.

Christopher Pagli

Christopher Pagli

Owner / Marketing Coach, Above and Beyond Marketing Strategies

Every business has a story. But do they know how to tell it so customers will listen?

Most companies intuitively make their story about them, but Donald delivers an easy to digest approach to making it about your customers. Essential reading.

I received this book as a gift last Christmas. It took me six months to pick it up (I was already reading two books at the time). If I had known how engaging and insightful it is before reading, I would have put down the other two books.

Ann has a way of speaking to you through her writing that makes you feel like you’re buddies from college. She simplifies the process of writing, anything. The chapters are short and packed with actionable items to take your content marketing from stagnant to stellar.

Read it. Practice. Become ridiculously good at marketing.

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This book series will change your business approach. Every business owner should read it and heed the message.

What’s the message? If we shift our focus from getting to giving, consistently add value, and focus on relationships, we will thrive as business owners.

The story is powerful. The message is simple. You already possess the necessary tools. Now, Go Give.

Jenny Nguyen

Jenny Nguyen

Founder, Y/OUR Personalized Skin Care

Traction is an excellent and very practical book. It cuts right to one of the core challenges in starting a company – growth.

Weinberg and Mares lay out 19 categories of growth channels to gain customers, and explain Bullseyes – a method they develop to find the best customer acquisition channel for your business. If you’ve struggled with growing your company, Traction may be what you’ve been looking for.

Katharine Bolin

Katharine Bolin

Marketing Director, Sweet Reach media LLC

This book is transformative in teaching the right communication skills in business—something all entrepreneurs desperately need but many doesn’t realize until it’s far too late or their business is tanking because they lack communication skills.

DeLay maps out many common awkward and difficult conversations you have in business and gives you the exact ‘power phrases’ to use to help you position yourself better. A must for every entrepreneur.

Graphic design is SO important for entrepreneurs. This book walks you through some truly amazing campaigns from a design perspective that will help any entrepreneur craft the visual story of their business.

Bill Corbett, Jr.

Bill Corbett, Jr.

Entrepreneur Publicist, Corbett Public Relations

Wharton professor Adam Grant explains in this powerful book the three kinds of people that we encounter in business and life – Givers, Takers, and Matchers.

He looks at the psychology and motivations of people who are in these three categories. When working with partners, within a corporate structure or as a person in sales, this book is extremely helpful in developing and understanding of people and working with them, or identifying the people not to work with.

The fact is that people who give succeed more often as opposed to those who are simply takers and in it for themselves.

Hands down one of the best books on negotiation I have ever read.

Voss has excellent examples and understand the psychology behind negotiations and getting positive outcomes.

Many of us were taught that the key to negotiation is getting to “Yes” , instead Voss starts with “No,” and then works to build rapport and understanding with his counterpart. The goal is to get to the point where the person you are negotiating with says “That’s Right.” They Recognize that you understand their point of view.

There are no losers in negotiations, both sides should get what they want, and you should never settle for splitting the difference if you can get a better deal.

Anyone in business should read this book, it is ideal for salespeople but also leaders, managers, and business owners.

The fact is that the world of marketing has changed.

Seth Godin is a marketing guru but also a person who understands human nature and psychology. The day of mass marketing is dead, the TV commercial model is on its way out and new methods of bringing messages to audiences and customers must be used and developed.

The art of telling stories, standing out, and being different has never been more important. I see this book as a great follow-up to his bestseller Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.

This is Marketing is a quick read and a book that anyone in marketing, sales, leadership, or any aspect of the business should read. They need to understand where marketing is today and where it is going in the years to come.

Jill L. Ferguson

Jill L. Ferguson

Artist | Author | Entrepreneur | Founder, Women’s Wellness Weekends

Part self-help book and part manual (with 25 case studies of entrepreneurs at various levels in their careers) for everyone a self-employed person needs to know about setting up and running a business or expanding an already existing enterprise.

Sample contracts and letters to potential clients are included as well as information about setting up a self-employed retirement plan. It’s an easy read with practical exercises at the end of each chapter and the whole book is chock full of resources.

Dana Pharant


Badass Business Performance Coach | Author | Speaker

How many times have you been told that you need to stand out to be noticed in business, yet the moment you stand out is the moment you come face to face with push back or being told why your idea will not work.

It takes courage to run a business, to be “out there”. You need that badass mindset to keep going despite setbacks, to stand in a brand that creates a buzz because of how different it is. Get that mindset with this book!

This book would have prevented my last business from going bankrupt. EVERY business needs this simple system to save them from going down the usual road of striving for growth for the sake of growth while sacrificing profits.

Profit first provides a very simple plan that if you follow, will have your business running profitable THIS year. No more waiting.

Dustin Christensen

Dustin Christensen

Founder, Territory Supply

This book highlights the idea that helping others will also put you in a better place to succeed, and it’s a great strategy to take the focus on you and instead place it on the people you can help.

By choosing to focus on the value you can offer others, entrepreneurs can create products and services that solve real needs for people, and that can drive their own success.

Rework does a great job of flipping a lot of conventional business and entrepreneurial wisdom on its head.

Instead of focusing on growth and scaling, this book is about getting the small things right, staying true to your mission as an entrepreneur, and avoiding the pitfalls that plague many startups and small businesses.

Great inspiration – but it’s more than that, it’s practical lessons you can apply to nearly any stage of entrepreneurship.

Amy Simpkins

Amy Simpkins

CEO and Innovation Catalyst, muGrid Analytics

Spiral will really shift your mind about the natural cycles you go through to bring new ideas from the ethereal world of imagination into reality.

You’ll learn how to use your own iterative process, already embedded within you as a human, to develop your business and your products with a little less frustration and more calm, with a little less stress and more ease.

This book is great for entrepreneurs, creatives, World Changers and Doers of Great Deeds — anyone who is creating their work or life by design will enjoy this take on the creative process.

Spiral is one part innovation framework, one part spiritual exploration, and one part memoir.

It integrates many wide-ranging subjects in a friendly, conversational way that is easy to read. You’ll walk away from reading Spiral knowing that you have what it takes to grow a thriving business. Everything you need is already inside you.

I can’t get over how much The Serving Mindset approach has changed the way I do business and the way I view sales.

I have personally worked with the author, Farnoosh Brock, as my coach. I started using her service-based, heart-led approach in my work as a business strategy consultant and coach, and it helped me get over my fear of sales.

This approach transformed the sales process itself into an act of service. “Sure,” you may think, “that works for a touchy-feely field like coaching, but it’s not for hard-driving businesses in more structured, complex fields.” Well, let me tell you, I am now the CEO of a consulting/tech startup in the energy industry and service-oriented sales is even more potent and effective!

Our clients are so excited to begin work with us because we live our core values of integrity, curiosity, and collaboration throughout the sales process, and we take the time to build a relationship.

Farnoosh very eloquently lays out the necessary mindset shifts around sales and service to lead you to the same place — clients will be beating down your door because they know you care! Don’t wait — read this book. It will change everything.

Danielle Kunkle Roberts

Danielle Kunkle Roberts

Co-Founder, Boomer Benefits LLP

This book makes you think about why you started and where you’re going.

We hear so much about positioning your business to sell. ReWork encourages entrepreneurs to get back to solving problems and bringing meaning to the work they do.

ReWork encourages you to ditch traditional marketing and find your own voice. Show clients that you’re human and your brand is too. Small businesses have to tell their story well if they want to build lasting customer relationships.

All-in-all an excellent read that will propel you to ReWork your strategy as you head into 2019.

The book explains how there are not one, but two very necessary people required if you want build a truly successful company.

Most people know that every company needs a visionary, but Rocket Fuel goes over how the visionary really can’t get anything done without an amazing integrator.

The integrator is the person who takes the visionary’s ideas and makes them happen and the authors share examples of amazing companies who have done this really well.

This book really challenged me to start delegating tasks that have been hard to let go of, and it’s made all the difference as we are having a record year.

This book is an easy read and it teaches you to become a watcher of your own mind so that you can identify thoughts and beliefs that you hold that are blocking your ability to feel better and achieve success.

It explains how you can’t change circumstances but you can change your thoughts about those circumstances so that you can face them head-on without fear.

It really raises your own awareness and it will blow your mind when you take a peek at your own psyche and see how many thoughts run through your head every day that are self-defeating and often untrue.

Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart (1)

NASM Certified Personal Trainer | Owner and Founder, Kardiá Personal Training

This book has tons of information about how to be seen as a leader in business.

Brene teaches about vulnerability and its invaluable benefits in the workplace in terms of connecting with your team and clients. She also discusses shame and how that affects you as a business leader, as well as your values and how those play into the decisions you make as a leader.

Aliza Licht specializes in marketing and communications and provides tons of information on how to get what you want out of a situation or job, and how to create your own brand.

She emphasizes the importance of learning everything you can from every opportunity, no matter how small.

She also gives tips on networking and how to become a knowledgeable and invaluable individual within your field.

Deborah Sweeney

Deborah Sweeney

CEO, My Corporation

This book explores what it’s like to build a corporate culture of honesty and success in the workplace.

While there isn’t a secret formula or set of rules, a relentless commitment to a strong culture will lead to greater success in an organization.

This is a good lesson for management, and a great book to delve into ideas around freedom and responsibility for team members within an organization.

Lidia Varesco Racoma

Lidia Varesco Racoma

Owner, Lidia Varesco Design

It has helped me determine which projects to focus on, to break down projects into actionable steps, reduce time spent on projects that are not directly related to my goals, to go public and create accountability—and especially important, to know when to let-go of dead-end projects (which is especially useful for mom business owners like myself who have limited time).

Mathew Rincon

Mathew Rincon

Owner, digiCoffee Marketing

Leonardo DaVinci, Benjamin Franklin, Lebron James, Elon Musk…what allowed these greats to reach these high levels of performance and push innovation within their field?

Is it that they were lucky enough to be gifted some special “talent” that the rest of us to not possess? Or can we all achieve this level of Mastery within our own industries…

Robert Greene proposes the idea that we can all reach this high level of performance by exercising a part of our bring that many of us stop using after childhood.


This book changed the way I approach my goals every day.

Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Owner, Hook Agency

E-myth Revisited absolutely changed my life, and the way I think about my business.

It talks about creating a franchise model that you could hand off to your employees and it has tons of powerful examples and suggestions for how systemization leads to a better end product, and how the ‘myth’ of the lone entrepreneur is hardly feasible. 10/10 – I buy it for other entrepreneurs all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right business book for my entrepreneurial journey?

The best business books for entrepreneurs cover many topics and interests, so it’s important to identify the areas where you need the most help or guidance. Start by assessing your current knowledge and skills and determine the areas you feel need improvement. Then look for books that address those specific topics or challenges.

Another way to choose the right book is to seek recommendations from other entrepreneurs, business leaders, or mentors with similar interests and experiences. Finally, consider the author’s background and expertise, as well as the book’s reviews and ratings, to make an informed decision.

How can I apply these books’ insights to my business?

The key to effectively applying the insights from the best business books for entrepreneurs is to adapt the principles and strategies to your circumstances. Start by thoroughly understanding the concepts and ideas presented in the book. Reflect on your business and identify areas where you can apply these insights.

It’s important to be willing to experiment and maintain a growth mindset as you try new strategies or techniques. Remember that not every advice will be appropriate for your business, so be prepared to change and adapt as needed. Finally, track your progress and measure the impact of these changes to ensure they are helping you achieve your goals.

Can I benefit from reading business books even if I’m not an entrepreneur?

Absolutely! Business books are not exclusive to entrepreneurs; they can provide valuable insights and lessons to anyone interested in personal and professional growth. These books often cover topics such as leadership, management, productivity, and communication applicable to various roles and industries. Reading business books can help you develop important skills, understand industry trends, and broaden your perspective, all of which can contribute to your overall success and professional growth.

How can the best business books for entrepreneurs improve my decision-making skills?

The best business books for entrepreneurs often address the art and science of effective decision-making, offering insights and strategies to help you make more informed decisions in your business. These books may cover data-driven decision-making, risk assessment, prioritization, and the importance of considering both short-term and long-term consequences.

By learning from the experiences and expertise of successful entrepreneurs, you can develop a more nuanced understanding of the decision-making process and improve your ability to navigate complex business situations. As a result, you’ll be better equipped to make decisions that drive growth and success in your entrepreneurial journey.

How can the best business books for entrepreneurs help me build a strong business culture?

The best business books for entrepreneurs often emphasize the importance of building a strong company culture as the foundation for long-term success. These books address various aspects of company culture, such as values, mission, communication, and employee engagement.

By sharing insights from successful companies and industry leaders, these books can provide valuable strategies for fostering a positive and inclusive work environment that promotes innovation, collaboration, and employee satisfaction. Ultimately, a strong corporate culture can contribute to higher productivity, lower turnover, and a more resilient organization in the face of challenges.

Can the best business books for entrepreneurs help me build a strong personal brand?

Yes, many of the best business books for entrepreneurs address the importance of building a strong personal brand, which can be a powerful asset in attracting customers, partners, and investors.

These books often guide defining your unique value proposition, crafting a compelling story, and showcasing your expertise and credibility through various channels such as social media, content creation, and public speaking. By developing a strong personal brand, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, create a lasting impression on your audience, and ultimately improve your business’s overall reputation and success.

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